Monday, October 31, 2016

Is This Ad Campaign For Men's Clothing Homophobic?; American Horror, Murder House/Coven Crossover; Colton Haynes' Halloween Costume

Is This As Campaign For Men's Clothing Homophobic?

Before I even get into this. I think it is homophobic and I'm glad it was called out on social media. I don't like stereotyping or homophobia of any kind, and this is pretty obvious.

A campaign to find the face of their Autumn/Winter line features a broody male model next to a so-called “real man,” and features the caption: “Real men have balls, not man bags.”

Unsurprisingly, the Twitter minions wasted no time in decrying the ad as “homophobic” and rife with “toxic masculinity,” as well as playing into “old-fashioned stereotypes,” as Attitude reports.

You can check this one out here. There are photos of the ads and you can see for yourselves. 

American Horror Murder House/Coven Crossover

This sounds interesting. I think my two favorite seasons of AHS were Murder House and Coven.

With Roanoke a little more than halfway dun-dun comes news that American Horror Story will be revisiting Murder House and Coven — and at the same time, too. (Scream.)

Characters from both seasons will be mixing and matching in an upcoming crossover season sure to be a monster-mishmash of ideas, set pieces, and intricate plotting straight out of a grammar school sandbox.

Read more about this here.  

Colton Haynes' Halloween Costume

I saw this on Twitter yesterday and it's probably the best Halloween thing I've seen all weekend.

Then in 2015 he one-upped with his killer Ursula look from The Little Mermaid. There was rejoicing all across the land.

So how did he fare this year?

This year he was Miss Piggy. You can check that out here

Not all of the comments are as kind as you would imagine.  People can be mean sometimes.




Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tyler Clementi's Rommate Pleads Guilty; Hallmark Gay Holiday Ad; Gay Guys Getting Kicked To the Curb; Chase of a Lifetime Series by Ryan Field

Tyler Clementi's Rommate Pleads Guilty

I've been following this story since 2011 and now there's a new legal twist. In case you haven't been following it, here's a link to a few of my previous posts.

Dharun Ravi, the Rutgers University student who spied on Tyler Clementi as he was having a sexual encounter with a man, has agreed to plead guilty to attempted invasion of privacy.

The charge is one of the original 15 counts he faced in his 2012 trial.

According to the New York Times, by accepting the third-degree felony state prosecutors will drop all other charges.

You can read the rest here. It gives a fairly good history of how everything has transpired.

Hallmark Gay Holiday Ad

When I first saw this headline I almost thought it was a gay Hallmark holiday movie. But it's not. I guess we still haven't moved beyond ad status yet.

The new commercial for the greeting card company’s Keepsake Ornaments line, features a gay couple who’s moving into a new home and unpacking the boxes.

The adorable pair then reminisces about the first Christmas they spent together after they found their first Christmas tree from one of the boxes.

‘You know what it needs?’ says one of them. ‘An accessory.’

You can watch the video here.  

It's interesting.

Gay Guys Getting Kicked To the Curb

Here's a meme post, where gay guys talk about how they got kicked to the curb, literally, because they're gay.

In 2014, two of the world’s worst parents were caught on camera physically assaulting their gay son, just moments after banishing him from their home over what they believe to be his “chosen” and “ungodly” sexuality.

Here's one of the quotes:

My parents kicked me out because I'm gay BUT they moved me into an apartment and they still pay for my food, education, rent, etc... I don't know what to think. They must still love me right?

Now that was heartbreaking. And I hope those of you who think things have changed so much for gay people check these memes out.

You can read more here

Chase of a Lifetime Series by Ryan Field

One of the drawbacks for authors who only focus on the current book itself, in the present, is that we tend to be painfully disorganized when it comes to previous books. And I'm the worst offender. A good deal of the time I can't even remember how many books I've written and had published. But every once in a while I get a moment of clarity and I put it in a blog post.

Here's a list of the books from my Chase of a Lifetime Series. I'll be releasing a new indie book soon that has yet to be titled, and I have another new book coming out with Riverdale Ave Books that is titled, Stepbrothers In the Attic. 

In any event, here are the five books in the Chase series. As you can see, book two, comes in two different versions. One has sex scenes, and one doesn't. I've explained why I did that several times, here. And, as far as I know, no one has ever done that before with an erotic romance. And, book 3 was done with a publisher, so that's why the price is a little higher. I have no control over that.

Chase of a Lifetime - Book 1

Chase of a Dream - Book 2 Unabridged version Abridged Version

Chase of an Adventure - Book 3

Chase of a Holy Ghost - Book 4

Chase of a Christmas Dream

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Will and Grace Revival; Farewell To Vine Stars; 18 Gay Magazine Covers Over the Years

The Will and Grace Revival

I have seen this Will and Grace revival thing in so many places lately I figured I'd post about it...once. This article questions whether or not we need a Will and Grace Revival.

But, yeesh, let’s take a minute and think here. When you watch an episode of the show, it really does not feel contemporary, and not just because it’s shot at 1.33:1. You forget how far this country has come until you see the issues queers were dealing with in 1999. Coming out was a huge deal, discrimination was just expected, gay marriage was hahaha yeah right. The show created a happy gay fantasy bubble where the real world seldom intruded, but it had to do so because the real world was so unpleasant at the time.

I think whoever wrote the article is living in a huge bubble of gay privilege. Seriously. What is wrong with these people writing gay related articles like this? Do they think we don't know? Yes, we have come a long way since the 90s, however, millions of gay men all over the world are still dealing with the same issues they were dealing with back then. In some cases, it's even worse.

And yes, I do think there's room for a Will and Grace revival. I would love to see a Will and Grace revival. I never watched it that much, but I know tons of people who did and they loved it.

The rest is here, with comments.

Now, I always make a point of NOT reading the comments before I comment. And this comment below is way too coincidental even for me. This guy makes me feel a lot more validated now.

This article seems to be living in its own bubble. For many of our gay brethren young and old, coming out is difficult and can mean ending up estranged from family or homeless. Discrimination, both individual and systemic, is still the norm in huge swaths of our country or are we choosing to ignore “religious freedom” laws because they’re not in NYC or San Francisco? And so many of the episodes were about the judgements we make within our own community like putting down femmes and artsy gays and pretending to be straight acting at work. Yes, we have seen significant headway in the first two decades of this new century, but not nearly enough to try and mothball Will & Grace as some sort of comedic antique.

To be honest, the author of this article lost me at "yeesh."

Farewell To Vine Stars

As most of you know already, Twitter is shuttering Vine. I never followed it too much, but I was always amazed whenever I saw something about a "Vine Star." That there are actual "Vine Stars."

 As our way of saying goodbye, here’s a quick summation of what made Vine so entertaining, confounding, frustrating, frightening…

You can check that out here, with visuals

For those of us who've been heavily invested in the Internet since the late 90s,  I can't help thinking that we're entering a new era of online content.

18 Gay Magazine Covers Over the Years

From a cultural POV, this is worth checking out.

In the spirit of LGBT history month, your dedicated editors did a hunt through the Google archives in pursuit of breakthrough magazine covers.

Pioneer print pubs like ONE, The Ladder, and HIM led us down a rabbit hole of early issues of LGBT periodicals.

You can check them out here. 

The only retro one that I remember is the one with Billy Bean. That was big news in the 90s, and I've always had a lot of respect for him...nothing but respect. He's always been one of the true inspirations.

The Rainbow Detective Series
Saying Goodbye


Friday, October 28, 2016

The Gay History of Halloween; Gay Teen Who Was Thrown Out By His Parents; Becoming A Gay Porn Star Later In Life

The Gay History of Halloween

Every year at this time I come across a story like this, but they're always slightly different.

Gay cultural influence on Halloween became an unstoppable phenomenon here and abroad.

So much so that anthropologist Jerry Kugelmass of University of Florida published a book in 1994 on the new trend, titled Masked Culture. He described Halloween as an emerging gay ‘high holiday’.

CNN contributor David Frum wrote last year the ‘Halloween craze started in gay culture’:

There's more here. I don't want to burst anyone's gay stereotype bubble, but for the sake of gay stereotypes, there are just as many gay men who don't care about Halloween as there are who do. Trust me on that. I know plenty of them...and I'm gay :-)

Gay Teen Who Was Thrown Out By His Parents

I remember posting something about this about a year ago, and now there's a much better ending.

A year ago a video of Daniel Ashley-Pierce went viral after the world saw his family disown him and throw him out for being gay. People were so supportive they crowdfunded enough money for him to go out on his own.

Now one year later, Ashley-Pierce was able to find a place to rent and pay for his medical bills (including the cost of hearing aids) now his parents dropped him from their insurance plan.

He also donated thousands to Lost-n-Found Youth, a shelter for homeless LGBTI children. He also began volunteering, working to help kids who find themselves from the people they thought would look after them.

You can check this out here. Good for him. 

Becoming A Gay Porn Star Later In Life

This isn't the kind of thing you see everyday. When you think of or think about young actors. I actually think what this guy in the article is doing is a good thing because it helps stop the negative stereotypes about gay men aging. Or, at least it gives an alternative.

Steele spent the best part of two decades working in corporate America. However, desiring a complete change, in 2014 – in his late-40s – he branched out into adult entertainment.

There's more here. The comments are very...interesting.

The Rainbow Detective Series
Saying Goodbye

Halloween Sale!! "Fangsters" by Ryan Field; Riverdale Ave. Books

Halloween Sale Today - "Fangsters" by Ryan Field; Riverdale Ave. Books

They're having a huge Halloween sale over at Riverdale Ave. Books this weekend, and today one of my books is featured...

Fangsters - Book One

Here are the details to the entire sale.

And here's the link to where you can get Fangsters on sale today.

In case you don't feel like's more.

Riverdale Avenue Books Celebrates Halloween with 14 Days of 50% Off on AllRomanceEbooks and RAB Website
Starting Monday October 17th – October 31st,
New York (October 17, 2016) ­– To get into the Halloween spirit, Riverdale Avenue Books is offering 14 of their best-selling horror and paranormal romance titles on sale at half price for the final two weeks of October featuring such classic themes as zombies in love, gay vampires and prognosticating witches. Reader will also be able to enter a give-away for the same 14 titles.
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Wedding Bells Times Four: Book One of The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King
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Said Publisher Lori Perkins, “Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year and I love to curl up with a scary book that keeps me turning the pages. I wanted to share some of our best scary tales at a special price.”
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AIDS: The Myth of Patient Zero, Gaétan Dugas; A Creepy Andy Cohen Story; Speedos Disappearing In Europe

AIDS: The Myth of Patient Zero

I've posted about Patient Zero before on the blog, and I think this article I'm linking to right now might clear things up once and for all.

For years people claimed that a guy named Gaétan Dugas was responsible for bringing AIDS to the US. However, now they are claiming it was all myth.

“The new analysis shows that Mr. Dugas’s blood, sampled in 1983, contained a viral strain already infecting men in New York before he began visiting gay bars here after being hired by Air Canada in 1974.”

There's more here. The comments are a little off the proverbial wall with this one and you might not want to take them too seriously.

A Creepy Andy Cohen Story

I'm assuming this article was meant to be taken lightly, however, it's the kind of thing that always bothers me slightly. There's something creepy about it that just doesn't sit well. You never hear a story about Andy Cohen encouraging Kelly Rippa to sleep with a "beautifully blonde" lady. But it's okay to do it to the gay guy. Then it's funny.

In any event...

Cohen proudly recounts that one crazy time Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos strongly encouraged him to sleep with a “beautifully blonde” lady, as well as her equally gorgeous husband — “a muscular, tanned mechanic.”

I really hate to take these things too seriously, but if these things were to happen to any other minority no one would be laughing.

That's more here

Speedos Disappearing In Europe

I know this one is kind of silly, and we can all live without hearing about it, but I couldn't resist.

For as long as I can remember, there have been jokes about men wearing speedos. And now this article claims the speedo is losing ground in Europe, too.

That’s the not-bitchy style writer and photographer Karlmong Tang, talking to How Stuff Works for their alarmist article “Why Is the Speedo Disappearing From European Beaches?”, a rather exhaustive investigation into why the Lycra-clad minions are no longer rocking swim briefs in the summer and what they’re choosing to wear instead.

Here's more.  I have no strong opinions on this.

The Rainbow Detective Series
Saying Goodbye

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mormon Church Leader Reaches Out To Gays; Gibraltar Passes Same Sex Marriage; Sexually Fluid Nico Tortorella on Dating Men and Women

Mormon Church Leader Reaches Out To Gays

I don't know much about the Mormon Church, but Tony's brother lives in Utah and from what I hear it's gay least in the urban areas like Salt Lake City. But I've never actually been there...yet. I've also linked to a few LGBT publications out there in the past that I've found reliable and well executed.

A member of the Mormon Church’s leadership is saying in a new video the words that many gays have long wanted to hear: you are welcome.

‘We want you to know we love you. You are welcome,’ says Elder L. Whitney Clayton in a message ‘directly to church members who experience same-sex attraction or identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual.’

There's more here. However, as you will see, the entire topic is still not without controversy.

Gibraltar Passes Same Sex Marriage

Sometimes we fail to remember that not every LGBT person in the world has the same equal rights we have in the US.

Gibraltar has passed same-sex marriage in its government with unanimous cross-party support.

The British overseas territory voted on the Civil Marriage Amendment Bill and all 15 present members agreed to pass it into law.

You can read more about that here. I always hope things like this show that we're still moving forward, but there are still battles left to fight.

Sexually Fluid Nico Tortorella on Dating Men and Women

The star of the TV series, Younger, Nico Tortorella, thinks it's harder to date women than men. Keep in mind that Nico is what's considered "sexually fluid," which basically means he's dating men and women but he's not taking on any labels at least not the traditional labels like bisexual. I posted a link below that explains Sexual Fluidity in-depth. It's too complicated to get into here in a short post.

In any event...

He was pinned down this week with the big question: Which gender is tougher to date?

Tortotella gave it a moment then told Access Hollywood Live hosts – both women – that it is women who are tougher to date.

There's more here. It's amusing, and he seems harmless (and genuine) enough.

Sexual Fluidity -  That link will lead you to wiki, which I tend to trust more lately. As I said, it's complicated but interesting.

There is significant debate over whether sexuality is stable throughout life or is fluid and malleable.

 The Rainbow Detective Series
Saying Goodbye

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Grindr Date, Murder, and Cannibalism; James Franco and Christian Slater Gay Baiting, Again; "Moonlight" A Beautiful, Rare Gay Movie

Grindr Date, Murder, and Cannibalism

This is probably one of the worst Grindr related stories I've seen so far.

A cop hooked up with someone he'd met on Grindr and wound up dead. And they way the victim's body was disposed of is beyond horrific.

He also claims that he disposed of some body parts by biking them over to a quiet spot beside the River Themes.

Brizzi said there was still a foot, hand, and leg at the apartment “which I tried to roast as well.”

While being interrogated, Brizzi, who’s HIV-positive, allegedly admitted:  “I thought I was getting away with it.”

Here's the rest

Be careful out there. You never know.

James Franco and Christian Slater Gay Baiting, Again

Here's a link to yet another quasi promotional piece for the upcoming movie, King Cobra.

This just in: Christian Slater is a very competitive person. Especially when it comes to shooting gay sex scenes in movies.

While speaking at a Q&A after the premiere of King Cobra over the weekend, 47-year-old Slater spoke candidly about the film’s many, many, many gay sex scenes and how he didn’t want James Franco to get all the attention. So he improvised a scene of his own.

There's more here, with comments. I'll post one of the comments below.

I've been posting about this for a while, and the fact that Brent Corrigan distanced himself from the entire project because he didn't feel anything was being portrayed accurately. And this was his life...he lived a good deal of the story.

Here's one of the articles where Corrigan speaks candidly:

Corrigan was previously offered a role in the film but he rejected the offer. In an interview with Str8UpGayPorn (NSFW), Corrigan stayed firmed on his decision, and further revealed that the script isn’t accurate, has ‘loads wrong’ and some important parts are also left out.

‘I chose to stay out of it because it was clear to me they were not trying to make a movie that would serve gay men, the gay adult industry, or any justice with what happened to Bryan, or what I lived through with Grant [Roy].

If you don't know what King Cobra is all about, here's a link to a few things I've posted.

And here's a comment from the piece to which I linked first that pretty much sums it all up for most gay people.

Captain Obvious 
I don’t understand how Hollywood can be so filled to the brim with gay men yet so homophobic these tools have to create crappy loosely gay movies to express who they really are.

Then again Tyler Perry is doing the same thing in Atlanta.

After all the progress towards people accepting orientation Hollyweird just can’t seem to get on board because they want an endless supply of teen boys to pimp out.

I understand it. They are coming from places of privilege and they don't have a clue. They think of us as gay, and they're okay with that, but we'll never be totally equal to them. That's the mind set I've been dealing with most of my life. I once went into a sparring session on the DearAuthor comment thread with the owner of the blog herself, Jane Litte, about why it's so wrong for this kind of appropriation to happen in films (and sometimes books). And while she was trying to trick me into saying the wrong thing, and presenting the argument that straight actors should be able to play gay roles whenever they want, I knew it was falling upon deaf ears and I took a step back. There are some hills that aren't worth climbing. But I never forget either.

"Moonlight" A Beautiful, Rare Gay Movie

I wanted to post about this, in direct contrast to King Cobra. While reading the comments to one of the articles above, I saw a few people mention a wonderful new gay film titled, Moonlight.

The forthcoming film Moonlight, out October 21, is at once particular in its perspective and universally relatable. Set in Miami in the late 1980s and '90s, the film chronicles the coming-of-age of a gay black boy—Chiron ("shy-rone")—as he struggles with his sexuality, peer pressure, and a drug-addicted single mother. Over the course of the film, he is taken under the wing of a sympathetic local drug kingpin (Mahershala Ali), and he finds, loses, and finally reconnects with his first love, Kevin. The action unfolds in three acts—each one a different stage in the life of Chiron, whose conflicted teenage persona is captured beautifully by Ashton Sanders. Overall, the film is a moving reflection on black masculinity and human vulnerability.

It's actually an interview with the author of the play on which the film is based, Tarell Alvin McCraney. You can read it in full here.

The Wedding
 The Rainbow Detective Agency

Monday, October 24, 2016

Another Broken Penis; Art: Subverting the Erect Penis; What Do Penis Pumps Do?

Another Broken Penis

There hasn't been much penis news lately, but this sounds pretty serious. And it's being reported in a lot of places.

Steven Horden, 37, from Gillingham, Kent, was having sex with girlfriend Kiera Diss, 38, when his penis ‘snapped in half’.

The poor guy had a four day hospital stay as a result.

Art: Subverting the Erect Penis
This isn't your average penis news, and I'm not going to even try to parse it because I know I'll get it wrong. And I don't want to do that because I do think things like this put an interesting spin on the way we all relate and communicate through various forms of art. You have to look at this from and artistic POV. It's an interview with a transgender artist/activist named niv Acosta.

Among your other ongoing projects are the Limp Phalluses and the Dickscape: Denim Couches series. Do you also see these as a subversion of dick culture?

Let’s talk about the subversion of the dick form. Let’s talk how the predominant image of a penis is an erect penis. A limp penis is very much one that carries a lot of femininity and is therefore tied to shame and pain. When I built those I was in a moment when I was thinking about packing because I thought maybe it would affirm my gender in a way that I hadn’t felt that I had present in my life yet, so I started looking into how to pack. 

You can read it all here in full. There are some interesting points made. One thing they mention is the closing of gay bars all over the world.

What Do Penis Pumps Do?

Here's an article that challenges the theory that penis pumps actually enlarge penises. And, that medicare doesn't cover them any longer. Admittedly, I don't know much about this one either.

"The size change is temporary,” writes Carol Queen in The Sex & Pleasure Book. She explains that while using a pump on any part of the body will cause the area to swell, the member will return to its normal state once the device is removed. “Though some believe pumps will permanently increase penis size, research has shown that they offer minor effects at best.” She adds, “If you are unhappy with your size, a pump is not the way to go.”

There's more here. Of course not everyone agrees, but it's interesting to note that the penis pump was designed by a guy named John King way back in 1874.

M/M Erotic Romance Parody

Chase of a Lifetime


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Turing Law In UK, The Imitation Game, and Sam Gyimah; Another D-lister With A Video Leak; Being A Gay Frat Boy

Turing Law In UK, The Imitation Game, and Sam Gyimah

Last week I posted about The Turing Law in the UK that would have pardoned thousands of gay men from the crime of just being gay. Unfortunately, Sam Gyimah shot it down through a filibuster and ultimately stopped the bill from becoming law. Gyimah's reasoning, allegedly, was to prevent pardoning pedophiles and rapists, too, which doesn't seem to make sense, for this reason...

Labour MP Chris Bryant, who is gay, spoke in favour of the bill, coming close to tears, and said that Gyimah's fears were not well-founded, and that the law would not pardon rapists or men who'd had sex with minors, because it only offered pardons for people whose offenses were "no longer a crime," and both rape and sex with children are still crimes.

The Turing law isn't without other controversy. Many believe a pardon isn't sufficient and they want an apology from the government.

There's more here on this. And if you haven't seen the film The Imitation Game, I highly suggest watching it. The story line is loosely based on the life of Alan Turing, the same Turing of the Turing Law. It doesn't focus on Turing's homosexuality, but it does get into it.

Here's more about the Turing Law...

Homosexual acts between men were illegal until the passing of the Sexual Offences Act 1967 in England and Wales, the Criminal Justice Act 1980 in Scotland, and the Homosexual Offences Order 1982 in Northern Ireland. As the three regions are separate jurisdictions, and many elements of criminal law are devolved matters in the United Kingdom, the British Government only has the power to legislate a pardon for England and Wales.

Another D-lister With A Video Leak

I see some of the most curious things on social media sometimes, and it's usually by following the selfie-absorbed D-listers who can't seem to post enough images of themselves online. Mostly, it's men.

In any event, in this particular case, here's another one who had his ass images leaked...

 Lewis Bloor. Ever heard of him? Us neither. Until his girlfriend, Marnie Simpson, posted a video to Snapchat of him strutting around his apartment wearing nothing but a baseball hat and pair of white tennis shoes.

There's more here.

Being A Gay Frat Boy

Here's one of those multiple meme posts about gay frat boys talking about what it's like to be a gay frat boy. The images are pretty good, too.

As a gay dude living in a fat house it's like a buffet. None of the guys know I mess with any other guys in the house. They would all have heart attacks. 

You can check this one out here.

Some are more intense, and one is actually ironic. I wonder how real they are.


New Adult Gay Romance

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Are Some TV Shows and Films Bad For Gays?; Gay Couple Trump Supporters Receiving Death Threats; How To Tell A Gay Top From A Bottom

Are Some TV Shows and Films Bad For Gays?

There's been a discussion on Reddit about whether or not some TV shows and films give gay men a bad name. And there are a lot of opinions, too.

Here's one:

“Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson do a great job playing Cam and Mitchell on Modern Family,” says libitum, “but the gay stereotyping is always an underlying irritation for me. It’s not that there aren’t gay men like that (there are) but why does a TV gay couple have to be like this. It’s visibility v. cringe, I agree.”

I never watched Modern Family because I couldn't personally relate to it, but I don't think it gives gay men a bad name. I actually think it represents a certain segment of the gay male population rather well...even though I can't relate to it. 

And here's another. This one didn't like Boys In the Band...but he didn't hate it either.

“I know the movie bugs the shit out of me and makes me hate all of them pretty much, just because they’re so whiny and self-loathing, but it is also one of the first mainstream Hollywood films to put gay guys front and center, warts and all. And none of the characters had to die by the end of the film, which counted as major progress.”

You can check out the rest here. I happened to love HBO's Looking. I thought it represented a whole new segment of gay men that I could relate to. Evidently, not everyone did, and that shows you how diverse and subjective all this is.

Gay Couple Trump Supporters Receiving Death Threats

I almost didn't link to this article because this election season has been filled with so much vitriol, but I want to use it as an example. In fact, I just left Twitter a moment ago where a friend I follow was practically ripped to shreds because he tweeted his support for Hillary Clinton. And he did it in a very nice, civil way. But the vitriol is everywhere, unfortunately. Whether someone is supporting Hillary or Trump, people are being shamed, degraded, and trolled in ways I've never seen before. 

In any event, this gay couple is supporting Trump and they've received death threats. But this could happen to anyone. I have seen Hillary supporters treated as badly, and sometimes even worse.

 The Facebook comments were unsurprisingly negative, calling the men “idiots,” “uneducated,” “redneck” “self-hating gays.”

One comment compared them to “Jews who supported Hitler,” while another simply suggested “two bricks directly into their faces.”

There's more here. The media doesn't make it any better either. They make it worse. 

How To Tell A Gay Top From A Bottom

I'm still not sure it is possible to tell a gay top from a bottom in most cases, but this article claims they have a scientific approach.

Moylan points to a 2013 study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior that found people often rely on male-female gender stereotypes when identifying sexual roles in same-sex relationships.

For the study, 23 participants were shown the dating profile pics of 200 gay men, 100 tops and 100 bottoms, then asked to identify which was which. Based on the pictures alone, participants correctly identified the tops about 65 percent of the time and the bottoms just about 39 percent of the day, bringing the overall average correct guesses to 52 percent.

You can read the rest here. The comments are bold.

M/M Erotic Romance Parody

Chase of a Lifetime

Friday, October 21, 2016

Designer Richard Nicoll Dies Suddenly; MPs Shout "Shame" Over Turing Bill; Stuffing James Franco's Speedo

Designer Richard Nicoll Dies Suddenly

This was shocking.

Fashion designer Richard Nicoll has died in Sydney at the age of 39.

It is suspected that he suffered a heart attack.

Actor Charles Condou took to Twitter to say he was ‘devastated to hear’ and wrote: ‘He was my first real love; a beautiful man both inside and out. I’ll miss him terribly.’

You can read more here. I always liked his work, and I think he was highly underestimated.

MPs Shout "Shame" Over Turing Bill

I just posted about this bill yesterday, here.

Tens of thousands of gay and bisexual men who were convicted of now-abolished sexual offenses in Britain will be posthumously pardoned, the government announced Thursday.

Unfortunately, this just happened:

A private member’s bill before the UK Parliament has been filibustered by the Government’s Justice Minister, Sam Gyimah – just a day after he proposed a Government-approved alternative.

The legislation, which sought to pardon gay men prosecuted for gross indecency before homosexual activity was decriminalized, was named Turing’s Bill after persecuted math’s genius Alan Turing. It was proposed SNP MP John Nicolson.

Raised for discussion in the House of Commons this afternoon, it could not be voted upon as Gyimah talked for so long.

There's more here. There's also of photo Gyimah. It really is a shame.

Stuffing James Franco's Speedo

Please keep in mind I didn't write this one. I'm only linking to it...and only because Franco has become a fascination of sorts. He doesn't have to do these things, and yet he does them anyway. 

 James Franco spilled some on-set secrets about his King Cobra co-star Keegan Allen.

‘I’m going to bust him a little bit – Keegan stuffed his speedo,’ Franco said Friday (21 October) during an appearance on NBC’s The Today Show.

In the film, Franco and Allen play lovers who are cash-strapped gay porn producers.

Here's the rest. I'm starting to get curious about King Cobra. And not because of clickbait like this article. In spite of clickbait pieces like this, I watched Franco's movie review is here...and wound up liking it a lot more than I thought I would. 


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