Friday, May 29, 2009

Lambda Award and new Book Deal...

Sometimes good news comes in twos.

First, this week I found out that AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN has been sold to a large publisher with a long standing reputation in the GBLT community for putting out quality books. I'm not going to mention the details yet, because the announcement hasn't been formally made. But I will as soon as it is. At this point, the book can be purchased on in paperback or kindle, and on as an e-book.

Second, I heard some really good news this morning from an editor at Cleis Press, Richard Labonte. It seems that BEST GAY EROTICA 2009 has won a Lambda Award for gay erotica. And my short story, "Down the Basement" was part of the book. So congrats to Richard Labonte and James Lear for putting this award winning anthology together. Congrats to all the other contributors in this book. And a special thank you to Rachel Kramer Bussel for suggesting that my story be included in the book. "Down the Basement" was first published in an anthology by Rachel, titled "Crossdressing."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book Launch..."He's Bewitched"

Today is the launch day for a new book I wrote titled, "He's Bewitched." I'll post more about it later this week, with a few excerpts, but for now the back cover copy is below.

Brett Samson is a young warlock who longs to be just like everyone else. His only dream in life is to fall in love with the right man and live happily-ever-after. But he becomes disillusioned with everything when his latest lover breaks off their relationship. Realizing he may never be able to live a normal, mortal life, he takes off on a road trip to Cape Cod in a vintage Lincoln convertible, with his best friend and cousin, Michelle, his outrageous little dog, Tag, and his faltering witch of a grandmother, Eloise.

Rhys Phillips, a handsome young man living with a werewolf curse, is hitching to New York to find an alchemist who can remove the curse, when he meets Brett at a small filling station in Maryland. When Brett and his family are forced to spend the night in a small motel because of a flat tire, he and Rhys start out as buddies bunking together in the same room. But the next morning Brett wakes up with handsome Rhys pinned to his back, a broken bed frame and sexy bruises on the back of his legs.

Brett, Rhys, and the rest of the family, including the remarkable dog, embark on a summertime journey that takes them to the magical tip of Cape Cod, where they all discover the meaning of true love. Can they conquer their fears, learn how to deal with a sinister dark witch, and wind up finding the normal lives they've been craving?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Food and Romance...

In both books, AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN and PRETTY MAN, I wrote a few scenes that combined food with romance. There are no kinky sex food scenes in either book, because the stories didn't call for that. The food scenes were emotional and romantic, not sexy. But I've been amazed at how many readers have either commented on the food and romance angle, or bought the book just because there are scenes that combine romance and food. In PRETTY MAN I wrote about cupcakes and chocolate, but in AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN I went into great depth about food because the main character's profession is in the food industry. Below is an excerpt from a food scene that some readers have commented on with various blog posts. So I thought I'd share it here.

Chance was usually awake by five each morning and down in the kitchen by five-thirty. This was his creative cooking time. Sometimes he baked large blueberry muffins with buttery golden tops; other times he prepared rich loaves of pound cake, or puffy glazed cinnamon rolls, or delicate foccacia bread. Each morning he cooked something special for the day, a recipe he’d designed and created himself that he displayed magnificently in a massive wooden bowl lined with a black and white striped cloth at the end of the deli counter.

At first, Dan had been completely against the idea of having a “special” for each day of the week; his idea of running a market was to put out the basics (cans of baked beans and ketchup) and collect the money. But when he saw how the customers flocked to the black and white striped cloth and were willing to pay twenty dollars for one of Chance’s pound cakes, or four dollars for one of his blueberry muffins, he shut his mouth. Half the time he couldn’t even pronounce the specials, like when Chance baked loaves of bread and topped them with olive tappenaude; but the people knew and they bought whatever he cooked. And by the end of the day the wooden bowl was always empty. It was rumored there were people who only went to Dan’s market to see what the special for the day was. And it was always something they couldn’t get anywhere else but there.

That day he whistled on his way down the back stairs. He’d been so inspired by his dream that he decided to create an original Buffalo chicken spread, something hot and spicy you could either spread on a cracker as an appetizer, spread on a sour dough roll for lunch, or even place on a bed of baby greens for a light supper…the possibilities were endless. He’d done Buffalo chicken wings before; he’d even created a special Buffalo chicken calzone; but never a hot, spicy spread. He decided to use two extra, special ingredients: Marscapone cheese and just a hint of capers. He liked to layer different flavors, to combine an overall effect, which would add a delicate, pleasant under taste to an original recipe. With blueberry muffins he always added a hint of lime; no one knew, but the combination created a taste sensation that people couldn’t resist. The special ingredient didn’t have to be exotic and expensive either. With his remarkable Mac and Cheese special, the two ingredients that made it taste exotic were nothing more than mustard powder and nutmeg.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

PRETTY MAN and OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN now on Amazon in paperback...

For anyone who hasn't been able to download either of these books as an e-book, they are now out in paperback as traditional print books. If you click on the photos of the book covers, you will be directed to the amazon page where there's more information about the books.