Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Perez Hilton Defends Trump and It Doesn't End Well; Giant Transgender Flag At Lincoln Memorial; Trans Man Kicked Out Of London Gay Sauna For Not Having A Penis

Perez Hilton Defends Trump and It doesn't End Well

I sometimes think that certain people do things like this because they're not getting enough attention on their own. I could be wrong, but I can't help wondering.

From what I gather, in very simple terms, Perez tweeted something about Trump and birthright citizenship, which has been trending all week, and no one was pleased.

After receiving nothing but backlash, Hilton released a seven-and-a-half minute video, further defending his position.
“I am not of the school of thought that I have to disagree with everything that Donald Trump says,” he said.
You can read it all in full, here. They have the tweets and the video. I found a few of the comments interesting, too. Perez also mentions he doesn't like Donald Trump. 
Giant Transgender Flag At Lincoln Memorial
I'm always careful to treat these links with caution because I'm not trans and I don't want to overstep the boundaries. It's just that I see a lot of discrimination toward people who are trans, and I hope that by sharing things like this it might help people understand more. 
Local activists joined forces with the National Center for Transgender Equality to pull off an amazing display of defiance. They unfurled a 150-foot trans flag on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to protest the Trump administration’s attacks on transgender people.
Here's the link. There's a photo of the flag and it's very impressive. 
Trans Man Kicked Out Of London Gay Sauna For Not Having A Penis
You'd think by now these things would have stopped happening in all LGBTQ owned and operated businesses. You'd think by now all gay men would all understand trans people and treat them with total equality. Evidently, according to this article, not so much. 
A London gay sauna kicked out a trans man for not having a penis.
26-year-old Jason Smith (not his real name) identifies as bisexual and says he’s a ‘very passable trans man’.
Here's the rest. The business gives an explanation about why they rejected this guy. They claim it had something to do with their licensing, and now they claim trans men are welcome. There are a lot of comments with this one. 

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Montgomery Clift Documentary Explores His Sexuality; Netflix Gay Halloween Surprise; Cher and Other Celebrities On Voting

Montgomery Clift Documentary Explores His Sexuality

This looks interesting. It seems to tackle a good deal of the questions people have always wondered about. But I haven't seen it so I can't comment one way or the other.

Robert A. Clift & Hillary Demmon’s documentary Making Montgomery Clift is a biography of the iconic, troubled screen star who also happened to be Robert’s uncle. (The film plays the Newfest Film Festival October 30.)

Here's the link. 

Netflix Gay Halloween Surprise

I didn't know about this until now, so I'll be looking for it myself. 

Netflix subscribers now have the opportunity to see Antoni Porowski as never before: a complete psycho who looks great in his Calvins.

It's a segment titled, Antoni Psycho, that's part of Netflix's Don't Watch This series. 

Here's more. 

Cher and Other Celebrities On Voting

Cher and a group of other Hollywood celebrities made a video about how they want you to vote. 

On the fence about voting in next week’s midterm elections in the United States? Then listen to the wise words of Cher, Jodie Foster, Laverne Cox, and more women.
In a new ad, directed by Foster, a slew of women talk about the issues that matter to them — and ask if they matter to you.
Here's the link. You can see the video, too. By this time next week it should be interesting to see the mid-term election results. I couldn't even begin to predict the outcome. 

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Male Full Frontal Nudity: Chris Pine's Dazzling Penis; Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Non-Binary Actor Speaks; Pride Media Owner and Anti-gay Politicians;

Male Full Frontal Nudity: Chris Pine's Dazzling Penis

If you do a search for "Chris Pine's Penis," you will be amazed at how much comes up. Ever since he did that movie with male full frontal nudity his penis has taken on a life of its own.

They're saying that his penis is "dazzling." And frankly, even though I think there should be more male full frontal, I think Pine is an excellent actor and he should be getting more attention than his penis.

In any event, here's one.

 “Pine’s penis dazzles,” exclaimed Vulture, with its article going on to give a blow-by-blow account of the scene in which Robert takes an alfresco bath in a picturesque Scottish loch. Vanity Fair, meanwhile, declared Pine’s “anatomy the belle of the ball in Toronto”. That’s not to mention the dozens of similarly breathless tweets celebrating Pine’s peen. Who needs Mr Skin when we have professional film journalists?

They go on to discuss more about male full frontal in films, and Pine has a few things to say about the way people are reacting to his penis. I haven't seen the film yet, so I don't know. But I've never seen anything with Chris Pine that I didn't love.

Here's the link.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Non-Binary Actor Speaks

We started watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix last week and we love it. There's a gay male character, and there's one character named Susie I've been curious about. It's also very well written. I've been wondering if Susie is non-binary, too. According to this article, the person who plays Susie, Lachlan Watson, is non-binary, but the Susie character is female...for now.

Asked about which pronouns to use to refer to Susie, Watson replied giving precious insights on Susie’s future gender journey.
The actor, in fact, revealed their character Susie identifies as female at the moment. However, that might change over time.
The character, Susie, experiences bullying in school the way many kids today experience it. I think it's a great show.

You can read more, here. 

Pride Media Owner and Anti-Gay Politicians

There are so many worthy charities in the world today that are desperate for support I find it hard to believe that anyone would donate money to any politician. But this one is interesting because this guy is being called out for money he donated to anti-gay politicians.

Adam Levin (pictured above), one of the founders of Oreva Capital–a company which recently acquired the LGBTQ publications OutThe AdvocatePride, Plus, and Out Traveler–has a substantial history of donating to rabidly anti-LGBTQ Republican politicians.

According to this article, Levin claims he'll never make donations to these people again. 

Here's more. 

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Happened During Bris For Gay Couple's Twins; Ellen Reflects On Death Threats and Coming Out; 10 Annoying Grindr Types

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Happened During Bris For Gay Couple's Twins

Everything about this shooting is so painful, and so hard to believe. There really are no words.

And it's now being reported that it happened during a Bris for a gay couple's twins.

The Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh, a local LGBTI group, revealed the ceremony was taking place for the newly-adopted twins of an unnamed gay couple.

‘We were just informed that this morning’s tragedy was happening during a Briss [sic] for a set of twins adopted by a gay couple,’ the organization posted on Facebook Saturday afternoon.

Here's more. And here's another link, too. 

Ellen Reflects On Death Threats and Coming Out

I don't think Ellen could ever do anything wrong. And that's because I remember her early TV series in the 90s where she came out, and her character came out. At that time no one had ever done anything quite like it on TV, and I will never forget the impact it left on me. It was television history, and LGBT history.

Here's a piece about what it's been like for her over the years. Of course she's continued to be highly successful, but it clearly hasn't always been easy.

The actress/comedienne recently recalled her own coming out in 1997 and the media firestorm that ensued. In the midst of it all, DeGeneres endured death threats.

“When I came out, I had death threats and there was a bomb threat, but they misjudged the time of the taping,” DeGeneres told AdWeek in a new interview. “We had already finished, and thank God.”

Here's the link

10 Annoying Grindr Types

I'm thinking of doing a romance novel that revolves around Grindr hook ups. The problem is I know nothing about Grindr so I'd have to do a lot of research. But after all these things I keep reading I'm actually kind of curious to see what it's really like. Is it really this horrible? Are gay guys really this vituperative? 

We all know about “No Fats/No Fems” and racist, ageist, or, well, just plain nonsensical Grindr types—“Straight-Acting?” anyone?

We came up with 10 of our favorite Grindr personalities, whether perplexing, peculiar or just plain fun. Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

You can read all 10 here. If you're like me and know nothing about Grindr, you'll find it interesting. 

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

5 Racist Gay Men; Garrett Clayton On Coming Out Publicly; A Hollywood Person Pressured Garrett Clayton To Stay In the Closet

5 Racist Gay Men

Here's a story about 5 gay men who are being called our for their racism.

 There seems to be no shortage of gay men acting racist on social media. Sometimes they apologize for their behavior afterwards. Often they don’t.

You can read all about them, here. I see it myself from time to time. The comments are very interesting with this one. 

Garrett Clayton On Coming Out Publicly

This is about how difficult it is to come out, especially if you're in the public eye. Yes, even nowadays LGBT people are still agonizing over coming out, with good reason, too. But I do think things like this make it easier for other gay people who want to come out.  

Making a Difference: Clayton has said the heavy subject matter of his new film Reach–which includes themes of bullying, suicide, depression, and isolation–prompted him to finally go public about his own relationship and sexuality. “Reach deals with some very serious and timely topics that have affected me personally, and have likely influenced many of your lives as well,” he explains in the post.

Here's the link. I've always maintained that even though it's hard to come out, I've never met anyone who did come out who regretted doing it. 

A Hollywood Person Pressured Garrett Clayton To Stay In the Closet 

Here's more on Garrett Clayton. It's been in the news lately, and I think it's highly significant with respect to the way Hollywood has always treated LGBT people. I also think this happens to many other LGBT people in Hollywood, but so far not many have spoken about it. 

This person in Hollywood asked Clayton if he was gay, and Clayton responded with honesty. And this is the response he received from this Hollywood person. 

‘They looked at me and said, “No one wants to fuck the gay guy, they want to go shopping with him, so we’re going to have to figure this out.”

You can bet that's not the first time someone ever said that. 

You can read the rest of it, here. It's worth taking the time. The line about shopping reminds me of the way they treated gay men on the TV show, Sex In the City. Or the way Chelsea Handler still treats gay men. Or even PC romance book bloggers. I see THAT all the time.  

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Megyn Kelly's Blackface Comments; Cory Michael Smith Openly Queer Actor In AIDS Film by Yen Tan: 1985; Cory Michael Smith In AIDS Film 1985

Megyn Kelly's Blackface Comments

Whenever there's a discussion about how it's perfectly fine for a straight actor to play gay, even while there are thousands of openly gay actors getting passed over for those limited gay parts in films and on TV, someone always defends it by saying "it's acting." I think that's because straight people don't understand that being gay is not about sexuality. It's about being part of a marginalized group with a culture and a history.

So I sometimes reply that kind of "it's acting" logic doesn't work, because if it did work Meryl Streep would be able to play the lead in the life story of Rosa Parks. And we all know that wouldn't work, and Meryl Streep would never be stupid enough to do that.

Apparently, Megyn Kelly thought otherwise. And there were consequences.

The 47-year-old has been dropped by her agency and is out of a job after racist comments she made defending white people who wear blackface on her show earlier this week.

Here's the link. Now if we can only get the world to see this works the same for appropriating LGBT people, too. I'm seeing many younger LGBT people start to question it. 

Cory Michael Smith Openly Queer Actor In AIDS Film by Yen Tan: 1985

Here's a film I can't wait to see. We don't get many of them and I'm so glad someone is doing it. Times were so different then. I wasn't even old enough to completely understand the magnitude of it all, but I remember hearing people talk about it all the time. 

Shot in gritty black & white, 1985 tells the story of a 20-something gay man who returns to his hometown to tell his family he’s dying of AIDS after the death of his boyfriend. The drama stars Cory Michael Smith (of Gotham), Emmy-winner Michael Chiklis, Oscar-nominee Virginia Madsen and Jamie Chung (of Gifted).

Here's the link. And, Cory Michael Smith who is an openly queer actor stars in the film. You can read more about him below in this post. And I'll be posting more about 1985 as I see it. 

Cory Michael Smith In AIDS Film 1985

Here's some background on Cory Michael Smith. 

 Smith is promoting his role as Adrian, a closeted gay New Yorker with AIDS who returns to his Texas hometown during the early days of the epidemic, in out filmmaker Yen Tan’s 1985. The black-and-white drama, which premiered earlier this month at SXSW Festival, is adapted from Tan’s 2016 short of the same name.

Here's more. Smith also plays The Riddler on the Fox hit, Gotham.  

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Big Bad Austin Wolf With Another Transit Worker; Slut Shaming Men On PrEP; Man Explores His Secret Fetish

Big Bad Austin Wolf With Another Transit Worker

It looks as though big bad Austin Wolf is at it again, and I think I like him even more now. I posted about him having sex with a Delta flight attendant last week, and now it's Uber. And he's sharing this video, too.

In the video, the ball-capped driver services Wolf while Wolf pulls up his own shirt to reveal his trademark tribal belly button tattoo. After a while, the driver starts kissing Wolf’s chest.

You can read the rest here. There are no links to the video, because of course it's NSFW. But I'm sure if you search it out you'll find something. They also show the way people reacted on Twitter.

Slut Shaming Men On PrEP

I didn't know about this. But I do think it's a good example of just how diverse the gay community can be.

10% of men surveyed in the FS Magazine study said they’ve been confronted because “taking PrEP means you don’t care about your health.” 48% of PrEP users have had people say “people should just use condoms,” while a whopping 43% were told taking the medication “means you’re a slut.” More than three quarters also reported someone saying PrEP doesn’t protect against other STIs.

Here's the rest. The comments are very good with this one. A guy left a comment stating that he gets shamed by gay people using PrEP because he's NOT using it. So there you are.

Man Explores His Secret Fetish

After writing over 100 erotic romance novels, I've always believed that everyone...yes everyone...has a secret fetish they never talk about. Many go through life without ever experiencing it. But that's not the case here.

Alternative electronic R’n’B duo FHAT today unveil a video for their new track, Pleasure. And as the name suggests, it’s all about a man indulging in his secret pleasures.
The visual features actor Olise Odele, whom some of you may recognize from his appearances in the cult British comedy show, Chewing Gum.
Here's the link to this one. There's a video and you can see his secret fetish. I think it was done very well. The fetish is combined into the story in a highly artistic way. The music is spot on, too. 

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