Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Will Be the Next Viral Hit in the Book World?

I came across an interesting article with a title about 50 Shades of grey while I was looking for information about the 50 Shades movie. I just submitted an essay for a book that will be out this fall titled, "Fifty Authors on Fifty Shades of Grey," and I wanted to double check a few facts. I'll post more about the essay and the 50 Shades book in the future.

What I found interesting was that the article I'm talking about now is titled, "50 Shades of Grey: Books That Will Be the Next Viral Hit." Of course the article is more about popular book themes and how they seem to resonate with people with regard to predicting the next viral hit in publishing. It gets into "Hunger Games" which is why I posted a pic of Liam Hemsworth. But I suspect the author of the article knows the web well enough to know that anything with a title even remotely connected to 50 Shades will generate more hits than one that isn't. You learn these little tricks the more you blog.

This just proves how much of an impact 50 Shades has had on everyone. I even saw a football related article in my search that was titled something like "50 Shade of the Future," and it had absolutely nothing to do with 50 Shade of Grey or publishing books.

In any event, the article to which I'm referring is actually very good, and it gets into some of the more popular themes that seem to be tried and true with the mainstream reading audience. I'm a firm believer in following formula for the most part, and then twisting it and turning it around to make it different. In many ways, that's why I love parody so much.

Well, there are lots of themes and they tend to change slightly from series to series depending on the plot, but my personal favorite and one that is fairly consistent is Good versus Evil. Ah yes, nothing better than the timeless tale of the little man who stands for all things right in the world, rising up to defeat his antagonist who happens to be the very face of evil itself. There are probably a thousand, deep rooted, anthropological reasons why we love these tales but the best reason I can come up with is that we love these fictional stories because we want to know it’s possible for good to defeat evil in reality.

As I said, I'm a fan of reworking old formulas with new elements, which could be anything from New Adult concepts to a suburban mom who gets into BDSM. You can read more of the article I'm talking about here, where there are a few more examples I thought were thought provoking.


T.D. McFrost said...

The Good vs Evil archetype will NEVER get old. I, however, am bored of it but I can't break the mold (there's that word again) this early in my writing career. I have some cool ideas I can try later on. At the moment, my bad guy is multilayered, because he selfishly wants to accomplish a goal for the betterment of mankind but is killing anyone who refuses to accept his ideals. It's different and 3D and I like it.

Switching gears here, as kinky as I am, it'd be a shame if I don't write something for women that'll get their panties all wet. LOL. But I'm waiting 'til this 50 Shades nonsense dies down, 'cause it'd be hard selling a Women's erotica that isn't along the lines of that book.

My hope is that a well written and superbly plotted YA or Adult novel comes along and shatters the idea that absolute rubbish sells. It only sells because the idea is appealing and most well written stuff don't have great concepts.

ryan field said...

I think you'd find the essay I wrote on 50 Shades for this new book interesting. I did get into how serious BDSM readers were offended by it, and also why I think mainstream readers weren't offended. And I tried to make of point of saying that neither one of them are wrong. If you remember a book a while ago called "The Bridges of Maidson County," and how serious literary people scorned it but the mainstream loved it, 50 Shades seems to mirror this all over again.

I actually think that anything that gets people to read has some merit to it...even if it's not considered literary in any way at all. Whether or not 50 Shades will spark a new trend in BDSM reading remains to be seen...but I personally don't see that happening. I just think it's a trend.

Unknown said...

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