Saturday, March 31, 2018

Passio: Gay Porn Starring Jesus; Anti-Gay Leader Compares Himself To Jesus; Gay Easter News: Easter Bonnet Contests; Gay Easter In New Orleans

Passio: Gay Porn Starring Jesus

This is obviously a controversial topic, but I still think it's news and I still want to read about it. This is about a porn film titled, Passio, and it's not your typical interpretation of Jesus. In fact, if this kind of thing offends you, you probably don't want to read more. For many it will be offensive. 

Was Passio just a flagrant attention-grab from the same studio that brought the world, also in 2007, such openly provocative titles as Gaytanamo? This Easter, I caught up with two of the individuals behind the film, director Matthias von Fistenberg (a pseudonym) and Dark Alley owner and producer Rob Felt, to ask them exactly how Passio came to be and what they meant to achieve with it. 

Here's the rest of it. It goes on to explain why they made a movie like this. Frankly, I think it's controversial enough to get people like me interested in reading about it, but it's not something I'd ever watch or even take very seriously.

Anti-Gay Leader Compares Himself To Jesus

Here's something else that many of us find offensive. 

The head of NOM, Brian Brown, just compared himself to Jesus. 

In a message posted to the group’s blog this week to mark Easter, Mr Brown appeared to liken himself to Christ prior to the resurrection.
He wrote: “I can’t help but feel the parallels between what happened during Christ’s time on earth and some of our own experiences in recent times, including in the struggle to preserve, protect and promote marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”
This one is here. I'd just like to know what legalized gay marriage has done to hurt anyone, and why they can't let it go.  

Gay Easter News: Easter Bonnet Contests In Baltimore

Three local bars in the Baltimore area will be holding some very festive holiday contests.

When it comes to being fashionable on Easter Sunday, it’s all about the hair, hats, and accessories. And don’t just take our word for it: Three separate LGBTQ bars will be handing out cash and drinks prizes this weekend to those with the biggest and brightest Easter bonnets.

You can check it out, here. I haven't been down in the Baltimore area in a while, but I do remember the times I have been there, and they were fantastic. It's a very gay friendly place.

Gay Easter In New Orleans

I'm not that familiar with New Orleans, but Tony used to travel there at least once a year on business, and he raved about it. In fact, I've never known anyone gay who didn't love New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS -- From Easter egg hunts to Chris Owens' French Quarter parade, there's no shortage of fun to be had this Easter weekend. Here's a look at our picks:
Here's the list.  There's even going to be a parade. 

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Friday, March 30, 2018

HIV Stigma and 8 Word Grindr Message; Hot Rugby Star and His Brother Photos; Philadelphia Transgender Visibility Day

HIV Stigma and 8 Word Grindr Message

Here's a story about the HIV stigmas that never seem to go away.

And this is what's still going on within the LGBT community.

In the exchange, the guy sends Bang Bang a photo of himself along with a friendly simple “Hi.” Moments later–presumably after taking a closer look at Bang Bang’s Grindr profile, which mentions that he’s poz–he sends a second message.
“You’re poz? Sorry I take my Hi back.”
Then the guy blocked him.
The comment section says a great deal, too. There are over 50 comments as of right now. 
Hot Rugby Star and His Brother Photos
Here's a story about two good looking brothers who play rugby. 
“As a rugby player, you don’t as a rule do photoshoots! That was my first and, until recently, only proper shoot.
It was nice doing it with my brother. We are very close so to be naked with him… you know, we see each other naked whenever we’re at home.
We’re close — we were just messing about naked together, getting photos taken.”
You can check this one out, here.   There's not much more you can say about that. Gay news seems to be lacking lately. 
Philadelphia Transgender Visibility Day
I live in the Philadelphia area and this is the first time I'm hearing this. 
The city held a flag raising ceremony on Thursday (29 March) and announced that it would be looking to support the trans community.
Philly is one of the most gay friendly cities in America with around 60,000 residents who identify as LGBTI.

Here's more. Philly really is a very gay friendly city, and always has been.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Fatal Crash In California With Lesbian Moms and Six Kids; Older Guys Sending Parkland Shooter Love Letters; NFL's First Male Cheerleaders

Fatal Crash In California With Lesbian Moms and Six Kids

I saw this story on local TV news last night and I didn't know they were gay moms. It caught my attention because I've been on those roads, and roads like that in California when we're in Palm Springs. There's a twisting, winding road that leads up to Big Bear Lake that terrifies me. I can't even look down it's so bad.

This is one of my worst nightmares...

A fatal car crash that killed a lesbian couple and their foster children has sparked an investigation.
Five members of a family of eight from Woodland, Washington, died when the family’s SUV steered off of a cliff on the Pacific Coast Highway and fell 100 ft into the ocean.
Here's the rest. 3 of the kids are still missing.  

Older guys Sending Parkland Shooter Love Letters

This truly is disturbing.

The Sun Sentinal reports the disturbing truth that Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz has been flooded with fan mail following his horrific attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14 that left 17 students and staff dead and 17 more injured. At least one piece of that mail was sent by a creepy-sounding NY area man. The report also mentions other “older men” who’ve tried contacting Cruz. It’s a weird, weird world out there.

Here's more.


NFL's First Male Cheerleaders

On a more positive note...

Quinton Peron and Nathaniel Jinnies talk about what it will be like for them as the first men on the Los Angeles Rams' cheerleading squad.

There's a video you can watch, here. They're actually very talented.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

New Release Cover Reveal: Amish Indiscretion by Ryan Field; Toronto Police and LGBT Trust; Tyler Oakley Talks About Losing His Virginity; Why They Deleted Uber

Cover Reveal: Amish Indiscretion by Ryan Field

Here's the cover for my next book release, Amish Indiscretion. I'll post more details later this week. It's a PG rated gay romance that's set in a small community with a strong Amish influence. There may be some changes made to the back cover copy.

Here's the print book cover...

And here's the digital book cover...

Toronto Police and Building LGBT Trust

I don't know much about this, but it's interesting to see a group or organization dictate something like this to the police.

The police force in the city has come up against resistance from the LGBTI community, for alleged ‘homophobia’ in the force following the police chief’s comments relating to the Toronto serial killer.

There's more, here. It's a long article.

I always wonder what the gay cops think in cases like this. And there are gay cops, both openly gay and in the closet.

Tyler Oakley Talks About Losing His Virginity

I think most gay men are curious about this topic.

Oakley reveals he lost his virginity to a boy he eventually started dating during his freshman year in college.

He said: ‘It was somebody that I knew and trusted.’
Here's the rest. It's pretty boiler plate, but still something to which most of us can relate. 

Why They Deleted Uber
I always use gender neutral pronouns with stories like this. 
It's a story about why this person decided to delete their Uber.
Well, Uber had just started and its model looked like a rip-off of Homobiles. I learned rather quickly that they weren’t. There were three specific occasions when Uber drivers declined to take me as their passenger based on my appearance. I wasn’t happy when it happened the first time, the second time made me mad, and the third time sent me into action.
You can check it out, here. You should read it all, in full. 

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

An All Gay "Golden Girls" called "Silver Foxes"; Adam Rippon's Grindr Profile; Why I Love Jaden Smith

An All Gay "Golden Girls" Called "Silver Foxes"

There's a new TV show they are comparing to the The Golden Girls, only it's with older gay men. They're calling it Silver Foxes.

The half-hour, single-camera series is about two older gay men and one twink (their buddy’s young lover) that rescue a friend who’s been forced-back-in-the-closet at his homophobic assisted living facility. After they bring him back to their mid-century Palm Springs house, the foursome creates a fabulous family of friends. Super Deluxe, which is owned by Turner Broadcasting, will develop the series for a cable network or streaming platform.

You can read more, here. I have to wait and see with this one. I love the fact that it's set in Palm Springs, CA, because I live there part of the year. I love the fact that it's about older gay men. But I'm not too thrilled with the George Takei casting ever since I read about the sexual assault allegations. Sorry, that bothers #MeToo.  much. 

Adam Rippon's Grindr Profile

Now here's someone I love. It's about Adam Rippon on HBO's Vice News Tonight

In his “Vicepedia” segment, Adam shows his comedy chops while fact-checking the web. Along the way, he goes into detail about his presence on Grindr, including a dramatic recreation of his headless profile pic, otherwise known as the “typical upper lip to navel sort of middle ground experience.”

You can read more about this one, here. 

Why I Love Jaden Smith

I would love to just once loosely base one of my characters on Jaden Smith. He's always so brave and so honest when it comes to gender neutral topics (for lack of a better word). I'm just not sure I could do him justice.

After he was criticized for wearing a dress to a huge public event, he shot back with a bold tweet. And he makes smart comments like this...

‘I feel like people are kind of confused about gender norms. I feel like people don’t really get it.
‘I’m not saying that I get it, I’m just saying that I’ve never seen any distinction.
Here's more. I believe we are only at the beginning with what's to come. In other words, I believe we're all heading toward a more gender neutral society and most of us aren't even aware of it. 

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Jacob Pitts: Male Full Frontal Nudity On Sneaky Pete; Aaron Carter Backtracks On Being Bisexual; My Short God's Own Country Review

Jacob Pitts: Male Full Frontal Nudity On Sneaky Pete

I started binge watching the streaming TV show, Sneaky Pete, last week and wound up going through seasons 1 and 2. It's a good series, I liked the characters, and it moves fast. I was sorry to see it end, and I can't wait for season 3. 

But more than that, there's one scene with male full frontal nudity...the male full frontal of Jacob Pitts. If you're curious about that, and you think there's a double standard in film and TV with male full frontal, you should check this one out. The actual full frontal scene itself is kind of homoerotic...quasi homoerotic. 

Here's the link to the OMG blog, with photos of Jacob Pitts in his male full frontal nude scene. Pitts has nothing to worry about in that department. Oh, and he's a great actor, too.  

Aaron Carter Backtracks On Being Bisexual

I couldn't care less what he is...or isn't. Seriously. 

But I guess some people do.

“Yeah, no. It was more so just a story that happened when I was like 17 with somebody, and I can find men and women attractive, but when it comes down to it, I think it was a little misconstrued. I see myself being with a woman and having kids. I want to have a family. I keep telling people that. I don’t want it to be misconstrued too much just because I was open about a story.” 

Here's the link. The only thing interesting about this is that most people will have to Google, "Who is Aaron Carter?" 

My Short God's Own Country Review

I saw God's Own County over the weekend and loved everything about it.  

It's kind of like a UK version of Brokeback Mountain, but not totally. I guess it's more like BM fanfic with a very different ending. In fact, it's hard to predict the ending. 

The sex scenes aren't bad either. They're quick, and a little confusing...sometimes rough around the edges. But if you relate them to the story line I think they work. 

I'm not going into detail because I hate spoilers. 

Just check it out. I think you'll like it. 

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Did Sean Pratt Leak His Own Pics; Gay Top Man Privilege Is a Problem; Craigslist Closes Personals Section

Did Sean Pratt Leak His Own Pics

If Pratt did leak the photos himself...which we aren't sure he did...I don't think it would come as a huge surprise to anyone. Celebrities have been doing these things since the beginning of time. It's kind of expected.

What little imagination that photo did require has now been rendered entirely unnecessary. A batch of snaps have been circulating online that find Pratt posing for himself, and whomever he sent them to, in his rather handsome birthday suit.

Here's more.  It's amusing the way this article makes it sound like such a huge surprise that celebrities would be leaking info about themselves to garner attention. It's called having a good PR person. 

Gay Top Man Privilege Is A Problem

This article is interesting because it talks about the privilege that goes along with being a gay top instead of a bottom. 

“There are still many people who see bottoms’ promiscuity as something more shameful, dirty, or ‘slutty’ than that of tops. There seems to be different reasons people ‘bottom shame’ and, truthfully, all of them are dumb as hell.”

You can check this out, here. Sometimes I think they overthink these things. 

Don't miss the comments with this one. 

Craigslist Closes Personals Section 

This bothers me because I look at it as a clever form of Internet censorship. And I can't stop wondering what's next. 

This move is due to the United States Senate’s approval of new legislation to stop sex trafficking.
The legislation, called the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, would allow for a new provision of Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act to let victims of sex trafficking sue the websites that facilitated their abuse.

Here's the rest. You can't blame Craigslist for taking them down. 

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Trump On Transgenders In the Military; Math Teacher Is A Gay Porn Star; Colton Haynes Loses His Mom

Trump On Transgenders In the Military

There's a great deal going around with regard to the Trump administration's stand on transgender people in the military. I'm not even going to try to parse it right now, however, here's an in-depth article about it from NPR. I think it's a fairly good source to trust.

"Transgender persons with a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria are disqualified from military service with three exceptions:
1) those stable in their biological sex for 36 months prior to accession
2) those in service diagnosed with gender dysphoria who do not require a change of gender and remain deployable
3) those in service who received a diagnosis before this policy took effect may continue in service in their preferred gender and receive appropriate medical treatment
"Transgender persons who require or have undergone gender transition are disqualified from service.
"Transgender persons without a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria may serve in their biological sex."

Here's the rest. From what I've gathered from every article I've read so far, it's a clever way to discriminate against trans people.

Math Teacher Is A Gay Porn Star

I never had any teachers like this when I was in school, especially not in the math department.

Students were shocked to discover their burly maths teacher Mr Sherwood is gay porn star Aaron Cage.
Originally from Australia but now teaching in the UK, Scott Sherwood began working in porneight years ago.

Here's the rest of it. According to this, Cage has not showed up at school since the news broke. I would imagine it might get a little awkward. 

Colton Haynes Loses His Mom

I remember seeing on social media that Haynes's mom was sick. And it wasn't too long ago. I didn't know she was that sick.

In an Instagram caption under a series of photos of his mom, he wrote: ‘Today I lost my best friend, the love of my life… my momma.
‘Words can’t express how incredible this woman was. I have so many things to say but I’m in a state of shock. I will always love you, momma.’

It's never easy to lose a parent. He has a lot to go through yet.  You can read more, here.

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