Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In case anyone is interested in reading AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN on iphone or itouch, or any Apple product, here's some info below that might be of use. To be honest, I'm just learning how to do these things myself. Here's the link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/an-officer-and-his-gentleman/id362507932?mt=8

An Officer and His Gentleman
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"Ryan Field has written a very sensual love story that will leave the reader wanting more. The characters are engaging and the story is definitely not the typical fare. This was the kind of story that deserves to be read more than once. An Officer and His Gentleman is definitely a four star work that will leave the reader wanting more from this very gifted author." --Sensual Ecata RomanceChance Martin, who dreams of becoming a chef on the Food Network, works at a grocery store for a quirky old man who gives him free room and board as long as he walks around naked when the store is closed. But Chance is only interested in cooking, until an attractive stranger walks into the market one morning. Brody Johnston, bad boy naval officer on extended leave from his post in Europe, can't take his eyes off innocent Chance's round buttocks and smooth legs, and is determined to get to know him better.So when the old man goes to bed, Chance sneaks out to meet Brody and discovers his talents in the bedroom rival his talents in the kitchen. Though they are complete opposites, Chance is ready to submit to all of Brody's sexual kinks and desires, but it never occurs to him they might actually fall in love with each other. As Chance fights to live his dream as a chef, and Brody wrestles with the opportunities and limitations imposed by the military, will they be able to find happiness in each other's arms?...More
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sneak Preview of New Book Cover: GAY PRIDE AND PREJUDICE

Here's a sneak preview of a new release, GAY PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. The book focuses on gay marriage, and two strong gay men in love who come from two completely different backgrounds, without getting too political. But I did get into some politics. It would have been impossible not to.
I'm not sure when it's coming out, but wanted to share the image. I like the new vibrant colors on this cover, especially the blue upper background.

Bruno Gmünder Just Bought One of My Short Stories

German publisher, http://www.brunogmuender.com/, just bought one of my short stories, NOAH'S ARCH. The story was originally published in an anthology with my favorite lgbt print publisher, STARbooks Press, a few years back, and someone in Germany read it, liked it, and asked if I'd be interested in having it re-released in one of their magazines.

I haven't done any magazine work in a while, because I've been concentrating on full length novels and e-books. But when I was offered the opportunity, I didn't hesitate. Not only do I like working with magazines, I like the way they tend to change the stories around to suit their readers needs. It's a completely different market, and much less critical than book publishing. And when the revises are made, I've often found that I like the finished magazine stories even better than I liked the book versions. Most of the revises aren't obvious; just subtle differences. But I tend to like the way magazine editors focus more on reality and less on what everyone else is doing in romance and publishing.

I'm looking forward to the publication, which should be sometime in September. I don't know about the availability in the US, but I do know it's going to be on German news stands for at least a month. And I think there's going to be an online publication, too. So I'll post links and where it can be read.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Double Post: New Release Day for THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE and a Recent Review for SHAKESPEARE'S LOVER

Today is the release day for THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE. I'm not going into any details at first because I've seen it written on one popular romance review blog that readers would rather form their own opinions while they are reading a book, rather than read the author's intentions before they read it. So you can read the blurb with the link I provided above, and I'll post more about the book after it's been out for a while.

And this morning I saw a review for SHAKESPEARE'S LOVER that I'm almost embarrassed to mention. I can't thank Jeff Erno enough!! It's one of the nicest reviews I've ever received and I think he got what I was trying to do with both characters, Jude and Declan. Here's the link, over at Michele and Jeff's review blog, which I'm also linked to below, with my blog list.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boys Are Ugly Blog is Back in Business

Just a quick post about my buddy Ryan's blog, Boys are Ugly but so Cute. This week, after getting tired of trolls and haters, he decided to shut the blog down and call it quits. Though he'd been blogging for years, he just got tired. I know how he feels. This is why I have comment moderation on all the time.

But I just heard that he's changed his mind and he's going to continue. Only this time he's going private, so he won't have to deal with the trolls and anons who don't have the courage to leave their real names on the comment thread. He'll switch to private sometime this weekend, and send his followers e-mails letting them know how to follow his private blog. It's not that difficult. I've been following several private bloggers for years.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The End of a Blogging Era: Boys Are Ugly But So Cute

When I first discovered blogs and really got into reading them, I was working for bestgayblogs.com doing reviews and interviews. One day I stumbled across a blog titled, "Boys are Ugly but so Cute," and I couldn't stop reading it. The posts were about young gay men living life and getting through their lives one day at a time, and I fell in love with them all.

By the time I was finished reading the entire blog, I had to contact the author for an interview. I was nervous. I thought he might turn me down. But this very young blogger answered my e-mail with the nicest reply and graciously agreed to grant me the interview. Since then, though my life has changed in many ways, from work to personal, I've continued to follow this blogger daily. I found out his name was Ryan, I found out we had a lot in common in spite of a fifteen year age difference, and we formed an online friendship that is just as strong as any other friendship I've ever had.

But it wasn't always perfect. When you blog about your life or your work, there are always going to be negative people making hate comments and trying to ruin things, especially if you're openly gay. I've experienced it so much myself that I've had to implement comment moderation. And I know for a fact that my blogging buddy Ryan has experienced more than his share of haters. The best we can do is post about it, get if off our chests with a few rants, and then focus on the positive things.

And this is exactly what Ryan has done all these years. Until this week. He finally had enough. I was shocked and saddened to learn that he's decided to close the blog and discontinue "Boys are Ugly but so Cute." But I do understand why he's doing it, and I support him 100%. Everything, good or bad, eventually comes to an end. Even though a lot of readers are going to miss Ryan's blog, he feels it's time to move on and do different things.

Personally, I'll miss his posts, including the rants. Most of the time I absolutely agree with his opinions, his politics, and his frustrations. We've already talked and I'll keep in touch with Ryan once the blog is down. I might even ask him to do a guest blog here...if he agrees. But we both think our friendship goes beyond blogging at this point. And I can't say that I don't know how he feels. I do know and I've been feeling the need for a few changes myself. Maybe this decision by Ryan will spark me to make a few changes I've been pondering for a while, both career wise and with blogging. In coming months I have a feeling I'll be announcing my own huge changes, too.

Good luck, Ryan. We'll miss you. You made us laugh and cry. But we're also very thankful to have had the opportunity to read your blog and experience so much of your life!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Winner of Paul Richmond Cher Print

A couple of weeks ago I saw an online contest that artist, Paul Richmond, was having on facebook. Paul was giving away a signed and numbered print to the winner. I've been a huge fan of Paul's since the first day I saw his work on a book cover. His book covers blow me away; they always entice me to buy the book; I'm never disappointed.

I followed the links to Paul's newsletter, entered the information that was required, and entered the contest. I never thought I'd win. I figured so many people would be entering I'd never have a shot (he has tons of fans). And then later, I opened an e-mail informing me that I had, in fact, won and that I'd be receiving a signed, numbered Paul Richmond print. I couldn't have been more thrilled. Though I've always been in publishing, working as a writer or editor, I also owned an art gallery for ten years and represented hundreds of artists. Over the years I learned how to spot talent and what would attract my best Amex card-carrying clients. If I'd seen Paul's work while I had the gallery, I would have stalked him to get him into my gallery. So winning this print from Paul, for me, was twice as exciting. I miss the gallery days and I miss working with artists and being surrounded by great art all the time.

The photo above is the actual print that just came in the mail today. It's not the best photo, and I had to keep it from rolling up with two candle stick holders on my dining room table. But I wanted to show the actual print. If you click the image, you can see it better. And when I take it to a good frame shop to have it framed this week, I'll post a much better photo.

Thanks, Paul. I love it!! I have this feeling we're all going to be seeing a great deal more of your work.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Three New Books Coming Out This Month

I remember when summer was the slow time in publishing. Editors, agents, and writers took it easy and recuperated. Well e-publishing has changed this for me and most of the other authors, editors, and even a few agents I know (I've seen a few new lit agents starting to take on authors who only work for e-publishers). This has been a busy month. In June, I finished two stand alone short stories for Loveyoudivine.com and a full length m/m romance novel for ravenousromance.com. And this past Friday I finished yet another new novel for ravenousromance.com that I'll be submitting for edits by the end of next week.

The two stand alone stories are titled, IT'S NICE TO BE NAUGHTY and BILLABONG BANG. The romance novel is titled: THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE and I've posted a photo of the cover with this post. I haven't seen the covers for the two stand alones yet, but as soon as I do I'll post them as well.
Luis Fortune spends his nights escorting affluent older gentleman to parties, nightclubs and restaurants. And though he’s not officially a rent boy because there’s never any physical contact, he is paid well. He charms them with his looks and his carefree attitude. He makes them smile by laughing at their jokes and listening to their dull stories. But Luis is only doing this temporarily, until the right older man asks him to settle down. He’s looking for something he can depend on, and until he finds it he won’t even give the stray dog that followed him home a name.

While Luis is searching for money and security, he takes comfort in reading a blog written by a woman in France he’s never met, Elena’s Romantic Treasures and Tidbits.. She adores gay men and romance, and she posts artistic photos, wonderful stories, and endearing posts about gay men that bring Luis a false sense of comfort and security on his darkest, scariest days.

Jase Nicholas is a forty year old high-profile billionaire who can pass for thirty. He’s spent the first half of his life running from the fact that he’s gay. And now he wants to find out what he’s been missing all those years. So he tells his family and friends he’s going on a pilgrimage for a couple of months, and then he drops out of sight so he can come to terms with his sexuality and finally lose his gay virginity. But instead of going on a pilgrimage, he rents a small apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. He changes his appearance and plunges into a world of young gay men. And when one of the young men he meets is Luis Fortune, his life is never the same again.

At first, Luis and Jase become good friends. And though Luis tells Jase everything about his life, Jase keeps his true identity a secret from Luis. As far as Luis knows, Jase is a forty year old unsuccessful inventor who takes money from younger men. Luis has no idea he is really the wildly successful Jase Nicholas, The Virgin Billionaire.

As their friendship blossoms into a passionate, erotic romance, Luis begins to panic. He refuses to admit he’s in love with Jase. The last thing he needs is passion, love, and romance. So when one of Luis’ wealthy older clients asks him to move to Vancouver, Luis tells Jase they will never have a future together. Then, after a few surprising events, when Luis accidentally discovers Jase’s true identity and that he’s really The Virgin Billionaire, he’s so hurt by Jase’s lies he wants nothing to do with him ever again.

Will Luis ever forgive Jase for keeping his true identity hidden?

And will Jase be able to give Luis the comfort and security he’s been searching for all his life?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ravenous Romance, Buying E-books in General, and Customer Service

Though I've been published by all the lgbt print publishers, in the past two years my work has been focused between two e-publishers, http://www.ravenousromance.com/ and http://www.loveyoudivine.com/. And every now and then I like to post about a few things that readers ask me on facebook and other social networks.

First, as far as Ravenous Romance and Love You Divine go, I love being published by both. I've been with Love You Divine for about four years, and with Ravenous for about two. My work with Ravenous tends to be more on the romance novel side, and with Love You Divine I lean more toward erotic short story stand alones. I like to keep the distinction clear, so readers know what they are buying. Other authors are always asking what it's like to work for these publishers. They send me nice private messages all the time. And I always answer the same way: I enjoy working for them, I enjoy having my books published by them, and everyone I work with is an absolute professional. So if there are any authors out there reading this post and they are thinking of submitting work to either Ravenous or LYD, I can't recommend them enough.

The other area where I receive a great deal of messages has to do with purchasing e-books. People write me and tell me they can't sign in, or they can't sign out, or they can't download the books. The problems are numerous; the solutions are always simple. I pass the messages on to the publisher and they are more than willing to assist. This is a part of customer service, and the publisher wants to know. Buying e-books is still a new thing to many readers, and it's not always simple. I know from my own purchasing experience it can be daunting at times. But publishers, authors, and editors are always willing to help. So don't be afraid to ask and don't be shy about contacting authors when there are problems buying e-books. I've even been known to send a complimentary e-book to people who have had problems.

And finally, I'd like to speak in general terms about all e-publishers. The one thing I'd like to emphasize to other authors deals with hearsay. In other words, don't listen to people who are not affiliated with an e-publisher. Online rumors have a way of taking off and growing. I've seen them, I've read them, and they always make me laugh. Most of the time these online rumors aren't true. If you want to know something about a particular publisher before you submit work, contact one of the authors or someone associated with the publisher. I know I'm always willing to help and offer advice, and all the authors I know at the publishers where I work are willing to do the same.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coffee Time Romance Review: Lasting Lust

Lasting Lust is one of the few books I've done that's not specifically in the m/m romance genre. But there are several m/m romance short stories in the book, written by some very talented authors. And there are also a few excellent hetero romances as well.
Though this book is titled with the word "lust," it's really about so much more. The theme is centered on lasting love, with couples who have been together for a long time and have managed to keep the spark alive after weathering the trials and tribulations of life in general.

Thanks to Danielle over at Coffee Time Romance!!