Friday, February 24, 2017

Ricky Martin's First Gay Crush; CPAC and Craigslist M4M Ads; Bearded, Kilted Scotsman Doing Yoga Without Underpants

Ricky Martin's First Gay Crush

Not to be glib, but here's a little irony for you...

When asked by Andy Cohen on Wednesday’s “Watch What Happens Live” which celebrity made Ricky Martin realize he was into guys, the “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer had one name come to mind: John Travolta.

You can check that out here. It's interesting that there aren't as many comments as I had imagined there would be. Maybe they're too busy going after Milo.

CPAC and Craigslist M4M Ads

Here's even more irony...

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Washington D.C.’s annual gathering of regressive thinkers from all walks of life, actually has a cruisey gay underbelly.

Last year we heard from some of these exotic birds when a journalist roamed the halls and arranged interviews via Grindr.

Here's one ad...

“I’m looking for one or more guys who want to have some fun. Will be here til Sunday. Maybe we could meet at the reception tonight, or over a drink at the bar…or f*ck it, we could just go back to my room and dive right in. Got room to myself the rest of the week/end (girlfriend had to leave), so I’m ready to let a little loose.”

And there you go. You can read it all here. No one who is gay is surprised by any of this. I have seen this hypocrisy all my adult life.

There are comments, too.

Bearded, Kilted Scotsman Doing Yoga without Underpants

It wasn't difficult to title THIS one.

These are stressful times, and it’s vital we all develop outlets to invite peace into our lives.

For some, apparently, that process involves donning a kilt (and little else), hiking into the woods and practicing ancient Indian strength and meditation poses. Hey, everyone’s got to have their thing.

You can watch the video here. I've seen it a few times.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Transgender Rights and the Fight Is On; Gavin Grimm On Transgender Students; Marriage Equality In Germany

Transgender Rights and the Fight Is On

I remember posting about my frustrations regarding same sex marriage more than once here on the blog. In one post in particular, I ranted a little about how almost every single politician out there kept saying, "leave it to the states to decide." They all said they didn't want to force beliefs on anyone. And that includes all previous Presidents. It wasn't until SCOTUS ruled on same sex marriage that they all started to openly support same sex public.

At the time I didn't totally understand why President Obama just didn't write an executive order so that same sex marriage could be legal on a federal level. Then he explained it once in an interview and that's when it made sense to me. If same sex marriage hadn't been won state by state in so many places, and SCOTUS hadn't ruled the way they did, things might not have turned out the way they did. And, I finally understood what President Obama was talking about.

With that said, this move to rescind federal guidelines that protect trans kids really gutted me. It doesn't even affect me personally, but I don't think it's fair to remove something that's already been granted to a group of people, especially when it involves an issue as sensitive as transgender children. And even though Trump is trying to explain his latest move, I'm having a hard time understanding what motivated it.

Spicer repeatedly tried to portray Trump as personally in favor of transgender protections but also concerned with states rights. As proof, he pointed to Caitlyn Jenner once using the female bathroom at Trump Tower without incident.

‘The president was asked at one point Caitlyn Jenner was in Trump Tower and he said, “That’s great.” That’s consistent with everything he said. It’s a states rights issue. …The president obviously understands the issue and the challenges that especially young children face … what he doesn’t want to do is force his issues or beliefs.’

You can read more here. This is where people lose me when they say things like that. I don't think this about a "belief." I don't buy it. This isn't religion. I don't think it's fair to these trans kids to have to wait for someone to "evolve." This is about equal rights for everyone, including transgender kids.

And the fight is on.

Gavin Grimm On Transgender Students

In case you haven't been following the Gavin Grimm story, he's the first trans person to take his case to the Supreme Court. Thanks to this brave kid, this topic has become a national discussion and it's brought awareness to people like me.

The 17-year-old transgender teen says it is ‘upsetting’ and ‘disappointing’ to see the Trump administration has rescinded federal guidelines protecting transgender students at school – especially when it comes to using the bathroom.

‘Right now transgender students are probably feeling alone and they’re probably they’re probably feeling afraid because their government has just basically said that the protections that they do have, they don’t feel they are deserving of still being there,’ he told MSNBC on Thursday (23 February).

You can read more about Gavin here. This is one brave kid. I don't even have the courage now that he has at his young age.

Marriage Equality In Germany

It's hard to even believe that marriage equality in Germany is still an issue. But it is, and thankfully there are people fighting hard right now.

Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) want to make marriage equality a main point of their electoral campaign.

That’s according to the ZDF, one of Germany’s publicly funded broadcasters, who quote an unnamed spokesperson for the party.

The SPD also wants to establish full adoption rights for same-sex couples.

There's more here.

For those of you who have been silent on trans rights so far, just remember it wasn't that long ago when you couldn't get married legally here in the US. 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Two Male Models' Heroic Rescue In Central Park; Diesel: Make Love Not Walls; Italy's Anti-Discrimination Head and Gay Sex Club Scandal

Two Male Models' Heroic Rescue In Central Park 

This is really amazing. Of course the gay presses have to label these two as "hot" male models, focusing more on their looks than what they actually did to save 7 young lives. But we know better, and that's the most important thing.

These guys are heroes.

Bennett Jonas of California and Ethan Turnbull of Australia are models signed with Soul Artist Management. They were skateboarding near the pond on Monday evening when they saw the kids, who had been dancing on top of the ice, fall through.

“I look over, I saw six heads just trying to get to the shore,” Jonas says. “The back one was probably a good 20 yards from dry land.”

You can check that out here.

Diesel: Make Love Not Walls

The only reason I'm posting about this is because I love Diesel Jeans.

I'm not getting political, and I don't think jeans should be political.

They're jeans. Nothing more, nothing less.

Of course Diesel are highly over-priced jeans, and they are exploiting gays in the process, but it's hard to look bad in a pair of Diesel jeans.

The fashion company debuted a short video by acclaimed artist/photographer/videographer David LaChapelle featuring the shirtless and tattooed Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin tossing flowers over a border wall. On the other side, a few people throw them back over, then begin climbing and breaking through the wall, leaving a cartoon-like hole in the shape of a heart.

You can check out the rest here.

It's a high school-ish parody of an old slogan, and there's really nothing earth-shattering about this...other than the fact that it's about Diesel jeans.

Italy's Anti-Discrimination Head and Gay Sex Club Scandal

This one's rich. They guy who is in charge of anti-discrimination in Italy got caught with his proverbial hand in the gay cookie jar, and there was a scandal.

Get your smelling salts...

Reuters reported Monday that Francesco Spano, the head of Italy’s National Office Against Racial Discrimination (UNAR), has resigned after The Hyenas, an investigative news show, claimed that the anti-discrimination office funneled 55,000 euros to three gay venues that offer male sex workers and dark rooms for sexual encounters.

Here's the rest. 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos Loses Big Book Deal; Gay Porn Boxer and a Twitter Troll; Follow Up On London's Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Milo Yiannopoulos Loses Big Book Deal

This past weekend a video surfaced where Milo Yiannopoulos made more than a few strong statements on a highly intense topic. It's interesting because Milo has been preaching about the right to free speech, but never actually discussing the consequences that come with free speech. 

Over the weekend, a video surfaced of a 2016 episode of podcast Drunken Peasants concerning clerical abuse and underage sex.

It originally aired on 4 January 2016, but an edited version went viral after it was announced Yiannopoulos would speak at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland.

In the episode, Yiannopoulos joked about having sex with one of the priests who taught him while he was still a school boy.

As a result, Yiannopoulos lost a huge book deal with Simon and Schuster, and he resigned from his position as senior editor at Breitbart News. You can read more here.

In all fairness, here's a link to a long Facebook status that Milo Y. posted in his own defense.

And, here's a link to youtube video. I don't think this one has been edited, but don't quote me on that.

Gay Porn Boxer and a Twitter Troll

A gay porn star and boxer recently had an interesting encounter with a Twitter troll.

Former gay porn star and boxer Yusaf Mack stood up to a homophobic Twitter troll in a barber shop.

In a video taken of the incident, it shows the 37-year-old athlete swinging at a man who had reportedly been posting bigoted comments about him online.

You can check this one out here, and there's a video.

Follow Up On London's Royal Vauxhall Tavern

I posted about this a while ago, here. There's been an interesting turn since then.

 The threat of London’s Royal Vauxhall Tavern being sold to a straight pub chain has been removed – for the time being.

On Friday GSN reported that the venue, which has been on the market since last fall, was on the verge of being sold to Faucet Inn. The company is the same one that owns, and subsequently closed, Camden’s Black Cap.

However, on Friday evening, Faucet Inn tweeted that it was now no longer interested in buying the venue.

For the time being, it will continue as a gay venue. It goes into a lot more detail. There's more here. 

In the midst of so many gay venues shuttering these days, it's good to read something like this for a change.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

New Walt Whitman Novel Discovered; Ageism On Grindr

New Walt Whitman Novel Discovered

Of course I'm posting about this news. Whitman was a classic writer, and he was gay...even though the terms "homosexual" and "gay" weren't around during his time.

Although his writings on pleasure and desire attracted criticism, few commented at the time on his "Calamus" poems, which dealt with male-male affectional relationships. While modern readers consider these to refer to homosexuality, readers in Whitman's day, and perhaps Whitman himself, understood the writings to describe intense expressions of same-sex friendships that were common at the time. While Whitman had homoerotic affections, scholars today generally agree that is misleading to label him a "homosexual" since that term did not exist in his time.

But that's not the big news. This is the real story...

The 36,000-word “Life and Adventures of Jack Engle,” which was discovered last summer by a graduate student, is being republished online on Monday by The Walt Whitman Quarterly Review and in book form by the University of Iowa Press. A quasi-Dickensian tale of an orphan’s adventures, it features a villainous lawyer, virtuous Quakers, glad-handing politicians, a sultry Spanish dancer and more than a few unlikely plot twists and jarring narrative shifts.

You can read more about it here.

Ageism On Grindr

I might be wrong about this, and I've never used any hook up app in my life, however, I've always been led to believe that hook up apps are for hook ups. I'm sure there are some people looking for love and romance, but for the most part aren't they usually just geared toward sex? And people have very distinct sexual preferences, not just gay men.

In any event, this particular article is about ageism on Grindr.

But there’s another twist: Despite my advanced age (which I choose not to reveal in my Grindr profile because, as a black man, I’m already subject to quite enough stereotypical sizing-up, thank you), most of the messages I receive on Grindr are from guys in their teens and twenties–many of whom insist they don’t want anything to do with anyone over 30.

I don't totally get this one, and maybe that's because I've never used a hook up app. You can check the rest of it out here, and there are comments.

I think it's important to add that I've known more gay couples with vast age differences in my lifetime than I can count. And each relationship has always worked out well for both. So maybe this is just a hook up app thing, and no one should take hook up apps that seriously.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

WTF's An Imprint? Gay London Couple Beaten; Gay Pornster Allegedly Fakes His Own Death; The HIV Monologues; Are Audio Books the Next Big Thing?

WTF's An "Imprint?"

I think this is one of the biggest mistakes I see authors and publishers do while promoting something. They use industry jargon and assume that all readers know what they're talking about, without taking into consideration that readers don't need to know these things.

The other day I saw someone promoting their new "imprint." Of course I know what an imprint is, but I'm supposed to know that. The only problem is that this person was not promoting anything to me, they were promoting to a general audience of readers, assuming that all readers know publishing jargon. Most people don't know the jargon, they don't care to know it, and they don't need to know it.

I even asked Tony if he knew what an "imprint" was, and he sent me a blank stare.

If you do a simple google search, this is how imprint is defined by wiki...

An imprint of a publisher is a trade name under which it publishes a work. A single publishing company may have multiple imprints, often using the different names as brands to market works to various demographic consumer segments.

But how many people are actually going to bother to look that up? And when publishers and authors use publishing jargon to promote their books, and they assume that everyone understands that jargon, they're most likely wasting their time and energy.  

I could give a lot more examples, too, but the main point I'm trying to make is keep it simple for readers, and never assume anything. 

Gay London Couple Beaten

I just watched the movie, Demolition, with Jake Gyllenhaal and there was a gay bashing scene that was intense. Clearly, it's still happening in RL, too.

Attackers bashed a London gay couple on their train home from a Valentine’s Day dinner.

Up to five men viciously assaulted boyfriends Phil Poole and Zbynek Zatloukal while they were heading home from a night out in Reading.

You can read the rest here. Someone in the comments mentioned he wants to see more gay men fighting back. I agree with a certain extent. But when up to five maniacs attack two unsuspecting people, it's hard to predict what could have helped them. How can two people fight against that kind of brutality when the odds are so stacked against them?

In any event, there are photos and it sounds as if one is already experiencing PTSD.

Gay Pornster Allegedly Fakes His Own Death

Here's yet another odd story coming from the gay porn industry. And, as usual, this all transpired on Twitter.

Killian James allegedly faked his own death, leaving fellow actors angry and bitter at the revelation.

Colleagues of the star received anonymous text messages revealing James had died, then took to Twitter to send their condolences.

Allegedly, though, the other porn stars are claiming he did this to get attention.

Here's the rest, with screen shots of the tweet.

The HIV Monologues

This looks interesting. It's the first time I'm hearing about it.

The HIV Monologues is an inspiring tale of survival, self-discovery and overcoming stigma.

Although fictitious, the character of Barney is loosely based on the actor who plays him, Jonathan Blake.

In October 1982, Blake was one of the first people in the UK to be diagnosed as HIV positive.

There are more details here. It's actually an excellent plot synopsis with some of the dialogue, and it gets into personal stigma.

Are Audio Books the Next Big Thing?

That's really more of a rhetorical question. I don't think anyone really knows what to predict with audio books. I've seen some people make predictions recently, and I'm still on the fence about it.

One, I wouldn't listen to an audio book. I prefer to read the book, not listen to it. The only way I would listen to an audio book is if I were physically challenged in some way that prevented me from reading a book.

Two, audio books aren't easy or inexpensive to produce, especially for indie authors. So unless you're going to get a decent return on the investment, I'm not sure it's a viable way for indie authors to go. Keep in mind, though, I'm not sure. I'm not making any bold predictions here.

Three, I've had several books released in audio through publishers I've worked with over the years and I never saw one audio perform better than the actual physical book. But that's just been my experience, and maybe someone else has had better results.

So I'm on the fence about audio books, and I also think authors...all authors...should be prudent until they know what to expect.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Grindr Related Crime Here In New Hope; Queen Latifah Was Worried About Playing Gay

A Grindr Related Crime Here In New Hope

I live in New Hope, PA, and I know it's only an hour from NYC, and less than that from Philadelphia, but it's really not an area that's known for a high crime rate. It's an artist colony, a tourist town, and a theater town, and you don't see headlines like this often.

In short, a 21 year old guy hooked up with a 13 year boy old he'd made contact with through the hook up app Grindr, and it all transpired at a park in New Hope, PA.

Magisterial district court records show the purported crime occurring on Jan. 28 at around 6:30 p.m. Fischer and the 13-year-old male had previously met on social media platform Grindr, and documents allege that the two exchanged phone numbers. Over time, Fisher “pushed” the minor into meeting and ultimately engaging in oral sex at Pat Livezey Park, according to the affidavit.

There are more details here.  I've posted about these Grindr incidents before, but never anything this local. I guess it can happen anywhere.

Queen Latifah Was Worried About Playing Gay

Well, they did it again. Hollywood and the topic of being gay.

This is a quote by Queen Latifah about playing a gay role. Evidently, she feels the need to explain.

“When I got the role of amateur bank robber Cleo Sims in ‘Set It Off,’ I sat down with my younger siblings and told them, ‘Listen, I’m playing a gay character. Your classmates might tease you or say negative things about it.”

“’But I’m doing it because I believe I can bring positive attention to the gay African-American community, and I believe that I can do a great job as an actor.’ They understood, and when those things inevitably happened in school, they were OK with it.”

All of my nieces and nephews in school know at least one person who is openly gay, so it's not usually even a topic for them. But maybe her circumstances are different? 

You can read this here, and don't miss the comments. Seriously. I know nothing about Queen Latifah or how she identifies, but these comments are amazing/shocking. 

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