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LGBTQ Book Review: The Ghost and Mr. Moore by Ryan Field; Vegans Get Butthurt Over Male Students Posing Naked with Sheep; Ryan Field Books

LGBTQ Book Review: The Ghost and Mr. Moore by Ryan Field

The Ghost and Mr. Moore by Ryan Field (2009-12-11)Sometimes I come across these book reviews by accident, and I didn't even know they were there. As thankful as I always am for reviews, good or bad, I have always believed that authors should distance themselves from readers in that sense. Let the readers discuss the books without the author's input. But this book is older now. I wrote it about 10 years ago, and the review dates back to 2018. So I think it's safe to share.

I definitely enjoyed this light-hearted, low-angst story with fun characters and a storyline (with several subplots) that held my interest. The Ghost and Mr. Moore is a story with lots of heart and may even bring a tear to your eye from time to time. If you’re a fan of the original Ghost and Mrs. Muir (or ghost stories in general) and don’t mind more than a generous sprinkling of sex in your stories, then you may want to check out The Ghost and Mr. Moore. Mr. Field did an excellent job of this retelling of an old favorite and as usual, did not disappoint.

It's much longer, and you can read the rest here. It's actually a well executed web site in general, with a lot more book reviews you might want to check out.

And here's an Amazon link to The Ghost and Mr. Moore. It was a fun book to write and I based a lot of the story on my own personal experiences in Provincetown. We haven't been to P'town in a while, but we used to spend every Labor Day week, New Year's Eve, and Halloween on the Cape in Provincetown. I think we did that routine for about 15 years.

Vegans Get Butthurt Over Male Students Posing Naked with Sheep

From the way it sounds, this started out as an innocent group project to raise money for charity by a group of cute young guys in veterinary school. They had the best of intentions. They simply posed naked with sheep. Unfortunately, vegans got butthurt and ruined all the fun.

A photo featuring seven veterinarians-to-be posing naked with sheep elicited strong condemnation from a vegan activist group, so much so that the school issued a formal apology and vowed to remove the photo from the upcoming calendar.

You can check this out, here. There's a photo of the veterinarians, too. It looks harmless enough to me. But then again, my favorite meal is a nice big juicy piece of prime rib.

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