Thursday, August 23, 2018

Mark Wahlberg Touching Himself; Sex-Starved Employee Puts Camera In Men's Room; Gay Tennis Player Heard Homophobia All the Time

Mark Whalberg Touching Himself

I remember these ads of Whalberg touching himself. At the time he was very young. There was one ad right in the middle of Time Square and it was hard to walk down the street without looking up and tripping over something. 

Who could forget Mark Whalberg’s famed ’90s crotch-grab down the runway (and on the above poster) in his Calvins?
Well, thanks to the almighty power of Google and YouTube, nobody.
Whalberg is now 47 years old now, and he recently repeated the famous image, where he grabs a nice handful of his 47 year old junk. 
Sex-Starved Employee Puts Camera In Men's Room
This is pretty creepy. 
A hair stylist for the fashion retailer ASOS pled guilty to voyeurism after planting a camera in the men’s bathroom at a summer work party.
Dominic Hendy, 28, said he placed the camera there due to being ‘sex-starved’.
Here's more. They go into a longer explanation about why he did this.

Gay Tennis Player Heard Homophobia All the Time
Here's a piece about tennis player, Brian Vahaly.
"I heard homophobic comments all the time in the locker room - to my face, behind my back. That was just a part of the culture."
You can read it, here. It's a very thorough piece with a lot more detail about what it was like for Vahaly. And it's still like this for other gay men in all walks of life. 

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