Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 16th Release: "Cowboy Howdy"

Here's a preview of the cover for my next release with For those who don't know, publishes...and has been publishing...tons of lgbt fiction for many years now. They were the first publisher I went with when I moved into digital only publishing, and I've concentrated on my favorite medium with them, the short story. I've written a few novellas for them as well. But most of my work has been concentrated on the shorty story.

Unlike some of the parodies I've written for other publishers, by turning what I've always considered cheesy, sexless straight romances into updated contemporary romances with gay characters that have four times the heat and very different storylines, all my work with has always been fiction that personally inspired me in one way or another...nothing at all to do with films. In this particular story, "Cowboy Howdy," I wanted to put a Texas cowboy together with a spoiled brat gay guy from New York City to see how the dynamics would work. It's interesting to see how they come to depend on each other in very different ways.

I'll post more in the future as we get closer to the release date.

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