Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kindle Direct Publishing...Review: "No More Harvard Debt" by Joe Mihalic

When I first stumbled across Joe Mihalic's blog, No More Harvard Debt, I was curious about his posts because I know so many people who are now paying off college loans. I was lucky enough not to have college loans, but I (we) know what it's like to carry a half a million dollar mortgage, so anything money management interests me. As a blogger I know how to navigate blogs well and I went to one of his earliest posts to see what he had to say...and to see if what he had to say would be of any interest to me.The first line I read made me want to read more.

I graduated from Harvard Business School with my MBA and $95k of student loans ($101k including accumulated interest) in 2009 at the age of 26.

I liked the blog so much I posted about it on my own blog, hoping to spread the word for other people who might be interested in ways to pay down college loans...or any other debt...the good old fashioned American way. Because that's what Joe did. He didn't sit around and groan. He didn't sit around waiting for a handout from the government. He used common sense and forged ahead by working as hard as he could.

And when I saw that he'd put the blog into book form using the Kindle Direct Publishing program I couldn't have been more thrilled. By doing this I knew he would be reaching even more people who could use advice. And by using the KDP program it didn't cost him anything but, as is his style, a lot of hard work. And, it's well formatted and simple to read on any e-reading device. I read mine on an iPhone for the most part.

What I think I like most is that he's not loud and obnoxious about offering his own personal advice like so many others who get paid millions of dollars to do basically the same things he's doing. There are some funny sections and some sections that scream reality check. But the most important part was the sincerity...without the gimmicks. I would recommend this book to anyone with debt, or anyone interested in reading a human interest story about a normal guy with a great deal of tenacity and talent.


T.D. McFrost said...

I read his story about four months ago and was really impressed by his efforts. Mind you, he's a "Jock" type fella so my sympathy was like this_______ But boy did he surprise me! Having to carry a flask to the bar with your friends (and explain it to potential dates) made me cringe. At the same time, he looks like a model so this happened_______once more. LOL.

Nonetheless, he did what he set out to accomplish and that's something to smile about. Now, he's selling his story to turn a profit--hey, I expect nothing less from a business major.

ryan field said...

But the book is really good, too. Seriously. I've read some horrors that were self-pubbed. This one's excellent. I hate to write reviews about the point of not doing it often. This time I felt confident.