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Learning About FASCIA; Getting Your "Beau" In a Sex Mood; Rugby Star Sam Stanley Comes Out as Gay

Learning About FASCIA

While I've seen far to many of these things to take anything too seriously anymore, personally, I've always believed that if it makes you feel better that's something. If you truly believe in something, it will work. From what I gather, this article was written by a trainer who claims he can help with emotions, like stress and anxiety, through certain workout routines.

Our muscles and organs are all encased in a layer of fibrous material called fascia. Fascia is what separates yet holds everything together in our bodies. One analogy I heard recently was that if our body were a suitcase, then fascia would be the lining inside that creates separate compartments for your underwear, socks, toiletries, etc. No matter what direction you turn the suitcase, the contents inside remain organized and intact. 

This is interesting, too.

Our mood also affects the pliability of our fascia. All of our emotions travel through our body via the fascial web. Our mind then interprets this data as love, anger, joy, fear etc. It’s our fascia, however, that physically feels these emotions in our body.

There's more here.

There's a list of things at the bottom of the article. I don't know much about fascia, but I do run every morning and I like the benefits.

Getting Your "Beau" In a Sex Mood

This one you'll have to sift through with a good sense of humor. It's one of those pieces that gives advice about getting your "beau" in a sexy mood. Yes, your "beau." Take into consideration this is an advertorial.

Whether you are in a long-term relationship, practice serial monogamy or simply like playing the field, getting in the mood with your beau of the choice can sometimes be a challenge. So we’ve teamed up with our friends at the AdamMale’s online store, along with the store’s resident sex expert Dr. Kat, to put together pointers for how to re-light the fire.

Now, if you really want to get your "beau," or as they say on Twitter, your "bae," in the mood, you can give him this...


A 2011 study published by Urology found that watermelon can help improve a man’s sexual performance. Citrulline is an amino acid found in high concentrations of watermelon juice and is believed to help increase blood flow to the penis as well as boost libido. On top of that, watermelon is packed with Vitamin C, and at just 71 calories per serving, it’s a sexy, guilt-free snack.

The list gets even worse, and nowhere do they mention poppers, black work boots, or cock rings.

You can read the rest here.

The comments are priceless:

We’re men. What is this “GET in the mood” of which you speak?

Rugby Star Sam Stanley Comes Out As Gay

First, all bloggers often use "as gay" after "comes out" for search engines. We know we're stating the obvious, so calm yourselves :)

Second, I think this is a great example of why labels are important sometimes. Sam Stanley is now another one of many brave people to come out, openly, as gay and without shame. That's a huge thing. That's not something we would have seen ten or twenty years ago. So if you don't like labels, or don't understand them, take this story into consideration. The guy is helping closeted gay men of all generations by showing there's no shame.

England Rugby Sevens star Sam Stanley has come out as gay – the first English professional rugby union player to do so.

Stanley, who has represented England five times internationally, has spoken of his anguish at hiding his sexuality.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Stanley said: ‘I was 10 or 11 when I realised I was different to my friends.

‘I didn’t want to accept it, I felt that being different wasn’t right. I had a girlfriend and I was thinking that, like some people say, maybe it is just a phase.’

I think any gay person on earth can relate to the kind of shame he's talking about.

Here's more.  


Saturday, August 29, 2015

James Franco and Interior. Leather Bar; No "Labels" No Community; Ted Cruz's Father on Gays; Christian Group's Questionable TV Ads

James Franco and Interior. Leather Bar.

I can't say that I hated Interior. Leather Bar. We watched it on NetFlix last night. Well, most of it. Tony made me turn it off toward the end because he couldn't sit through "another minute of it."

I do think it's interesting, from a cultural point of view, when people who know very little about gay culture try to explain gay their own terms. What I basically got from the whole movie was an exaggerated version of gay culture that was often a weekend Twitter sort of way. A few of the heteronormative actors seemed more interested in hanging on to James Franco's fame than examining the gay experience. In fact, I'm not sure how James Franco managed to keep a straight face, pardon the pun, while shooting certain scenes. I would have been rolling on the floor. In this sense, I think Franco is a genius. And he seems to know who's full of crap and who isn't. 

The thing I did like about it was the general message, a message that's more about liberating the mainstream from what they've been taught to fear about sex...or avoid. It's nothing to see violence of all kinds on TV and in films, however, don't dare show a penis, especially one that's erect. Keep sex censored at all times. At least I think that's what Franco was going for. If it was, I agree with that part.

You can see more about it here at imdb...

Filmmakers James Franco and Travis Mathews re-imagine the lost 40 minutes from "Cruising" as a starting point to a broader exploration of sexual and creative freedom.

No "Labels" No Community

I read this piece a while ago and remembered it for some reason. Probably because I'm always seeing people state they don't like labels. I think in most cases the people who say they don't like labels are coming from good's innocent and they really do wish we lived in a world without labels...a perfect world. But there are two sides to the story and even if you don't totally agree, this article presents a few excellent points.

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, I had no idea that we were no longer marginalized to the point that we no longer needed to be able to identify our community. That we were fully accepted by society at large as well as by the GGGG community. That it was time to relax and rest on our laurels, because our work here is done. It's not like the piece quotes a high-profile gay blogger who says that of course bisexuality isn't real because he posed as one too, to "ease the transition".

You can read the rest here. 

Ted Cruz's Father On Gays

I guess we shouldn't be surprised by this. Ted Cruz's father's stand on gays isn't that much different from Ted's.

“You’ve got to realize that that decision was not about homosexual marriage, that decision was a decision against religious liberty. What was the basis for their decision? It was the 14th Amendment. That means they’re calling homosexuality a civil right. Understand me well, if they’re calling homosexuality a civil right, that means that the next obvious step is a homosexual may come to your church and demand to be hired, whether as pastor or a janitor is immaterial, and if you say, ‘I’m sorry I cannot hire you because it violates my religious faith,’ you’re going to be slapped with a civil rights discrimination lawsuit.”

And there you are.

I can't promise you much in this world, but I can promise you one thing for certain: I will never, ever, demand to be hired in any capacity at your church. In fact, if you invite me to your church I'll be thinking up excuses not to go before we finish texting.

The rest is here.

Christian Group's Questionable TV Ads

This is happening in Australia, with right wing Christians, again.

A funny thing is happening during commercial breaks in Australia — subscribers to regional satellite TV are being inundated with antigay propaganda wrapped in a neat little package dubbed “family values.”

Actually, the package isn’t so neat. Viewers are subjected to some of the most awkward moments of broadcasting we can recall seeing — four ads depict the inner monologues of a traditional nuclear family, calling on them to go “back to the table” for family dinners.

You can read the rest of it here, where there are videos of the ads.  The article continues with statements like this:

James Dobson, has said: “Same-sex relationships undermine the future generation’s understanding of the fundamental principles of marriage, parenthood, and gender.”

The Rainbow Detective Agency Book 6

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Dating Younger Men; Should Sex Work Be A Crime; Josh Duggar In Rehab

Dating Younger Men

Here's another installment in a series of memes from comedian, Sam Kalidi, and this time the focus is on dating younger men.

We’ve asked online comedian, voice actor and chest hair model Sam Kalidi to create a new meme each week for Queerty readers. This week he takes notice of gay men of a certain age who wonder if a May-December romance is right for them. Sam looks forward to all your hate mail. You can find him onTwitterFacebook,Instagram and at your local glory hole.

You can check them all out here. I like this one...

If he doesn't get this, he's too young for you.  

You'll have click the link because I can't share without permission.

Should Sex Work Be A Crime

Here's a piece that's relevant because of the raid at that rent boy office in Manhattan. I've seen so many comments about it on social media all week I didn't realize it was such a hot button topic.

Tuesday morning’s sting operation came just days after an announcement by several major LGBT rights advocacy organizations–Transgender Law Center, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), Lambda Legal, National Center for Lesbian Rights, and National Center for Transgender Equality–would be joining Amnesty International in calling for decriminalization of sex work.

You can read how people feel in the comments, here.

I try not to comment on things I know nothing about. This is one of them. 

Josh Duggar In Rehab

Evidently, Josh Duggar is in a rehab. I guess this is fallout from the disclosure of the whole Ashley Madison thing.

 In a statement, Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, said they were “deeply grieved” by Josh’s actions but “thankful for the outpouring of love, care and prayers for our family during this most difficult situation.”

They also said they predict a “long journey toward wholeness and recovery” but they believe that with Jesus on his side, Josh will be OK.

“His wrong choices have deeply hurt his precious wife and children and have negatively affected so many others,” the statement said. “During this time we continue to look to God—He is our rock and comfort. We ask for your continued prayers for our entire family.”

The rest is here.

The comments are about as vituperative as you would expect. And it's hard to blame the public for feeling this strongly about people who lead such questionable lives.

The Rainbow Detective Agency Book 6

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FREE Gay Exceprt; Strip Tennis with Rafael Nadal; Vestor Flanagan Alleged Male Escort; Venice Mayor Banning Gay Pride

FREE Gay Excerpt

Here's an excerpt, at the bottom of this post, from When A Man Loves A Man, another book in the Glendora Hill series. It's being released sometime this week and I'll post more links and info when I get it from the publisher. I would imagine sometime next week. 

Strip Tennis with Rafael Nadal

Yes, this is pure clickbait. Yes, it's stupid. But it's also fun and life is short. Besides, another gay celebrity made headlines with a rant about politics and I'm staying as far away from that sort of thing for the next year as I possibly can.

I like things like this a lot better these days.

Rafael Nadal is having a bit of a moment (as if 14 Grand Slam titles and an Olympic gold medal haven’t been enough) as the new face (and body, mostly body) of Tommy Hilfiger underwear.

You can check this out here. I wish I could share the photos here, but I don't have permission and bloggers can't take those chances anymore unless they do have permission.

Vestor Flanagan Alleged Male Escort

Vestor Flanagan was the real name of Bryce Williams, the disgruntled employee who shot and killed two innocent people who worked at a TV news station in Virginia. This article alleges that he once worked as a gay male escort. It's already been established that he was gay.

Now, People is reporting that before his career in television news, Flanagan “exchanged sex for money in the mid-1990s.” Sources say Flanagan worked as a male escort during a period of unemployment between 1995 and 1997, when he was in his early 20s.

You can check that out here, with a photo of Flanagan from what appears to be his escort days.

The comments are varied. A few people slammed Queerty for this article but I'm on Queerty's side with this one. It's creepy, it's painfully sad, but also newsworthy. If Flanagan had been straight and he'd worked as a straight male escort that would have made the news, too.

Venice Mayor Banning Gay Pride

The mayor of Venice, Italy, Luigi Brugnaro, would like to ban gay pride events. His reasons aren't as homophobic as you might think...but they are a little unusual and many are upset over it. In other words, I don't think he's least I hope not...but it's not totally clear.

“There will be no gay pride in my Venice,” Luigi Brugnaro told La Repubblica newspaper, before describing the event as both farcical and kitsch.

The rest is here. Of course there was a reply from gay activists.

And here's the excerpt from When A Man Loves A Man...

On the way home, he checked his phone again and there was nothing from Bobby Joe, not even a little smiley face text, which he often did when they were both at work. This wasn’t usual for Bobby Joe. The truth was Bobby Joe had always been the one who tended to be jealous and overly possessive of Clayton.
          The more he walked, the harder he thought. He wound up running again, wondering how long it would take him to get to Glendora Hill. He’d never even heard of the place, and as a country western singer he’d traveled through a good deal of Texas by then. He knew Austin fairly well, and he knew the roads that would lead him into the general direction of Glendora Hill. He could find his way to the little town with GPS on his phone, and ask for directions to the Marshall Ranch in town when he arrived.
          He decided Will was right. There was no good solid reason why he shouldn’t show up at the Marshall Ranch that weekend and surprise Bobby Joe. He would tell the family they were just good friends and he was in the area and stopped by to say hello. He didn’t even plan on spending the weekend. He only wanted to meet the family and show Bobby Joe it was okay to be seen together in front of them. No one ever knew he was gay unless he mentioned it aloud. If anything, other people usually could tell Bobby Joe was gay so his family had to suspect something.
          So he went home, showered, and dressed so fast he left the wet towels on the floor and shaving stubble in the sink. He put on his newest white shirt, his cleanest jeans, and his black cowboy boots with new heels. He didn’t plan to stay at the ranch for long, but he packed a vintage brown valise Bobby Joe had given him last Christmas with a few things just in case they asked him to stay. Then he turned out the lights, grabbed his cowboy hat from a hook near the door, and went downstairs to his truck.
          As he started the truck, he realized it was even hotter outside and he didn’t want to show up in Glendora Hill looking like a mess. The truck was old, a green 1962 Studebaker Champ he’d inherited from his grandfather when he’d turned sixteen. In spite of its age it only had 42,000 miles on the odometer. He drove it all over Houston and people constantly asked him about it. Some made him offers to sell it. His grandfather hadn’t driven it much, and Clayton never actually had to commute any long distances daily in his life. When he played his music in other cities he usually just rented a small car. It was cheaper and he didn’t have to worry. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to rent a car that day, which is what he would have preferred to do. He had to use the old truck and it didn’t have air conditioning.
          So he removed his white shirt and set it neatly on the passenger side of the bench seat. As he pulled away from the curb he noticed the two younger men who had been standing around the warehouse flirting with him the night before. They saw him pull off without his shirt. He glanced in their direction and one of them smiled and gave him two thumbs up. He wasn’t sure if they were a couple or just good friends. He’d started seeing a lot of younger gay men traveling in pairs and groups lately, more so than when he’d been in his early twenties. When he smiled at them, he clutched the steering wheel tighter, thinking about what Bobby Joe was doing to him with this family business. If he’d just been more like Will his life could have been so simple. He could have invited the two young guys up to the loft, played with them all afternoon, and kissed them goodbye forever at the end of the day. But he had to fall in love with Bobby Joe. He had to have morals and ethics. At times like this he wondered if he wasn’t doing everything all wrong.
          Music calmed him as he drove. The only thing he’d changed about the old truck was the radio. He had a newer system installed, with Bluetooth, so he could listen to his favorite country western bands. And sometimes, even though he would never admit this aloud to his brother or another living soul, he played show tunes from Broadway musicals just because they put him in a better mood.
           On the highway, he received a fair share of attention from truckers and others who passed and noticed the classic old pick-up and his naked torso. He paid them no mind; he focused on the road and never glanced sideways to acknowledge them once. For most of the trip to Glendora Hill he remained focused on his anger, and how frustrated he was about not meeting Bobby Joe’s family yet. He even imagined all the worst scenarios, one of which included images of Bobby Joe leading a double life and having a girlfriend in Glendora Hill so his straight, uptight, homophobic family would never guess he was gay.
          When reached the Austin city limits, something interesting happened. As he grew closer to Glendora Hill realizing he would see Bobby Joe again his anger turned into anticipation and he thought more about his appearance and giving Bobby Joe’s family a good first impression. He stopped at the last rest area before he had to exit and went into the bathroom to put on his shirt and check his hair. It felt cooler there, and not as oppressive as it had been in Houston when he’d set out on his road trip. At least he wouldn’t show up a sweaty mess.
          He climbed back into the pick-up and turned off the music. He’d checked a few maps of Texas and he had a basic idea where he was going. He also entered Glendora Hill into his GPS system on the phone, hoping he would keep a signal. Unfortunately, he lost all signals a few miles after he exited the highway and he had to stop off at a small service station to see if they had an old-fashioned paper map, or if they could give him directions to Glendora Hill.

After he filled the gas tank, he went into the service station and found an older man sitting behind a gunmetal desk piled so high with papers and junk he could only see the man’s head. The old man glanced up at him and said, “What can I do for you?” He didn’t have a tooth in his mouth and it looked as if his chin could touch his nose if he tried hard enough.
          Clayton smiled and said, “I’m looking for a little town, Glendora Hill. Do you have a map I could buy?”
          The older man laughed and rubbed his extenuated chin a few times. “Don’t have no maps here, fella. But I can tell you where to go. It’s about as simple as simple gets.” He spoke with a heavy country accent, this kind Clayton hadn’t heard in years.
          “I’d appreciate that,” Clayton said. “I’ve never been there before.”
          The man laughed louder, with one hand on his chin and the other on his stomach. “Then you’re in for a real treat. There’s no place like it.”
          Clayton didn’t ask him to elaborate, and the older man didn’t seem to mind. He went into a short but detailed explanation of how to get from there to the center of Glendora Hill barely stopping at the end of each sentence.
          It sounded simple enough to Clayton, and he didn’t ask for paper or a pen to write anything down. He thanked the older man and offered him a twenty-dollar bill for his help. But the older man lifted his palm and said, “No, thanks, fella. It’s on me.”
          When Clayton returned to the pick-up truck, he pulled out of the station and followed the man’s directions and made a right. This led him to an intersection about four miles away, where he made a left onto a narrow winding road with hills and valleys that never seemed to end. He drove along that road for another half hour until he reached an intersection where he had the stop sign. When he stopped he glanced up at a wooden road sign that pointed to the left and read, “Glendora Hill.” It was one of those old signs made of wood that had been around since the Second World War. The paint was chipped and he could hardly read the writing. He’d seen them before in other parts of Texas, which made him wonder what Glendora Hill was really like. The last time he’d seen a sign like this it led him to a small town that resembled a ghost town in an old western movie, complete with a dirt road. He wondered if this is what the older man at the service station had been referring to when he’d mentioned Clayton was in for a surprise with Glendora Hill.
          He looked at his cell phone again and noticed he was getting a signal now. So he checked the GPS to see if he was headed in the right direction, and then made a left at the intersection onto the road that would lead him into the heart of Glendora Hill.
          After he’d left Houston the sky had become overcast and it looked as if it might rain. It had remained this way for most of the road trip, until he reached the road that would lead him to Glendora Hill. As he drove toward the Main Street, the road grew more winding and narrower and the trees thicker. He also noticed the sky getting bluer and there wasn’t a hint of humidity or a single cloud. In fact, he’d never seen the sky so blue, and it even felt cooler. He thought this was because he he’d been driving uphill since he’d left the last intersection.
          The narrow winding road eventually gave way to a wider stretch. The trees disappeared and there were green meadows on both sides. A few miles after that, he noticed buildings and a few more trees. He figured this must be Glendora Hill, and his suspicions were confirmed a few minutes later when he passed a sign that read, “Welcome to Glendora Hill, Texas.” 

The Rainbow Detective Agency Book 6

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Lost Romance: When A Man Loves A Man; Male Full Frontal Nudity In Cloudburst the Movie; Bryce Williams and Sexual Orientation

The Lost Romance Novel: When A Man Loves A Man

In 2014 something interesting happened. I submitted a romance novel to my publisher titled, When A Man Loves A Man, that was part of the Glendora Hill series and I moved on to my next project and deadline.

However, this week I was going over books for a new author web site we're building and I couldn't find When A Man Loves A Man anywhere. Not on any web sites, from Amazon to the publisher's web site. I even posted about it here, with an excerpt, and then forgot about it.

So I went through my e-mails and contacted my publisher, and sure enough after enough searching we found it. Evidently, while the book was waiting for a cover it somehow got lost and slipped through those proverbial cracks. I can't blame the publisher because I'm as much at fault. I should have remembered and I should have been on top of it. That is part of my job as an author and I'm usually very good about it.

In any event, I'm thankful we found out what happened to the lost book and When A Man Loves A Man will be released this week. If you notice, that title wasn't by accident. There's a singing cowboy in this one because I rarely ever see a man sing a love song about another man. I wanted to make that change in this book, because this character is not only an openly gay singing cowboy who sings love songs about gay men, he's also a country western singer who has a decent following. Of course there's the love story, which is the main focus.

I'll post excerpts tomorrow here on the blog.  I think this is a good example of how authors without agents need to keep really good records and files. And never delete an e-mail. You never know when something like this might happen to you.  If you save everything, and back it up with e-mail a few times, you can always go back and figure it out.

I also found my keys this week.

Male Full Frontal Nudity In Cloudburst the Movie

The other night we finished a two week Orange Is the New Black binge on NetFlix and that's a really tough act to follow. While looking for something decent to watch after that, we found a movie titled, Cloudburst, starring Olympia Dukakis and Ryan Doucette. The general story line revolves about an elderly lesbian couple who've been together for over 30 years and one woman's granddaughter wants to put her into a nursing home. Because gay marriage wasn't legal at the time, these two women have no rights whatsoever and the granddaughter can do whatever she wants. And, she does.

Without giving any spoilers, the woman in the nursing home sneaks out with the help of her longtime wife and they set out on a road trip to Canada to get legally married. And on the way there they pick up a hitchhiker who is probably one of the best looking men I've seen in a film in a long time. This part is played by Ryan Doucette, and there are more than a few revealing photos of him in the film. However, there are a few full frontal male nude scenes with another actor who plays a small part that lasted longer than any full frontal in any film I've ever seen before. Good ones, too. You'll rewind a few scenes, trust me.  

In any event, here's a link to the wiki page, and, with or without the full frontal nudity this film is so excellent it can stand on its own anywhere, at any time. You will not be disappointed.

Here's a link to Ryan Doucette's web site, which is simple to navigate and you can read more about Coudburst and his other projects. There are a few great youtube videos up where he does stand up comedy and takes off all his clothes. I don't know if he's gay or straight, and I don't really care, but I found him interesting because he's the kind of character I'm always trying to write about in books.

Bryce Williams and Sexual Orientation 

I was out of the office all day yesterday and I heard about what happened in Virginia on the radio while listening to traffic reports. Throughout the day, I would check my phone to read updates and the story just kept getting worse. I can't even imagine how horrifying this must have been for everyone involved.

And now there are reports surfacing about Williams' sexual orientation, which shouldn't matter at all, but it is part of the story, too:

ABC published portions of the document, which reveal Williams’ claim that one of his motivations for the shootings was the mistreatment he felt he received for being a gay black man.

You can read more here. Regardless of his race or his sexual orientation, there was something seriously wrong with him. His sexuality shouldn't matter; his race shouldn't matter. He took their lives and ruined countless other lives in the process. There are no good excuses for what he did to those innocent people.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Will They Boycott Megyn Kelly; NY Rent Boy CEO Busted; Zachary Quinto on Coming Out Publicly

Will They Boycott Megyn Kelly

In short, Donald Trump went after Megyn Kelly on Twitter this week and the President of Fox News is now demanding that Trump apologize. If you haven't already heard about it, I'm posting a link to AOL news below so you can read the details.

In part:

"Megyn Kelly represents the very best of American journalism and all of us at Fox News Channel reject the crude and irresponsible attempts to suggest otherwise," said Ailes, the Fox News Channel chairman. "I could not be more proud of Megyn for her professionalism and class in the face of all of Mr. Trump's verbal assaults."

First, someone should tell him:

Megyn Kelly is an attorney turned political pundit with a TV show on the Fox News network. She's a brilliant woman and she's good at what she does. I've seen her show a few times. But I think it's huge disservice to serious journalists to refer to her as someone who represents the best of them. She's just like Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow. There's nothing wrong with that, unless you try to hide it.

A pundit, from wiki: 

A pundit (sometimes also called a talking head) is a person who offers to mass media their opinion or commentary on a particular subject area (most typically political analysis, the social sciences, technology or sport) on which they are knowledgeable (or can at least appear to be knowledgeable), or considered a scholar in said area. 

Loosely speaking, what Kelly does, at times, could be considered journalism. However, for the most part she is getting paid a lot of money to be a pundit.

For the record, the few times I've watched Kelly's TV show I was surprised at how well she handled LGBT her credit.

You can read more here. 

What I'm curious about are the comments...and what I see on Twitter. And I'm starting to wonder if people will start a silent boycott of Megyn Kelly like they've done with other shows on other networks that tried to sway public opinion.

Here's one comment:

How about Kelly apologize FIRST. We all saw what she was trying to do and the Donald called her out on it and now Fox wants the apology ? Just say NO Donald.

Here's another:

fox news should be ashamed of how MK conducted her question with trump in an attempt to derail him. she more than met her match but wasnt smart enough to recognize it. please if you're going to be in the public media then wear a thicker layer of skin.

NY Rent Boy CEO Busted

The CEO of and six of his employees were arrested in a sting operation today in Manhattan.

The raid, which was conducted by Homeland Security with help from the NYPD, happened at the company’s headquarters on West 14th Street this morning. Not much is known at this point other than Hurant and his crew were taken into custody on suspicion of promoting interstate prostitution and money laundering. The company’s bank accounts containing millions of dollars have been frozen. Boxes of files and computers were also seized during the raid.

There's more here. But not much. I can't comment because I didn't even know the web site existed. When you're married and with the same person for over twenty years you tend not to go out searching for things like least you're not supposed to.

Zachary Quinto on Coming Out Publicly

I haven't seen much with Zachary Quinto and I'm not even sure why. I've posted about him a few times. I haven't always agreed with his comments, but I do give him credit for coming out during a time when it is still considered by many a dangerous career move in the entertainment industry. For the record, I don't blame those who don't come out either.

I work more now than I ever did when I was in the closet and I’m doing a wider range and variety of roles than I ever did before I came out. I feel like that’s what I need to keep demanding of myself and what I need to keep demanding of the industry.”

You can read more here. I think Quinto and a few others like him have paved the way for more to come, so that one day it won't be an issue anymore.

The Rainbow Detective Agency Book 6

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Steve Grand and Hillary Selfie; When a Gay Man Gets Rejected; Blackmailing a "Married" Man on Grindr

Steve Grand and Hillary Selfie

This isn't about a selfie with Steve Grand and Hillary, although why that didn't happen I'm not sure.

Grand tweeted about an event in the Hamptons this past weekend that he attended where he sat very close to Secretary Clinton and it looks like SHE took the selfie of Grand and his buddies. From the way it looks, Secretary Clinton didn't actually get into the photo.

From Grand's Instagram account:

StevegrandmusicPhotoCredit: Hillary Clinton. We has a nice chat about my State Department Trip to Europe, LGBTQ rights, and Russia at a small dinner party in the Hamptons (she sat 3 seats away from me at the oppostie side of the table :D!!) I shook Bill Clinton's hand and hugged Paul McCartney. Then we all danced. First night outhere a success. 

Well, it doesn't get much better than that...Hillary taking a selfie of YOU instead of you taking a selfie with Hillary. And in the Hamptons, too. I love the Hamptons. My brother in NY had a home in East Hampton and Tony and I used to go out. It's actually really nice in the winter, especially in February. I've always thought of it as a nice alternative to Fire Island. 

You can check this out in instagram at Steve Grand's account. 

And here's more about the Clintons and the 100K they spent renting a home in East Hampton. 

I'm not sure where Bernie Sanders will be vacationing this summer...or how much he spent.

When a Gay Man Gets Rejected

What really happens when a gay man gets rejected? Because they obviously think it's so different from when straight people get rejected. Here's something that was put together by some comedian I never heard of.

Everyone handles rejection differently. Some people simply shrug it off and move on. Others may resort to more self-destructive behavior, like drinking or gambling or some other form of high-risk behavior. Then there are those who lock themselves in their apartments and wallow in their pain until their egos have recovered.

There's a video with painfully forced, amateur dialogue about exchanging instagram accounts, when two bottoms (Oh yeah, they're both bottoms) meet in the lobby of some typical cliche of an apartment building. Be prepared. When one says to the other "Oh, you're straight," in gay twink valley voice, you don't want to be drinking anything. You could ruin your keyboard.

You can check it out here. As usual the comments are even more entertaining than the actual piece itself. Some of the comments do, however, actually show how hard rejection really is for some guys. And that's nothing to laugh about.

Blackmailing a "Married" Man On Grindr

It's happened again, and on Grindr. AND, with a "married" man. Another dangerous scam with a "married" man.

It's interesting how we all just assume that because the headline reads "married" man he's having gay sex and he's "married" to a woman. I guess that's going to take a little time to figure out. 

In any event...

In a Swindon Crown Court last week, 29-year-old Daniel Edwards and 30-year-old Kristofer Wagner admitted to the charge. According to court documents, Edwards exchanged photos and messages with the victim before asking if he was married. When he told him that he was, Edwards then threatened to forward their conversation and his pictures to his wife.

You can read more about it here. 

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Another NYT Piece on Amazon; Fifty Shades of Dick; Dick: The Documentary

Another NYT Piece on Amazon

Last week there was a piece in the NYT about Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and how Amazon treats employees. It was so aggressive (for lack of a better word) that Bezos actually responded in public, which he never does. And now here's yet another NYT piece by some other know-it-all, about Amazon. Granted, this one is an op-ed piece.

A previous generation of Americans could count on a social compact; if you stuck loyally by a company, it would stick by you, providing you with a good job and a decent retirement. Long ago, loyalty fell by the wayside, and longtime employees learned that their loyalty meant nothing when companies “downsized.”

He failed to mention that it was only one previous generation that could count on "social impact." Generations prior to that lived and worked under the most horrible conditions imaginable, and in ways no one would ever work today. If you can manage to sift through this piece, you'll find more things that could be questioned.

Then there's this:

Of course, Bezos didn’t have to build Amazon the way he did. He could have created a culture that valued employees and treated them well. But that would have required him to care about what somebody else thought. Fat chance.

I guess this guy has some kind of inside information the rest of us don't know about. And he knows how to get inside Jeff Bezos' head. All that aside, this piece is exactly why I NEVER read the NYT anymore.

You can read the rest here. But you've been warned. There's this annoying bot voice that starts talking the minute the page opens and you can't figure out where the hell it's coming from, which only makes the NYT even more annoying than usual.

Fifty Shades of Dick

The dick part of this has nothing to do with the NYT. That was an accident. I'm not referring to anyone at the NYT as "a dick" because that wouldn't be PC.

In any event, here's a humorous piece from Jezebel about male full frontal nudity in films that I somehow managed to miss.

 The sad news that Fifty Shades of Grey will not feature any full-frontal has left many of us devastated. Fear not, however! Jezebel is here to pick up the rubble and distract you with the 50 best (theme, you see?) peens you can see on-screen. Trust us, these pictures will make your mood rise.

Some of the photos are NSFW, and so tread with care. However, I think you'll be looking to rent a film called American Reunion fairly soon after seeing that one photo.

Here's the link.

Dick: The Documentary

I really hate to keep talking about dick with part of this post being about a NYT op-ed piece, but this one looked interesting, too.

Whether positive or negative, women's body parts receive a lot of attention in the cultural conversation. Recently, 100 women stripped down to talk about their boobs. Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj focuses on the buns, hun. And, while some women struggle to accept their thighs, others turn to the labia library to confirm that, regardless of what porn depicts, their own lady parts are very, very normal. Men's body parts, on the other hand, go relatively undiscussed — at least in any thoughtful manner. And then, lo and behold, along comes a documentary dedicated to that misunderstood member of our society: the penis. Dick: The Documentary is out today online, and the plot is simple: 63 naked men share their innermost thoughts about their dicks. And, many of them may surprise you.

I will be watching Dick: The Documentary and commenting on it in the future.

You can check that out here. 

I've been posting about this for years. There really aren't many thoughtful discussions about the penis, or male full frontal nudity in films and TV anywhere. There are a lot of funny tweets. I tweeted some of them myself. But not much legitimate discussion. 

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Donald Trump on Gay Issues; Man Buns In Disneyland; Gay Love Upstaging Homophobic Hate

Donald Trump on Gay Issues

Like or not, Donald Trump is gaining support wherever he goes and I was curious about his stand on gay issues...without getting too political in a blog post. I really hate to do that because I'm not a political blogger, I don't want to be a political blogger, and I would rather remain objective as often as I can.

This is what I found, from a gay publication.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Hollywood Reporter, current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump shared his thoughts on the Republican Party’s fight against same-sex marriage and whether it’s a “dead issue” at this point.

“Some people have hopes of passing amendments, but it’s not going to happen,” said Trump. “Congress can’t pass simple things, let alone that. So anybody that’s making that an issue is doing it for political reasons. The Supreme Court ruled on it.”

So ultimately, there's not much out there about Trump's stand on gay issues. He has attended a gay wedding, so there's that.

You can read more about Trump at Towerload, here.

And here's another link to a piece about Trump's poll numbers rising. 

Man Buns In Disneyland

This isn't an article. It's a series of photos of men with man buns in Disneyland. I see more of it all the time around here and I'm hoping it's not going to catch on with everyone. The problem with a man bun is the same for a man as it is for a woman...only the best looking people can get away with it. The rest are just fooling themselves.

Here's the link. 

Gay Love Upstaging Homophobic Hate

I understand the point they are trying to make here, but I'd like to start seeing more about gay couples who've been together for a long time, have built good, solid lives, and are productive members of society. In our attempts to prove ourselves to the world, we constantly seem to fail in this respect.

Documentary photographer Mads Nissen was in Finland for the World Press Photo Exhibition when something caught his eye.

Tweeted Nissen: “Only been to Helsinki about an hour (to open the WPP exhibition) when this happened-”

The pro-family skinhead thug in the background stands next to the familiar logo of anti-gay religious organizations around the world, one that was recently adapted for a ‘straight pride’ flag in Russia and is the symbol for the ‘Manif Pour Tous’ movement in France.

I'm not knocking the photo. It's nice. I like things like this in the right context and at the right time. But wouldn't it have been a little more prudent to gather a group of successful gay men and women together who can buy and sell those anti-gay idiot skinheads right off the planet if they really wanted to?

You can check this out here. 

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