Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gay Movie "Violence of the Mind;" Jon Fleming; Philadelphia Q Fest

For those who haven't heard about Jon Fleming and "Violence of the Mind," here's a post I wrote in January of 2012. VotM is a new indie film and there will be screenings of it at various LGBT related events in the coming months, one of which will be at the Philadelphia Q Feast on July 11-22.

Here's a description of VotM I found:

When Sebastian Youngstrum (Ryan Kibby) meets the older, handsome Max Taymer, (Jon Fleming) a forbidden world awakens in the mind of the young man. The line between fantasy and reality is blurred when experimentations in taboo sex go too far. Sebastian wants more and Max is more than willing to lead him down the path of torture, pain and even murder. Images of dead bar patrons, bodybuilders, hustl...ers, and party boys consume his mind and affect his daily life. His best-friend, Gina Claremore, knows something has changed. With a growing feeling of distrust towards Max and a paranoid feeling that someone is stalking Sebastian, Gina tries to intervene. But it’s too late. Sebastian is in love with Max and will prove to him that they share the same violence of the mind.

I found this info about Jon Fleming here at IMBD.

And the following info I found here, along with a few excellent pics of Jon.

Fleming made his television debut in 2003 as a poolboy hunk in the NBC series, "Passions." In the following years, he starred in several minor roles playing a sexy Speedo Guy "Mad TV", a shirtless jogger in "Desperate Housewives" and a mysterious man in "Days of Our Lives."
Here's a trailer for VotM on Youtube.
This is the facebook fan page where you can see photos, and get more information. As a sidenote, I'm finding more and more indies are using social media this way to get information out to people. In other words, they aren't going for the more self-indulgent web sites we've been seeing for so long. Instead they are going to social media where it's fast and simple and people can get all the info they need without having to figure out how to navigate a web site that may or may not be designed well.
The photo above came from Jon's facebook page, and I personally sent him a message asking permission to use the photo.
This was his reply: Go for it Ryan. Thanks for asking.
I'm going to be in P'town in July, and it's going to come close to the time when the screening in Philly will happen. But I'm really going to make a point of seeing this film then. I'll post more as I get the information. I think this is something different.
For even more info about "Violence of the Mind," you can check out this link, too.
And, you can be certain, without a doubt, that I will be posting more about this film, and books and other LGBT films like this in the future from now on here on this blog.  

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