Monday, March 5, 2012

Stories From the Titanic...

Taken aboard the Adriatic before Browne's voyage on the Titanic, the photograph shows two wireless operators. The gentleman on the left is Jack Phillips, who would stick to his post aboard the Titanic summoning rescuers for those who, unlike himself, were leaving the ship in lifeboats. One of the undisputed heroes of the disaster, he is honored by memorials erected on both sides of the Atlantic.

For those interested in learning more about the Titanic, here's web site that will provide stories and tons of information about the doomed ship. I found it while doing research for "Unmentionable: The Men Who Loved on the Titanic."

This link is interesting, too, from enclyclopedia titanica.

This article in is compelling. I hadn't seen this while I was researching for the book and I would have made one small revision if I had. I didn't know the name of the band that was playing on the ship that night. Even though this is fiction, I would have added that fact as well.

And this article is one I've been reading in Smithsonian Magazine this month. I didn't see it before the book came out. I wouldn't have changed anything in the book based on this article, but it's a fascinating read in any event. It is the account of what happened that night as told by silent film star, Dorothy Gibson. She boarded the Titanic in France, after it left Southhampton.

Here's one more link for now, with a more Hollywood POV.

One known actress and Titanic survivor was Dorothy Gibson, a pioneering American silent film actress, artist’s model and singer active in the early 20th century. Immediately after her rescue she wrote the script and starred in the silent film, Saved from the Titanic (1912). She died at 56 in 1946.

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