Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let's Give Maine a Strong Message...

I've never been a political activist. Actually, I'm far from being political at all. I write romance, which has nothing to do with politics. But after last week's voting results in Maine, I can't stop reading all the personal blog posts from the LGBT community. People were devastated. I know for a fact, after talking to friends in Maine, that LGBT residents of Maine were especially devastated.

So here's a link that I think sends a strong message.

The link is from my friend Ryan's blog. His partner, Kadin, wrote a smart post that I wish everyone would take very seriously.


Ryan said...

thanks so much ryan ill tell kadin u post this it will make him happy maybe it will help him make up his mind to join me or start his own blog.


ryan field said...

I hope he decides to do a blog. He'd be good. And if he keeps posting things like this, he'll get followers.

Glad you're feeling better :)