Monday, March 5, 2012

National Read an E-book Week...If You're Not Ready, Take Your Time

When I ran across this web site for "Read an E-book Week," I thought it was a great idea. Even though everyone I know, including my senior mom with her iPad and macbook, reads e-books now, I'm sure there are still those who haven't even seen one. I have one friend who refuses to even consider reading an e-book.

And there's nothing wrong with that. Don't feel pressured about doing it. I do hope everyone who has been curious about e-books at least takes a look at one. For those who don't know this, you don't need an e-reading device to read an e-book. You can download an e-book to your computer. I did it before I purchased my first e-reading device.

But what I'd also like to add (enforce) here is that for those who don't want to read e-books yet, or for those who aren't ready to embrace e-books, you should take your time. I did. I come from a background of traditional publishing and I didn't even start submitting digital mss until early in the last decade. And I only did it then because a publisher told me I had to do it.

Once I started, I never wanted to go back to hardcopy again. The hard part for me now is that I miss certain aspects of traditional print publishing. People treated each other with respect, not animosity. It was the same way with reading e-books on an e-reading device for me. I know I'm supposed to join the "gang" and promote national read an e-book week, only I'm not fond of anything that puts peer pressure on anyone. I needed to decide about e-books in my own time, and when I was ready to make the switch.

So don't feel rushed into doing anything you're not ready to do yet, not even if the e-books are for free. I know .99 doesn't entice me to read anything. When you are ready to make the switch to e-books, you'll know it. And if you're not, things like national read an e-book week can drive you up a wall. I feel the same way about national coming out week. It's a good thing for some gay men because it gives them support, but it also puts needless pressure on those who aren't ready to come out of the closet. I think it's the good old Yankee American in me. Don't tell me what to do or how to do it. I'll figure it out on my own and then I'll tell YOU how to do it. And, I'll tell you the right way, too (smile).

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