Sunday, March 4, 2012

Same Sex Marriage in Maryland...

The LA Times reported that a bill to legalize same sex marriage in Maryland was signed by Governor Martin O'Malley.

The law will take effect in 2013 if it survives a challenge by opponents, who are already gathering signatures for a referendum.

As you can read in the comment above, there's already opposition. And there's a strong chance this could be changed. Which is why we need protection on a federal level, not just on state levels. And frankly, I'm tired of all politicians pushing it off on the state. This includes Democrats and Republicans. Because this isn't just an emotional issue with regard to equal rights. So far, I'm getting e-mails from all sides asking for money and I have yet to see anyone running for President take a strong, vocal stand stating they will support same sex marriage on a federal level. Other than Fred Karger, who happens to be openly gay and running for President and hasn't received any attention from the media at all.

"For a free and diverse people, for a people of many faiths, for a people committed to the principle of religious freedom, the way forward is always found for the greater respect of the equal rights of all, for the human dignity of all," the Democratic governor said before signing the law.

If that's not a strong message to the federal government I don't know what is. Governors don't make statements like that unless they believe in what they are saying and they are hoping others will stand up and speak out, too.

Lawmakers in New Jersey also passed a gay marriage law last month, only to have Republican Gov. Chris Christie veto it.

This doesn't surprise me. I doubt Christie cares one way or the other about gay marriage deep down. He seems bright and quick to shoot back. He's too slick. I could be wrong, but people who reach a point in life where he is, and people who've had the background and education he has, typically don't care one way or the other. He's just a player. A good player, too. The problem is I'm tired of politicians who are players. I want the real deal...if that's even possible anymore.

In any event, it's wonderful that Gov. O'Malley took a stand, wasn't afraid to speak up, and signed the law. It's a small step in the right direction and if I lived in Maryland I'd be thrilled. Speaking from the POV as someone who's been in a twenty year relationship, and someone who has gone to every length possible with his partner to make sure we're legally covered in case anything arises, I'm tired of not being treated the way everyone else is treated.

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