Monday, January 9, 2017

Male Full Frontal Nudity Streaming TV; NetFlix and Male Full Frontal; Sexual Politics and Full Frontal Nudity

Male Full Frontal Nudity Streaming TV

I revisit this topic from time to time because it seems to be such a taboo. In most cases they will show everything except the penis. However, things might be changing with streaming TV...even though it might not always be the real thing. In spite of that, I saw this particular show and loved it.

Edgy new comedy The Overnight is all about what happens when two couples collide for pot, pizza, and some down and dirty sex. It also features a scene where quirky indie king Jason Schwartzman reveals his giant penis. Schwartzman has been open about wearing the enormous prosthetic in the film, and he’s not the only star to have worn a fake penis (or shown off his real one) for his art.

You can read more about this here.

Netflix and Male Full Frontal

Here's a web site that lists streaming programs on Netflix with male full frontal nudity. The site's name is amusing...Bateflix.

But it's not only male full frontal, it actually lists everything that includes sex and nudity. And that's something that's not all that surprising. It's difficult to find much content online about male full frontal nudity in anything considered mainstream.

You can check that out here. If nothing else, it's a good guide to a few films you might not have discovered otherwise.

Sexual Politics and Full Frontal Nudity

And here's an article about the sexual politics of full frontal nudity in general. I found this interesting about the TV show Hung.

Hung is a program about a down-on-his-luck teacher who, because of his large penis, became a prostitute. Though the entire show is about Ray Drecker’s member, we only get one brief glimpse of it — and not even the whole — yet his clients and sexual partners are often shown fully frontal.

Even when a show is about the sexual objectification of a man and his sexual organ, it’s still women who are the default sex objects.

I think I've mentioned this before, but I used to watch Hung...for a while. But when I realized they were never going to actually show how hung he was in detail I stopped watching completely. And that's interesting. A show that's completely focused on the main character's penis and you never get a chance to see it. It's already been proven that the actor doesn't actually have to be hung. No one minds a prosthetic and we all know it's fiction.

It's an interesting article you can check out here.

Other than this, there's not much happening out there with male full frontal the mainstream. I know there's plenty on the fringes.

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