Saturday, June 30, 2018

Playing Gay Face For Straight Actors Pays Off; Male Full Frontal Nudity; Professor Ends Penis Size Study

Playing Gay Face For Straight Actors Pays Off

It's been interesting to see so much of this topic being discussed lately. Usually it's simply assumed that if there's a big gay role in a film or on TV it's naturally going to be a straight guy playing gay face. The straight male actor always gets the gay role. We're all so used to seeing this happen we never question it.

This link actually talks about how much it helps straight male actors to play gay face nowadays.

Today, of course, a number of certified hunks gained their fame from playing gay characters. Hal Sparks (Queer As Folk) and Eric McCormick (Will & Grace) did as much on TV, while major stars like Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain), Jude Law (Wilde), Hugh Grant (Maurice) and most recently, Nick Robinson (Love, Simon) have done the same in films, and their careers have taken off rather than reversed.

Here's more. The comments are interesting with this one. This particular piece is about an actor named Harris Dickinson. He talks about how it felt to play gay face...which they always, always do. 

Male Full Frontal Nudity

I like to keep up with this topic, so here's something recent.

As anyone with eyeballs and even a middling interest in pop culture knows, women are naked on-screen *way* more than men. And that's fine—the female body is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. But female nude scenes are often written and directed by men, and created with a distinctly male gaze. 

You can check this out, here. Nothing seems to have changed much, though. 

Professor Ends Penis Size Study

I just posted about this last week and I was looking forward to a follow up. Apparently, there's not going to be a study after all and this news is my follow up. 

A professor at Missouri State University has halted a study on the relationship between penis size and self-esteem following an enormous public response she says has compromised the reliability of her research.

Here's the rest. I think that's a shame. It's an interesting topic for most men.

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