Friday, March 16, 2012

Release Day: Cowboy Howdy

Cowboy Howdy is the newest release from It's a short story, and can be purchased on most web sites where e-books are sold. Here's a link to ARe and to Loveyoudivine. I'm a little surprised, because it already got a silver star on ARe and that doesn't usually happen often. Huge thanks to those who've bought it already!!

Here's the blurb, and I'll post more over the weekend with excerpts. If anyone has any questions about the product description, please feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment.

Payne is a typical gay guy from New York City, with the right haircut, clothes, and attitude. He spends a great deal of time keeping his slim body smooth and well-toned for strong, dominant men. Although he’s not looking forward to his new roommate at first, he soon discovers things could have been much worse. The minute Payne meets Howdy he can’t take his eyes off his huge shoulders, long legs, and the bulge in his jeans. Howdy’s thick Texas accent and his authentic cowboy hat make Payne cover his crotch with a sweatshirt. When he finds out Howdy is there to play football, Payne wants to bury his face in Howdy’s jock strap. In fact, Howdy is the full grown man of Payne’s dreams and he considers seducing him the first day they meet. This leads to an interesting experience that may wind up changing the rest of their lives. Will these two full grown consenting adults fall in love and will Howdy accept Payne’s romantic, subtle advances? Or will he find them repulsive and move out that night?

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