Friday, April 5, 2013

Papillon Center for Transgender Transition New Hope, PA

I've lived in New Hope for over twenty years and just learned there's a place for transgender transition assistance called the Papillon Center. A friend sent me a link this afternoon and I checked it out thoroughly and from what I see on the web site it's extremely well executed. I post these things from time to time because the T in LGBT is often overlooked, and also because I've written a few transgender romances that garner a decent amount of e-mails.

From the web site of the Papillon Wellness Center:

Papillon Gender Wellness Center was created in the fall of 2000, when Dr. McGinn discovered through her transition, just how daunting it was to find a competent, affordable and comprehensive care for her own journey. It began as a web-based resource for contra-hormone therapy and transition information for gender variant individuals, their loved-ones and their health providers. In 2007, the clinic opened in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and aspires to be a center of excellence for the care of transgender individuals and their families.

This is the address:

Papillon Center18 Village Row, Suite 43
Logan Square
Lower York Road (202)
New Hope, PA 18938

I must have passed by it a million times because Tony's family PC is located in that same office complex. But it doesn't really surprise me because New Hope has been welcoming the LGBT community for the past fifty or sixty years. It all started with an art colony that's now become well known in art circles called The New Hope school. Then it progressed with the theater crowd in the middle of the last century when Broadway shows came here to open at the Bucks County Playhouse. Although it's a small town...only a mile square...there have always been LGBT bars, restaurants, and guest houses. Tony and I chose to live here. It wasn't an accident. We even argued with a real estate agent once when she wanted to show us listings ten miles away. She finally "got" it.

One of the things I like about what I've read at the Papillon Center's web page is that they focus on a holistic approach, too. If anyone has more information about it, please feel free to share.

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