Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quality Control in Self-Published E-books

Being that I'm releasing a self-published .99 novel on Amazon very soon, "Chase of a Lifetime," I've been concerned about the quality issues of e-books in a general sense. Concerned because I've experienced one e-book of my own that had a few mistakes over which I had no control because it wasn't self-published. And concerned because now that I am self-publishing my own e-book I want to be absolutely certain the quality is there.

I'm not talking about content or subjective issues. I'm talking about mistakes in grammar, spelling, and other things that could go wrong. I've contacted QED, an organization that gives what could best be described as the e-book seal of approval with regard to quality. But I'm not certain erotic m/m romance is something they would consider. So my goal is to continue to make sure this book I'm releasing soon, "Chase of a Lifetime," is up to standards as far as quality goes.

I can tell you this. I have twenty years experience in publishing. I've worked as an editor many times, both with anthologies and with freelance clients. But more than that, when I get my manuscripts back from copy editors that work for my publishers there aren't many mistakes. Usually the revises are more about the subjective content, where the editor didn't agree with something in the content. And I usually change it to please the publisher, without complaints. But now that I'm doing this on my own my only goal is to please the reader, not the publisher. And the quality of the e-book is extremely important to me.

I'll post more about QED when I hear from them. I'm hoping they will allow me to submit the e-book, for the required fee, so I can be considered for the stamp of approval. If not, I'll continue to post about my own quality concerns and issues so readers know and understand that this self-published e-book is going through some intense editing before it's released.


Michele_lm said...

I love that you're venturing into the "self-publishing" world for this. I will be honest, it is nerve-wracking and time-consuming just as it is when you submit to a traditional publisher. However, when we decide to go this route, beta readers and an awesome editor who does not mind blasting your ass when necessary is...well...necessary. I'm very lucky to have found awesome beta readers AND an editor who has no problems whatsoever telling me what won't work and what does. The upside is that the wait time isn't nowhere near as bad as with a traditional publisher to see your story available for your readers. And with your fan base? I think you'll be just fine!! I'll be in line for this as well.

Carole said...

You might enjoy this post about mistakes. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/quotation-spot_20.html

ryan field said...

Thanks for the tips. I appreciate them. It's been a good...but anxious...experience so far :)