Saturday, August 31, 2019

Dior Accused of Racism and Cultural Appropriation; When Marlon Brando Discussed Michael Jackson’s Sexuality; Ryan Field Gay Romance Novels

Dior Accused of Racism and Cultural Appropriation

You have to wonder what companies are thinking when they do this. And what are celebrities thinking? 

Fashion brand Dior released a video advertisement Friday morning for its cologne, Sauvage, featuring a Native American dancer in ceremonial garb, including a feathered headdress. The combination of the imagery and the name of the cologne, prompted many on social media to interpret the ad as racist and emblematic of cultural appropriation.

Here’s the link. This was really trending hard on twitter this morning. Apparently, they still do this sort of thing to other marginalized groups, too, and not just LGBTQ people. 

When Marlon Brando Discussed Michael Jackson’s Sexuality

This one seems a little weird all these years later. Why didn't this surface sooner? 

story published in the Los Angeles Times reveals that Marlon Brando discussed his friendship with and the sexuality of Michael Jackson during a police investigation into child molestation charges in 1994.

Here’s the rest. It gets even more peculiar. There are comments, and many opinions at the end. I find it interesting to read what other people have to say about things like this. Interesting. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Friday, August 30, 2019

A Pussy With A Penis On Her Face; A Man Bit His Friend's Penis Off; Ryan Field Books

A Pussy With A Penis On Her Face

I know this is obtuse, and I know it's clickbait. But it's still funny, too.

A fluffy, friendly rescue cat named Daisy is looking for her forever home, but some rather distinctive markings on her face are putting off people from adopting her. In a turn up for the books, this pussy's face looks like a penis.

You can check this out, here, where there's a photo. It's actually kind of accurate.

A Man Bit His Friend's Penis Off

I'm afraid there's not much going on with penis news this summer, but this one is unusual in a general sense. 

Some dude actually bit off his friend's penis because they were fighting over money. 

Police say the brawl quickly escalated into the appalling mutilation which resulted in the victim, named as Vode Venkateswarlu, being rushed to hospital for treatment.

Here's the link for this one. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Director Joel Schumacher Claims He Slept With 10,000-20,000 Men; Harry Styles, Rainbow Washing, and the Rainbow Flag; Ryan Field Books

Director Joel Schumacher Claims He Slept With 10,000-20,000 Men

Joel Schumacher directed movies like The Lost Boys and Batman and Robin. He recently did an interview with Vulture about his life and his career and he mentioned something fascinating. He says he's slept with 10,000 to 20,000 men over the course of his lifetime.

He also gets into a few real facts about gay men and gay culture that we don't often hear about. When I first started getting published in the m/m romance genre, the women who knew nothing about gay culture laughed at what I'd always know to be true as a gay man. I had to learn how to self-censor in order to survive, and I learned that I couldn't always speak openly about what it's like to be a gay man. Many still don't want to hear it.

With that said...

Schumacher often jokes, “I’m overpaid, I’m overprivileged, and I’m oversexed,” but he in this interview, he adds, “Most gay men have many partners because it’s not a very ‘no’ culture. I started drinking at 9, smoking at 10, and fooling around sexually when I was 11.”

You can check it all out, here. 

Harry Styles, Rainbow Washing, and the Rainbow Flag

I know all too well this will fall on deaf ears with some people. But I posted about rainbow washing about a month ago and this story about Harry Styles reminded me of it. First, this is rainbow washing...

The act of using or adding rainbow colors and/or imagery to advertising, apparel, accessories, landmarks, et cetera, in order to indicate progressive support for LGBTQ equality (and earn consumer credibility)--but with a minimum of effort or pragmatic result.

In other words, they use us and exploit us for monetary gain and good publicity. I'm not saying that's what Harry Styles is doing, and Styles could be totally sincere, but I have seen my fair share of other celebrities doing this lately. And many times it comes in the form of a clueless, backhanded compliment. 

 Harry Styles “likes to cultivate an aura of sexual ambiguity” Rolling Stone noted in a new cover story on the One Direction-gone-solo star. Styles also became known for waving rainbow flags on stage at his concerts. The magazine asked him what those flags mean to him.

You can read this one, here. The comments are usually mixed with topics like this, which is even more interesting. And I really don't think Styles did anything wrong. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Downtown LA's Most Amazing Pride Festival; Harry Styles Speaks About His Sexuality in Rolling Stone; Ryan Field Books

Downtown LA's Most Amazing Pride Festival

This link is filled with photos of an event that bills itself as being different from other Pride events.

Now in its fourth year, downtown’s premiere festival serves as an analog to LA’s more mainstream WeHo-based LA Pride, catering to an edgier, more diverse crowd of queer Angelenos.

You can check out all the photos, here. They're very good. 

Harry Styles Speaks About His Sexuality in Rolling Stone

Harry styles has always been known for being cautious about his own sexuality. I try to remain objective with these things and I'm only linking right now. With that said, Styles recently did an interview with Rolling Stone that's interesting. 

Now, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Styles is finally setting the record straight (pun intended) on all that non-heterosexual, possibly bisexual stuff.

You can read the rest here. Check out the comments. There are some interesting and valid opinions there, too. The one thing I will say is that it never ceases to amaze me how little straight people know about what it's like to be LGBTQ. But they think they know it all. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What Exactly Is "De-Platforming"? John Travolta Mistakes Drag Queen For Taylor Swift; Ryan Field Books

What Exactly Is "De-Platforming?"

I think this falls under the category of pop culture to a certain extent because it involves social media and sometimes celebrities. It's one of those terms you usually hear in Internet circles, but not so much in the mainstream with regard to TV or print news. The media likes to keep these things a secret from those who still don't have much Internet access. And there are still a lot of people who only get their news from cable TV. It's sad, but true.

There are many articles out there that discuss de-platforming, but I like this one at Wikipedia the most. I think it's succinct and accurate.

Deplatforming, also known as no-platforming, is a form of political activism or prior restraint by an individual, group, or organization with the goal of shutting down controversial speakers or speech, or denying them access to a venue in which to express their opinion. Tactics used to achieve this goal among community groups include direct action, and Internet activism. It is also a method used by social media and other technology companies to selectively suspend, ban, or otherwise restrict access to their platform by users who have allegedly violated the platform's terms of service, particularly terms regarding hate speech.

I think it's important to know this, and to always take into consideration that social media does censor people and they have every right to do that. I may not agree with it, but that's how it works. As of this moment, there are no regulations and they are privately owned, so they can call their own shots as they see fit...whether we like it or not. 

Here's the wiki link, and if you do a simple search tons of pieces about de-platforming will come up. Just remember one thing, though. You may be thrilled to see someone censored and de-platformed because you don't agree with them, but the same thing can happen to you. I think de-platforming is a very dangerous concept in general. It's a sneaky way to condone censorship, and it happens daily on social media and most poor souls don't even realize it. 

John Travolta Mistakes Drag Queen For Taylor Swift

John Travolta has a new movie and I've seen him all over the Internet lately. I follow Devon Sawa on Twitter and he's in the same movie. I don't remember the title, but it looks interesting. I like to read Sawa's Tweets. He's very unusual, to put it mildly. I love the way he Tweets positive support for gay people even though he doesn't have a clue half the time. You can't fault someone for being supportive and having good intentions. In any event, the publicity machines are working full force and this is why we're seeing so much of Travolta lately. 

And this was amusing. Taylor Swift won an award at the MTV Music Awards and Travolta made the mistake of giving the award to a drag queen who has appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race. 

To be fair, one can’t completely blame Travolta because Jolie is a professional Taylor Swift impersonator. So being confused for her onstage is probably the highest professional compliment one can pay her. Swift wasn’t even onstage yet; she was still making her way there.

Here's a link, and you can check out a video of Taylor Swift, too.  I'm a little surprised there aren't any comments yet. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Monday, August 26, 2019

Gay Men Targeted In Adult Video Scam; Mobile Penis Flashers Send Dick Pics In Japan; Ryan Field Books

Gay Men Targeted In Adult Video Scam

This has been happening on Grindr and apparently a lot of gay men are falling for it. This is an age old scam. The fake modeling agencies used to do this all the time. You should always remember that if you have to pay up front for something like this it's most likely a scam.

" on Grindr and Instagram are being targeted by a scam in which men claiming to be agents the decades-old gay adult studio Falcon offer guys $2,500 to $3,000 to appear in a skin flick. The only catch is that the aspiring performers have to pay a $350 to over $1,000 “company” or “contract fee...”

There are more details, here. Always remember that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

 Mobile Penis Flashers Send Dick Pics In Japan

For those of us on social media this is nothing new. I usually get at least 3 unsolicited dick pics on Twitter alone during any given week. They're awful, too. Ugly. Like soft dead birds. Evidently, it's now happening on mobile phones in Japan. 

Police in Fukuoka, Japan, this week arrested and filed charges against a 37-year-old salaryman who had sent unsolicited penis pictures via a smartphone to a fellow passenger on a train, violating the prefecture’s ordinance forbidding troublesome behavior – specifically a clause regarding obscene and degenerate acts.

Here's the link. In Japan a 'salaryman' is a white collar worker. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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