Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hugh Hefner Buried Near Marilyn Monroe; Brett Everett's Selling Underwear; Homophobic Abuse For Gay Dads In McCain Chips Ad

Hugh Hefner Buried Near Marilyn Monroe

I didn't know this until today. Evidently, Hugh Hefner bought a cemetery plot next to Marilyn Monroe's grave, and he's going to be buried there. But there have been mixed reactions to this news.

But not everyone regards Hefner's burial next to his first cover girl as sweet. While some Twitter users deemed it "the most badass thing" and "the right thing to do," others have called have called it creepy and exploitative.

Here's more. I really don't have any strong opinion on this one. They were both two very high profile people who usually knew exactly what they were doing when it came to promoting themselves. And they were both good (genius) at what they did. But it is interesting to note that Hefner supposedly never even met Marilyn.

Brett Everett's Selling Underwear

Here's another story about a porn actor who is starting a Go Fund Me page, and this time it's so he can launch a new line of underwear.

Germain has set up a GoFundMe to get his dream underwear business off the ground, and, well, it could be going better.

His goal is currently set at $20K, and with a total of $390 at the time of this posting, his fundraising pot has barely begun to stretch its elastic waistband.
You can check that out here.

Homophobic Abuse For Gay Dads In McCain Chips Ad

For those of you who think everything is so wonderful for gay people these days, I hope you take the time to read this.

A gay family will no longer appear in a new shorter advertisement for McCain chips after hateful social media backlash.
The gay couple, Lee and Mat Samuels-Camozzi, said they’ve been called perverts, ‘sick’ and pedophiles.

Here's the rest.   

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Old Time Gay Adult Theater Pops Up In Times Square This Weekend: "Gaiety"; The Bare All Warwick Rowers 2018; Reviews For Will and Grace

Old Time Gay Adult Theater Pops Up In Times Square This Weekend: Gaiety

I never went to any of these places, but I do remember as a kid walking through the old Times Square and seeing a lot of these places. My little gay eyes were all over the place. That was before gentrification started and Times Square wasn't like a white-washed Disney movie.

And, this is part of gay culture, too. A huge part of gay culture that sometimes I'm sorry I missed. From what I gather, this event is some kind of exhibition of pre-VHS porn flicks for gay men and women.

“You walked in,” Dirty Looks founder Bradford Nordeen tells Art News. “There was no listing of what title was being shown. You just saw what was playing.”

The project aspires to recreate a social space that’s steadily disappearing from major cities, alongside bathhouses and gayborhoods. Nordeen believes these places had major cultural significance, seeing as porno films featured some of the very first examples of queer representation.

There's a lot more here.  Now THAT'S how you make America Gay Again. (smile)

The Bare All Warwick Rowers 2018

It just wouldn't feel right somehow if I didn't post about the Warwick Rowers every year. They've become an institution of sorts.

Since 2009, these bohunks have gleefully doffed their clothes each year to engage in all sorts of self-consciously free-spirited antics — and raise thousands of dollars for charity, too.

There's more here, with some great pics of good looking guys. 

Reviews For Will and Grace

I can't offer any reviews because I didn't watch Will and Grace that much when it first aired on TV. And frankly, I'm not too fond of revisiting the 90s, with things like DADT and DOMA. So I don't plan to watch the remake.

But other people did watch, and there are quite a few reviews out. Most of the reviews seem to agree. Here's one from the NYT.

The premiere episode strains the hardest for relevance. Grace, an interior designer, considers a gig renovating the Trump White House. (Karen, of course, is pals with Donald and Melania.)

Here's the link. 

One of the most popular comments I've seen on social media is that the Will and Grace remake is too political, and people don't want that kind of politics. People seem to want to be entertained sometimes, too. Fancy that.

I think I'll stick to watching fresh new TV with LGBTQ content like Transparent. You can't go wrong with Transparent.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

"Drag Race" William's Transphobic Rant; FDNY: He's Too Old To Be A Firefighter; Jane Fonda Has More To Say About Megyn Kelly

"Drag Race" William's Transphobic Rant

It almost seems to me as if everyone's starting to turn on everyone these days. And I'm really not quite sure why that is. But it's been happening everywhere I go lately. 

Willam Belli somehow managed to fit his entire 6-inch stiletto — foot still tightly encased within — in her mouth by making repeated comments that are at best ignorant and at worst grossly transphobic.

Here's the rest

FDNY: He's Too Old To Be A Firefighter

I know there have always been rules and regulations when it comes to being a firefighter or even a police officer. And they can be strict. But I didn't know that the FDNY was this strict, so this is news to me.

According to this article, 29 years old is the cut off point. And I did check that out and it is true.

This guy was allegedly turned down because of his age.

“At 30 years old, I’m in the best physical shape of my life,” Becerra, a well-proportioned personal trainer, tells The New York Post

Here's the rest. They claim that Los Angeles and Philadelphia don't have any age restrictions.

Jane Fonda Has More To Say About Megyn Kelly

I posted yesterday about the way Jane Fonda shot Megyn Kelly down when Kelly started asking Fonda questions about plastic surgery. Fonda was on Kelly's show to promote a new film she's in. Now Fonda has more to say about her interview with Kelly.

“Given the fact that we don’t have a lot of time and Bob is right here, it’s a weird thing to bring up–whether I’ve had plastic surgery or not,” Fonda said. “I have and I’ve talked about it. Seemed like the wrong time and place to ask that question.

Here's the link

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Erik McCormack Thinks "Will and Grace" Is Why Gay Marriage Passed; Jane Fonda Snaps At Megyn Kelly; Jared Kushner Registered To Vote As A Woman

Erik McCormack Thinks "Will and Grace" Is Why Gay Marriage Passed

This is one of those things I wish I could unread. And, this is why I never did watch, and never will watch, Will and Grace.

If you're looking for a good spin on gay culture and gay history, check this one out. It's real gem...

“We snuck in. We were in your living room every week and, ‘Isn’t that one so funny?’ and ‘I like him.’ Old women that had never met a gay man in their life were like, ‘I hope Will finds a nice boy.’
It permeated American culture slowly but surely, and all the more reason that we have to come back and remind people that that’s why we got where we got — that’s why we got to a place where gay marriage was passed, that marriage equality was passed as a right in 50 states.”
Here's the rest. There are comments. 
It's interesting, because I thought people like Judge Jones passed gay marriage here in PA, before the big SCOTUS ruling. I thought it was Vermont Supreme Court Justice, Beth Robinson, who married Tony and me a few years ago, who helped legalize same sex marriage. I guess I was wrong. Now I know it was all about Will and Grace.  
Jane Fonda Snaps At Megyn Kelly

For some odd reason, they booked Jane Fonda on the Megyn Kelly show so Fonda could promote a new film, and Kelly started pressing Fonda for information about what kind of plastic surgery procedures she's had done. Evidently, Fonda wasn't amused, and rightly so.

“We really want to talk about that now?” Fonda sniped, looking genuinely perplexed.

There's more here.

And for those of you you don't like Jane Fonda, calm yourselves. A lot of people feel the same way about Megyn Kelly, so it all works out to be an even draw.

Jared Kushner Registered to Vote As A Woman

I don't know what to make of this one, so no comments from me.

The senior advisor to the president of the United States, the man who has been tasked with brokering peace in the Middle East, is somehow registered to vote as a female.

Yes, the records of the New York State Board of Elections indicate Jared Corey Kushner as a registered female voter since 2009, Wired first reported.
Here's the link.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Trans Man Accused of Stealing Sausage; Megyn Kelly's Lame Gay Joke; Hugh Jackman Supporting Marriage Equality In Australia

Trans Man Accused of Stealing Sausage

A trans man was accused of stealing a sausage in a New Jersey store, because store security thought the bulge in his pants was too big.

Store manager Elvis Rodriguez said that a security guard thought he saw a sausage in Pagan’s pants and wanted to search him. Pagan told the security guard that what was in his pants was private, but the guard insisted on searching him and called the police for a female officer to conduct the search.

Here's the rest. The trans man became litigious, and rightly so.

Megyn Kelly's Lame Gay Joke

Of course it's only my opinion, but I will never understand why Megyn Kelly has her own TV show. What's even more confusing is that the lame gay joke she made was during her pilot show, with the stars of Will and Grace. Why would the stars of Will and Grace even go near Megyn Kelly? What marketing genius arranged that booking? Maybe they're trying to guide Kelly away from her FOX news roots and they're exploiting the gay angle to make her look better? You can't help but wonder.

In any event...

Turner, a lawyer, excitedly jumped up from his seat in the audience. After he had finished hugging each of the cast members, Kelly proceeded to interview him. Her first (and only) question was: “Is it true that you became a lawyer, and became gay, because of Will?”

Here's the rest. There's more, and what she said only gets worse.

Hugh Jackman Supporting Marriage Equality In Australia

Here's more about the ongoing fight to legalize same sex marriage in Australia. This time Hugh Jackman just offered his support.

Jackman tweeted that he and his wife Deborah Lee Furness will vote ‘yes’ in Australia’s postal survey on marriage equality.
‘We believe all Australians deserve to be treated equally under the law (sic) That’s why Deb & I are voting YES  and !’ the Wolverine star tweeted.

You can read more here.  I'm really curious to see how this voting/survey thing turns out. I'm hoping for the best for LGBT people in Australia.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Dynasty's Gordon Thomson Comes Out; Gay Landlord Who Had Sex In Tenant's Bed; Hot Guys Sending Books To Hurricane Kids;

Dynasty's Gordon Thomson Comes Out

Whenever I read things like this I can't help but think about how bittersweet it is. It's wonderful that Gordon Thomson came out as gay recently, and so sad that he remained in the closet for so long. And you can't blame him for remaining in the closet. He had his reasons. His generation of gay men didn't just come out without carefully considering the and professional.

Even today, there are still consequences, especially with good looking male actors, and that caution is still there. And yet, with that said, I would guess that Thomson has lived a happy, fulfilled life for the most part. Those of you who aren't gay will never fully understand that long before legalized gay marriage and assimilation, long before heteronormative Hollywood (and book publishing) started white-washing gay content, gay culture was always that one thing we had to depend on. In our own private closeted circles, it kept us well. For many it still does.

But I don't want to digress, because this is uplifting. Thomson goes into more detail about why he didn't come out sooner. If this one story alone doesn't make you think twice, nothing else will. Especially for those of you who aren't gay but think you know everything about gay men.

Thomson had wondered before we spoke whether his sexuality would come up in our conversation, and what he would say if it did. Would he shout “How dare you?” and “get on my high horse” and terminate the call, or—the unspoken alternative—would he finally say what he has not felt able to say all these years: that yes, he is gay.

Here's the rest. It's a very candid piece and Thomson even talks about some of the things that happened on Dynasty with the gay story line. You don't want to miss this one.

Gay Landlord Who Had Sex In Tenant's Bed

Here's another update on the gay landlord who had sex in his tenant's bed...while the tenant was out. But the clever tenant (who clearly took nothing for granted) caught it on a video security camera.

40-year-old Carlos Quijada-Lara of Colorado Springs, CO pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing and misdemeanor obscenity after a security camera captured him in the act.
He’ll be spending two years in jail.
There's more here. 

Hot Guys Sending Books To Hurricane Kids

This is one of the best things I've seen all week online.

Though Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have passed, the clean up has only just begun. Now, one of our favorite Instagram pages, @HotDudesReading, is teaming up with the nonprofit First Book to send books to all the kids who have been impacted by the storms.

Check that out here...with a hot dude pic.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Russians Go To Norway For Pride Parade; Comedian Lavell Crawford Says LGBT People Are Effing Weird; Instagram Studs Share Best Muscle Tips

Russians Go To Norway For Pride Parade

I hope I'm not offending anyone by saying, "Russians," instead of, "Russian People." You see, last week a transgender person left a comment on one of my posts and she told me that I had offended her because I had used the word, "transgenders," instead of, "transgender people." As always, my post was something that supports people who are transgender. So now I'm starting to wonder what's safe to write. But this article I'm linking to used the word, "Russians," in their title, so I think I'm safe and I don't think I'm offending any Russians...or Russian People, if you will. I just wanted to clarify in case anyone else gets offended, which seems to be happening more and more these days.

In any event, here's something a lot more serious to worry about. In order to celebrate Pride, Russian LGBT people have to cross the border to feel safe. I know things aren't perfect in the US, especially right now, but at least we don't have to leave the country to experience Pride events.

She was one of about 50 people from Russia, Belarus and Kazhakstan who joined the first ever pride parade in Kirkenes, Norway’s border town to Russia in the north. Valentina is psychologist and was the leader of “The house of Equality” project at Maximum, the group for support of LGBT community in Murmansk. Maximum was an NGO that closed down after being listed as “foreign agent” a few years ago.

There's more here. There are a few photos and it looks like a very nice, positive event.

Comedian Lavell Crawford Says LGBT People Are Effing Weird

I don't totally get this one. This guy's dad is openly gay.

“No matter how much they’re getting accepted, it’s still f*cking weird,” he remarked. “Now they’re trying to get their own bathrooms and sh*t [even though] it’s still not the norm.”

Check out the rest here. He actually admits that after his dad came out he was worried he might turn gay, too.

Instagram Studs Share Best Muscle Tips

I don't know about anyone else, but last week I had to stop following six different guys on Instagram because I got so tired of their endless half naked selfies in bathrooms, gyms, and wherever else it's legal to take off their pants. That's all I was seeing. You can ruin a good thing.

In any event, there's this...

To help find out how some of our favorite Instagram studs maintain their muscular physiques, we asked them to share their best fitness tips. If you’re tired of hitting the gym and not seeing the results you want, check out the advice below.

You can read this one here.  Some of the advice isn't bad, especially if you're having issues. I've learned more from things like this about working out than I ever learned from personal trainers.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

This Is Not Tom of Finland; LGBT People Tortured In Azerbaijan; Can You Guess the Prostitute?

This Is Not Tom of Finland

I swore to myself that I was not going to link to anything that contains the phrase, "can you even?"  However, this is worth it. It's really good.

It looks just like a Tom of Finland illustration, but it's not.

It’s time for your game of dress-me-up to reach hitherto unthinkable levels of cool.
Mega-talented New York-based artist Michael Mejia is a bona fide body-paint wizard, as you can see from the clip below:
LGBT People Tortured In Azerbaijan
This one makes me sick to my stomach. Evidently, they can just do whatever they want and get away with it. 
Eyewitness reports claim authorities detain LGBTI people, beat, verbally abuse and force medical examinations on transgender people. Some reports even suggest authorities are shaving the hair of transgender women.
Can You Guess the Prostitute?
Here's a link to a video where people try to figure who is a prostitute. It's really not all that simple to do. 
This supposition was recently put to the test in the following video, which gathers random people together to observe a room full of strangers, and suss out whether any of them might do sexy things for only occasionally sexy amounts of cash.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Gay Men Going To the Far Right In Germany; Gay Men Afraid To Hold Hands In Public; Louise L. Hay, Gay Men, AIDS, and "Kitsch Spirituality"

Gay Men Going To the Far Right In Germany

Here's a piece about something that's been going on in Germany that rarely makes headlines in the US, not even in LGBT presses.

It's about two gay men who suffered a violent attack that has changed everything about them...right down to their core beliefs.

Police identified the attackers as two locally known Muslim extremists. They were never arrested and later fled to Syria. After demanding answers from local prosecutors and the mayor's office and not getting a response, Karsten turned to Germany's far right party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD).
"I don't like everything they say," Karsten says, "but this is too dangerous for gay people to live openly here, if we get attacked like that. We need a party that's talking openly about this."
Gay Men Afraid To Hold Hands In Public
This is happening in the UK, but I think it could probably happen anywhere. There was a survey taken and more than half the gay men in Britain feel unsafe holding hands in public. And it gets into other hate crimes with other groups that fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. 
Stonewall said the UK had much to do before all LGBT people "can feel safe, included and free to be themselves".
While hate crime was more effectively recorded than in the past, the charity said there had undoubtedly been "a genuine increase" in incidents since its last major survey in 2013.
Louise L. Hay, Gay Men, AIDS, and "Kitsch Spirituality"
This is actually a difficult one for me because I did follow a lot of the principles and techniques of Louise Hay, and I never knew any of this.  But I followed Hay in a very general sense, and at the time I was very, very young and I wasn't as heavily invested as some people were. 
Evidently, now that she's dead people are speaking up about Hay and how she affected a generation of men. 
Many AIDS survivors and caregivers have testified to the tragic personal cost of Hay’s philosophy, and what some have called her brutal dismissal of actual people with AIDS, including the poor and people of color, as well as her willingness to profit personally through the pain of the sick, the psychically unsettled, and the terminally ill. Activist and filmmaker Peter Fitzgerald saw Hay in action with his desperately ill comrades. After her death he said,  “I understand that she providedd hope at very dark times to a great many people, I also know all too well that her clay feet were deeply mired in the guilt of being an AIDS profiteer, a disloyal friend and purveyor of false hope. Namaste, bitch.”
It's a long piece, that you can find here at this link. They refer to Hays and what she taught as "kitsch spirituality." I really don't know enough about it to make any specific comments.   
Said With Care

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Celebrating Gay Culture and Gay Stereotypes: Unabated by Ryan Field

Celebrating Gay Culture and Gay Stereotypes: Unabated by Ryan Field 

I happen to believe in keeping it real, and if I veer into gay stereotypes that actually do, in fact, represent part of my own gay culture as I've always known it, I'm not going to deny it. I'm also not going to white-wash my own history or culture for anyone. I'm going to celebrate it, and I'm going to celebrate the fact that gay culture is so highly diverse. 

The wonderful truth is that there are gay stereotypes that are part of gay culture. And when I write fiction I'm drawing from all of my own personal experiences as a gay man. I'm not getting it from a gay friend or relative. And I have the slaps on my face to prove it.

With that said, this book, Unabated, is actually a story-line that's loosely based on a gay couple I once knew who took a 3rd person into their relationship. That's part of gay culture, too. It's a big part of gay culture for some gay men.

Whether you like that or not is up to you, but it is what it is.

Danny and Vince have an almost perfect gay marriage in New York, and then they move to a small gay enclave in the suburbs of Pennsylvania where they discover something interesting: most of the older gay couples have open marriages. Danny and Vince are still in their twenties, and everything about their lives is new and exciting. So when they leave New York to be closer to Vince's job as a TV weather person in Pennsylvania, they discover they're interested in exploring the possibilities of an open gay marriage, too. 
In the midst of all this "adulting," from being first time homeowners to buying a new car, the changes Danny and Vince experience in the small town of Penn's Grant lead them to new sexual and emotional experiences they never had in New York. They not only meet gay couples who have been together for decades, but a few who have been leading double lives and hiding deep dark secrets that have ruled their lives. Thanks to his new open gay marriage, Danny discovers a few secrets about his own strong desires for men he never knew existed. 

Will their open gay marriage ruin them both forever, or will it wind up bringing them closer together? And will the move to Penn's Grant turn them into the small town gay couple they never wanted to become in the first place?

Unabated by [Field, Ryan]

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Married Gay Couple Owns Fake Alt-Right News Site; Guy Who Looks Exactly Like Michael Jackson; Human Ken Doll On Changing His Looks

Married Gay Couple Owns Fake Alt-Right News Site

I know absolutely nothing about this one, so I'm only linking. Unless the serious news comes from a reputable source like the BBC or Reuters, I don't pay attention to it. Evidently, I'm in the minority.

Now they’re creating “news” out of whole cloth via their alt-right fake news site Your News Wire.

Their site has become the go-to rightwing conspiracy theory site and according to the Hollywood Reporter, they’re starting to rival Breitbart. Andrew Breitbart, the founder of the notorious so-called alt-right website now run by former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, was also gay.
You can check the rest out here. It goes into a lot more detail. I've seen their cheesy web site, Your News Wire, and it has seen me. LMAO!

Guy Who Looks Exactly Like Michael Jackson

Normally I wouldn't post about something like this. But it's so true, and so uncanny, I couldn't resist.

Twitter user Lourdes shared a photo of a man in a car, writing, “Y’all my man is so cute, look at the selfie he just sent me.”
The photo was retweeted 2,400 times, was liked nearly 9,000 times, and received 3,000 comments from people who just couldn’t even with how much this mystery man looks like Michael Jackson.
Here's the link. He really does look exactly like Michael Jackson. 
Human Ken Doll On Changing His Looks
I see a lot of people moan and groan whenever they see anything on social media about the human Ken doll guy. But like him or not, as far as I know, he's not sitting at home in a stained easy chair, eating pizza and donuts, judging other people. 
Here's what he might do in the future...
“One day when I’m older I may have a sex change and became a Barbie. I will do what Caitlyn Jenner did. When I reach my late 50s, I would rather be a sexy old lady than a saggy old man.”
You can check the rest out here, with photos...and of course there are comments. 
Ryan Field Books
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