Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gays As Parents; Gays in Long Term Relationships

Here's an excellent article I found at the web site

Although the last one is a little least it is to me...the other myths they discuss are right on target.

Another stereotype is that gay relationships aren't as real or long-lasting as heterosexual ones.

Research has found that to be untrue. Long-term studies of gay couples indicate that their relationships are just as stable as straight pairings.
"There is considerable evidence that both lesbians and gay men want to be in strong, committed relationships [and] are successful in creating these partnerships, despite difficulties created by social prejudice, stigma, and the lack of legal recognition for same-sex relationships in most parts of the U.S.," said UCLA psychologist Anne Peplau, co-author of a book chapter on the subject published in the 2007 Annual Review of Psychology.

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Anonymous said...

Children raised in gay families are neither better nor worse off psychologically than in straight families and that speaks volumes. The research on this is ample once the "research with an agenda" sources are removed. That said, it argues well that gays should be allowed to adopt as easily as straights. Having two dads or two moms is common in straight families with divorce and remarriage. As a therapist, I say let's get kids to loving parents post haste.
Matthew Darringer

ryan field said...

I've talked about adopting with Tony and the reason we didn't is because of the hassle involved. It's a subject that's still on the table, so to speak.

But I do know a lot of gay couples who have kids...and sometimes it's not adoption but their own kids from previous marriages...and they seem to do just fine.

A.B.Gayle said...

The recently elected conservative Queensland government recently reversed decisions allowing gay couples to be surrogates.

Often these are done with lesbians using the sperm of gay guys. If done well, I see it as an opportunity for kids to have four loving, caring parents. If custody is shared well, then that can also create good "time out" opportunities for both couples. A win/win situation.

Don't leave it too late,if you do want to have kids, Ryan. Kids having older parents have their own sets of problems.

ryan field said...

One of our nieces recently said she would act as a surrogate. It's an option.

I know what you mean by waiting too long. It's a decision we'll make soon.