Sunday, October 4, 2009

Facebook, Twitter, and now there's "Twitteleh"

A friend of mine sent me this and I thought it was both funny and smart at the same time.

I'm on both facebook and twitter and I'm finding that the posts I enjoy most are the ones I see from friends and family and other writers and publishing people I know. These are the posts I care about. I like to know when my buddy Ryan blogged. I like to know when Holly or Lori made an announcement about something important. Dana and the other ravenous romance writers always keep me informed; I love their posts and tweets. And I never miss my nephews' posts. They are both away at school and I don't see them that often. Actually, I even enjoy reading the fan posts from Ryan Seacrest. He's always up on pop culture, something that interests me as a writer, and the posts are always positive and informative.

I've even learned a few things from facebook posts by Neil Plakcy, a writer and editor who knows how to use both facebook and twitter very well.

But the facebook posts and tweets I care the least about are from people endlessly promoting something to me and other people who don't care. And, how effective can these promotional posts and tweets possibly be when they are annoying more than half the people they are trying to attract. I have a rule: I give them a week. And when I start seeing nothing but promotional things, I click "hide."

So the vid isn't just funny, it also has some merit that a few facebookers and tweeters should take to heart.

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