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Philly Gay Chorus Bachelor Auction; Guys in Sweat Pants; Erotic Readers and Writers Association

The Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus is having a bachelor auction and tea dance next weekend, and here's a link to read more about it.

This is one of those winter events that everyone looks forward to, and where you can count on all kinds of interesting events. I've heard the chorus, and I've had good friends who were part of the chorus, and they are very good. It's a great organization to support, too. It's also a nice day trip for New Yorkers looking to get out of town for the day.

Why wait up for the man of your dreams? Come to our 10th annual Bachelor Auction on February 17th at 3 PM, and you could have him for dinner that night! Eight of PGMC's most eligible guys will be on the block - and if you don't win one of them, you might find your dream date while shakin' it during the Tea Dance!

New Web Site:

I've posted about the launch of this site before, and I've done it for several reasons. Although I can't post photos like this on this blog, I do think the site is interesting in an offbeat sort of POV way. In other words, it seems focused on one thing. I write a lot of erotica about gay men, and a theme like guys in sweat pants is, and always has been, highly erotic to gay men.

I think one of the most classic erotic scenes I've ever seen in a mainstream film was in "The Family Stone," where Luke Wilson is wearing sweat pants, he has this prominent (innocent) bulge between his legs, and Sarah Jessica Parker is so absolutely mesmerized by the bulge in his sweat pants she can't find the words to speak a simple sentence.

I'm also a fan of Anthony Romero...mainly as a writer and a blogger...and he's involved with this site. I find that he breaks a lot of the stereo types when it comes to adult entertainers, and he does it in a simple way, without calling attention to it. I have never seen him do cheesy, tacky, in-your-face promotion. And I see a lot (smile). From what I have seen, Romero is a writer, blogger, student, and now a business person with a web site that I think promises to be highly successful.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I also like the fact that Romero is continuing the culture of gay men with a web site like this, and not trying to change that culture during a time when so many are trying to make changes I'm not always fond of. And I want to make this clear. This kind of erotica is fundamental for gay men, like it or not, and I want to see it move into the next generation of gay men and remain part of the culture. We often see gay male couples portrayed exactly like straight couples. And in many basic ways that's true. But there are a few fundamental differences in the dynamics, and I think the way gay couples look at erotica differs greatly from the way straight couples look at erotica because two men are always going to think and act like two men. You can turn gay men upside down and inside and out again, you can make them dads and puppy kissing pink unicorns, but nothing is ever going to change the fact that they are, indeed, men.

Erotic Readers and Writers Association:

I think I've posted about this web site before, but I'm doing it again because I'm going to submit the call for submissions I have out for an anthology I'm hoping to publish about the women who love to love gay men. Here's a link to the call I put out.

The Erotic Readers and Writers Association is probably one of the most fundamental places on the web where all authors can go...and have been going for a read about calls for submission from publishers who focus on erotica. Here's a link to the call page, where there are always new calls published. Although things are a little different nowadays with small start up e-presses, there was a time when the only place a gay writer could find work, or calls for submissions, was at this web site or publisher web sites. All the LGBT publishers posted there, and over the years I've made so many contacts and friends I can't even list them all. I found publisher there about eight years ago and I've had a wonderful relationship with them all this time.

I will post a link to my call for submissions there when I have it up. But in the meantime, it's an interesting site to check out if you are at all interested in writing or reading erotica. And, if you're interested in getting publishing credits. Those credits do count, and in many different ways. Though you don't always think they count, and you don't get paid all that much, you often come in contact with people who can help you get published in other areas. And I'm talking about people that last in publishing, not those who pop up and then disappear in six months.

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