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Straight White Guy Festival; Confessions of a Bareback Top; Tim Gunn on Trans Models

Straight White Guy Festival

There are fliers popping all over a park in Columbus, Ohio that read, "Straight White Guy Festival," and they claim the event will take place September 20th. This is also the same park where they have the gay pride event annually. It seems to be some kind of statement, though, and no one seems sure if this is actually going to happen. So far, no one has applied for a permit to hold this festival for straight white guys.

If the fliers are legitimate, it wouldn't be the first push for an apparent heterosexual counterpart to LGBT Pride. In 2011, Brazilian resident Carlos Apolinario argued for Sao Paolo to adopt a "Heterosexual Pride Day" as "a protest against the privileges the gay community enjoys."

Students at some Catholic school in in Illinois have taken to wearing "Straight Pride" T-shirts, you know, to show how gays are such big time sinners.

What I find interesting is that being that this entire world is, and has been for as long as anyone can remember, run by straight white men who have most of the power, privilege, and control, they would actually need their own festival. Compared to what daily life is like for most gay people in the US fighting for basic equal rights, EVERY single day of the week is a festival for straight white guys.

You can read more here.

I feel sorry for the students at that Catholic school. The odds are they'll regret wearing these T-shirts one day in the soon as they get out into the real world and realize how limited their lives were in Catholic school. I went for 12 years. I'm speaking from experience.  

Side note: I haven't always been the biggest fan of gay pride events, mainly because so many straight people who own businesses have been making so much money on them. After gay pride is over, the businesses take down the rainbow flag and the year long festival for straight white guys begins again. It's interesting to observe.

Confessions of a Bareback Top

This next link dates back to 2006, and I remember reviewing this blog (and others like it) back when I worked for It was a blog about a guy...a gay top...who claimed to be running around New York having bareback sex as much as he could, with as many willing bareback bottoms as he could get. The article is actually an interview with the blogger...the bareback top...but I find the blogging aspect of this more interesting than the content, eight years later.

First, here's one question and answer:

Has anyone ever tried to take a photo of you? Are you worried about being outed (as a bareback)?

People have asked to see my photo. In the beginning, I sent my photo out to maybe 3-4 people but regretted it! Now, I dont send my photo - ever. There are many guys who email me and want to meet up and have sex with me without even SEEING my photo. The problem is then that they know me - they can identify me - and thats not good.

I am very worried about being outed as a "barebacker" because it has such a horrible stigmatism attached to it. Look at the comments posted on Gawker alone - nothing but bashing, etc. The funny thing is that most of my hook ups have bareback sex. That is the reality. This summer I had bareback sex with 2 guys who were notable "safe sex" advocates. So, again, it takes two.
I'm not even going to comment on the sex here. My only focus is the blog and the blogger. This wasn't the first anon blog of this kind back then, but if you go to the link now you'll only find this.
I've seen them come and go this way so many times I've lost count. I think there was even one that was turned into a book by a desperate small LGBT publisher who went out of business anyway. Who knows if any of this was ever real? No one can actually make that claim legitimately. But at least, for the most part, blogging has grown a lot since those days and I hope it continues.
Tim Gunn on Trans Models

Tim Gunn of Project Runway claims he has issues with trans women models on the runway. He says this has everything to do with the difference between the way men and women are shaped, physically, and then makes a few interesting comments about body image.

'So, to be looking at women's fashion on a tall, skinny guy with no hips, there's no way you can project yourself into those clothes,' he says. 'It underscores all of those body issues that we know women have,"

Gunn adds. 'It's the world telling us that there's something wrong with us and that we'd look better in our clothes and the world would think us more beautiful if we looked like this. I think it's horrible.'

Correct me if I'm wrong, please, but aren't ALL runway models so stick thin you wonder how often they shove their fingers down their throats each day? Seriously. This is about body image? No one promotes the concept of unrealistic body image more than the modeling industry. They do this with men and women. Unfortunately, most of us fall for it every single time.

Frankly, I have mixed feelings about Tim Gunn, and I've had them since I first saw him kissing butt on Oprah.

You can read more here.

Chase of a Holy Ghost
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The Ghost and Mr. Moore
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Penny Dreadful Gay Kiss; T J. Klune's Post; John Barrowman Flirts W/Straight Guy; No More Gay Ghettos?

Penny Dreadful Gay Kiss

An actor on the TV show, Penny Dreadful, talked about yet another gay kiss. The actor is Reeve Carney and from what I gather he's straight in real life.

I don't watch Penny Dreadful. But this sounds like the queerbaiting post I wrote yesterday. In fact, Carney basically admits it's queerbaiting and he doesn't even realize he's doing this. That's always the best part about these things. They don't know they're doing it. I recently read a blog post by an author who actually said she started writing m/m romance because she thought there was money to be made. She also claims that gay relationships are like all other relationships. She didn't start writing in this genre because she was passionate about m/m romance. And she didn't even realize what she was saying, so in that respect you can't even fault her. 

'I knew that something like that would likely happen at some point and I figure, you know, you could certainly do a lot worse than Josh Hartnett," Carney told at Comic-Con over the weekend.

Carney says his character will have a new love interest in the upcoming second season but he isn't sure if it will be a man or a woman.

'It's probably all downhill for me in terms of any man-on-man action I might have on the show,' he says. 'They'll have to keep their game high!'

Interesting. Man on man action. No further comment from me on this one, because I don't watch the show. Although, I do wonder what he means by do a lot worse. Am I reading too much into this? Once again, try doing that with any other minority and see how it sounds.

You can read more here.

T. J. Klune's Post

It's hard to elaborate on this next link because it's so serious and so emotional I'm not even sure what to say. I've posted about author, T. J. Klune, and the health struggles with his fiancé, Eric Arvin, on the blog before. Klune's most recent post left me speechless.

I am not okay.  I am not okay.  I am not okay.  I don’t think I have been for a while. I don’t sleep much anymore. I don’t eat. I look like shit. I’ve had purple lines under my eyes since that first night Eric went into the hospital and I didn’t sleep.  I don’t have energy for much of anything anymore. I’m listless and apathetic.  I snap at people at the drop of a hat. I go to work. I come home from work. I pretend to unpack. I go to bed at eight. I fall asleep around one or two. I get up. I go to work. I come home from work and on and on it goes. That pressure building. The pieces cracking.

You can read the rest of the post here, at Klune's blog. I left a comment that I hope helps. But I also know deep down there's nothing anyone can really say or do to make it better. Only time can do that.

John Barrowman Flirts W/Straight Guy

Last week John Barrowman made headlines when he kissed a guy in public at the games in Glasgow. I saw it popping up everywhere on social media but I didn't post about it because it seemed a bit if he'd executed this move to gain publicity. I also wasn't sure about that, so I just passed completely on the story. But this time I had to post something because it's so unusual. You don't hear about gay guys flirting with straight guys all the time.

In place to chat with the site TV Fanatic, Barrowman was initially more interested in flirting with a straight cameraman filming the interview than answering questions about the upcoming season.

'He's really cute,' Barrowman says into the camera. 'If you haven't seen him, he's really, really cute. He's got nice, curly hair. ... He's dressed in nice shorts and he's got a ... T-shirt on - he looks like he's got good guns.'

Barrowman then asks the cameraman, whose name is Eric, to show him the size of his open hand and then seemed pleased with what he saw.

You can read more here. The comments seem to be varied about this one.

It sounds as if Barrowman was joking around. But even if he wasn't I still think it's interesting because so-called straight guys have been flirting with gay guys forever and no one ever seems to find anything wrong with that...mainly because most people don't even know the straight guys are doing it.

No More Gay Ghettos?

This article talks about gay neighborhoods turning straight...or at least not being completely gay anymore. I don't know why they think this is something new. It's happened in New York City neighborhoods more times than I can count. At one time the West Village in NY was completely about gay culture. Then it transitioned into what has now become a billion dollar neighborhood filled with everyone. It's even been happening here, in New Hope, PA, where I live. At one time New Hope was so filled with gay culture there were dark cruising spots under the bridges in town along the towpath. Now you wouldn't think to cruise there because the town has become so heteronormative it just wouldn't work anymore. Plus, you'd probably get arrested now, too.

In any event, they seem to think this is a good thing.

“For gay people, they no longer feel like they need a safe space because they feel safe anywhere,” Ghaziani says. “At the same time, as the stigma against homosexuality eases, more straight people feel comfortable moving into these areas, more so than they have in the past when they have perceived these populations as more stigmatized than they do now.”

You can read more here.

I think it's inevitable. In fact, I have two very close friends...a gay couple who've been together for forty years...who flatly refuse to live in a gay ghetto.

Four Gay Weddings and a Funeral
by Ryan Field

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21 Gaycist Ways; Queerbaiting on TV; Gay Patronizing; Gay Wedding, Anti-Gay Marriage Dad

21 Gaycist Ways

If you don't know the definition of gaycist, here's a link that will explain it. And this next link explains 21 interesting ways to tell if someone is gaycist. It only gets into 21.

Here's one I see all the time:

1. You’ve asked a same-sex couple which one is the guy and the girl.

This one is common, too:

8. You think Macklemore and Lady Gaga are the voices of the gay rights movement.

This one gets me all the time.

16. As a straight person, you feel you can adequately define what discrimination is.

But I'd like to add that some of these things are overlooked and not all gay people take them as seriously as others. I think intent is important and I never hold innocent mistakes against anyone. I don't think that's fair. The only thing about gaycism that really bothers me is when people try to exploit and profit on gays for either attention or monetary gain.

You can read the rest here. I highly suggest checking out the link and the author. Number 21 is probably the most offensive.

Queerbaiting on TV

This is becoming increasingly more common on television all the time. Queerbaiting is when a TV show hints around that a character or situation might be LGBTI, but it never actually follows through with an LGBTI storyline. Sometimes they will drag it out for weeks, a lot of this they've been doing on True Blood this season. The intent is to get gay people to watch, keep them hanging, and hope that something LGBTI might happen. I also think it attracts a curious heteronormative crowd, often for the sake of sheer curiosity. The worst offenders never actually follow through because they don't want to alienate the homophobic crowd.

In case you're confused, here's an article that describes it in more detail.

It is never acknowledged on camera and you are left wondering if you made it all up. I've been trying to decide if some recent comments from Jeff Davis, the creator of Teen Wolf, are likely queer baiting or not. And if it is, I don't even know if I can handle another show pulling a dick move like that.

Gay Patronizing

This next link is from Salon. I've always found them to be reputable. If I were to discuss things like this on my own without linking to something reputable some might think I'm making this all up, or that I'm overly sensitive. But the general theme of this post today is how gays often suffer passive aggressive homophobia and many don't even realize it's happening. For example, this article about Michael Douglas and Jared Leto insulting gays is something that most people, gay or straight, wouldn't even realize at surface level. I remember feeling this way when these things happened. I didn't post about it because so many out there seemed so defensive about the issue...and so willing to protect. I saw gay people shot down on social media too many times for trying to make this point. I decided it wasn't worth the the time.

This was all in good fun, but Leto’s playing for laughs the process by which he prepared for the role of a person who felt uncomfortable in her body was not, really: “It was a very transformative role. I had to do a lot of things to prepare. One of the things I did was wax my entire body, including my eyebrows,” Leto said to the audience’s laughter.

Once again, laughing at LGBTI people. The most recent posts and updates by James Franco got me interested in all this, and I think this particular article brings up a few excellent points. As I said, I wouldn't dare post my own thoughts on this, at least not at this time. I feel more comfortable linking to someone else who seems to nail it much better than I can right now. I highly suggest reading this.

Gay Wedding, Anti-Gay Marriage Dad

I think this next link sums this post up in an interesting way. A mayor in France who has always been anti-gay marriage went to his gay son's wedding (and performed the ceremony) and made a few interesting comments.

Keep in mind this mayor has always been openly vocal about his stand on gay marriage.

'When my son asked me if I'd do it, I immediately told him "yes", because I did the same for his sister and because we get on well. I didn't want to give the wrong impression of relations with my family,' Bardet reportedly told his local newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré.

He said he had never discussed same-sex marriage with his son prior to his union and has only known for two and a half months that his son is gay.

I bring up this point a lot here on the blog: highly conservative public figures against gay marriage who have gay family members and close friends.

This mayor claims he will NOT perform another gay marriage in his lifetime. He only did this because it's his son.

Evidently, we all still have a very long way to go.

You can read the rest here.

Four Gay Weddings and a Funeral
by Ryan Field

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James Franco's Stunt; Travolta's Gay Denials; Matt Bomer Plays Straight; Gay Porn Stars' Kittens

James Franco's Stunt

I've posted twice on this topic and I hope this is the last time. The only reason I'm doing it again is because I found another article at Huff Po about James Franco's recent stunt where he jokes around about his brother and Zac Efron being a gay couple. The article is basically the same as it was everywhere else, but this time the comments left by many seem to answer a lot of the questions I had about this so-called stunt.

Here's one that's a bit harsh:

When two supposed straight men who act like they are dating, then all of you knuckle draggers think it's a hoot. The rest of authentic gay men and women get called names and discriminated against, legislated against, and we become the targets of your superstitious religious nonsense. Heteros never fail to disappoint.

Here's another that nails it in a simple way:

This is passive aggressive homophobia and he needs to be called out on it instead of patted on the head.

Here's yet another that might be hitting the target head on:

Fools- this is how they network to help their movie sales and keep people blah blah blah, no different then all the other rubbish when it comes to Hollywood!

Of course there are also a few that didn't see anything wrong with what Franco did. I was told Franco is a "friend" of the LGBTI community and that he didn't mean any harm...that he's into gay social experiments, or something like that. Well, if that's the case, I guess we're lab rats now.

Yesterday Franco posted photos of himself with cute kittens. And so it goes...

You can read more here.

Travolta's Gay Denials

In another story involving more Hollywood shenanigans, the pilot,  Douglas Gotterba, who allegedly had an intimate, personal relationship with John Travolta in the 80's is now free to tell everything he knows.

In the court documents, Gotterba says the two had a ‘personal and intimate’ relationship.

The judge ruled the former pilot has the right to sue to speak openly, saying Gotterba has no duty of confidentiality to the star.

Gotterba wants to publish a book about it all. Travolta denies the allegations.

You can read more here.

Whether this is true or not isn't important to me. What bothers me the most about it is that there's this hidden shame attached to being gay that shouldn't be an issue.

Matt Bomer Plays Straight

In a far more positive piece about Hollywood, the trailer for Matt Bomer's new film is out and he's playing a straight role. The title of the film is Space Station 76, and Patrick Wilson is actually playing a bisexual character.

Bomer, currently filming the sixth and final season of TV's White Collar, plays the role of Ted, a mechanic married to a woman named Misty (Marisa Coughlan).

The film is set in a 1970s-version of the future and is about a group of people and robots living on a space station. They face inner turmoil when a new assistant captain (Liv Tyler) arrives and sparks tension.

This sounds interesting. You can read more here. And, see the trailer.

Maybe there's hope for Hollywood after all.

Gay Porn Stars' Kittens

Here's a link to Queerty where there's a photo section about gay porn stars and their kittens. They are actually great photos with some of the most adorable kittens I've seen in a long time. I think they are safe for work, too. At least I didn't see anything offensive there.

You can check them out here.

Of course James Franco isn't in any of the photos with his kitties, but let's wait and see what happens. Nothing would surprise me

Small Town Romance Writer

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Gay Slang Dictionary; Simon & Schuster & Judith Regan; Matthew Camp Sex Scenes

Gay Slang Dictionary

When someone pointed me to this link a while back, I knew I'd wind up posting about it eventually. It's a web site that's a gay slang dictionary and I've found myself lost there more than a few times reading terms and phrases I never knew existed. From the way it looks, they keep it updated, too.

Here's one from the "P" section:

paint the bucket
Anal intercourse.

And there are plenty more where that came from. You can check it out here, for anything about gay slang you always wanted to know, from A - Z. Once you start browsing it's hard to stop.

Just one more from the "D" section:

Pomo word for man-woman, homosexual [his body is a man but his spirit is a woman.].

Simon & Schuster & Judith Regan

The only reason this is of interest for many is because of Judith Regan's past. I'll get to that below with a link. But first, Simon & Schuster is forming some kind of new distribution in partnership with Judith Regan's imprint, Regan Arts.

“We are delighted to welcome Regan Arts and its authors to Simon & Schuster,” stated Steve Black, Vice President, Client Services for Simon & Schuster.  ”Our sales and distribution infrastructure are poised to provide them with the best possible service and help them to reach the widest possible audience.  We look forward to a very productive partnership.”

You can read more about that, here. But here's where I think this gets interesting. HarperCollins fired Judith Regan when she started a huge shitstorms with a book and an interview with O. J. Simpson. I remember all this when it went down. Up until that point, Regan wielded a great deal of power in publishing because she usually got results...she knew what she was doing. In many ways, she's a woman to be admired. But she did screw up big time with this:

HarperCollins announced the dismissal, “effective immediately,” in a two-sentence news release that was issued at about 7 p.m. Eastern time. The announcement was made by Jane Friedman, president and chief executive of HarperCollins, who has long had a strained relationship with Ms. Regan.
The Simpson book was to give an account of how he might have murdered his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald L. Goldman.

You can read more about this O.J. Simpson debacle here. What I find the most interesting about this announcement about the partnership with Regan and Simon & Schuster is that old publishing always reminds me of old boy Republican politics in a way. They're all still in bed with each other, and they just keep pushing and recycling the same old faces (and ideas) forward, but never really seem to get anywhere. You never have to wonder why Amazon always seems to get what it wants. I know it was just rumor a few weeks ago, but I'm starting to think that Amazon will actually wind up owning them one day.

Maybe it's time for some new blood?

Matthew Camp Sex Scenes

These days it seems as if there's always something new popping up in gay culture. This time it's go-go dancer Matthew Camp talking about how much he loves to do sex scenes. He talks about a film he's starring in titled, Getting Go. It's supposedly about obsessing and crushes.

The film is a story about infatuation, love and the internet,’ he said.

 ‘Some of the more interesting tones in this film deal with very interesting ideas of assimilation of the gay community into the mainstream.

 ‘I think that the general feeling of this movie is very adult and educated and open, there is no awkward coming out story as a focus.’

Sounds interesting, especially the assimilation part. I hear a lot about that and I'm not sure it's something that's ever going to happen completely with gay men. How do you take the most integral part of a gay man away? I'm not sure it can happen. Right now assimilation seems trendy. I guess only time will tell with that.

This makes me wonder, though. It's not something I would have said while promoting a new movie.

‘I like that there are a growing number of gay characters in media,’ he says.

 ‘I really loved the way that the relationship was portrayed between the two gay characters in Cloud Atlas. The characters were flawed and lovable.’

In 2012 I posted about Cloud Atlas and the "yellowface" scenes that were highly offensive to many people. I found them offensive. I also mentioned how poorly this was treated by some associated with Cloud Atlas.

You can read more here about Matthew Camp and how much he loves doing sex scenes. There's a clip and I have to admit that it does look interesting. I hope it's distributed well. The problem a lot of us are having these days is that we're all caught in between on demand, streaming, and DVD rentals online. Gone are the days where indie video stores used to stock these films all the time and we didn't have to look too hard.

Cowboy Christmas Miracle
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Lenny Kravitz's Bulge; David Tyree Reversal; James Franco an Idiot? Pretending To Be Gay Backfires

Lenny Kravitz's Bulge

When a friend sent me this link I smiled because it was about Lenny Kravitz. Tony and I have a guest apartment on our property that we rent and we actually rented to Kravitz's keyboard player, George Laks, about a year and a half ago. I kept that quiet for his privacy, but since he's been gone this long I see no need to keep it quiet any longer. Laks was a great tenant; no complaints. I wish they were all like him. And he's as adorable as Lenny Kravitz. One of the things I loved most about having him here was listening to him play the keyboard when he didn't know anyone was listening. It was wonderful.

In any event, this article about Lenny Kravitz's bulge seems to be getting a lot of attention and why shouldn't it? He's a great looking guy and if he wants to show off a little I see nothing wrong with it.

Lenny tweeted the cover art with the caption: "Sex--coming soon."
Whatever your mission was you've accomplished it, Lenny. 
Many times over. 
Is it warm in here??

Note, this is a bulge and it's not VPL...VPL, like I've been posting about this week. Is it going to change the world? Of course not. I just don't think everything should be a long involved discussion about social or political issues all the time. Someone started hawking me on a comment thread the other day about an indie film and about the social implications with regard to gay men and I just went silent. Sometimes it's just about fun. And sexy shit is fun.

You can read more here and view the photos of the bulge. The comments are typical and what you'd expect from anonymous online trolls.

David Tyree Reversal

David Tyree is the Director of Player Development for the NY Giants. He's famous for his anti-gay comments and promoting the concept of gay conversion therapy. Evidently, he's had a huge change of heart:

“Christianity teaches us love, compassion and respect for our fellow man, and it is in that light that I will continue to work with Wade and others to better serve the gay community,” Davis quoted Tyree saying in his SI column. “I would absolutely support any player on the Giants who identified as gay, in any way I could. And I will continue to stay in touch with Wade to ensure I am aware of the right ways to do that.”

The article goes on to talk about how HRC slammed the Giants for hiring Tyree. A lot of this article sounds like hearsay, but it's interesting all the same. Actually, I hope we'll see more reversal's of this nature in the future. I don't really care what motivates them or if they are sincere. At least they're doing it.

You can read more here.

James Franco an Idiot?

I added the question mark there because I'm not sure about this. I'm linking to an article that talks about something James Franco did on social media that's supposed to be, I think, funny. But funny in that questionable...often trite...Internet way.

Franco posted a bogus tabloid story, written by 'Dave Francock,' on social media which claims Efron and Dave Franco are dating and uses photos of them on the set of their film and at a basketball game as evidence.

One problem with this kind of humor is that it wouldn't work with any other minority. At least not unless Franco made it clear this was some kind of social experiment up front.

Another problem with this is that when Franco posted about it on Facebook the comment thread lit up with all kinds of insulting comments that wouldn't be funny with any other minority either. Here's the link, and here's just one comment.

I always knew he was a fagg but I know this shit is fake

I guess there was a sale on g's that day.

Maybe I'm being too PC? Maybe there's nothing wrong here? Maybe it's okay for straight people to play gay and laugh about it with each other?

I shared the post and I was told by a straight person that Franco is a friend of the LGBT community. Maybe she's right. I really am on the fence about it. On the other hand, there's a reason why Bill Cosby helped stop the old TV show, Amos and Andy, from being aired in syndication. That might not be the best analogy to this piece, but a lot of people found Amos and Andy highly amusing in the same way they find Franco's bogus story amusing.

Is this a social comment by Franco? Was he looking for these comments? Or is he just full of shit?

Again, I'm honestly not sure. The only thing I wish is that more people in the LGBTI community would at least question these things more often. We should be taking the power, not giving it away for free.

You can read more here.

Pretending To Be Gay Backfires

This story makes most things these days stand out more than anything I've seen in a long time. In a way, it could read like a sordid gay romance. There's this allegedly asexual guy who was sick of his family trying to set him up with women so he recruited a straight male friend to pretend to be gay. The asexual guy told his family he was gay, the straight friend pretended to be gay, and it all wound up backfiring when the asexual guy disclosed he was gay and that this was all a diabolical plan to get the straight guy's attention. It's creepier than anything James Franco has ever done, because the straight friend pretending to be gay fell in love with the asexual guy's sister, Jenny. (I hope I got that all right; I'm linking just in case)

Things went pretty well over next few months, I got along with everybody and kept telling myself I'd ask Jenny out after we told them the truth.

Well, Jeff ended up getting an apartment and moving out of his parents house, he needed a roommate and I volunteered (I wanted to move out of my parent's house anyway).

One night I get back from work to find a fucking candle lit dinner waiting for me, turns out he really was gay and had a crush on me, and decided the best way to seduce me would be an elaborate scheme to trick me into moving in with him.

Needless to say I rejected him, and he was actually surprised when I did. So he calls his mom crying and said I cheated on him.

His family hates me now, especially Jenny. They won't believe a word out of my mouth, because it's his word against mine.

You can read more here. There are links and even a moral to the story. It all sounds a little far-fetched to me, but what do I know (smile).

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Edie Windsor; Eric Stonestreet: Bossy, Fussy, Bottom; HIV Cures; Free Gay Excerpt: Small Town Romance Author

Edie Windsor

When I think of the SCOTUS ruling in June 2013 I'll always think about how this moved gay marriage forward, and I'll always associate it with Edie Windsor. I'm linking to an article about Windsor where she talks about how she felt earlier in her life, pre-Stonewall. She wasn't an activist at the time, but you might be surprised to learn what actually changed her life in many ways.

'When Stonewall happened, I was really this ignorant middle class lady who said "I don't see why I have to be identified with those queens,"' Windsor said in an interview posted Thursday (24 July) by Marriage Equality USA. But the woman whose lawsuit brought down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) soon realized how heroic the drag queens who took a stand against police raids were.

'I mean those queens changed my life,' she says. 'And I saw them and I loved what I saw. It was the beginning of my sense of community.'

It's not a long piece, but there's another quote about self-esteem that I found personally motivating.

You can read more here.

Bossy, Fussy, Bottom

Eric Stonestreet, the straight actor who plays gay character Cam on the TV show Modern Family, recently made a few interesting comments about his character and how he's received in real life. The fans expect to see "flamboyant" Cam and they think there's something wrong with Stonestreet when they don't get that in real life. Eric Stonestreet describes his character as a bossy, fussy, bottom.

'I get a lot of questions like, "Are you not feeling well?"' the actor tells HuffPost Live. 'I am not as fun (as Cam). I'm fun in a different way.

People are generally disappointed when they meet me because they really want to meet Cam.'

Imagine how disappointed these people would be if they met the many types of gay guys in person. You know, the kind that isn't portrayed on TV sitcoms and just lives his life like everyone else. James Franco should make a documentary about that.

In any event, the article goes on to say Stonestreet is a "type" and he gets hit on. I'm not sure what "type" he is (bossy, fussy, bottom?) and I'm not even going to try to figure it out. A Facebook friend of mine recently said things like this make her uncomfortable. I think that's the perfect word for this. Besides, it's Friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend, and the next part of this post is far more interesting and honest.

You can read the rest here.

Side note: There is a word for when people speak with prejudice against women. It's called misogyny. Sometimes it's blatant and other times it's subtle. I wish there were a word for when this happens to gay men.

HIV Cures

Here's a link to a slightly controversial op-ed piece that I saw in a Philadelphia publication. I'm not going to comment much on this one because it's really an opinion and I think it's important to respect all opinions with things of this nature.

Thanks to those four little letters — “cure” — many journalists who have no experience or strong understanding about HIV/AIDS are writing about HIV/AIDS and society is yet again unfurling the “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner. HIV/AIDS is about to be over! Will the last the person out please shut off the lights? Thanks.

I often find this to be true as well. I've been posting here about a friend with HIV since 2010. I've learned a great deal about HIV, ARV drugs, and insurance issues over the years through being this person's POA. And even I don't get into any really strong HIV posts here on the blog because I don't feel qualified enough to discuss it in depth. I get very annoyed when I see those who know less than I know writing about it in an almost glib manner like the journalists mentioned in the quote above.

In any event, you can read more here. I think it's an interesting piece and I also appreciate the fact that the author speaks candidly about being HIV positive himself.

Free Gay Excerpt: Small Town Romance Author

Here's a scene from the end of the book, in raw unedited form. No spoilers, but this leads to one of the most emotional scenes in the novel. This gay novel is over 113,000 words and covers a twenty year span. It's set in several places, including Iowa and Provincetown, MA.

  Small Town Romance Writer

by Ryan Field

The weather that weekend in Provincetown was perfect for early September, which was one reason why Travis wanted to spend a few days there. Although the height of the summer season has warm sunny days, by September the bugs are gone, the crowds have gone home, and the atmosphere was as romantic as it can get on Cape Cod.

            During the days they were in P’town, they walked all the way out to the dunes and sunbathed nude. The annoying federal park rangers also stop patrolling the beaches by then and there was more freedom for people to just enjoy being themselves. During the height of the season the rangers would patrol the farthest stretches of beach hoping to find nude sunbathers they can ticket, and it’s almost always gay men they profile and target. Travis had seen this happen more than once and he’d stopped going to the dunes during the height of the summer season for that reason.

            At night they went to dinner at Travis’s favorite restaurants and then they returned to the guest house to sit in the hot tub and talk to a few of the other guests. Gay men from all over the world traveled to Provincetown that time of year, and they met a guy from Africa, a guy from Vancouver, and another guy from Cupertino. After that, they went to their suite and made love as much as Scottie wanted to make love. And in the early mornings, Travis went up to a widow’s walk at the top of the building where they were staying so he could sit alone, count his blessings, and watch the ocean.

            The only thing they didn’t do during that short vacation was walk by Travis’s house in the West End. He didn’t want to see strangers living in his home, and as long as the lesbian couple paid their rent on time he didn’t want to know what they were doing or with whom they were doing it. This was one of those times when he wished he could write a trashy commercial book like Ethan’s. If he’d been able to do that he wouldn’t have had to rent his home out to anyone. He would have just closed it for the winter and left it empty.

            Scottie said something very endearing about this Travis would never forget. Travis had just finished telling Scottie why he didn’t want to walk by his home, and Scottie said, “It won’t be like that forever. I promise you. When I’m a doctor and we have two good incomes, you’ll never have to rent that house out to anyone ever again.”

            It would have been the perfect weekend if Travis hadn’t received a phone call from the lesbian couple who had rented his house, on Monday afternoon. They had no idea he was even in Provincetown. They thought they were calling his cell phone and he was in Iowa. Evidently, the air conditioner on the first floor wasn’t working and they wanted to buy a new one and submit the bill to Travis. The air conditioner was only about two years old and Travis had never used it more than two or three times. The reason he’d never had central air conditioning installed was because he’d never needed it. Provincetown nights always grew cool with an ocean breeze, and he preferred the windows open during the day while he worked. So he’d decided to put one good strong air conditioner on the second floor, and one of the first. Both kept two thousand square foot Cape Cod cool when he needed air conditioning.

            At first, it didn’t sound like anything too serious. He figured the lesbian couple would get the new air conditioner and he’d be done with it. But when he talked to them over the phone from the guest house, and he heard they wanted to submit a bill for two thousand dollars, he clenched his jaw and said, “Don’t bother. I’m in town this weekend. I’ll go down to the bottom of the cape and I’ll get the new air conditioner and I’ll pay a friend to have it installed.”

            His aggressive tenants seemed surprised, if not insulted by his reply. But Travis was the landlord and the lease stated he had to supply an air conditioner, not a two thousand dollar air conditioner for two spoiled, elitist dentists from Boston who didn’t have to worry about money.

            When he hung up, Scottie asked, “What are you going to do?”

            “I’ll have to make a few calls,” Travis said, shrugging in a serious way. He had to ask a good friend to drive him to the bottom of the cape to a hardware store where he’d been a regular customer for a long time. He knew they would give him the best deal on the cape. He knew the owners on a first name basis. But first he had to call the store to make sure they had an air conditioner in stock.

            After he hung up with the store, he glanced at Scottie and shrugged again. “They have one in stock, but it’s after five o’clock and they close at six. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning. They said they would open up early for me, around eight o’clock.”

            “But we’re supposed to leave tomorrow morning,” Scottie said. “We have an early flight out of Boston.” The disappointment in his voice was evident.

            “I know that,” Travis said. “And I hate to do this, but I can’t let those two tenants go without an air conditioner. It wouldn’t be fair to them. And I’m not going to pay two thousand dollars for the one they want. You’ll just have to go to LA without me, and I’ll get a later flight and meet you there late tomorrow night.”

            “We’ll both stay and take a later flight,” Scottie said. “I don’t want to go to LA without you. It wouldn’t be right. I’ll feel uncomfortable.”

            “But you’ve never been there, and I’d like you to at least have some time to see what it’s like. And I know Lance and Ethan will take good care of you until I get there.” He kissed Scottie and smiled. “You’ll be in good hands, trust me. And I’ll try to be there in time for Ethan’s party tomorrow night. I promise.”

            “I just feel so bad now,” Scottie said. “What if you can’t switch your ticket?”

            “We’ll take it in steps and see how things work out.”
            As it turned out, Travis had no problem canceling his flight early the next morning and booking another later that afternoon. He hired a cab to pick Scottie up very early on Tuesday morning to drive him to Boston because the ferry didn’t leave that early and he didn’t want Scottie taking the small plane from P’town airport to Boston. He’d never trusted those small planes and he wouldn’t even take them himself. He often swore he would swim to Boston before he’d fly in a small plane.

            When Scottie put his bags in the trunk of the taxi the next morning, it was still dark outside. Travis held him in his arms and kissed him goodbye in the middle of Carver Street. “Call me when you get to LA,” he said. “And have a safe flight. I love you so much.”

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Marco Rubio Gay Marriage; Nathan Lane on Gayface; More Simon Cowell; Small Town Romance Writer

Marco Rubio Gay Marriage

This interesting way to twist and spin things around is something that politicians like Marco Rubio have turned into an art form. At least I hope that's what it is because if he really believes this nonsense we're all in a lot of trouble. In short, at least from what I can gather from this link, Rubio claims that just because someone is not supportive of gay marriage that doesn't make him/her anti-gay. I've heard this convoluted logic before. I'll comment below.

'I promise you even before this speech is over I’ll be attacked as a hater or a bigot or someone who is anti-gay.

'This intolerance in the name of tolerance is hypocrisy. Support for the definition of marriage as one man and one woman is not anti-gay, it is pro-traditional marriage.'

He added: 'Today there is a growing intolerance on this issue, intolerance for those who continue to support traditional marriage.'

He is claiming that those who are supportive of gay marriage are the most intolerant even though they claim to be fighting for tolerance. I know. It reads as confusing as it was to write.

However, this is where the spin comes in. Gay marriage is NOT about tolerance or intolerance, not at the most basic level. Gay marriage is about equal rights, giving equal rights to US citizens who have been denied the same basic equal rights that heteronormative couples have always had. Gay marriage is not about God or religion. Last I heard we're living in a country that is supposed to know the difference between church and state. I just believe in equal rights, the same equal rights that allow someone to practice a religion or marry the person they love. It wasn't that long ago when interracial marriages were illegal in many states. Or, even worse, when women were not allowed to vote.

I also think this is why the Republican party should really reconsider its so-called star players in the next general election. People like Marco Rubio are going to turn off gay Republicans, moderate Republicans, and younger Republicans.

And, for the record, I don't think Rubio is a hater or bigot or someone who is anti-gay. I doubt that the gay Republicans I know would feel that way either. Or the Republicans who have sons, daughters, mothers or fathers who are gay. I just think Marco Rubio is trying to be clever with an issue that's already won the popular vote in the most recent polls and he's choking the same way he choked after the last State of the Union Address. You'd think a guy would learn the first time around.

There's more here.

Nathan Lane on Gayface

It seems that actor, Nathan Lane, whom I've always known to play the most stereotypical gay roles in films, claims he's thrilled to see straight actors play gay roles. He's also played straight roles and he's thankful that he had a chance to do this. I'm not disagreeing with him completely. I just think he's leaving a great deal out.

Lane said this:

‘We just had ‘The Normal Heart’ [with] Mark Ruffalo, fantastic job. I think who’s right for the part and most talented [should get the part],’ Lane said, according to

 ‘That way only madness lies … I wouldn’t have played Nathan Detroit or Max Bialystock [if I'd only been allowed to play gay characters],’ Lane said, referring to characters he performed in Guys and Dolls and The Producers.

I praised Mark Ruffalo more than anyone else in The Normal Heart. Mark Ruffalo carried that film and made it great. I have nothing but praise for Mark Ruffalo. But it's not just as simple as who plays gayface and who plays straight. It goes much deeper than that and my post yesterday about the GLAAD survey where Hollywood has failed gays so far is a good example of this. It's trendy and fascinating for Matt Damon to play gayface, and even though he did a great job no one complains when he laughs at kissing a guy after he finishes a role. But when Matt Bomer was up for the part of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey it was a completely different story. I posted about that many times.

I'm not even going to mention the fact that so many gay men in Hollywood are terrified to come out, still, for fear they won't get the parts straight actors get. And I'm not talking about "straight" parts in musical theater like the ones Lane plays. I agree with Lane that sexuality really should NOT be an issue when it comes to acting in a film, however, when they even the score and give openly gay actors the same chances they give straight actors I'll agree with Lane. But right now, as it stands, Hollywood has a long way to go on this issue.

There's more here.

More Simon Cowell

Last week I posted about Tulisa making statements that Simon Cowell is allegedly gay. I didn't believe it then, and I followed up with a post about Simon Cowell responding to these allegations. And I'm thrilled to announce that I was right, and Simon Cowell is not gay. But the underlying message here is important to consider.

This is what Tulisa said recently:

Varey released a statement of apology on Wednesday (23 July) saying that 'in the course of seeking to entrap Tulisa, the reporter, Mazher Mahmood, supplied Tulisa, him and others with a lot of alcohol.

'I can no longer recall all of the details of that evening but I have listened to the recording made by Mahmood. I was clearly very drunk. 'At some point and utterly out of the blue Mahmood asked me if Simon Cowell was gay. I said he was.

This is not true. I do not know why I said it, but assume it is because I was so drunk and felt that I was giving Mahmood the type of information he was seeking. I am very sorry for this.'

The issue shouldn't be about whether or not Simon Cowell is gay, because there should be no shame whatsoever attached to being gay. It shouldn't sound as if it were a drunken accusation...or a slur. There should be no apologies offered in a way that makes it sound as if there's something wrong with being gay. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but that's how it sounds to me.

There's more here.

In Cowell's defense, he did make his own statements that sound much better than the apology:

‘In 2014 the question of whether someone is or is not gay is antiquated. As it happens he isn't, though if he were, he would simply have said so.

 ‘However, the issue was the false suggestion made by Mr Varey that Simon - who is renowned for his honesty and candidness - had thus not been truthful in the public arena and this is what we have been obliged to clarify.’

To put this in another perspective think about how I might react if someone in a drunken state who wanted to get even with me said I was straight. I'd smile and ignore it completely. I wouldn't think of it as an accusation or a slur. I wouldn't feel the need to defend myself with a reply. I would kiss my husband and dismiss it completely.

Here's more about what Cowell said.

Small Town Romance Writer

by Ryan Field


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Republican & Gay Marriage; Hollywood Fails Gays; Nelsan Ellis Slams Luke Grimes

Republican & Gay Marriage

David Jolly is a freshman in the US House of Representatives from Florida and he's publicly supporting gay marriage. He's also a Republican, which for some reason this article seems to find fascinating.

'I believe it is fully appropriate for a state to recognize both traditional marriage as well as same-sex marriage,' Jolly, 41, said this week as he spoke about a recent judicial ruling that made same-sex marriage legal in Florida's Monroe County.

 ' ... As a matter of Constitutional principle, I believe in a form of limited government that protects personal liberty,' Jolly said. 'To me, that means that the sanctity of one’s marriage should be defined by their faith and by their church, not by their state.'

You can read more here, where there's an interesting note about Jolly's personal life.

I'm not really surprised at the tone of this article. It seems to suggest that all Republicans are anti-gay and anti-gay marriage and I think that's because it's not from a US publication. The fact is that there are gay Republicans and Republicans who do support gay marriage, and it's more common than most would imagine. In recent years many Americans from both parties have felt the need to go silent with regard to politics because they fear backlash from the loudest voices/bullies from both extremes. I think that's going to come to an end in the future.

Hollywood Fails Gays

Speaking of loud left wing liberal politics, the irony of this next link is interesting because it claims that ultra pro-gay Hollywood has failed in the way it portrays gays in films. The survey was done by GLAAD. They covered the seven largest studios in 2013. There were 102 releases, and only 17 LGBTI characters. According to this survey, not one gay character was a lead. As a side note, I often look at Tony while I'm scrolling through on demand and wonder why there is only one gay film, hidden in the indie section, that I had to find out about on social media. And it's usually not a very good film.

‘The lack of substantial LGBT characters in mainstream film, in addition to the outdated humor and stereotypes suggests large Hollywood studios may be doing more harm than good when it comes to worldwide understanding of the LGBT community,’ said GLAAD's CEO and President Sarah Kate Ellis.

 ‘These studios have the eyes and ears of millions of audience members, and should reflect the true fabric of our society rather than feed into the hatred and prejudice against LGBT people too often seen around the globe.’

I've been saying basically the same thing since I started blogging. This is one reason why I sometimes parody heteronormative films in books, with gay characters. Time and again, it's fail, fail, fail for Hollywood. And if they do get it right, they fail in other Matt Damon joking around about how weird it was to kiss a guy (and to get paid quite well to do that). Not all do this. Actors like Trevor Donovan play gay roles, do it well, and with respect. They make it look simple. But unfortunately, Donovan and the others aren't in the majority.

The same thing could be said about books and the publishing industry, which is one of the main reasons why I have always been pro m/m romance. In the m/m romance genre things aren't always perfect, but most of the time the authors (and the readers) get it right. I also think this is why the genre continues to grow. But I don't want to get off topic. This is about films.

You can read more here. The bigger question for me is why do we, as gays (and those who support us), continue to take this? If they aren't exploiting us for monetary gain, they are examining us as if we're lab rats. If they aren't treating us as if we're pet poodles, they are patronizing us and portraying us as heteronormative clones. And we...I include myself in this because I'm just as guilty...take it each time.

Nelsan Ellis Slams Luke Grimes

Finally, someone is speaking up and not letting "them" get away with it. I'm talking about Nelsan Ellis from True Blood. He plays Lafayette, the gay character on the show that was supposed to have a gay storyline with Luke Grimes this season. I posted about Luke Grimes allegedly quitting when he found out about the impending gay storyline. And now Ellis is speaking about Grimes and the situation for the first time in public.

'I just think that, you're an actor, you're an actor on a show that's True Blood, we're all sitting there going, "You quit your job because ... really?"

I'm just... I'm over him,' Ellis tells Vulture. While a spokesman for Grimes said the departure was over the actors' feature film schedule, HBO has maintained it was over the creative direction of the character. Says Ellis: 'You quit your job because you don't want to play a gay part? ...

You have to be open. But more importantly, you make a statement when you do something like that.

You can read more of what he has to say with this link.

Stay tuned for Grimes' reply, which I'm sure will come very soon.

Small Town Romance Writer

by Ryan Field


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gay Sex Roles: Tops and Bottoms; Be A Better Gay Top; Davey Wavey on Good Tops

Gay Sex Roles: Tops and Bottoms

This is one of those posts I'm keeping more clinical because I think it's important to the discussion of m/m romance and almost all gay fiction. Even if this doesn't come up in any particular book, it is dormant between the lines no matter how hard someone tries to dispute it (or ignore it). We often read a great deal about gender politics with regard to gay relationships that discuss the fundamentals, with respect to heteronormative couples, and most of that is a huge waste of human time. I think another fundamental aspect of any or straight...are sex roles. And there's absolutely nothing dirty or obscene about this.

This article dates back a few years, but I think it's one of the best I've read about gay sex roles in a long time.

Most psychology research that deal with gay men dichotomize the sex roles as Top and Bottom (if they differentiate among gay men at all) - preference for insertive anal intercourse and preference for receptive anal intercourse respectively. This paper summarizes a study that tested a more elaborate categorization, and finds that sex role preference is correlated with differences in physical preferences for a sexual partner among gay men, suggesting that the hypothesized categorization is meaningful. The data suggests that sex roles should be thought of as a continuous spectrum that map onto a continuous spectrum of physical preferences.
The new categorization tested includes 6 categories:
1) Only Bottom
2) Versatile, but prefer Bottom
3) Versatile, equal
4) Versatile, but prefer Top
5) Only Top
6) Never had anal sex / Don't Know
In other words, diversification. I also think there could be a few more added to this list, but for now it's simple and accurate. Of course I probably wouldn't get into this in fiction unless the main character were a psychologist or something related, but these "things" are always in the background of any book whenever there is a situation that involves two people involved in a relationship that is even remotely sexual.
You can read the rest here. I think it's worthwhile reading. It disputes a lot of myths, for one thing.
Many gay men feel that there are more Bottoms than Tops, and the point of the study wasn't to prove this one way or another. The milieu of may have skewed the proportions. But the point of the study was to see whether preference for certain physical traits were different among individuals among the different categories rather than finding out the actual distribution (which is a much tougher question because it's hard to remove the bias of where you solicit your respondents).
To put this into an even more interesting (and simple) perspective, think about the most recent episode of True Blood. The flamboyant gay character who is always gender bending with clothes and image wound up in a situation with one of the more masculine vampires. In the next scene we find the more effeminate character topping and the more masculine character on the bottom. I've known many couples in real life like this, too. A lot of what we think we know on the surface only promotes the old stereotypes.  
Be A Better Gay Top
Since I'm posting on this topic, and I have posted about how to be a better gay bottom, I thought I would be remiss if I didn't post something about being a better top. This is really important, especially if the top is responsible for a bottom's first time.
Anal sex can hurt. I sometimes think that the best Tops are guys who also Bottom because empathy always makes a better lover. The biggest problem most Tops have is that they don’t pay attention to their partner. They start the joust at full gallop. If you are going to Top remember that if you injure your partner before you even get started nobody is going to have a good time.
You can read more here. The article gets into a lot of other issues I think are important. It states that it's not just the bottom's responsibility to bring the condom. It's everyone's responsibility and if you're a good top you'll pay attention to this. It's true. Then again, I also know from personal experience that if you're a smart bottom you'll bring that condom anyway because the odds are the top guy won't have one. When I was single I never met one who did carry one. He'll tell you he'll pull out. He'll tell you he's safe. He'll tell you anything to get you to do what he wants. Just bring the condom and don't trust anyone you don't know well. This might not be the most clinical advice, or the most politically correct advice. But it's like defensive's the most logical advice if you want to remain disease free. And I'm not just talking about HIV. There's a long list of sexually transmitted diseases that require medical attention you don't want to get.
Davey Wavey on Good Tops
Davey Wavey, youtube star, has weighed in on this issue in a less clinical sense. But the first thing he gets into is something I've seen even in clinical articles: the best tops have also been bottoms and they know how things work, so to speak, from personal experience. I'm not sure that's always true, even though it does make sense. There are plenty of good tops out there would never even consider bottoming. But it's a fun video if you take it on surface value.
If you can't see the video here, here's the youtube link. If you haven't seen any Davey Wavey videos you'll find more links on other related topics on that page to which I linked.

 Small Town Romance Writer

by Ryan Field


Monday, July 21, 2014

Two and a Half Men Fake Gay; Amazon E-book Service; Visible Penis Lines; Simon Cowell Responds to Gay Rumor

Two and a Half Men Fake Gay

For the 12th season of the long running sitcom, Two and a Half Men, they've come up with an unusual plot that involves faking gay, faking gay marriage, and faking an adoption. I'm really not joking about this, and I'm not even sure if it's considered offensive at this point. The network is claiming this storyline will help show the progress gay people have made in these areas. Some, however, have mixed feelings.

Speaking to reporters at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler said Walden realizes that it would be very difficult to adopt a child as a single, straight man.

‘So once and for all he decides, “I’m going to propose to Alan [Jon Cryer] and we’re going to get married and adopt a child as a gay couple.”,’ Tassler said.

Describing it as a ‘great ride’, she said she views the storyline as a ‘very positive statement’ about the waves of gay rights across the US.

She said she does not expect a backlash from the LGBTI community.

Sounds as if there could be a little gay baiting happening here.  But I could be wrong about that.

It's really just the repetition of an age old trope...faking marriage to avoid legalities. Sitcoms are notorious for this...doing illegal things for the sake of a laugh. They always have been. The most common has always been the illegal immigrant marrying for citizenship. This gay angle just adds a new twist that might turn out to be interesting if it's handled with care and they do mention how difficult it still is for LGBTI people to adopt (or marry) in some places. In other words, if they don't Hollywood it up and make it look as if all gays in the US have equality they might be able to pull it off. If they don't handle it well I think there will be backlash.

GLAAD has already made this statement:

We hope the show will acknowledge not only the progress made in acceptance of gay and lesbian couples, but also the fact that - in many areas of the country - same-sex couples are often under greater scrutiny or still barred from adoption options that straight couples have.’

You see what I mean. Listen closely, Hollywood. We're not all equal just yet. In fact, NOM and people like Theresa Santai-Gaffney in Pennsylvania are still trying to challenge gay marriage.

There's more here.

Amazon E-Book Service

I received an e-mail about this last week but didn't have time to post about it so I figured I'd do it now in case anyone's interested. Amazon recently announced a new e-book subscription service where readers can get unlimited books for $10 a month. It's being compared to Netflix and readers can choose from over a half million e-books. Some are blockbuster hits.

The biggest problem seems to be that the big 5 publishers are no shows.

So far, however, none of the five biggest publishers appear to be making their books available through the service.
HarperCollins, Hachette and Simon & Schuster, for example, are not participating, representatives from the three companies confirmed.
Penguin Random House and Macmillan declined to comment, but a search on Amazon suggests that they are not making their books available.