Saturday, July 16, 2011

More About Book Covers...The Virgin Billionaire's Excellent Adventure: A Novella

Since I've been blogging about book covers so much this week, I decided to share this story, too.

When I submitted the manuscript for The Virgin Billionaire's Excellent Adventure, the publisher and I thought it might be fun to possibly call it the Sexellent Adventure instead of Excellent Adventure. (Oh, someone will shudder and cross her legs about this.)

But when we received the first draft of the new cover on Friday, the artist still had the original title on the draft. Either way, I think it would work. And I'm always too close to the books to be able to stand back and view them objectively, so I let the publisher decide... and it's going to be Sexellent Adventure. (I may not have spelled that right...we'll should see how it comes up on spell check.)

This is the first draft of the cover. I doubt much will change, other than the Excellent being changed to Sexellent. I'll post more about the release date next week.


Sylvia Says -- the blog said...

Ryan, I like the Hot Italian Lover cover. Ahhh, Tuscany! La bella Italia! I plan to go there long term one of these days and keep writing from over there. Maybe you'll drop by to visit :-)

Sylvia Massara
Novelist and host of The Lit Chick Show

ryan field said...

I would love to live there for an extended period of time. I have family in Abruzzi. But I'd love to be more up north.