Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Anon Oscar Voter On "Call Me By Your Name"; Gus Kenworthy On Homophobia; God's Own Country Sex Scenes

Anon Oscar Voter On "Call Me By Your Name"

Apparently, I'm not the only one who finds the barely legal content in Call Me By Your Name creepy. And God knows I'm no prude. Here's a comment from an interview with an anonymous Oscar voter who brings up a valid point about Call Me By Your Name. How would this movie have been received if the 17 year old boy had actually been a 17 year old girl?

I didn't like Call Me by Your Name. From what I understand, there was less of a difference between the ages of the young boy and his lover in the book, but I have to tell you, in the movie version it looked like a 35- or 40-year-old guy was hitting on a 16- or 17-year-old boy, and it just seemed wrong. It would have been wrong if they were heterosexuals.

You can read the rest here. This anon comments on other films, too, and he/she is pretty spot on in most cases. 

Gus Kenworthy On Homophobia

Here's something I've been saying for the last 10 years on this web site. Homophobia is still alive and well in some places.

Gus Kenworthy tweeted about some of the homophobic hate he gets online, posting screencaps of four random comments from a YouTube video. They called him a “faggot,” cited the Bible, and told him to get AIDS and die.

Here's the link. I've actually had death threats over the years. 

God's Own Country Sex Scenes

I don't know anything about the movie God's Own Country, but I do plan to see it. 

God’s Own Country was one of the most acclaimed LGBTQ films of 2017. Josh O’Connor and Alec Secareanu star in the indy flick, which one or two people (everyone) has called the British Brokeback Mountain (but with a better ending and hotter sex scenes.)

There's more here. There's a link where you can watch the sex scenes. They're pretty good, but not NSFW. 

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Wonderful New Gay Movie: Love, Simon; Dear Abby On Bisexual Men and STDs; The Stigma With Male Sexual Assault

A Wonderful New Gay Movie: Love, Simon

Now here's a movie I can't wait to see. This one really does sound like a love story, or a coming of age story. And, unlike that awful Call Me By Your Name they are still trying to push off as a gay love story, the main character is a teen but he's NOT fooling around with a much older man. It's also a film adaptation from a novel, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. 

Everyone deserves a great love story. But for Simon it's complicated: no-one knows he's gay and he doesn't know who the anonymous classmate is that he's fallen for online. Resolving both issues proves hilarious, scary and life-changing.

Here's the IMDb link with all the information. I think it's going to be released in May, but don't quote me on that. 

And here's a review at The Guardian. I'll be posting more about it as I see the info surfacing. 

This one is from Variety and it's saying what I've been saying all along, that gay kids don't get normal a normal puberty. 

By the time your average American teen experiences his or her first kiss, they’ve probably seen hundreds, if not thousands, of heterosexual smooches on screen. But what about Simon Spier, the handsome, well-liked high-school senior at the center of writer-director Greg Berlanti’s “Love, Simon”? He has “a perfectly normal life” in all ways but one: Simon is gay. As such, he doesn’t have a lifetime of positive pop-culture representations coaching him on how to assume his true identity.

Here's a great trailer at Epic Reads. 

Dear Abby On Bisexual Men and STDs

A young woman writes to Abby stating that she's worried about her boyfriend who seems to be highly interested in male models on Instagram. There's no mention of cheating at all. 

Abby replies that the boyfriend could be bisexual. Then Abby adds this...

She writes: “P.S. If you have been having unprotected sex with this young man, I urge you to be tested for STDs as soon as possible.”

You can read the rest here.   Don't miss the comments. They really take this one apart. 

The Stigma With Male Sexual Assault

Here's one about a young man who is bringing up the much overlooked topic of men getting sexually assaulted. He was assaulted by his roommate but didn't report it until a year later. This makes one wonder just how often this kind of thing happens, and how often no one reports it. I don't even want to think about the heads that would roll if every man who was ever sexually assaulted in Hollywood started talking about it. 

“Nobody knew that I was gay, and that made me hide and be more shameful about what happened as well,” he says. “But it doesn’t matter if you are straight or if you are gay and this happens to you, it’s still a problem.”

Here's more.  There's an interesting twist as to why he finally reported it. 

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Dialogue Tags: Said Bookisms Make You Look Like An Amateur; Straight Men Share Their Transvestic Fetishism Stories; Dating App Wants Men To Look Manlier

Dialogue Tags: Said Bookisms Make You Look Like An Amateur

I only post these things in case new writers who don't know about them are interested in learning. I found this link and the one below, and I think they're both very good...

I’ve been writing professionally for more than fifteen years, and I’ve been reading avidly for far longer.  Over the years the publishing market has seen sea-changes in almost every respect, with ramifications for the business, the very act of reading, and yes, even the way books are written.  One of the changes that baffled me when I first entered the field was the market’s sharp turn away from what are now known as “said-bookisms.”

Let’s start with a definition.  What is a said-bookism?  Basically, it is any word other than said or asked that is used to describe how a character speaks a line of dialogue.  Phrases like “he hissed,” “she croaked,” “he inquired,” “she averred,” “he rasped,” “she lamented,” and about a thousand more are all considered said-bookisms.  And all of them are looked upon with disfavor by editors and publishers.
Here's the link. I highly recommend reading it. And if you google "dialogue tags" you'll find all kinds of information out there that's free and simple to learn. The truth is there are no set rules to anything in writing fiction, however, when you see someone doing one thing wrong repeatedly it's pretty sure bet they don't know what they are doing.
And this link over at Anne R. Allen's blog, I believe, is an excellent break down about writing dialogue that's simple and fresh. 
Straight Men Share Their Transvestic Fetishism Stories
This is a fascinating piece about straight and bi men who are into wearing specific things during sex, like women's lingerie and high heels.
 “To me, ‘transvestic fetishism’ can travel in both directions,” he explains, “either being turned on by other men dressed in lingerie or women’s clothes; or being turned on by dressing oneself in lingerie.”
He continues, “For me, it starts and stops at lingerie. I’ve no interest in dressing as a convincing woman and men completely dressed as women don’t rev my engine. But being in lingerie or being with a man dressed in lingerie can be incredibly arousing.”
Of course this is also a primary focus in my novel, Kendle's Fire, where my character challenges the concept of masculinity in general through his fetish for lingerie and high heels. And this character is about as butch as they get.  Here's the link to more. 
Side note: this has nothing to do with being transgender. That's a completely different subject. 

Kendle's Fire
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Dating App Wants Men To Look Manlier

There's a hook up app that's now under fire because they're offering some kind of photo shop that's called "red hot perfect body editing." From what I gather, you can post a photo of yourself that's been shopped that makes you look as if you spend all day at the gym. 

Not only is Manly promoting unhealthy, and now completely unrealistic, ideas of “the perfect male body,” but its encouraging users to participate in that lie. On top of that, this adds all kinds of problems in terms of dating and hooking up. People already get put off when you look different than you do in your profile picture, and now you can change it so you look like a totally different person?

You can check this out, here.  This could be interesting. You think you're hooking up with a hot body builder and Mr. Pizza and Donuts shows up. It's not the most genuine way to get a date. However, as far as I can tell, no one is forcing users to photo shop their bodies. 

You don't want to miss the comments. 

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Oiled Bros Twerking Together; White Supremacy and Black Homophobia; Fighting Homophobia In Africa

Oiled Bros Twerking Together

There really isn't an intelligent way to title something like this, so I'm going for obtuse with this one. It really is a kind of slow-witted humor, but I could be wrong about that.

In any event...

The gym can be an awfully sexualized environment, but most of the tension brews under the surface.

Here's the rest. You can see these "oiled bros" doing their Internet twerking thing in a video. 

White Supremacy and Black Homophobia

Here's an interview with someone named George M. Johnson. He thinks that homophobia in the black community is a result of conditioning caused by white supremacy. 

Here's one question and answer...

What role do caucasians play in the homophobia that exists within the black community today? Do they have a responsibility to fix the problem?
As I stated prior, they are the colonizers. They told us how we needed to act in society and what was acceptable and what wasn’t based on the standards of how they set up the hierarchy of their own. I’m not concerned with them helping us to unlearn. We as community need to unlearn the systems they oppress us with. We can do that without their help, in my opinion.
Here's more. Of course he mentions nothing about the bible or religion. I have no comment, but you can read the comments and see how other people responded. 

Fighting Homophobia In Africa 

Here's how two brilliant women are working hard to fight homophobia in Africa, instead of blaming people with loaded racist statements. These women are working toward positive goals. 

Katlego has an ally in Adong Judith. She's a straight woman in Uganda who has made it her mission to stop the type of discrimination lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) people face in African nations, where homophobia runs rampant.

Here's the rest. These women are also the people I respect the most. 

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Troye Sivan's Weird Grindr Experience; Hawaii Bed and Breakfast Owner Who Refused Lesbian Couple; University in Dublin Getting Over 170 Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Troye Sivan's Weird Grindr Experience

Here's another colorful story from the world of dating apps and gay hook ups.

Sivan was already on a date when this rude thing happened...

He and the guy were hanging out when all of a sudden the dude whipped out his cellphone then started browsing guys on Grindr.
“It was a while ago,” Troye remembers. “I was like, ‘OK. I think I’m just gonna go home.’”
Here's the rest of the story.  Sivan is in a monogamous relationship now. 
Hawaii Bed and Breakfast Owner Who Refused Lesbian Couple

I find it interesting that these things are still happening today, and not just in certain places. They can happen anywhere.

‘Refusing to let the couple book a room was solely based on their sexual orientation because the owner indicated that if they were married, she would not have allowed them to stay there,’ said their attorney, Peter Renn of Lambda Legal’s Los Angeles office.

Here's the whole story. The lesbian couple filed a lawsuit in 2011. 

University In Dublin Getting Over 170 Gender Neutral Bathrooms

It looks as if some things, in some places, are moving forward and changing for the better. 

University College Dublin plans to redesignate more than 170 restrooms as gender neutral. This is part of an effort to create a more welcoming environment for transgender and non-binary students.

And they aren't stopping there. There will be gender neutral changing rooms and they'll allow name changes on university documents without all the usual red tape that's required. 

Here's more. 

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Gus Kenworthy and How They Raise Dogs For Food In South Korea; Rose McGowan Has Russian Troll Bots Coming After Her; The Pentagon and Transgender Military Service

Gus Kenworthy and How They Raise Dogs For Food In South Korea

Gus Kenworthy posted something on social media this week about the practice of raising dogs for food in South Korea. Here's part of his quote...

This morning Matt and I had a heart-wrenching visited to one of the 17,000 dog farms here in South Korea. Across the country there are 2.5 million dogs being raised for food in some of the most disturbing conditions imaginable. Yes, there is an argument to be made that eating dogs is a part of Korean culture. And, while don’t personally agree with it, I do agree that it’s not my place to impose western ideals on the people here. The way these animals are being treated, however, is completely inhumane and culture should never be a scapegoat for cruelty.

Here's the rest. I'm glad Kenworthy is bringing this up. I've posted about these things before in 2014, where they also happen in parts of China. Only there they actually have a dog meat festival. 

Rose McGowan Has Russian Troll Bots Coming After Her

I'm only linking. I don't come up with this stuff.

What people don’t understand a lot online about me is that the same Russian trolls, the bots they used against Hillary [Clinton], they’re doing against me. They’re doing it now.”
“The queer community was my safety. I was terrified of straight men; I was hated within that community.  They were my people, and to be ostracized from that by somebody who has done so many awful things to me, and so many others, is so deeply hurtful.”
Here's the rest. I'm just going to leave this one alone and back away very quietly. 
The Pentagon and Transgender Military Service
Here's a follow up on what's been happening with the military and transgender people. Nothing is totally clear, but at least it sounds promising. I hope it continues to be promising. It's hard to tell with these things. You really never do know, unfortunately. 
Defense Secretary James Mattis of the US Pentagon gave the White House recommendations for transgender military service on Friday (23 February).
It is unclear what the recommendations are, but the Washington Post reported yesterday he was going to advise allowing transgender personnel to remain.
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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Horrible Advice Billy Graham Gave Gay Youth; New Web Series Exploring Open Gay Marriage; Russell Tovey's Fiance's X-Rated Past

The Horrible Advice Billy Graham Gave Gay Youth

Before I get into this I'd like to state that I'm not an atheist and I have nothing but respect for people who are religious. I try never to judge or question  anyone, especially when it comes to religion or politics.

However, the other day while everyone was singing the praises of Billy Graham I just couldn't help thinking about the dangerous things he said to gay people. How could I help but think that? And I didn't see one single person mention a thing about that, not even my most liberal social media friends.

While he was known for his inclusivity during the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, Graham was adamantly anti-gay.

Sure, he was a product of his times, but that’s no excuse to gloss over moments like this one, in which he responded to a gay youth that “We traffic in homosexuality at the peril of our spiritual welfare.”

You can read an exchange he had with a young girl, here. It's a photo from an old newspaper piece where I guess Graham was giving out spiritual advice. Here's another quote...

Your affection for another of your own sex is misdirected, and will be judged by God's holy standards. 

New Web Series Exploring Open Gay Marriage

From what I gather, this is about a new web series where two gay married men explore an open marriage.

Playing the roles of Michael and Michael are Michael and Michael — Michael Feldman (The Neighbors, ABC) and Michael Rachlis (Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job, Adult Swim) – real-life partners who got married just over two years ago.

Here's the rest. I watched the trailer and to be honest I don't think I'll be rushing to watch this one. I don't think I'd have much in common with these people. But I will give it a try eventually. 

Russell Tovey's Fiance's X-Rated Past

I honestly don't see what the big deal is with Russell Tovey's fiance. So the guy did porn. Big deal. But it's been creating little firestorms all over the web since the story broke. They both look as if they're nice guys to me, and I couldn't wish them better if I tried. 

Of course, as soon as the information became public, everyone seemed to have an opinion on the matter. And, no, they weren’t all positive or congratulatory.

You can read more, here. Most of the comments in this case tend to be positive. 

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Why Gay Olympians Are Marketing Gold; "Queer Eye" On Black Gay Men; Insurance Bias Against Gay Men On PrEP

Why Gay Olympians Are Marketing Gold

This is awfully condescending, and it's one good example of how gay people get insulted on a daily basis. What they are basically saying is that it's okay to use gay people and to exploit them for monetary gain. And this is no reflection on Kenworthy or Rippon. I think they're both wonderful. I'm talking about all gay people right now, in general. I also think this kind of thing happens to a lot of gay people on a much smaller scale.

Big companies were reticent to sponsor LGBTQ athletes, and athletes were hesitant to come out publicly for fear of being stigmatized and losing out on big money.
But that's changing. Diversity now adds to a star's marketability as companies strive to tell compelling stories with their advertising.
Here's the rest. However, at least it's not the kind of discrimination we're all used to getting, so there's that. 
"Queer Eye" On Black Gay Men
I have to admit that I haven't watched one episode of the Queer Eye reboot on Netflix. I'm just not a big reboot fan...of anything. I always figured I've been there and done it, why go back? But this does sound interesting. 
Netflix’s “Queer Eye” reboot is tackling issues of masculinity, sexuality and race in a way mainstream television often overlooks.
In an episode titled “To Gay or Not Too Gay,” Karamo Brown, one of the five hosts of the show, helps a black man come to terms with his sexuality in an emotional makeover.
Insurance Bias Against Gay Men On PrEP
Apparently some gay men who are on PrEP are being denied insurance coverage. 
Maria T. Vullo, the state’s superintendent of financial services, told The New York Timeslast week that companies making such denials could be penalized for illegally discriminating against those clients. 
There's more about PrEP, here. I know quite a few people doing PrEP, and this is the first time I'm seeing anything like this. However, according to this piece some gay men are going off PrEP to get insurance.  
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