Monday, March 26, 2012

TBCC and the Rogue Prince

I had fun writing this book, and I haven't talked about it much. It's not exactly a classic Cinderella story because both main characters come from well off backgrounds. But it's close enough because it deals with royalty. And I did model one character loosely after adorable Prince Harry. I'm a die hard royalist and always have been. And I've always found the complicated lives of royals absolutely fascinating. While I'm not to thrilled with William and his new wife, I think Prince Harry would be a lot of fun if he really did what he wanted to do. You just know he knows how to have a good time by looking at him, and I'm not talking about anything sexual here.

When I wrote the story for this book, I tried to imagine what would happen if someone like Prince Harry decided to take a short break from being a royal so he could find out what the real world is up to. I also used parody in several scenes from the old movie Roman Holiday. If you read the book you won't find that many scenes from the film match scenes in the book. But one parody in particular I did was from the scene in the film where the princess is at a reception and her feet start to hurt. She takes off her shoes and no one can see this beneath her gown. And then she can't get them back on again. Of course I couldn't do that with a male character. It wouldn't be possible. I rewrote the scene so that the prince in my story would be in pain because he's wearing a penis ring beneath his formal royal military uniform. He's so uncomfortable and the penis ring is pinching his groin so hard he puts his hand in his pocket when no one is looking and pops the penis ring. It winds up falling down his pants, and then landing on the floor. He quickly kicks it over to the man standing next to him and pretends he knows nothing about it. When the wife of the man standing next to him sees the penis ring on the floor, she punches her husband. It's a slapstick parody of an old scene and I thought it helped break up a rather serious situation.

The only thing I wish I had done with this book was to use parody for the title as I've done with other books. Though the storyline is quite different from Roman Holiday, I do think that if I'd come up with a title more like "Hamptons Holiday," or "Holiday in the Hamptons," it would have worked better for the book. There's a lot more background about this book I'll write about in the future with regard to why I wasn't thrilled with the title. Interesting stories that usually don't happen that I'd like to share someday.

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