Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Self-Pubbed Romance Author on Bestsellers List...

Self-published author, Bella Andre, has been making a name and building a readership on one bestseller list in particular. As a result, Andre is helping self-publishing gain more credibility.

After a $1.99 Gold Box of the Day sale at Amazon, romance novelist Bella Andre took five spots on our Self-Published Bestsellers list with her series, The Sullivans. The Washington Post profiled her writing career last year.

I still find it amazing that even though it's been coming for a while, self-published authors are gaining momentum and readers are taking them seriously now. And galleycat is making it even easier for readers to find these self-published books.

To help GalleyCat readers discover self-published authors, we have compiled lists of the top eBooks in three major marketplaces for self-published digital books: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

You can check out the lists here.

I've posted often about how readers now have to be more aware of what's being published and that they have to vet and search in more places than they did in the past. I think links like this help. And I'm glad to see galleycat doing it.

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