Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gorgeous Chris Pine in "People Like Us"

After all that's been going on around here with clean up and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, last night we got power back and watched a movie on demand just to escape from reality for a while. Of course we haven't been hit like people on the coastline and for that we're more than thankful. But there are still tons of people without power, it's still hard to get gas, and a lot of businesses are still closed and no one knows when they'll reopen. I just spent twenty minutes on the phone with friends who have been without power since Monday listening to them vent, and the temperature is going into the thirties tonight. Of course we invited them to stay here, but they have exotic pets and don't want to leave them alone.

But this movie I'm talking about, "People Like Us," was perfect as a slight diversion. I've been a fan of Chris Pine for a long time and his performance was outstanding. I just hope he keeps getting parts like this. There aren't enough movies out there like this in the first place. No spoilers, but I will say this: the ending blew me away. And that doesn't happen often. Just when you think you know where the story is going and how it's going to end, they threw in something different. For those who tend to get emotional, be prepared to have tissues on hand.

 Sam (Chris Pine), a struggling corporate barterer in New York, is in trouble after one of his deals violates federal law, and the Federal Trade Commission threatens him with investigation. Sam's boss (Jon Favreau) tells him to bribe federal officials at Sam's expense. Returning home, Sam learns from his girlfriend Hannah (Olivia Wilde) that his estranged record-producer father, Jerry, has died in L.A. of cancer. Sam tries to avoid attending the funeral, but Hannah insists on making arrangements. After flying home to L.A., he stays with Hannah at Jerry's house and has a tense reunion with his mother Lillian (Michelle Pfeiffer).

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