Friday, June 30, 2017

Jay-Z's Mom Comes Out As Lesbian; A Dumb Comment From A Straight Actor Playing Gay; A Step Backward For Texas Supreme Court and Gay Married Couples

Jay-Z's Mom Comes Out As Lesbian

Whenever I'm working on a new book and I see a news story that coincides with the topic of the book, I feel validated for some reason. So when I saw that Jay-Z's mom came out as a lesbian, in public, in a duet, I couldn't help thinking about the book I'm working on right now where the father and son come out as gay at the same time.

Carter came out as lesbian in "Smile," the third track off her son's 13th album. It's the first time either of the two has publicly addressed her sexual identity.

There's more here. It's not that this is something new, just like it's not something new in my book. But it is new that we're reading about it and it's perfectly normal now.

A Dumb Comment From A Straight Actor Playing Gay

I see this all the time on Twitter, especially from straight, white, male general. They don't have to even be playing a gay role. It's the mindset of a straight white male coming from a place of privilege. They can't help themselves. Their comments aren't mean; just dumb. I see one all the time who even refers to women as "gals." And he thinks he's cool. No joke.

In any event, this dumb comment recently happened....

I think it’s important that we are expressing it. We specifically designed the character to act straight and act normal.

When I say “normal”, I mean he’s not like the characters on Modern Family, where they are flamboyant and camp and they walk around tiptoeing.

That creates separation – that’s us and them. It shouldn’t be like that. It should be all equal and no-one should have a problem with that. The way other characters act around my character is that there is never a problem at all.” 

Not a clue. It's not mean either. And, in all fairness, I've complained about the stereotypes in TV shows like Modern Family because they ignore now diverse gay men are in RL. But I also don't see anything wrong with that diversity, and I applaud all of the diversity in the gay community. What he's saying is totally different. Even more, there is separation.Whether you are straight acting gay or fem, most (not all) straight white males will treat you differently.

There's more here. This straight actor playing gay goes on to apologize, but unfortunately it doesn't get any better. Oh, and there are quite a few idiots on this comment thread, too. Clueless people who haven't quite figured a few things out yet...or they never heard of appropriation.

A Step Backward For Texas Supreme Court and Gay Married Couples

When I say the fight isn't over yet, I'm talking about this.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled on Friday that it might not be necessary to provide married same-sex couples with the same benefits as their opposite-sex counterparts.

In a unanimous decision, the court reversed a lower court’s ruling in favor of Houston’s decision to extend spousal benefits to the same-sex spouses of city employees, arguing that the “reach and ramifications” of the rights of gay couples have yet to be determined, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Here's more.  I wonder what the clueless people who want to have #HeterosexualPrideDay think about this one. As far as I know, the rights of heterosexual couples have already been determined.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Gay Men Who Fled Chechnya; "Sense 8" Two Hour Finale; A Gay Couple HGTV Show About Property

Gay Men Who Fled Chechnya

When I saw #HeterosexualPrideDay trending today on Twitter I had to wonder if any of those idiots even realize what's been happening to gays in Chechnya. Aside from the obvious issues with #HeterosexualPrideDay, not to mention the misguided logic, I don't see any heterosexual people being carried off to concentration camps in Chechnya...for just literally being heterosexual.

In late February or early March, Ali was in his apartment in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, when he got a phone call from a local police officer. “Get dressed, we have to take you in,” the man said. Ali took the sim card out of his cell phone, inserted it into a spare, blank phone, and hid his regular handset. By the time he was done, two police officers were knocking on the door. They put him in a car and drove to a nearby street, where two cars were waiting. The men put him in the back seat of one of the vehicles and got in with him.

There's more here.

Sense 8 Two Hour Finale

After getting a lot of negative response about canceling the TV show, Sense 8, Netflix announced today they will at least give the fans a two hour finale. It's better than nothing. I loved that show.

Series co-creator Lana Wachowski also posted a letter online expressing gratitude to the fans who fought for the series to live on.

“The passionate letters, the petitions, the collective voice that rose up like the fist of Sun to fight for this show was beyond what anyone was expecting,” Wachowski said. 

Here's the rest. 

A Gay Couple HGTV Show About Property

I have to admit that I've backed off on almost all HGTV shows in the last few years because they always seem so disingenuous. There was that one show about rental income that was so off base and gave so much bad advice I couldn't even get through the first ten minutes. And those two weird twin brothers creep me out.

If you DVR any HGTV show, you can't get through a half hour show in less than 10 minutes by fast forwarding and not miss a thing.

With that said...

HGTV recently aired a pilot for a potential new show called Down to the Studs, which would star husbands PJ and Thomas; a couple that refer to themselves, somewhat artlessly though appropriately, as the “Property Lovers.”

Normally, a TV show like this would interest me...if it were done in a genuine way. Tony and I have always been involved in real estate...Tony even has a real estate license. We recently purchased, gutted, and renovated a rental property in Palm Springs, CA. We love doing it. However, we know the realities involved. Trust me you haven't lived until you've had contractors gutting your bathroom with a jackhammer at 2 o'clock in the morning in order to stay on schedule.

Here's more. And if you think I'm being critical, read the comments below this article.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Being Gay In the 70s and 80s; How To See Justin Theroux Naked; D.C.'s Town Nightclub Is Closing

Being Gay In the 70s and 80s

Here's a piece that talks about what it was like to be gay in the 70s and 80s.

Such Is Life Videos’ set of news clips about LGBT stories from decades ago is an excellent primer for just how far we’ve come. These two videos, featuring the 70s and 80s, are both long, but make for excellent stop-and-play action in a browser tab for watching during breaks. After all, most segments are only a few minutes long and you won’t miss any plot lines.

There's more here.

I have a lot of older gay friends and I've heard so many stories...all true. So you'll want to read the comments with this one.

How To See Justin Theroux Naked

This one is really nothing more than a clickbait gimmick. But I love The Leftovers so if it helps them get an Emmy I'll all for it.

It’s quite simple, really: The Leftovers’ producer has assured us that Justin Theroux will get 100% naked if the show wins an Emmy nomination this year.

Now that the show is finally wrapped up, the powers that be are doing everything in their power to grab some awards and acolytes for their efforts.

Here's the rest.

D.C's Town Nightclub Is Closing

Here's yet another fatality from the never ending saga of gay nightclubs closing.

“After more than ten years in operation at 2009 8th street NW, in the center of the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC, Town Danceboutique, the city’s largest and most well known LGBTQ nightclub, will be closing.” 

More here. 

Seems to be a sign of the times.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Frank Mugisha and Anti-Homosexuality Act In Uganda; Angela Merkel and Gay Marriage In Germany; Johnny Weir's Horrible Divorce

Frank Mugisha and Anti-Homosexuality Act In Uganda

Over the weekend a friend I follow on Facebook mentioned a gay activist in Uganda named Frank Mugisha, and I remembered a brilliant article written by Mugisha about year ago where he talks about his struggles as a gay person in Uganda. His article is also timely to what's happening right now, again, in Uganda.

Mugisha wrote this last year...

That being said, I was starting to feel as though there were reasons to be positive and to hope for change. The abominable Anti-Homosexuality Act, about which I wrote for the Guardian in 2014, was later rescinded. Our close community of activists committed to improving the lives of LGBTI Ugandans is vibrant and as strong a movement as it has ever been. Some of us have even received global recognition for our work. And so Uganda Pride 2016 was set to be a long overdue celebration of our hard work and resilience.

He then goes on to talk about the horrible things that happened during that Pride celebration. You can check this out here. As I said, it's a brilliant piece about what life is like for some LGBT people.

With that said, here's what been going on recently in Uganda:

Uganda’s government has vowed to bring back a bill that would punish homosexuality and the promotion of LGBTI issues with jail time.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, who wished to pass a ‘Kill The Gays’ bill in 2014, has called on legislators to pass a new law. Homosexuality is already punishable by up to seven years.

Evidently, in some parts of the world the struggle is even more intense than ever, and we should all be aware of it.

Here's the rest. 

Angela Merkel and Gay Marriage In Germany

This seriously bothers me. I see people praising Angela Merkel all the time on social media without even realizing how anti-gay marriage she's always been. You can do a simple search for that, and it's even mentioned in this article to which I'm linking.

However, this bothers me even more.

Merkel seems prepared to have the Social Democrats (SPD), the German Liberal Democrats, and the Greens have an ‘in conscience’ vote for or against the marriage.

‘I want to focus the discussion in a direction that is conscious decision-making, rather than wanting to impose anything,’ she said.

This statement marks a significant change on her position about the topic. In 2013, the Chancellor opposed it fearing the ‘good of the children’ if there were same-sex couples.

How Merkel manages to get so much praise passes me by.

There's more here.

Johnny Weir's Horrible Divorce

Although this article doesn't mention it, I'll always remember Johnny Weir as the guy who went to Russia and called LGBT activists idiots.

Weir is back in the news...sort of...and he's talking about his divorce. It's an interesting follow up for anyone who was following Weir back then.

Champion figure skater Johnny Weir is speaking out about his ‘terrible divorce’ from Victor Voronov in 2014.

Voronov had gone on the syndicated US show Inside Edition and accused Weir of a host of things from biting him to marrying him to provide fodder for a reality show.

Here's the rest of it. 

And, he's into fur.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Gay Guys Deleting Grindr To Read More Books; Dating With Tourette's Syndrome; Pride Hecklers Throw Hate Shade At Nikki Haley

Gay Guys Deleting Grindr To Read More Books

Even though I know nothing about Grindr, I'm thrilled to hear this. I already know for a fact that a lot of gay men are voracious readers and I'm glad to hear that reading is now becoming even more popular.

Jason Chen was sick of meeting losers on Grindr. The sex was never great, and the conversation was even worse.  So he deleted the app and started a gay book club instead.

“Our club is pretty standard-issue,” Chen explains in a new article published by The Cut. “We send endless emails trying to get together, spend much of our time gossiping, and have rosé-fueled debates about whether Elena Ferrante could possibly be a man, or where the narrator of The Idiot falls on the spectrum, or if A Little Life qualifies more as torture or interiors porn.” 

You can read more about this here. 

Dating With Tourett's Syndrome

Here's something about a gay man with Tourette's syndrome, and the issues he has to face when it comes to dating.

 Damian explains that he recently arranged to meet a guy for drinks. The guy never showed. Or so he thought.

“It turns out then after he met up with one of my other friends, that he saw me,” Damian says. “He saw me ticking. He thought I was crazy and walked away.”

There's more here. It does get more upbeat. I actually knew someone once who had Tourette's and after you get to know the person, and like the person, you don't even notice.

Pride Hecklers Throw Hate Shade At Nikki Haley

To be honest, I don't even know who Nikki Haley is. This is one of those political things I don't follow closely. But she must be someone important because she was leaving a restaurant in NY this past weekend that was on the Pride route, and on the way out LGBTQ people shouted hateful pejoratives at her...and even at her family. Her young son was with her.

So the only reason why I'm even posting about this is to state that I would never do something like this to anyone in public, and probably not even in private, especially not if they had a child with them. I wasn't raised that way. Just because I'm openly gay, and proud to be openly gay, doesn't mean I choose to live my life like others in the LGBTQ community. Taking the high road isn't all that difficult to do. I also think that Pride events are more about tolerance and anti-hate.

With that said...

On Sunday, Haley says she and her family were booed and heckled while leaving a restaurant along the NYC Pride route.

After the incident, Haley posted this message on Facebook: 

You can check this one out here. And there are comments that vary, which shows that the ever growing division within the LGBTQ community seems to be getting wider.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pulse Nightclub Remembered In NYC Pride; Turkey LGBTQ Pride Rally Halted; Married Gay Asexual

Pulse Nightclub Remembered In NYC Pride

When I saw a photo of NYC Pride last year with people wearing white and holding up signs that had information about the 49 lives lost in the Pulse nightclub massacre, it hit me harder than I thought it would. The magnitude of that massacre still guts me a year later, as I'm sure it does for all other LGBTQ people.

This dates back to 2016, and I think it's worth revisiting.

 The 46th annual New York City Pride Parade was another out and proud celebration of gay rights and culture — but this time, signs of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history loomed everywhere.

The owner and manager of Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, where 49 people were massacred two weeks ago by a terrorist, rode the lead float as armed NYPD officers provided heightened security and paradegoers and spectators waved “We Are Orlando” signs.

In any event, it's a link to a piece that's a year old about the people who remembered Pulse in NYC Pride. I also saw a tweet this weekend and I believe they did it again this year, too. I wish I could share the photo but here's a link to the tweet I saw.

Turkey LGBTQ Pride Rally Halted

I think it's important to know about the things happening to all LGBTQ people on a global level. In some parts of the world LGBTQ people can't even have a Pride rally without getting into all kinds of trouble.

Police in the Turkish city of Istanbul have thwarted attempts by organisers to hold a banned Gay Pride march.

The organisers of the annual event had vowed to press ahead despite the ban by the authorities, who had cited threats from far-right groups.

But police briefly fired rubber bullets to disperse the marchers and detained a number of them.

If you are not familiar with what some LGBTQ people in other parts of the world are dealing with, this article should enlighten you. 

Married Gay Asexual

I find this fascinating. As I've said before in other related posts I don't know enough about asexuality to comment. But I do know enough to fully support anyone who is asexual.

According to the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, an asexual is “someone who does not experience sexual attraction.”

So is it possible to be asexual and gay?

According to Mateo Sancho Cardiel, the answer is yes. And he’s living proof. 

There's more here. The comments are pretty rough on this one, and I don't totally understand that. Why do people have to comment so negatively on things they clearly don't understand?

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Parents Outing A Straight Kid; Gay History Through T-shirts; More On Gay Concentration Camps In Chechnya

Parents Pushing A Straight Kid To Be Gay

Here's a disturbing story about a guy who isn't gay, but his parents think he's gay and they keep pushing him to come out. I think it's disturbing because any time a parent pushes this hard in any direction it can't be good for the kid in the long run. And, this kid makes a point of stating that he's not homophobic. He's just not gay.

“For the last six years of my life, I’ve been met with monthly, off-the-cuff talks about how it’s okay to be gay,” says Redditor wakaawak.

The university student now feels stifled and dreads going back home because he “can almost feel the curiosity whenever [his mom’s] friends are having a cup of tea over at our house.” 

I don't blame him for not wanting to go home.

Here's the rest. 

Gay History Through T-Shirts

I think articles like this one show how diverse the gay community really is.  They're referring to it as history through T-shirts.

Wearing Gay History began as a graduate student project at George Mason University in the Fall of 2014. Doctoral student Eric Gonzaba digitized the entire t-shirt collection of the Chris Gonzalez Library and Archives in Indiana. In just a few short years the collection expanded to include textiles from over 25 different countries.

There's more here.  

More On Gay Concentration Camps In Chechnya

There's nothing new to report about gays in Chechnya, but this article goes into detail about the entire topic, and it's recent.

This is something I didn't know until now...

The targeting of gay men in Chechnya started in chat rooms.  Security agents would pose as gay men, including old friends of the targets, and lure them to secondary locations where they were interrogated and tortured to try to get them to disclose the names of other gay men.

Some of them men were returned to their families or their families were brought to them at the camps, with the expectation they would perform an “honor killing.”  One man’s family was told, “sort it out or we’ll do it ourselves” after their son had spent two weeks under torture in the camps.

Here's link to the entire piece. 

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Gays Protesting Gays At Pride; 2 Gay Men Allegedly Tortured In Chechnya; Weird Gay Twins Who Wax Each Other's Butts

Gays Protesting Gays At Pride

This seems to be the year of protesting.

NEW YORK — Gay pride marches in New York City, San Francisco and in between this weekend will have plenty of participants — and also protests directed at them from other members of the LGBT community, speaking out against what they see as increasingly corporate pride celebrations that prioritize the experiences of gay white men and ignore the issues continuing to face black and brown LGBT people.

If you recall, there's been controversy in Philadelphia over adding two new colors to the rainbow flag. 

Over the years, I've seen Pride change a great deal, and for various reasons. One that always bothered me was when heteronormative businesses would put out the rainbow flag during pride events to attract the gay dollar, and then when the pride events were over they would pull that rainbow flag back inside as fast as they could. And you wouldn't see the rainbow flag again in front of these businesses until there was another pride event they could exploit for profit.

You can check this out here.

2 Gay Men Allegedly Tortured In Chechnya

It's hard to find current daily reports about what's been allegedly happening to gays in Chechnya. But this one is fairly recent.

Gay men have been rounded up and tortured in Chechnya in recent months. David Greene talks to two men who managed to escape. They're living in Moscow and may never be able to return to their families.

Let's just say it. This country, Russia, is incredibly unfriendly to people who are gay. Russia has laws on the books that can punish someone for talking about homosexuality in front of children. And yet, what's happening in the southern Russian republic of Chechnya is beyond comprehension, even here.

Here's the rest.

Weird Gay Twins Who Wax Each Other's Butts

Here's a story about gay twin brothers who seem willing to do just about anything to get attention.

The tattooed Arab-American hotties are burning up Instagram with their sexy, near naked, vaguely twincestuous pics.

 The guys also have a YouTube channel where they regularly post vlogs where they read each other’s Grindr messages, wax each other’s butts, and make molds of their nether regions using make-your-own-dildo kits.

You can check it out here, with photos of them. Aside from the creep factor going on here, there is an interesting twist. Neither of them knew they were gay until they found out by accident.

I didn't know my brother was gay until I accidentally ran into him in a gay night club. He didn't know I was gay either. It was an interesting night. But I can assure that we've never, ever waxed each other's butts. Not much makes me shudder and cross my legs, but just the thought of that one does.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Big Brother Star Lotan Carter's £12 Million Penis; Don't Be A 26 Year Old Blogging Penis; She Wrote "Penis" On His Mojito Cup; Penis Size Anxiety Causes Big Problems;

Big Brother Star Lotan Carter's £12 Million Penis

This one is about a famous male stripper in the UK with a very special penis, who was recently named as one of the housemates on Big Brother in the UK.

Lotan, from Essex, started stripping aged just 21, and has since travelled the country whipping his kit off and flashing his bits for shrieking and sexed-up punters.

Four years ago his then girlfriend Tanya Bailey revealed that he had got his precious appendage insured after one of his colleagues had been injured by an overzealous fan.

Check the rest out here. You know, all jokes aside, this is actually more interesting than you might imagine. They go on to mention that Tanya got so excited during sex she wound up breaking his penis, and then they mention that time with a rubber band when his penis turned purple.

Don't Be A 26 Year Old Blogging Penis

I don't have any links to this one. It's just a small point I'd like to make, which I don't normally do.

It's just that recently I saw this smug little 26 year old book blogger who thinks he knows the definition of good writing. Unfortunately, in his lame attempt to make his point he only came off looking like one huge penis.

It's one thing to review a book or story with your opinion, but telling other people that you know the definition of good writing will only make you look stupid to people who know better. You can spot bad writing at a glance, but last I heard no one with half a brain has ever been able to "splain" good writing.

Because that's too subjective.

Everyone has a different writing style, and whether you like that style or not us up to you. However, you don't preach what "good writing" is unless you want to come off looking like a 26 year old book blogging penis.

She Wrote "Penis" On His Mojito Cup

This happened at Starbucks recently.

Danny Matthews had popped into his local Starbucks in Wimbledon on Monday afternoon, to get an iced drink to cool himself down in the heat.

However, he was a little confused after being handed his blackberry mojito tea lemonade only to find the barista had written ‘Penis’ instead of ‘Danny’.

Here's the rest of the story. He can't wait to go back again for more.

Penis Size Anxiety Causes Big Problems

This is disturbing.

A 27-year-old man recently lost R190 000 to a bogus traditional healer who promised him a bigger penis. This happened in the Pretoria CBD. Police say the victim was lured by a pamphlet that looks something like this:

There's more here. Main point: there are a lot of scammers out there. Beware.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jockstraps, Leather, and Pride; Colin Farrell Is Cast In The Beguiled; Paul Fienman First Gay Judge On NY's Highest Court

Jockstraps, Leather, and Pride

Here's another interview with someone you never heard of talking about Pride. Evidently, he's Mr. Long Beach Leather.

What was your most awkward Pride moment?

It was at a pre-gaming with my friends before Pride one year. I had had a lot to drink. Somehow I found myself in the arms of some guy that I met there. After making out with him for a while, I eventually called him the wrong name. That was pretty awkward. 

There's more here. And you can check out his photos. If you like a lot of arm pit with your Pride, you'll love this one.

Colin Farrell Is Cast In The Beguiled

This looks like an excellent historical. I've seen clips and it reminds me of my own novella, The Young Widow's Promise. The Civil War era and the Edwardian era are the two I've always loved the most.

In the new film The Beguiled, Colin Farrell plays a smolderingly sexy wounded Union soldier taken in by the women and girls of a Southern girls’ boarding school at the height of the Civil War.

Even though he’s fighting for the other side, it doesn’t take long for the women to form attachments to this handsome stranger named Corporal John McBurney. 

Here's the rest. Everything about this one looks good.

Paul Feinman First Gay Judge On NY's Highest Court

This is history, and this is Pride, too. Paul Feinman is the first openly gay judge on NY's highest court.

Feinman was nominated by Governor Andrew Cuomo to serve on the Court of Appeals and was confirmed by the state’s Republican-led Senate, according to the New York Law Journal.

‘The fact that we are promoting today someone who is the first openly LGBT person in the 170-year history of the Court of Appeals is a historic event we have to make note of,’ said openly gay State Senator Brad Hoylman, a Democrat from Manhattan. 

You can read more here. 

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Steve Grand Stripping To Jock Strap; Dream Dads for DILF Lovers; Russia's Gay Propaganda Law Struck Down; Video of Chechnya's Alleged Gay Concentration Camp

Steve Grand Stripping To Jock Strap

Evidently, because one Broadway Bares is not enough.

Like its New York counterpart, Broadway Bares San Francisco took the town by storm on Sunday to showcase lithe, limber dancers clad in little more than bikinis. (The event benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and The Richmond/ermet Aid Foundation.)

You can check this out here. The money goes to a good charity.

Of course there is a little irony here. They make a point of linking to an article where Steve Grand rants about the gay presses concentrating more on his body than his music. I don't think they'll ever let that one go.

Dream Dads for DILF Lovers

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Older. Bolder. Out of the blue comes a video game that’ll fulfill all of your swarthiest daddy fantasies.

On July 13th, Dream Daddy will be available for purchase, a “dad dating simulator” that casts you as a single dad with a college-bound daughter.

Here's the rest.

Russia's Gay Propaganda Law Struck Down 

Here's something a lot more serious. This is about that hideous gay propaganda law in Russia that's caused so many people pain.

A European court on Tuesday declared a Russian law banning expressions of “gay propaganda” to be discriminatory, ordering Moscow to pay out compensation to three gay rights activists and setting the stage for further conflicts with Europe over Russia’s treatment of gays and lesbians.

There's more here. 

Video of Chechnya's Alleged Gay Concentration Camp

Here's a story with a video that shows an alleged gay concentration camp in Chechnya.

Reporters from Vice News were granted permission to film inside a building in Argun, Chechnya that once functioned as a military base and reportedly was used as a concentration camp where gay men were imprisoned and tortured.

You can check this one out here.   I highly suggest watching it.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Grindr Hook Ups In Cuba; So-Called Bisexual Menage Doesn't End Well; Skinny Gay Body Shaming

Grindr Hook Ups In Cuba

I never thought about this until now.

Luis Gallo is a radio producer, artist, and journalist based in Bogotá and New York. He recently traveled to Cuba. In a fascinating new article published by Slate, he talks about cruising, or more specifically “Grindr-ing,” in the capital city of Havana.

“Most of the cruising in Havana still goes on at nightclubs, public parks, and the Malecón,” Gallo writes. 

Here's the rest. It's a fairly accurate piece with respect to gay culture in general. And some of the photos are excellent.

So-Called "Bisexual" Menage Doesn't End Well

This is one of those disturbing pieces that I hope makes people more cautious. Aside from that, in the comments a few people point out this may or may not have been a bisexual encounter. It's a 3-way with two men and one woman, but that doesn't mean it's bisexual.

20-year-old New Yorker Manos Ikonomidis was brutally murdered after partaking in a bisexual threesome with a 21-year-old man and woman.

The attack happened in Brooklyn and involved an aluminum baseball bat and knives. According to police sources, the violence began after one of the participants, presumably Ikonomidis, began filming the encounter against the woman’s wishes.

There are more details here.  The comments are worth checking out.

Skinny Gay Body Shaming

Here's an interesting piece about body shaming that involves skinny guys instead of overweight guys. It's hard to actually title this because I see body shaming everywhere I go these days online, not only in the gay community, and more often than not it comes from the very same people who scream for tolerance.

“Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I see this skinny runt covered in tattoos and piercings with very little muscle,” he writes. “Narrow wrists and ankles, thin body and, when I lift my arms, I can see my ribcage sometimes. My brother calls me things like pipe cleaner, snowflake and magic wand.” 

You can check this out here.  The comments are typical. There's a flame war between who has it harder, the skinny guys or the overweight guys.

All I know is don't body shame. Just don't do it.

Kendle's Fire

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gay Men On Brutal Treatment In Chechnya; The Anti-Gay Crackdown In Chechnya; Gay Chechens Finding Homes In Europe

Gay Men On Brutal Treatment In Chechnya

I think we all need to sink our teeth a little more into this one issue. I see too much apathy out there, or misguided priorities.

They're calling themselves Gregory and Arnie. They don't want to use their real names because they fear for their lives. Both men recently left Chechnya, where they were detained and beaten because they're gay.

"I was kidnapped and kept for 12 days in a basement," Gregory, 21, tells us through an interpreter. "I was beaten and interrogated."

Here's the rest.

The Anti-Gay Crackdown In Chechnya

Here's another story about what's going on in Chechnya with gays. This one is about a Russian journalist who exposed the story.

What were the attitudes toward homosexuality inside Chechnya before this campaign of repression?

Male homosexuality was always perceived very badly in Chechnya. Even gay men themselves considered themselves sick, damned, inferior. Very many of these men have families and children, and are trying to cope with the situation somehow. They understand that, deep down, their status is not acceptable in their society. If they were found out, families would choose to close their eyes to this fact—having a male relative who was known to be gay would be too great a shame for the family, or even the whole clan, which can run to hundreds of people. Chechen families are very sensitive to their image and how their extended clans are perceived.

There's a lot more here. Makes you wonder why more people aren't speaking up about it, including the LGBT presses that seem more focused on Caitlyn Jenner. 

Gay Chechens Finding Homes In Europe

Here's one about how Europeans are helping gays who are fleeing from Chechnya. Evidently, from what I'm reading, Europe is aware of what's going on and they're at least doing this to help. 

The German Foreign Ministry confirmed on Friday that it has admitted one man, who arrived in the country on Tuesday, on a special visa on humanitarian grounds. Three other men have met with officials at the German Embassy in Moscow, a ministry spokeswoman said, while another man’s application is being reviewed.

More here. One of the reasons why some countries aren't more vocal is that they believe it could be more harmful to the gay refugees who are fleeing. But I still have trouble understanding why so many in the US media aren't more vocal, and why they aren't making the public more aware of this.

I'm only a small not for profit blogger who links to pop culture news items, but I do know that a lot of my readers are Eastern Europeans through my blog stats, and I want them to know people are not forgetting about them. 

   Kendle's Fire

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Interview With "King Cobra" Garrett Clayton; Your Grindr "Preferences" Are Racist; More On Chechnya Gay Concentration Camps

Interview With King Cobra Garrett Clayton

Here's an interview with Garrett Clayton that also discusses his latest role in The Last Breakfast Club, which is a parody of the John Hughes 1980s film. I've done parody and I've always been fascinated with it because it's not always simple to do, and you never know how it's going to be received. Some of these die-hard fans will never forgive you.

Clayton steps into the role of Brian in the Los Angeles-based stage play based on the iconic John Hughes ’80s film. It sets the original movie in a post-apocalyptic world where the brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess and the criminal have been locked in the library in what has become a never-ending Saturday of detention. Under the watchful tyrannical eye of the Principal Vernon (who has since become a zombie), the quintet of misfits deal with their new dystopian life in the Shermer High School.

You can read the entire interview here.

Your Grindr "Preferences" Are Racist

If you are attracted to a specific type of man, don't let this guy know about it. Because he's going to call you a racist. And he's not even going to present a strong, intelligent argument. He'll just call you racist.

26-year-old Josh from L.A. has a some strong medicine for guys who still refuse to entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, their “preferences” on Grindr are, in fact, racist. 

“So many people on these apps use the word ‘preference’ to try to mask their prejudices,” he says. But, make no mistake, “letting someone’s race dictate whether you’d date them is racism.”

Here's the rest. He lost me with sushi.

More On Chechnya Gay Concentration Camps

No one in the mainstream seems to be paying much attention to this, which is a travesty. This is actually happening and no one is doing anything to stop it.

Two young men have come forward to open up about their experiences in Chechnya, where both were detained and beaten for being gay.

Unwilling to give their real names for obvious reasons, they’re calling themselves Gregory and Arnie.

“I was kidnapped and kept for 12 days in a basement,” Gregory, 21, tells NPR. “I was beaten and interrogated.”

There's more here. It gets worse. Check out the comments. Someone in the comments posted this link where you can send a donation to help relocate gays in Chechnya to safe places. It looks legitimate to me, and simple to use.

Kendle's Fire

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Straight People Taking Over Woody's Gay Bar In Philly; What Made Davey Wavey Giggle and Blush; Lady Bunny Says "Let's Cancel Pride"

Straight People Taking Over Woody's Gay Bar In Philly

A friend sent me this link earlier today and I was a little surprised when I read it. I used to go to Woody's bar in Philadelphia and I didn't know this was happening. Although, I'm not totally shocked either. The entire city of Philadelphia seems to be under housing construction right now and a lot of the long time residents, gay and straight, are claiming it's the most aggressive kind of gentrification they've ever seen. Gays are not the only minority dealing with this.

Of course I've posted many times about how gay bars are closing down all over the world, especially in London. I've seen it here in New Hope, where there were once 3 gay bars and now there's only 1. I'm not that shocked this is happening in Philly at Woody's bar, however, it's the first time I've seen an article this candid.

Go to almost any other bar in the Gayborhood, and you’ll get near-universal agreement that Woody’s has changed. Philly gays are saying that at some point in recent months or years the establishment began seeking too much to be an “it” club, drawing in large numbers of straight women who also brought straight men. Friday and Saturday nights now feature straight people making out on the dance floor, men hanging out with their girlfriends, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” instead of Madonna and bachelorette party after bachelorette party after bachelorette party. As one displeased patron put it in a public Facebook post, it’s “straight gentrification.”

You can read the rest here. The article goes into a lot more detail. As I've posted before, I don't think this kind of thing is going to stop happening, and that's partly because as more gay people assimilate the less they need to go to gay bars. And I really can't complain. I'd rather have things this way than the way they were in the old days where the only place a gay person could feel safe was in a gay bar.

The one thing I'm not thrilled about is the whole gentrification issue, as it applies to all minorities.

What Made Davey Wavey Giggle and Blush?

He saw someone eating a big ripe banana.

Of course I'm only joking.  This is one of those promotional interviews with Wavey about his Pride experiences.

What are you working on right now that brings you pride? 

With the political climate being what it is, everything gay brings me pride! In the face of unfriendly headwinds, it’s so important for us to celebrate our queerness – and I do that in all aspects of our work. From creating content on YouTube to our explicit series on exploring pleasure, we’re working to unapologetically, unabashedly lift up queer sex and sexuality.

In any event, here's the rest. It may or many not improve your life, but you might get a chuckle or a guffaw.

Lady Bunny Says "Let's Cancel Pride"

In full disclosure, I have no idea who Lady Bunny is, but she recently made some strong comments about the Philadelphia Pride Flag controversy. I posted about that here this week. I see absolutely nothing wrong with adding two more colors to the Rainbow flag, however, some of the very same people who scream about the political environment these days, don't want the Rainbow flag touched.

That’s a surefire way to make sure we’ll never get equal rights. Let’s boil it down to the tiniest arguments which will mean nothing in six months or even six days. If we took the energy and vitriol we reserved to pounce on one flag variation in one city and turned it on those who seek to destroy our rights, we’d be running the world tomorrow and we’d all have gorgeous new hairstyles to boot. 

You can check out the rest here.   Most people who commented tend to agree with her.

Kendle's Fire

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

MMs' Pride Support; Justin Trudeau Expunges LGBT Criminal Convictions; Young Girl Who Came Out In Church Was Shamed In Public

MMs' Pride Support

Here's a creative way for a company to support Pride month.

Earlier today we revealed that Skittles had removed all its colors in a show of support for Pride in the UK. M&Ms had gone in the other direction: posting to social media a photo that will delight anyone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

You can check this one out here. One of the comments made me smile.

Justin Trudeau Expunges LGBT Criminal Convictions

This just happened in Canada.

Criminal convictions against Canadians once charged with crimes based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression will be expunged.

This is according to a new plan announced this week by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

‘I believe that it’s essential to make amends for past wrongs, not to simply gloss over them. The forthcoming apology are important steps in the right direction,’ Trudeau said at a ceremony where Pride flags were raised on Parliament Hill. 

Here's the rest. It's interesting to note that up until 1969 "homosexuality" was a crime in Canada, as it was in most places.

Young Girl Who Came Out In Church Was Shamed In Public

Tony's brother lives in Utah and we just got a text from him letting us know that he's coming back east in a few weeks for a visit, with his teenage daughter and her girlfriend. Tony didn't even know his niece was gay up until that text. There was no big deal made of it, no questions asked. She's coming with her girlfriend. That's it. We can't wait to meet the girlfriend. So when I read things like this it guts me.

A young girl decided to come out to her church and this is what happened.

A hushed chatter broke out among the audience of pious elders, who supposedly had Savannah’s best interests at heart. Eventually one official made an executive decision — cut the courageous girl’s mic, and tell her to sit down and leave the stage.

You can read the rest of this one here. The comments are amazingly supportive with this one.

Kendle's Fire

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Gay Three-Way Marriage; Matt Bomer Playing A Transgender Sex Worker; Cute Guy Photos for International Bath Day

A Gay Three-Way Marriage

Three-ways have always been a big part of gay culture, but not usually long term three-ways. I've seen them myself with friends, but I've never seen one last. Not once. A gay couple will bring a third into their relationship with the best of intentions, and one of them will wind up out in the cold eventually. Sorry for being so blunt, but that's what I've seen first hand.

With that said, I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule.

Actor Victor Hugo Prada and his two partners, sports instructor John Alejandro Rodriguez and journalist Manuel Jose Bermudez, just signed papers making them a legally married throuple.

“We wanted to validate our household… and our rights, because we had no solid legal basis establishing us as a family,” Prada announced in a video shared by Colombian media earlier this week. 

You can check the rest out here. The comments are blunt, too.

Matt Bomber Playing A Transgender Sex Worker

One of the things I loved about the TV show, Sense 8, was that they used a real transgender person in the cast, in a lead role, to play a transgender character. I don't think I've seen that before. And think about that. It's logical. There are transgender people who are professionally acting so why not hire them to play transgender roles? Or even more important, why take a good transgender role away from a real transgender person?

But of course that would be too simple for Hollywood. In their blatant hypocrisy, they seem to thrive on a certain brand of insulting appropriation. And now they've cast Matt Bomer as a transgender sex worker, and there's been controversy.

It’s a casting choice that’s met with considerable criticism: The upcoming drama Anything, directed by Timothy McNeil, will star Matt Bomer as a transgender sex worker.

According to Deadline, many members of the transgender community have questioned the casting of a cis-male actor for the role. Executive producer Mark Ruffalo says he wanted Bomer for the part after a “profound experience” working with him on HBO’s production of The Normal Heart. '

But does straight, privileged Ruffalo's profound experience give him the right to do this to the transgender community?

I have no doubt Matt Bomer will be excellent, only I won't be watching this one. Even though I'm not transgender, I think it's time we started supporting each other more.

You can read the rest here.

Cute Guy Photos for International Bath Day

On a much lighter note, here's one with a series of photos of men in bathtubs who are celebrating International Bath Day. I love a bath.

It’s International Bath Day! To celebrate, we thought we’d compile some photos of cute guys getting their rub-a-dub-dub on in the tub.

According to, International Bath Day dates all the way back to ancient Greece (a.k.a. the most homoerotic time in human history): 

You can check out the whole story here, plus see the photos. It's a good one.

Kendle's Fire

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bad, Hypocritical, Cheesy Hollywood Managers and Colton Haynes; Gay Congressman Introduces LGBT Pride Act; US Homophobic Killings Last Year;

Bad, Hypocritical, Cheesy Hollywood Managers and Colton Haynes

These things always bother me because these hideous, idiotic, hypocritical Hollywood managers will be the first ones to offer support to the LGBT community in public while in the background they are even more homophobic than the worst in the religious far right. When I read about things like this that happened to Colton Haynes only recently, it makes my blood boil. It's still happening in homophobic Hollywood, even after all these years. And I feel the sorriest for gay men who don't have the courage or intellect that Colton Hayes has. They must live horrible lives, thanks to these cheesy cliched Hollywood managers. I know first hand what it's like to get really bad guidance and advice from greedy publishers and even bad literary agents, but no one, thankfully, ever told me I had to remain in the closet.

In any event, here's the kind of Hollywood hypocrisy Haynes had to deal with...

‘I was literally told from the day that I moved to Los Angeles that I could not be gay because I wouldn’t work,’ Haynes said this week on the Sirius XM show Andy Cohen Live.

‘Then I was with my management team and a team of people that just literally told me I couldn’t be this way. They tried to set me up with girls.

‘I was rumored to date Lauren Conrad (The Hills) for six months because they were kind of angling a story. And then I dated every other young person which of course I didn’t date.

Haynes, who rose to fame on the MTV drama Teen Wolf, did not try and deceive any of the women he went out on ‘dates’ with. 

You can check this out here. It goes into a lot more detail about the hypocrisy of these Hollywood managers. And don't for a minute think Colton Haynes is the ONLY one. There are more living the lie as I write this post.

Gay Congressman Introduces LGBT Pride Act

Openly gay Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney of New York recently introduced a bill for LGBT people in a way that no one has done before him.

‘Anti-LGBTQ violence is way too common – it happens when a transwoman of color is gunned down in the street, it happens when a young gay person is bullied into depression or takes his own life.’

Maloney, co-Chair of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus, adds: ‘We have to get more information on where this violence is happening and we have to be more aggressive about doing something to stop it – and this bill is a necessary first step.’ 

There's more here. I'm for anything that helps protect any LGBT person in this regard.

US Homophobic Killings Last Year

According to this article, they aren't even including what happened at Pulse.

But even if you exclude the victims from 12 June 2016, 28 Americans who identified as LGBTI were killed.

This was up 17% from 24 killed the previous year, and was the highest since 2012 when 25 were murdered.

With Pulse, the number is a staggering 77 people who were killed due to homophobia, biphobia or transphobia.

Here's the rest. It gets even scarier.

Kendle's Fire

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Monday, June 12, 2017

It's World Naked Bike Ride Time Again; A Lot of Babadooks At Pride; Gay Men Who Are Not Identifying As Gay Anymore; Straight Married Father Creeps The Toilets

It's World Naked Bike Ride Again

There's something about this one that fascinates me. And if you go to wiki commons where a lot of the photos are free to share legally you'll find I'm not the only one. There are quite a few photos of previous World Naked Bike Ride events posted over there, without censorship.

The World Naked Bike Ride is a clothing-optional ride that happens every June. Founded in 2004, bikers from all corners of the globe gather to ride together en masse on human-powered transport to “deliver a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world.”

You can check this out here. The photos posted are, of course, SFW on this site. But if you do a search for this over at wiki commons you'll find the real photos. It's not sexual either. It's simply about enjoying nudity in public. There's a difference. Unless you've been to a nude beach it's not easy to understand this. But after the first ten minutes of being naked in public it's just like anything else.

A Lot of Babadooks At Pride

I often think that P.T. Barnum was right when I see things like this. I posted about how The Babadook is quickly becoming a "gay icon" last week, and now I'm seeing that people who went to Pride events actually dressed up as The Babadook.

I guess you can get people to do anything if you put the right spin on it. I've seen the movie The Babadook. I made a point of seeing it last week after I posted about it. And frankly, I just don't get all the hype, especially with respect to gay culture. I didn't see one single thing in that movie that related to being gay, or dealing with gay culture.

Well, judging by some of the looks we witnessed at this year’s Pride festivities, he’s certainly well on his way. On the heels of a slew of new Babadook jokes that have made their way onto the Web this month, several Pride revelers decided to don their very best Babalewks.

Here's the rest, with photos of people dressing as The Babodook, proving that there certainly were a lot of Babadooks at pride this year, and THEY showed up in many forms.

Gay Men Who Are Not Identifying As Gay Anymore

I don't have any links to this, but I'm curious about it. Over the weekend I saw people who were genuinely promoting Pride events with their hearts and souls. They passionately believed in what they were doing, they have pride in Pride, and they can't wait to share their excitement. It was nice to see them celebrating how far we've come, without hate or any hidden agendas. It was nice to see the genuine, honest support from the heteronormative community, too.

I also saw people who normally couldn't care less about Pride events or anything LGBT related posting about it on social media. They do it for different reasons, to get people to think they care because it makes them look good. As disingenuous as that sounds, I get that, too. At least they're doing something positive even if it doesn't come from the heart. Some people don't see anything wrong with exploiting a minority for their own personal gain. Mostly, Hollywood.

But what really surprised me were the posts and comments I saw on social media this week from openly gay men who claim they no longer identify as gay. I saw a lot of them, too. From what I gather it's for political reasons...although I'm not totally sure about that either. And now I'm wondering if this is going to start trending, too. Especially as the political climate continues to devolve into nothing more than insult for insult. And these are all openly gay men who have always supported equal rights and everything that being gay stood for.

Straight Married Father Creeps the Toilets

Before I get into this, I left my own comment on this article.

  • Ryan Field

    I know it shouldn’t matter whether he’s married to a man or a woman. He’s a creep no matter what. But I think it’s nice to point out these little details now that same sex marriage is legal.
Someone else mentioned this detail in the comments. I hate when they say a guy is married and let us naturally assume he's married to a woman.

Rant over.

This is creepy...

35-year-old Brent Hachborn says he didn’t mean to cause any trouble when he set up not one, not two, but three different spy cams in the men’s faculty bathroom at the James Hiller School in Ontario. He was only satisfying his latent bisexual urges, his lawyers argued.

The recordings were made between April 2015 and February 2016. Hachborn, a married father of two, was employed as a teacher at the school. Eventually, he was promoted to a vice principal position at a nearby school, but we would return to James Heller often to collect the tapes. 

Here's the rest. You see what I mean about how they used the word "married," as if there are no married gay men with two kids. I know it's a tricky one because it shouldn't really matter. But somehow it just does.

Kendle's Fire

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