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Christopher Isherwood Movie and Male Full Frontal Nudity; Gay Male Full Frontal Nudity IMDb; Naked Guys In Movies

Christopher Isherwood Movie and Male Full Frontal Nudity

First, here's something about Christopher Isherwood, in case you haven't heard of him.

Isherwood was a "homosexual" author in the 20th century who wrote some great fiction. And he traveled in interesting circles.

While living in Hollywood, California, Isherwood befriended Truman Capote, an up-and-coming young writer who would be influenced by Isherwood's Berlin Stories, most specifically in the traces of the story "Sally Bowles" that surface in Capote's famed novella, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I think it's interesting that Capote was influenced by Isherwood. I never knew that before, not even when I parodied Breakfast at Tiffany's in my book, The Virgin Billionaire

You can read his full bio at wiki, here. 
The other night we found a film about Isherwood's life titled, Christopher and His Kind.  It was a TV movie in the UK, about a period in Isherwood's life. It's one of those rare period pieces that you can't stop watching because there's so little about gay culture during that time. And, there was a moment of male full frontal nudity. Brief, but it was there.

Highlight: Fifteen minutes in the movie, a young man called Ludo jumped out of bed naked and parades in the bedroom.

You can check this out here. I highly suggest watching this film because there was nothing insulting about it to gay men of any time period.

Gay Male Full Frontal Nudity IMDb

Web sites that focus on male full frontal nudity of any kind aren't always easy to find with a simple search. I actually found this one while doing a search for the Christopher Isherwood movie and decided to share it. I've done searches hundreds of times and this one never came up before.

Here are the list of gay themed films, fiction (full length only) or documentary (short/full length) plus str8 films often mistaken as gay themed films, that I have watched that features male "dicks" whether by the lead actors or from the supporting cast or from the unsung extras.

You can check that out here. I believe IMDb is SFW.

Naked Guys In Movies

Here's another web site that popped up in my searches above. I'm not trying to harp on the topic of naked men in movies, but I think it's interesting from a cultural POV, because naked men in movies (and books) is often so frowned upon...for various reasons. I'm not getting into those reasons too deeply in a short post like this, however, I may do that in the future.

Male Cinema is an adult membership site that offers clips with scenes of male nudity from different movies.

The site do not concentrate on the personalities of the actors, but on the erotism and sexuality of the male nudity scenes from cinema of vintage and modern era.

In the members area you can download to own erotic clips from rare as well as known movies, most of them are with male frontal nudity. All the movies titles are named in members area only.

The preview section is made in form of blog with screenshots of all the clips that are in the restricted area, also giving the country were the movie comes from and the date when it was made.

Here's the link. This one does come with photos and it's probably NSFW, so you've been warned. I wouldn't post the photos here even if I had permission. In the same respect, I don't think this would be considered porn. I think it's more artistic.

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Is "Twink" Not PC Anymore; More Oscar Butthurt; Embracing Your Foot Fetish

Is "Twink" Not PC Anymore

They use the word "reclaiming" here in yet another attempt to disguise more PC rhetoric. I'm not disputing the argument.  I don't really have any strong feelings about it one way or the other. I've never used the word twink in a derogatory way. I'm just wondering about the word, "reclaim."

It's another series of memes with quotes from young gay men discussing how they feel about the word twink. It's varied.

Here's one:

Being a twink isn't a bad thing. I look younger than I am, who wouldn't want that?

You can read the rest here. The comments take this everywhere.

More Oscar Butthurt

This one is interesting. Here's an actual Oscar nominee crying butthurt and boycotting the Oscars because she didn't get invited to perform, and Sam Smith and Gaga did. Because, I guess, being nominated just isn't good enough for her.

“Confused, I sat and waited. Would someone be in touch? But as time bore on I heard nothing. I slowly realized that the positive implication of this nomination was being retracted. The producers seemed to have decided to stage performances only by the singers who were deemed commercially viable.”

You can read the rest here.  

Embracing Your Foot Fetish

Thankfully, an article that's not about PC rhetoric or Oscar butthurt. This one is about embracing your individual fetish in five different ways. Frankly, I think there are two kinds of people in the world when it comes to sex: those who admit they have a fetish and those who don't.

“A fetish is not a disorder at all, unless it causes personal distress or is harmful to others,” David told Queerty’s Mark King. So if you’ve been transfixed by the uniform worn by the hot Castro cop, relax. “The most common fetish is a body part, like feet. Second would be objects such as clothing, and finally, a fetish can be a behavior, like a role play fantasy.”

You can read the rest here. I have never once met anyone without at least a small harmless fetish. Most wouldn't even speak of it aloud.

It's an interesting piece worth reading in full.

When I'm writing erotic fiction/romance, I sometimes add little fetishes I think readers might like...I get private messages all the time about them, so I know. I wrote this story, Four Feet Under With My Buddies, with a foot fetish in mind and I've received many private, discreet responses about it.

Four Feet Under With My Buddies

Foot Fetish Erotica

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Actors and Male Full Frontal Nudity; Most Popular Male Full Frontal Nudity Films 2011; Season Two The Affair Male Full Frontal Nudity

Actors and Male Full Frontal Nudity

Here's a link to a recent article on the topic of actors and male full frontal nudity. There's not much out there, and when I see it I post about it because it's so rare to see it...anywhere. 

It seems that male nudity makes both women and men uncomfortable, but we barely bat an eyelash when we see naked women in films (or on TV). And it's no wonder we're desensitized to female nudity: it's practically a regular occurrence on the big screen, while we rarely get a chance to squirm in our seats at the sight of an undressed man.

The web site looks interesting, and I believe it's SFW...but don't quote me on that. Here's the link.

Most Popular Male Full Frontal Nudity Films 2011

Here's a list of the most popular films that have male full frontal nudity in 2011...according to IMDb. I love IMDb as resource for just pleasure reading or finding facts. They seem to be right all the time.

Here's the link to this.  They have 118 films listed, many of which I haven't seen. So if you're looking for a list, this might be the most accurate out there. The only problem, I would imagine, is just how fleeting those full frontal nude scenes are. If you do a search for "Long male full frontal nude scenes" you don't get much.

Season Two The Affair Male Full Frontal Nudity

I haven't seen this show either. But I'll look for it now that I know this. And just to clarify, I don't go looking for films or shows with male full frontal nudity because I'm interested in perving. I'm more interested in the erotic aspects because I write erotic romance.

This excerpt pretty much sums up what I've been posting about male full frontal nudity all along:

With Helen's debut as narrator, the show also gave us its first-ever shot of full-frontal male nudity. Considering the number of sex scenes we saw last season, we're surprised it took so long. But on the other hand, we know the rules of TV -- breasts and butts are OK, male genitalia on the other hand, not so much.

You can read that here.  

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Steve Grand In New Hope, PA; Gay Man On PrEP Tests HIV Poz; Gay Adult Film Star and Alleged Rape Case

Steve Grand In New Hope, PA

I'm always posting something about New Hope, PA, where I live, and how it's a well known tourist destination for LGBT people, and I'm sure a lot of you are left wondering what I'm talking about. So here's a good example. Internet sensation, Steve Grand, whom I've also posted about before, will be here in New Hope this Saturday doing a live concert.

Of course when I heard about it I went to the web site to see about tickets, however, the show was sold out almost immediately. That's fine. I'll live. I'll still promote Grand because I think he's doing something wonderful and he's doing it all alone without the help of huge money supporting him. And he will go down in gay history.

I would imagine there will be a cross section of LGBT people coming to the show in New Hope that ranges from New York, to Philadelphia, to Washington DC.

Here's where it was originally posted.

Gay Man On PrEP Tests HIV Poz

They don't seem to be taking this too seriously right now, however, it's still not a chance I would be willing to take based on the limited information that's out there right now.

For the first time, researchers have documented a case in which an individual has contracted a multi-drug resistant strain of HIV.

He claims that at the time he was adhering to a daily regiment of Truvada (tenofovir/emtricitabine) as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

POZ reports that scientists have come to the conclusion that it’s indeed possible to contract HIV even when adhering to PrEP, when exposed to a strain of the virus that’s resistant to both drugs included in Truvada.

While it’s concerning, experts are suggesting failures like these will be rare.

Here's the rest. It's an in-depth piece with a lot more information, so you really should check it out. That's why I post these links.

The comments are varied with this one, and I don't think some people even get the entire concept of PrEP.

I was actually hoping we wouldn't hear news like this. Even though I'd never do PrEP at this point in time, I was hoping it would work 100%.

Gay Adult Film Star and Alleged Rape Case

And yet here's another disturbing story coming from the world of gay adult film stars.

Wait until you read this...

Also known by his porn alias ‘Mike Dozer’, the HIV-positive adult star has appeared previously as an “anti-condom” ambassador. He had already pleaded guilty to federal charges of felony rape and pled guilty to reckless endangerment of another person following his initial arrest in 2014, having had sex with the victim without condoms.

The new state conviction is in addition to Steele’s federal conviction on related charges, though it is not known if his two separate prison sentences will be served concurrently or consecutively.

The 33-year-old was also reportedly charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, disseminating explicit material to a minor, corruption of a minor among other charges that was dismissed by the court in exchange for a guilty plea bargain.

The link will lead you here. There are over 55 comments with this one. 

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The Rainbow Detective Agency: Rancho Mirage; FREE Gay Excerpt; Gay Night With New York Mets; Elton John Would Rather See A Drag Queen

The Rainbow Detective Agency: Rancho Mirage

This book almost didn't get published. In fact, it almost didn't get written. I was about 30,000 words into the 60,000 word novel when I did something stupid and lost the entire file. I hadn't backed it up anywhere, which I usually do. I still don't even know what happened or how the file got lost. I worked for days trying to recover the lost file, and nothing worked. And when I was finally ready to give up and shelve the book completely so I could start something new, I found a youtube video that helped me figure out a way to find it in the most remote part of my hard drive.

It's also the last book, for now, in The Rainbow Detective series. It's book number nine on Amazon, but it's really number eight because Amazon includes the four book box set.

You can find Rancho Mirage here as an e-book, and in all the other places e-books are sold, like Smashwords, iTunes, and Allromanceebooks. And, this one will also be available in print eventually. I've posted a short excerpt from the novel, below.

Gay Night With New York Mets

I think this shows how far things have come in the world of pro sports. And, I think it's helping to remove the stigma and shame that has always been associated with being LGBT. I don't want to make it any more complicated than that. It's a simple gesture with a strong message.

The New York Mets have announced that they will be hosting a Pride Night this summer in recognition of their LGBTI fans.
The announcement, which was made yesterday at a press conference in Queens, New York, yesterday, makes the Mets the first New York pro team in the city to host a Pride Night.
The Chicago Cubs have been running a Pride Night since 2001 and the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants organized similar events last season.

You can read the rest here. I understand the intentions are good and it seems to be getting a great deal of support.

Elton John Would Rather See A Drag Queen

This time Elton John is speaking up about how he would rather see a drag queen perform than see Janet Jackson lip sync. I'm not totally sure, but I think there's a slur against drag queens somewhere hidden in this.

Don’t expect to see Elton John anywhere near Janet Jackson once the ailing pop diva resumes her Unbreakable concert tour in May.
‘You know, fucking music magazines writing a review of Janet Jackson saying, “This is the greatest show – four and a half stars.” It’s fucking lip-synced! Hello! That’s not a show!’ John tellsRolling Stone in a new profile.
‘I’d rather go and see a drag queen,’ he adds. ‘Fuck off.’

This is where I really don't understand these celebrities sometimes. Elton John goes after another singer and the other singer goes silent. If I were Janet Jackson I'd probably respond with something like, "Interesting. I always thought Elton John was a fucking drag queen." I don't think I'd just sit back and smile. And I think Elton John would get my point.

In any event, Elton John never called me any names so I have nothing against him. I just thought I would point out how I might respond if I were Janet Jackson. It's only normal.

You can read the rest here, where they also talk about Elton John's feud with his 90 year old mum. Mum called his husband, "that fucking asshole David Furnish." That's a direct quote.

Excerpt From Rancho Mirage

There are no serious spoilers in this one. I made sure of that.

Chapter Six
With no time left to shower, Blair cleaned up in the bathroom first and then Proctor and Bob cleaned up at the same time. Although Bob was well spoken and he sounded fairly well educated he often said unexpected things that made Proctor smile. They were in the bathroom sharing the sink and Bob said, "Do you need a separate wash cloth to sink wash your nuts, man?"
Proctor laughed and said, "No thanks. I'll just use yours when you're finished with it." The guy had just finished doing the most intimate things imaginable. He saw no point in avoiding sharing the same wash cloth. Even though the apartment was messy, it was clean and nothing in the bathroom was repulsive. The white tiled floor had been mopped, the toilet sparkled, and white pedestal sink didn't have one single stain. In fact, the towels, unlike the rest of the place, smelled as if he'd used mountain fresh scent in the laundry.
When they joined Blair in the main section of the apartment he was already dressed and ready to leave. Bob mentioned he worked as a bartender part time somewhere in West Hollywood, and he put on a crisp white shirt and tight black pants. While they dressed Bob also mentioned he had a degree in fine arts with a theater concentration from a college in New York and he'd moved out to the west coast to pursue a career in acting. Blair rarely offered anything personal about his life to anyone and he stood near the door smiling and nodding. Proctor didn't want to get to know Bob better so he just listened and smiled without offering any detailed information about himself.
Proctor found his pants and underwear on the floor next to his socks and shoes but he couldn't find his shirt. There were so many articles of clothing on the floor it must have gotten mixed in with them and Proctor didn't have time to waste looking for it.
"I can't find my shirt anywhere," Proctor said.
Blair laughed. "That's a novelty. Usually you can't find your underpants."
Proctor sent him a look and didn't reply. Blair often found it amusing to make cheesy bottom jokes about Proctor because Proctor didn't have sex with strange men that often. If it had been up to Blair they would have had non-stop sex with strangers but Proctor never had the urge to be that promiscuous.
Bob went to the closet and pulled out a plain black V-neck shirt that went with everything. He handed it to Proctor and said, "Wear this. We're the same size shirt and I kind of like knowing that you're wearing my shirt."
Blair rolled his eyes. "Isn't that sweet and tender. It gives me the feels."
Proctor knew Blair's sarcasm and he didn't want to encourage it. He took the shirt from Bob and said, "Let me buy it from you. I have cash."
As he reached for his wallet in his back pocket, Bob stepped back and shook his head. "No way. When I find your shirt I'll have it cleaned and then when I drop it off you can give me back this one. Even trade."
 Proctor hated to owe anyone anything. He'd never been the type to borrow clothes, cars, books, or even money from friends. He didn't even like it when people paid for him at restaurants. He preferred to pay his own way and not owe anything to anyone. However, he didn't have time to argue the point and he could see Bob was not going to take his money.
"Okay," Proctor said. "But don't worry about my shirt. Whenever you find it that's okay with me." He slipped the silky black shirt over his head and detected a light scent of the body spray Bob had used in the bathroom a few minutes earlier. It wasn't an offensive aroma. It was some kind of watered down masculine body spray that could be purchased in any drugstore.
A few minutes later, they exchanged contact information with their phones and Bob walked them down to the car. As he turned to get into his own car, he grabbed Proctor by the waist and kissed him on the sidewalk in front of all the cars moving up and down Fairfax. And when he let go and stepped back, he patted Proctor on the ass and said, "I'll call you later."
Blair laughed and said, "That's a smart move, dude. He doesn't like texting."
Proctor glared at Blair, and then he smiled at Bob and said, "I'll see you later." He just said that to be polite; he didn't intend to see him again for a while, if ever.
When they were finally on the road headed back to the office, Blair looked up from his phone and said, "He's a nice guy. I like him."
Proctor slowed down for traffic at the intersection and said, "He's a very nice guy but when he calls I'm going to let him know this afternoon was a onetime deal. It's not going to happen again."
Blair shrugged and looked down at his phone again. He seemed to be having trouble tweeting something and it looked as if he were diffusing a bomb. "It's up to you. But I like him and I wouldn't mind hooking up with him again."

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Misguided Julia Sugarbaker Political Video; Two Gay Frat Brothers; Trump Wins Nevada

The Misguided Julia Sugarbaker Political Video

I was never a huge fan of anything Linda Bloodworth-Thomason did on TV because it was far too political for my tastes. I don't like it when Hollywood starts preaching politics to me. I like objectivity. With some exceptions to the rule, I think their job is to entertain. Designing Women was a funny TV show, for the most part, and the self-indulgent political rants that Bloodworth-Thomason was known to write for the show turned me off completely. I can't watch it in reruns. And I think it turned off millions of other people.

In any event, I don't want to get off topic again. The story I'm linking to is a misguided story because it doesn't clarify that the character, Julia Sugarbaker, and the actress who played the part, did NOT agree politically. In other words, Dixie Carter only played the part of Julia Sugarbaker. According to many sources, she didn't agree with her politics and Carter worked out a deal with LB-T to do all the political scenes as long as she got to sing on the show. And, Carter's singing made for some of the best Designing Women shows.

I took this from Carter's wiki page.

Carter was a registered Republican, who described her political views as libertarian. She was interviewed by Bill O'Reilly along with Pat Boone at the 2000 Republican National Convention. Although her Designing Women character, Julia Sugarbaker, was known for her liberal political views and subsequent monologues, Carter disagreed with many of her character's left-of-center commentaries and made a deal with the producers that for every speech she had to make with which she disagreed, Julia would get to sing a song in a future episode. Carter once jokingly described herself as "the only Republican in show business". She was also a strong supporter of the gay community.

Carter was also a wonderful actress and I think it's highly disingenuous to not mention her beliefs when posting a story like this. Tell the truth. The new Linda Bloodworth-Thomason video out that's so anti-Trump is only using the character, Julia Sugarbaker, because Bloodworth-Thomason most likely owns the rights to that character, which is fine. But no one mentions this aloud. 

You can read about this here, and see the video. I personally find this offensive for my own reasons. She's using a man in drag and she's misrepresenting the millions of gay men who would never, ever do something like this. There's nothing wrong with drag, but the gay male community is now more diversified than ever and many of us don't identify with drag and we don't want to be women. The truth is not all gays like drag and we have voices, too.    

Two Gay Frat Brothers

A story about two frat brothers coming out has the good journalist people over at "salivating." That is how they worded it, not me. 

It's more intense than you would imagine. It involves drugs and drug culture and addiction.

“After a couple months of dating though, I realized something was going on. He started to not look well again, kind of like how he did when we were in college and it was becoming just really obvious that he had relapsed.”

You can view the story here, and read the mean girl man bun comments. It's actually a rather sad story and think they've gone through their own brand of fresh hells. I don't know why anyone would "salivate" over a story this sad.

Trump Wins Nevada

If someone asked me who I was going to vote for I wouldn't know how to answer at this point. I'm not one of those gay dedicated party people, never was that dedicated to any political party, and never will be. Here in New Hope we have a very gay friendly Republican Mayor and I don't believe all votes should be divided right down the line. But I find what's been happening with Trump interesting. And I really do mean interesting in every sense of the word. I'm not slamming Trump, and I'm not promoting him.

In any event, Trump won another round this week.

LAS VEGAS (AP) — With a big win in Nevada, Donald Trump claimed a third straight commanding victory in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. A tight race for second between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz offered little evidence that Republicans were ready to coalesce around one strong alternative to the businessman billionaire.

With victories now under his belt in the West, the South and Northeast, a gleeful Trump was oozing even more confidence than usual Tuesday night that the GOP nomination is within reach.

You can read the rest here. I couldn't even begin to predict if he will continue to move forward, or not. And I'm not sure anyone else can either.

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Will Sasso's Leaked Penis; Historians: Hitler Had One Testicle; Donating Your Penis To Science; Small Penis Insult Leads To Murder

Will Sasso's Leaked Penis

I honestly don't know what any of this is, nor do I know who Will Sasso is, but I thought it was interesting in a general it relates to selfie culture and social media. And there is a definite selfie culture happening right now. From what I've seen lately, the new trend in selfies is for really attractive people to take faux ugly selfies while they are making funny/silly ugly faces on purpose. It works once, maybe twice, they get a laugh and everyone tells them how hot they are. But after the third time it gets tired. Someone should tell them.

I guess I'm as guilty in the other direction for not taking enough selfies. But I do have photos out there, they are REAL photos of me, and I think that should be enough. I'm a writer. 

In any event, I digress.

On Hashtaggers, the MADtv actor "accidentally" leaks and then deletes a photo of his penis on Instagram, but he is disappointed to find out no one on the Internet cares about his package!

He decides to release another shot of his "little big man" and recruits the Hashtaggers to strategize how to get his "thing" trending.

There's a video to watch here. 

Historians: Hitler Had One Testicle

And he allegedly had a tiny deformed penis.

Hitler suffered from a condition called hypospadias which left him with an abnormally small manhood, according to historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie. 

It seems like a reputable source.

"Hitler himself is believed to have had two forms of genital abnormality: an undescended testicle and a rare condition called penile hypospadias in which the urethra opens on the under side of the penis," Mr Mayo and Ms Craigie wrote.

The rest is here.

Donating Your Penis To Science

This article is about medical science and penis transplants.

In December of 2015, Johns Hopkins University announced that they had selected a wounded soldier who had lost most of his penis in an explosion for the country’s first, and the world’s third, penis transplant. The surgery has been done twice before; once in China, where the man had a negative reaction to the unfamiliar penis on his body and wanted it removed, and in South Africa, where it was a complete success and the man even fathered a child with his new member.

Aside from all the possible complications, one issue seems to be that most men are not willing to donate their penises. I'm not even sure how this might work with gay men. As far as any organ donor programs go it's not as simple as you would imagine if you're a gay man.

Here's the rest. 

Small Penis Insult Leads To Murder

According to this source, after an alleged fight involving drugs, one man told another he had a small penis, and ultimately wound up stabbing him to death.

Incensed at Szanto’s anger, Green took off his clothes to prove he hadn’t stolen the missing drugs — and Szanto told him he had a small penis.

That comment kicked off a brawl and, after some kicking and punching, Szanto ended up stabbing his drug buddy.

He later told police that Green had a knife, but other witnesses testified in court that the man was unarmed.

You can check this out here. 

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Chihuahua Allegedly Stabbed By Gay Porn Star's Lover; Gay Guys Who Don't Come Out; Hillary's E-mails On Gays

Chihuahua Allegedly Stabbed By Gay Porn Star's Lover

Here's yet another dismal news item about a gay porn star, and this one is particularly distressing.

“A fit of rage” is what’s being described as the state Jose Luis Rodriguez was in when he allegedly stabbed his boyfriend’s chihuahua to death in an Upper East Side Manhattan park over the weekend, though we have a hard time rationalizing the disturbing attack under any terms.

Randy Capehart, aka gay adult film actor Vin Nolan (above), was in Texas attending his grandmother’s funeral and left his dog, Buddy, in the care of Rodriguez.

Suspecting Nolan of cheating, Rodriguez flew off the handle and attacked buddy in John Jay Park, near East 78th Street and FDR Drive, as terrified onlookers, including children, watched.

You can read the rest here. I know exactly where that neighborhood is because it's near my brother's Venfield NYC showroom. 

 Gay Guys Who Don't Come Out

I've talked about this here on the blog a few times. There's this big misconception that all gay men "come out." I never did. There was no big coming out announcement for me...or for Tony. We just started living our lives and people either figured it out or they didn't. I have no regrets in doing that. I never thought I owed anyone any announcements. I still don't.

Here's a series of memes that talk about other guys who never actually "came out."

"I never had to come out. I just let everyone figure it out on their own."

You can read all of them here. I'm glad to see other guys speaking up about this.

Hillary's E-mails On Gays

I don't know whether or not this disclosure helps redeem Hillary Clinton with some in the gay community. I try to remain neutral because everyone has an opinion.

Emails haven’t exactly been assets to Hillary Clinton as she carries on with her Odyssean march to claim the Oval Office, but it looks like there are a few golden nuggets hiding in her past correspondence that could prove helpful.

Newly-released emails from Clinton’s time at the State Department reveal the then-Secretary urged the Obama administration to take a tough stance against antigay laws in Africa, and that she was tickled pink to be honored by World Pride.

You can read more here. As I said, there are a lot of opinions about Clinton in the gay community and I really want to keep this one objective this time. I'm posting it because a lot of you don't read the gay presses and you most likely won't hear about this on mainstream news.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sir John Gielgud's Gay Porn Script; Gay High School Football Coach; Fired By Catholic Diocese In Virginia;

 Sir John Gielgud's Gay Porn Script

Evidently, there's a gay porn script written by Sir John Gielgud that may never go into production because his charitable trust is trying to block it from happening. It's a story that's been transpiring for several decades.

De Rome said that Gielgud was a fan of his work, and in 1976 he wrote a short, porn-themed screenplay, which he passed on to De Rome with the suggestion that he film it. The film was set in a menswear shop, reflecting a sexual interest that McGillivray says Gielgud had in trousers and fabrics.
‘Corduroy was his favorite, but he also liked velvet, flannel, leather [and] denim,’ McGillivray told the Daily Mail last year.
De Rome never got around to making the short, entitled Trouser Bar, and retired from filmmaking. McGillivray tried to tempt him behind the camera one last time and offered to produce the film but De Rome was insistent that he didn’t wish to direct again.
In 2014 at the age of 89, De Rome died following battle against leukemia. It was at this stage that McGillivray thought again about Trouser Bar. He decided that he still wanted to make the film.

It's an interesting story that can be read in full here. 

I remember seeing the movie, Arthur,  for the first time and I loved Gielgud in that film. At the time I was young and I had no one...NO with whom I could identify. It would have been nice to know Gielgud was gay. However, that's only recently become the trend. No one can blame Gielgud because he was victim of his times. So when I write a gay parody like I've done in the past because we had no content whatsoever and my critics don't like it, that's too damn bad. That's my statement on how unfairly the scales have been balanced. 

Gay High School Football Coach

This is one of those stories I wish we would hear more about from the mainstream media. An openly gay high school football coach talks about what his journey was like.

‘I was ready to kill myself because I thought even though this program was like a second family to me, I feared they would shun me. It was a crushing weight that I was carrying with me all of the time,’ he said last week during a TED talk at the University of Nevada-Reno.
It was during this talk that Wickes came out to the world and said he wants to make football a more welcoming place for gay players.
‘Football teaches so many great life lessons to those who play or coach: perseverance, toughness, respect, self-esteem,’ he says. ‘But the one negative thing that it does teach is that being gay is not okay. To be frank, the word faggot is used almost as much as the word football.’

He's saying basically what I say here on this blog all the time: Take Away the Shame. Even if someone tells you they've "evolved," on gay issues, tell them they should be apologizing to you instead. You don't want to hear they've evolved. That's disingenuous of them. They should say, "I'm sorry." 

You can read the rest here. 

Fired By Catholic Diocese In Virginia

For those who don't know, a "diocese" is a designated area, or district, in a particular region for Catholics. Think of it as being a county in a state, only this time the state is the Catholic Church and each diocese is a district in that state. A diocese is run by a Bishop, and he has minions at his service at all times. People are expected to kiss his ring. I know this from 12 years of Catholic school.

This is what happened to a guy in Virginia when the diocese found out he was gay, and that he was married.

‘I jovially welcomed them into a conference room, we sat down and with blunt force and no introduction or background, the (Chief Financial Officer) of the diocese said, “We understand you’re in a same-sex marriage.”‘
Murphy confirmed that he is married to Jerry Carter who he had met in January 1985 and been with ever since.
He says the CFO then told him: ‘Unfortunately that renders you unfit for this position and your last day is today.’

You can read the rest here. I'm sure no one is surprised by now, because this kind of behavior seems to be what the Catholic Church is all about when it comes to gays. And that's in spite of the fact that there are allegedly so many gay Catholic priests hiding in the closet.

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Gay Erotic Vampire Romance Series

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Student Who Outs Teacher Karma; Kicked Out For Being Gay; Bisexual Teen Found Dead

Student Who Outs Teacher Karma

Here's an allegedly true story that was posted on reddit by a guy who outed his teacher in a show of revenge, and how that mean decision followed him around for years afterward.

I wanted revenge. I wanted him to feel as uncomfortable as I did. I wanted things to be awkward for him. I decided to start a rumor. It would be easy. It was his first year teaching. No one knew anything about him. Why, exactly, I chose the rumor that he was gay I’ll never know. The memories are too fuzzy. Most likely, it was because of the other way he’d “slighted me.” It wasn’t just the girls in the class that had a crush on him. I did too. That’s some heavy shit for a 13 year old guy to process. Somehow that crush I had was his fault too.

So “he’s gay” was the rumor I settled on. It took very little effort on my part. Just a few “you know what I heard…” type comments in earshot of the school’s biggest gossips. It spread like wildfire.

You can read the entire story here. 

And the saddest thing of all is that this kind of mentality is still around today. The shame that is associated with being gay is still there in many places. And that's what needs to change. There should be no such thing as starting a gay rumor and dealing with consequences. It shouldn't matter. No one spreads a rumor that someone is straight and suffers any least not in this context.

Kicked Out For Being Gay

Here's the story of a Lebanese man who was kicked out of his home because he's gay.

 YouTuber Elias describes himself as “Just a regular degular shmegular Lebanese boy living in Australia,” and he shared his story of being kicked out of his home for being gay, complete with disturbing religious undertones.

You can watch the video here.

Once again, this is what needs to change.

Bisexual Teen Found Dead

Unfortunately, it gets sadder. Here's one about a bisexual teen who was found dead after allegedly telling his mom he was targeted.

19-year-old Nicholas Hawkins made a frantic call to his mother and told her that acquaintance Joshua Adam Reese was trying to kill him. Three days later, Hawkins was found shot to death and Reese was arrested and being held as a person of interest in the crime.

You can check that one out here.

Next time you hear someone say there's not much to do because we won legal gay marriage, relate a few of these stories to them.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Gay Men and Certain Jobs; Russell Tovey Nude Scene; Mary Poppins Sequel

Gay Men and Certain Jobs

The title of the article I'm linking to reads, "Are Gay Men Better At Certain Jobs?"

And comedian, Sam Kalidi, decided to add his brand of humor to the subject. Remember, it's comedy.

Each week online comedian, voice actor and chest hair model Sam Kalidi creates a comedic post for Queerty readers. This week he considers whether there’s truth to gay job stereotypes. You can find him on TwitterFacebook,Instagram and at your local glory hole.

You can watch his video here.

You'll like the comments, too.

Russell Tovey Nude Scene

This story is about a new film with Russell Tovey...he was a huge character on HBO's Looking, which I loved...titled, The Pass. It started out as a stage play, with Russell Tovey, before they adapted it to film.

Evidently, there's some nudity.

The show played to critical acclaim, with The Guardian saying of Tovey’s performance, “What Tovey captures superbly, apart from Jason’s physical fitness, is his shift from a nervy but determined teenager into a…figure who has paid the price of fame.”

Perhaps he was drawing on the backlash he got from those femme comments in March of last year. But probably not.

The rest is here. There are photos.

Mary Poppins Sequel

A lot of people don't know that author, P.L. Travers, who wrote the book, Mary Poppins, wasn't too thrilled about the book being adapted to film in the 1960s. In fact, Walk Disney himself courted her for many years trying to persuade her to give him the rights. I can only wonder what she might say now about this sequel they are planning.

On one hand, we are horrified by the prospect of a Mary Poppins sequel. The 1964 Walt Disney musical about an undocumented worker magical nanny in 1910 London is a bona-fide classic that made Julie Andrews a household name.

I think what most people don't know is that there was, indeed, a serious story in the original book that really shouldn't be combined with...cartoons. Or, it's questionable at best.

Here's the rest. I wrote another in-depth post about P.L Travers a while back, here. I've always found the alleged LGBT angle, the one we never hear about, highly relative.

Gage goes on to talk more about Travers as a lesbian, and with some excellent examples that include photos. It's not the first place I've read about this. If you do more searches you'll see that everything Gage claims can be backed up by others. Yet no mention of this in the film, Saving Mr. Banks, as if it's a crime to mention it.

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