Thursday, July 14, 2011

E-Book Buying and Product Details...

I know I harp about this sometimes, but I do think it's important that new people...customers...who are just now discovering e-books take the time to read every single product detail they can while shopping for e-books.

Even if you buy your books on Kobo, or Amazon, or anywhere, please take the time to shop around the web first to read other product descriptions so you know what you are buying. I buy a lot from amazon. I love amazon. But I get better book excerpts from

And just recently in this post, I talk about how one of my own book descriptions was rewritten and I had nothing to do with it. There's nothing wrong with the new description. It's basically a condensed version of what I wrote. But when you check out author web sites...and I'm talking about all authors, not just're going to get so much more information about the book you're buying.

I'm not talking about the storyline details. I'm talking about basic product info, so you know whether or not you're buying a short, a medium, or a long digital book (e-book). It's up to authors and publishers to get this information out there. But as a reader, when I'm buying e-books for pleasure, I make sure I know exactly what I'm buying.

And never hesitate to contact an author directly. I know some won't respond; they are far too grand. But most, including me, will get back to you quickly.


Cyra said...

What would be a good book to start with? That would give a good, overall sense of tone and style?
Never did E-book, I still prefer to clutch my victim in my hands...

ryan field said...

If you have an e-reader, try one of their free books to start with.

If you don't, you can read e-books on your computer. I still do it myself, even though I have e-readers. Check out the .99 e-books on amazon. I have two out, and there are tons more.