Friday, June 10, 2011

Julia Child Biography...(without Julie Powell)

I love reading bios and non-fiction, especially when I'm writing fiction. It's the perfect escape. And right now I'm reading a biography about the life of Julia Child, written by, Noel Riley Fitch. It's smart; it's the real thing. I can't get enough of it.

And I can't help wondering what a great film the life of Julia Child would be. I was disappointed with the movie, Julie& Julia, mainly because I wanted more Julia Child and less Julie Powell. Nothing personal against Julie Powell, and I applaud her for managing to get as much attention as she did, but I'm not interested in her life at all. When I watch the movie, I fast forward the Julie parts and focus on the Julia parts.

And what a terrible shame it would be for the only biopic of Julia Child to be Julie & Julia. Julia didn't even get top billing and she was the real star. She shouldn't have to share the spotlight with anyone...not after all those years and years of hard work.

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