Thursday, March 15, 2012

Joe Konrath's Blog, Amazon, and My Quiet Venture

Although Joe Konrath isn't the reason why I've become so interested in self-publishing on Amazon, I've been a fan of his blog and his opinions/reactions on the subject. Especially his most recent blog post, here. Coming from a background in "traditional" publishing, I tend to focus more on my readers than I do other authors. The main perk for me with self-publishing on Amazon would be I could offer my books and stories at a much lower price, and have control over all the content...for my readers. I have one wonderful reader who has been corresponding with me for a while now. This reader suffered medical problems a few years back and was left with disabilities. I want people like this to have affordable e-books, and with regard to amazon publishing I like knowing the author can control his prices. Even though my e-books with digital first publishers are nowhere near as high as e-books are with "traditional" publishers, I often wonder how many pass by my books and choose another because they have e-book budgets they have to follow. I know I do this with books I want. And I've passed on quite a few that I thought would push me over the lines I set for buying e-books. I wouldn't, however, pass on a .99 e-book.

I haven't done it (not even with a pen name), but self-publishing with Amazon is something I've been looking into for a while. I haven't made any set decisions yet, but I will make one small announcement in the coming weeks on the topic. It's not going to rock the world and I'm not going to start slamming all my friends on social media with announcements and spam. It's just a small, quiet venture I've been thinking about for a while. I love all the publishers I work with and my interest in self-publishing on Amazon has nothing to do with whether or not I'm satisfied with the results I see from my publishers. I am satisfied and I hope to continue to work with them for as long as they want me. I love them all. But the thought of having complete control is just too interesting to ignore. And the thought of being able to offer a brand new release...not a backlisted book...for .99 to my readers is even more appealing.

If you're like me, and you've been interested in learning more about Amazon, please take the time to check out the blog post I linked to above by Joe Konrath. I can promise you one thing, it's not the kind of material you're going to read on literary agent blogs or "traditional" publishing blogs. I do think it's still too soon to make huge predictions about the future of publishing (although I did make the same predictions Konrath made a few years ago, while a good friend in publishing sat at my dinner table and laughed at me when I said e-books would only continue to grow, and that's why I got into digital first publishing about seven years ago in spite of being laughed at). Konrath's POV is just different than what you've been seeing for so long, based on his own personal experience. And I can tell you this for certain, and this has nothing to do with the future of publishing, based on my own personal experience with digital publishing, Konrath has been telling the truth about what has been happening in the past ten years.


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