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Justin Theroux On His Infamous Sweatpants Scene; Married Conservative Politician Sexting Teen Boy; Alabama Justice Defies Fed Gay Marriage Laws

Justin Theroux On His Infamous Sweatpants Scene

If you recall, In 2014 I posted about Justin Theroux, from the TV show Leftovers, with regard to a scene in the show where he was jogging in very loose sweatpants...with what appeared to be no athletic support whatsoever. His junk was bouncing around, in every direction. The sweatpants were loose.

That scene took off on the Internet and gave Justin Theroux tons of free publicity. Most of what I read...including my own post...was positive publicity.

Fast forward to 2016. Here's Theroux's take on what happened back then.

Now, in a new interview with Elle, he’s finally opening up at length about the incident that helped transform him into more than just Mr. Jennifer Aniston.

“It’s like having someone yank your shorts down in public,” he says. “It doesn’t feel great. Anyone who has an unflattering picture taken of them would probably say, ‘Join the club’.”

Even though most people spoke positively about Theroux’s package, he says he still cringed.

“It has the appearance of a compliment,” he says, “but it’s more mortifying than anything else.”

I can't speak for Theroux, however, I am a runner. I have been running every single morning, in all four seasons, rain or shine, since I was in college. And when I go out to run in the morning I make sure I'm wearing support, and sweatpants or shorts that are discreet enough to keep my junk from bouncing in every direction possible. That's all. Men who run know the importance of this. Men who wear sweatpants know this. It's what you do.

You can check the rest out here, and make a point of reading the comments.

Married Conservative Politician Sexting Teen Boy

According to this next article, some married conservative politician was allegedly caught sexting a teen boy. The boy did happen to be of the age of legal consent. But the author of the article fails to mention whether the politician is married to a man or a woman.

Evidently, the author thinks we'll all assume he's married to a woman, because that's how we've been trained to think. In some cases I don't think it needs to be distinguished, but in others I think it's relative to the story.

According to his Twitter profile, Republican Mike Yenni is “the President of Jefferson Parish and happily married with one daughter.” But according to the several unnamed sources, he’s a closet case who has been sending some rather racy texts to a teen boy he met at a Catholic high school function while on the campaign trail last year.

Here's the rest. The comments really attack the article itself with this one...for a variety of well they should. 

Alabama Justice Defies Gay Marriage Laws

This next article is why I'm starting to prefer my LGBT news from more professional mainstream sources. I didn't see this headlining in any gay presses, and I think it's highly significant. I'm not saying we have to stop all clickbait. I like clickbait sometimes, too. But at least give a balance.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was removed from the bench Friday for defying the U.S. Supreme Court on gay marriage, more than a decade after he was ousted for disobeying a federal order to take down a 2 ½-ton monument to the Ten Commandments.

You can read it in full here. This judge has a history of defiance.


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Thursday, September 29, 2016

FREE Gay Excerpt: Stepbrothers In the Attic; Hallmark's Love On a Limb with Trevor Donovan; "The Women Who Love To Love Gay Romance" Author Oleander Plume Wins Flogger Award;

FREE Gay Excerpt: Stepbrothers In the Attic

I finally submitted Stepbrothers In the Attic to the publisher, with the cover copy. You can read more posts about this here and I'll post more when I get a release date.

Here's the cover copy, and the excerpt is below at the end of this post. This excerpt shows a little more of the intense homophobia (and shame) the characters face. 

David, Marcus, and their four children are charmed with more love than money. Their happy family is blessed with so many wonders in life they never even think about being different, and never forget to take time to be grateful for everything they have.

And then one quiet evening a regular family celebration turns into a deadly catastrophe. The family is left in a state of confusion. They are forced into making a life change that leads them to a remote mansion in New York’s Hudson River Valley, which then leaves them vulnerable to all of the gay shame, hate, and homophobia they’ve managed to avoid so far. 

When they find themselves at the mercy of a wealthy, abusive old grandmother they never knew they had, and a gay father so desperate for money and approval he’s willing to go through gay reparation therapy, the only thing that keeps them strong is their love. As the nightmare continues and they’re brought to the brink of death, there’s only one thing left to do. 

Will they be able to escape from this surreal nightmare of homophobic abuse and sexual innuendo their twisted grandmother has forced upon them? Or will they succumb to the dismal existence they’ve been forced to endure in an attic that is filled with nothing but shame?  

Hallmark's Love On a Limb with Trevor Donovan

I'm not sure what the people over at the Hallmark Channel think about being mentioned with a book that just won a Flogger Award (below post), but I think there's a cross over with these genres, and in some ways the two genres are related. In other words, the same people who might read a book like the one below...or one of my own erotic romance books for that matter...are the same who might watch a TV movie like Hallmark's Love On a Limb. The only difference between a Hallmark movie and an erotic romance is that people will admit openly to watching Love On a Limb, but they'll read an erotic romance discreetly and never mention it to anyone.

In any event, this new Hallmark movie, Love On a Limb, that's airing on October 1...this weekend...looks interesting, especially to a tree hugger like me. If you've seen any photos I post with my home on social media you'll know just how many trees I have on my own property. And I love each one of them. 

Love On A Limb is an endearing new Hallmark movie that is making its way to television this weekend. With Fall and Autumn setting in, Hallmark fans are looking forward to all of the upcoming holiday movies. Love On A Limb is about a park and recreation’s employee who chains herself to an old oak tree to keep it from being chopped down. Hallmark’s Love On A Limb is directed by Mel Damski and written by Erik Patterson and Jessica Scott. According to the Internet Movie Database, Love On A Limb, which was originally titled Seeds of Love, stars Ashley Williams as Aimie, Trevor Donovan as Kyle, Jefferson Brown as Mayor Tom Parker, and Marilu Henner as Zee.

As you can see, the entire cast looks pretty impressive. And, this film will kick off what Hallmark is promoting as "Fall Harvest." There will be a new original film every Saturday at 9 pm, and after that I believe they'll begin the holiday romances. You can check that out here

Here's a link to the Hallmark web site where they have a preview of Love On A Limb.

And here's the link to the excerpt, above.

The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance Author Oleander Plume Wins Flogger Award

It's nice to see that an author I took on for my own anthology, The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance, was actually part of an award winning anthology recently. When I was gathering authors for The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance, I knew I had a damn good group of writers from the start. And I also knew they'd go on to write for more publications and do wonderful things.

I'm not part of this anthology with Riverdale Ave Books, but I think it's important to support and spread the news about anything small publishers achieve. And in this genre, this is a big award. 

From my inbox: 

 Congratulations to

"Tie Me Up, A Binding Collection of Erotic Tales"

for winning

The Best BDSM Anthology of 2016 Golden Flogger Award!

You can check out the book at the publisher's web site, or here on Amazon. According to the e-mail I received, the book will be on sale through October 31, at 50% off regular price. I think the sale is only at the publisher's web site and you have to use the coupon TMUFlogger

Excerpt: Stepbrothers In the Attic (There is a small spoiler alert. It's not that significant, but it's there, so you've been warned.)

           While Eric and Brad went over to Marcus so they could hug him, Jasmine turned toward their grandmother and glared at her. “I hate you, old lady, and I hope you drop dead in your sleep tonight.”
            Marcus jumped up and said, “Jasmine.”
            Eric, Brad, and Kevin stood next to the bed waiting to see what their grandmother would do.
            Their grandmother lowered her gaze to Jasmine and they locked eyes for a second. Without warning, their grandmother lifted her arm, flung it back, and then smacked Jasmine in the mouth so hard she sailed across the room and landed next to the table.
            Before any of them even had a chance to react, Brad ran over to see if Jasmine was hurt and Kevin ran up to their grandmother and kicked her in the shin. Their grandmother screamed and she kicked Kevin back so hard he wound up on the floor beside Jasmine in tears. Then the grandmother raised both arms up in and shouted at all of them. “I will not have this kind of behavior in this house. Do you understand me?”
            “Mother,” Marcus said. “Don’t hurt them. Please.”
            “Shut up, Marcus, you little faggot, you weak excuse for a human being,” she said. “You never were good for much, and you have nothing to say in this matter. You obviously can’t control your children and someone needs to do it.”
            Marcus squared his back and looked her in the eye. “Don’t touch my kids, mother. I won’t have it. I’ll leave if you ever hurt them again.”
            Their grandmother glanced at their father and laughed in his face. It was the first time Eric had seen the old hag laugh about anything. “Then leave,” their grandmother said. She stepped away from the door and gestured toward the exit. “I certainly didn’t ask you come back here to fly that silly rainbow flag over the front door, you homosexual degenerate.”
            This was the first time since their other dad died that Eric saw a sign of strength in Marcus. He grabbed Marcus’s arm and said, “Let’s go, dad. I’ll help you pack. We don’t have to stay here.” He glared at his grandmother. “That bitch is crazy.”
            Marcus stood there and said nothing. His shoulders slumped again and he turned to face the wall.
            Their grandmother laughed again and this time she glared at Eric. “Watch your vulgar mouth, young man. You’re not too old to whip. You’re not going anywhere, because you don’t have anywhere to go. And while you are in my home you will listen to what I have to say.”
            “Do something, dad,” said Brad. He sounded as if might get down on his knees and beg.
            Marcus remained silent.
            Their grandmother pursed her lips and glared at them all.  “Tell them about your therapy, Marcus, and tell them that you’ve just completed your first round and that you’re on your way to living a good, clean, decent life. Tell them you’ve found God and you are now repenting for bedding down with another man and doing unthinkable things to a man in bed. Tell them you are not a dirty little degenerate homosexual whore anymore who will do unthinkable things with men.”
            When Eric saw that Marcus wasn’t going to say anything, he faced his grandmother and sneered. “You’re a sick, evil old woman with a dirty mind. You talk about what’s good and decent and clean and you have the filthiest mind I’ve ever come across. You’re the one who needs to repent, not our father. We had a good clean life until our other father died and you know nothing about us. How dare you pass judgment on us with the excuse of your God.” Then he looked into her eyes and glared. “You might get away with whatever you want with everyone else, but you’ve met your match with me, old lady. I’m not afraid of you.”
            She looked at Eric and shrugged, as if nothing he’d said meant anything to her. She knew she had the proverbial upper hand and she seemed to enjoy it. “I don’t want to know anything about you either. You’re all nothing to me. You’re not even related to me. You’re trash. For all I know you are all nothing more than four little bastards that my son picked up off the street because no one else wanted you. So let me make this clear, young bold man with such a big mouth, so you understand me fully. Homosexuality is a punishable sin, and a sickness. I will give you everything you need to survive, but you’ll never get anything else from me. I didn’t ask for you and I don’t want you here at all. The only reason you are here is because I’m so determined to cure my son from the sin of homosexuality. No one else will ever find out you were here.”
            As his grandmother turned to leave, he saw no point in replying to her. He knew for certain now there was something intrinsically wrong with the woman and there was nothing rational he could do or say to change her. He now knew why his father had left this house a long time ago. He also saw that she’d beaten down their father to the point where he was ready to submit to anything, and he didn’t want to make it worse. Eric would figure out a way to get even with her in time. He silently made a vow that night to get her back in ways she could never dream. For the time being, he would pretend to obey her and let her think she’d won.


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Straight You Tuber Pranks Gay Friend; Jonathan Groff and His Looking Character; Will & Grace Reunion

Straight You Tuber Pranks Gay Friend

Here's a story that's a little complicated, and the comments below it vary.

We had never heard of fledgling YouTube personality NoBiggie before, and after viewing one of his latest offerings, we start to understand why.

His schtick largely consists of texting friends, acquaintances, and exes various lyrics to popular songs as though striking up conversation, with theoretically hilarious consequences.

You can check this out here.  You have to watch the video to fully get it. The article is confusing at times, which makes me wonder what they're teaching people in journalism classes these days. But the story is interesting.

Jonathan Groff and His Looking Character

I think stories like this in these heated political times are a nice diversion. It's a quote by Jonathan Groff, from a book about the series, Looking.

This job has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve never played a character that hit so close to the bone. It felt like an extension of myself taking place in the present. Trying to figure out what it means to be gay. Patrick and I are from the same generation of gay men so it has been so real for me. I had told Andrew of a break up I had where the other guy wanted to be in an open relationship – so he wrote that situation for Patrick and Kevin.”

You can check this out here.  I find it interesting that a TV show that sparks so much emotion in so many viewers...even in gay guys I know who don't like watching TV, but will watch Looking...gets canceled so quickly. I'll never get that.

Will & Grace Political Reunion

Now here's a TV show that I never watched much, but it did stay on TV for a long time and it did garner a huge following. I just never could identify with the main characters...Will or Grace.

With that said, there's been a lot of talk about the Will & Grace reunion.

Your love of 90s nostalgia just got triggered: the cast of Will and Grace has reunited for a video about how voting only matters in swing states, and it’s like the last 15 years have melted away and we’re all living in a world of sitcoms.

Check out the behind the scenes video below for shots of the cast together, holding iPhones that were just a twinkle in the eye of Steve Jobs back when the gang was originally on the air.

You can check this out here. And here's a link to a video...with a great article to go along with it This article refers to it as a "Strange Reunion Show."

As in true old time Hollywood fashion they are calling it a "10 Minute Bonanza." That's right. A "bonanza." But it's really more about politics than anything else.

Frankly, I'm looking forward to a Friends reunion a lot more. 


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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Calum McSwiggan Pleads Not Guilty To Lying; Gay History: Oscar Wilde's House; Man Regrets Coming Out Because Of TOO MUCH Support

Calum McSwiggan Pleads Not Guilty To Lying

If you remember, I posted about a you tube guy, Calum McSwiggan, who claimed he was attacked in an alleged hate crime in WeHo, and then the police started to question that. It's a strange story all the way around.

McSwiggan was eventually charged with filing a false police report, as well as with vandalizing a car.

After missing his first scheduled court appearance because it conflicted with his vacation to Spain, McSwiggan appeared before a Los Angeles court yesterday, where he entered a not guilty plea to both of the charges against him.

You can read about that in more detail here. I'm not touching this one. 

Gay History: Oscar Wilde's House

I'm always saying there's very little gay history out there, at least pre-Stonewall. Well here's something worth reading.

The former home of writer Oscar Wilde is one of six sites recognized by Historic England, an arm of the British government, for having significance to LGBTQ history.

There's more here.  You can read the published listing on the historic web site, and there are some photos of the house.

Man Regrets Coming Out Because of TOO MUCH Support

I know that title sounds odd, but this is something that happens often and you never hear much about it. A guy came out of the closet to his family and now they're offering him too much support and making him crazy.

That close, ever-smiling, ever-prying family support didn’t stop after the obligatory “We’re so proud” and “It’s okay to be gay.” Now, “all they talk about is how I’m gay. Nothing else I do matters.”

Such is the (thoroughly modern) problem facing Reddit user ifeelcursed. Since he came out, his cousin has been asking “weird questions,” like if he’s “ever thought of wearing lipstick.” Every aunt, uncle, and godmother is bending over backwards to set him up with available men.

You can read more here. It gets even worse. And I think the main point of all this is that it shows how little most people know about gay men. And it shows how seriously people still take these age old our expense. Many of the comments below the article are spot on.

Unabated New - Adult Gay Fiction



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Eastsiders, Fantastic Gay TV Show On Netflix; Trailer For James Franco's King Cobra; Flip Flops, Worshiping Arm Pits, and Other Gay Fetishes

Eastsiders, Fantastic Gay TV Show On Netflix

Update: Someone from Eastsiders saw this post and messaged me on Twitter with a link to their web site. It's actually a great you go... 

I just started binge watching Eastsiders, a gay TV show that started out on You Tube (which I love) and then started streaming through Logo TV's web site (which I also love). And, part of it was funded through a Kickstarter campaign. I'm actually watching it on Netflix right now, but I absolutely love anything that bucks the old boy Hollywood system and originates online in true indie fashion.

Written and directed by award winning playwright Kit Williamson, "EastSiders" explores the aftermath of infidelity on a gay couple in Silverlake. When Cal (Kit Williamson) finds out Thom (Van Hansis) has been cheating on him with Jeremy (Matthew McKelligon), their relationship is turned upside down. Will the lies tear them apart or are they just stubborn enough to stay together forever? Drunken outbursts and double standards abound in this dark comedy about the sad and funny messes we make out of our lives. Cal's best friend Kathy (Constance Wu) is always there for him with a bottle of whiskey in her purse, but she has her own problems with her nice guy boyfriend Ian (John Halbach), even if they're all in her head. Stephen Guarino guest stars as a party promoter throwing one last bash before the apocalypse. - Written by Kit Williamson

I'll be honest. At first I wasn't sure what to expect with this show, but after the very first episode I got hooked and wound up binge watching. I think it's far better than Looking because there's nothing self-indulgent about it...meaning it's not all about characters being just gay and nothing else...and I didn't see any stereotypes whatsoever. Give it a chance. I think you'll love it.  And even if you don't love it as much as I do, I think you'll find it interesting to watch as a character study.

You can read more here

I couldn't find a web site for the show, but there's more here on Wiki

Trailer For James Franco's King Cobra

The trailer for James Franco's King Cobra was released and I had to post something about it. I know I moan about Franco sometimes, but the truth is he bucks the old boy Hollywood system, too, and he should get credit for that. I think the problem is that a lot of people aren't sure why he's so interested in gay culture...when he's not gay.
Since the project was announced nearly a year ago, there’s been a lot of talk about King Cobra, the murderous tale of lust, greed and crime set against a wholesome gay adult film backdrop.

And though we’ve seen images and a clip and even heard from the real life Brent Corrigan about how he’s portrayed, we’ve oddly still been waiting on a trailer.

You can check it out here. There's also some gruesome back story that will put it all together in case you don't even know what King Cobra is about. 

Flip Flops, Worshiping Arm Pits, and Other Gay Fetishes

When I had the cover for my indie novella, Cage James, designed, I didn't put that model in flip flops by accident. I knew about the flip flop fetish and I wanted to write a story that included something about the flip flop fetish. And it wasn't easy to get a model in flip flops. With that said, here's an article that backs me up...with regard to some of the fetishes gay men have. 

Here's the one about a specific flip flop fetish, but the article really is more in-depth and it talks about why people have fetishes and it states that it's okay to have them. 

I am from Brazil and everybody there wears Havaianas flip-flops. Those are the only ones that I have a fetish for. I remember playing checkers with a friend in my bedroom when I was 10 or 11. We decided that the loser had to pull his pants down and the winner would smack his ass with his Havaianas. I would always try to lose because I used to get erections from getting smacked. Maybe it stems from that.

You can read more about this here. And pay attention to the rest of the article. There's nothing wrong with you if you have a long as it's legal.  

There are comments, too.

 Cage James