Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rescuing Books On Goodreads

I found this link, which helped me a lot. It's a kindleboard forum titled: "Rescue Your Book on Goodreads."

Other than that, just keep checking your books to see if a banner comes up across the top of the page where the book is explained/listed on goodreads. If the banner comes up and tells you that you need to rescue it, click "Learn More" and you'll be directed to a form.

It's an easy form to fill out. But it's time consuming and dull as nuts. I found the best product info, once again (I'm always harping on this), came from and At least with respect to publication dates.

A lot of my books didn't need rescuing, which I'm assuming means goodreads has other datasources or readers/reviewers have already recused them. But don't quote me on this. As I said, much of this is explained well in the link above. And I'll probably be double checking my goodreads content all week.

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