Saturday, November 25, 2017

Russell Tovey's Sexy Feet; Married Gay Couple Have Sex With A Woman; Straight Guys Who Love To Be Bottoms

Russell Tovey's Sexy Feet

This is actually a link to one of those multiple news items that cover several different stories at once, but one is a photo of Russell Tovey giving a foot massage to another guy.

Russell Tovey didn’t mind the feet

Here's the rest.  Those of you who are into men's feet will like it, and those of you who pretend that you aren't into men's feet will like it even more. You have to scroll down.

Married Gay Couple Have Sex With a Woman

I have to admit this is something I have never seen happen in my entire gay life. And I can promise you that if I went up and down my friend list in real life and asked every gay couple I know if they would do this, they would either scream or laugh in my face.

But I suppose anything is possible...

Chris and Matt had been together for eight years when they decided to it was time spice things up. So they did what any monogamous gay couple does… they invited a woman named Cait into their bedroom. Now, they’re a bisexual thruple and, they say, they couldn’t be happier!

You can check this out here. There are 44 comments from readers as of right now and you don't want to miss a single one.

Straight Guys Who Love To Be Bottoms

Well, this story I do get. In fact, I've seen this several times in my own real life with straight guys.

More and more straight men are into bottoming, at least according to one prominent sexpert.

It’s a phenomenon known as pegging and it’s the idea of a woman performing anal sex on a man, usually with a dildo or strap-on.

Here's the rest. I don't understand what's so shocking about this one. If done correctly, any man, gay or straight, can enjoy bottoming.

Altered Parts

 Said With Care

A PG Rated Gay Romance

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