Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I noticed that they gave my book AMERICAN STAR II, a new cover. The transition hasn't been complete yet and there are still old covers floating around, so I figured I'd put both up here to show the differences. The older one is on the left, and the newer one on the right.

This book is a romance, with a man and a woman, and a very happy ending. But it has a strong LGBT sub-plot, too. And the BT part of LGBT is where the focus lies. It's also loosely based on the TV show, "American Idol." All of my characters are fictional, and none are even loosely based on actual "American Idol" contestants. And yet one of the characters is almost identical to Adam Lambert. This was an accident. When I wrote the book, long before last season's "American Idol" began, I had no idea there would ever be a contestnt like Adam Lambert on "American Idol."
It's interesting how these things happen by accident. I know other writers who say the same things happen to them. They write things that eventually come true. I wish I could predict lottery numbers this way.


ÅŽG€£ ©. said...

^_^ Looks like everything is going well with you ryan. I am happy your enjoying your success my friend. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile I have just been swamped with life n trying to keep myself busy.

Hope everything is well with you beautiful.

Love n Peace

ryan field said...

Thanks...I'm still lurking around your blog too. This has been a busy month.