Saturday, July 7, 2012

Anthony Romero on Fiverr...

I've posted a few times about blogger, Anthony Romero, before. I had a chance to read a few raw things he'd written and was stunned at how good they are. It's that kind of natural writing talent I don't see very often...before too many opinions and too much advice from too many know-it-alls fuck a writer up.

I've also posted about my fascination with the web site, It's that web site, for those who don't know, where people will basically do anything for five bucks.

And last night I noticed that Anthony Romero is on Fiverr.

And not just with one post/ad. He's in the "Fun and Bizarre" category offering several different services.

This one is my favorite:

I will lie to someone for $5.

I like this one, too:

I will photoshop myself into your family photos for $5.

And there's another that made me smile but I can't post about it here on this blog.

If you haven't checked out fiverr, and Anthony's ads there, take the time to see what it's all about. You can get lost for hours if you're not careful, so be prepared to have a little extra time. But be warned, fiverr is not for those who lack a sense of humor. If you take life too seriously you're better off reading legal briefs than going to fiverr.


mary gresham said...

Anthony is so unique Ryan and I had the pleasure of finally meeting him on July 3 in Dallas. He and I, along with his boyfriend, Austin Wilde, Tony Newport, Zane Michaels and my husband, Randy went out to eat dinner that night, then went to the club, BJs NXS, right there in Dallas to celebrate Tony's 22nd birthday.
Meeting Anthony was everything I hoped, he's a super nice guy, with a wickedly, dark sense of humor. Finally seeing him in person, well, it's something I had been hoping to so for a long time, especially after meeting Austin back in March.
I know some might think I'm crazy for riding 6 hours, just to have a chance to meet him, but believe me, it was well worth it and this is why.
Yes, he does porn, but he is also a very caring person, Austin is too. The night my house burned, June 9, I first called the fire department, tben I called my cousin, who I haven't spoken to in over 2 years, but lives directly behind me. Then, I sent Austin a text, telling him to please have Anthony call me. I knew Anthony keeps his phone on silent and might not read the message until later. Within 5 minutes my phone rang, it was Anthony calling to see what was wrong. I was crying as I explained to him what was happening. He talked to me for awhile, calming me down, when no one else could. I was upset about the house, of course, but what had me crying was the fact that I couldn't get my babies, my dogs, out. I feel so thankful and blessed to call Anthony Romero and Austin Wilde my personal friends, I think the world of both of them.
Some people might put me down or try to degrade that friendship for two reasons, one, they are gay and two, they are gay porn models. But you know what, it has been my gay friends, whom I consider family, that has beenthe ones supporting me and my family thru this disaster. It has been gay porn models who have sent me money to replace stuff we lost. It has been writers of gay novels who went to my amazon wish list and purchased stuff and hed it shipped to us. It wasn't mine or Randy's actual relatives who have helped us, it's been the family that we chose to be ours that has helped us and Anthony is right at the top of that list, simply for being there when I needed him.
So, whenever he needs me, you can be damn sure, I will be right there for him too, always, no questions asked and he knows this.

A.B.Gayle said...

Thx, will check it out, Ryan, but has he got a male camel toe in that photo?

I must admit I'd never come across the term until I read "Jonah". Now I'm super conscious of it. Reminder to self, must buy new gym pants or get one of those pads the cyclists use....

ryan field said...

Glad you told me about him, Mary. I am a big fan.

I'm very aware of camel I knew a guy once who always had one.