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"Call Me By Your Name:" Insulting Gay Hype or Real Gay Romance; Church of England and Gay Clergy; Transgender Kids Join Girl Guides

"Call Me By Your Name:" Insulting Gay Hype or  Real Gay Romance

Admittedly, I don't have enough information about the movie, Call Me By Your Name, to speak about it as thoroughly as I would like to in this post, however, I will be following up on this one. And I think that's because I thought we had moved on from the Brokeback Mountain days, where straight people wrote about gays, straight actors played gays, and everyone but gay people exploited gays.

Just the fact that Armie Hammer is playing gay makes me wonder. Colton Haynes couldn't have played the part? Seriously? Have these people even heard of Colton Haynes?  

Again, I'm not certain about Call Me By Your Name, and that's mainly because I haven't read anything in the gay presses yet. I depend on them for information like this and so far all I can find on Call Me By Your Name is media hype like this over-written review...

It’s summer, and Elio is 17, so obviously that field is love and sex. Elio is handsome, a beanpole topped with a thicket of dark curls, so he’s got the interest of some French girls staying nearby. He’s interested in them too, but is not pulled to them in the same way that he’s drawn inextricably to Oliver, the 20-something grad student boarding at Elio’s family’s house while he works with Elio’s father.

That's what makes me wonder. No young gay man is "pulled" to girls. I would imagine there are bisexuals who are, but not gay men. We're interested in men. How do I know that? I know that because I was a young, horny gay teenager who couldn't stop thinking about men. And the only reason I'm wondering is because this film is being aggressively promoted as a "gay" film.

Now, here's a review written by a woman...

If it ends up with heavy-hitting competitors, all the better — but this swooningly lovely film from director Luca Guadagnino (“I Am Love”) is going to be tough to beat. I’d call it the next “Moonlight” or “Brokeback Mountain,” but that would entirely belie its entrancing and — really, could it be? — mostly upbeat tone.

That's not the first reference I've seen to Brokeback Mountain either. So it appears that we're all being flung back to the 2000s when gay marriage was still illegal, and not all that much has least according to this woman reviewer.

If you do a simple search for Call Me By Your Name, you might get lucky like I did and find something from a gay POV. It's not a review, it's only a press release. But the people who left comments are gay men.

One said this...

I have no problem with a book portraying love between two straight men but this one was pretty homophobic.

Another said this...

It's nice to see that i'm not the only one. I totally hated the novel.All were fantastic reviews and people who loved the book, but i hated it.Aciman's prose is fantastic but i didn't liked the story or the characters at all.And i find incredibly annoying the praise Aciman's got for being an straight man writing a gay novel.

And this one is the most interesting...

There's nothing "gay" in the book. It's about two straight men feeling sexual attraction for each other. The younger character make fun of gay people in the book. In the second part of the book they chase women together.

Those are all direct quotes from the comment section. You can check the link to see for yourselves. I'm not forming any opinions yet. I'm only posting the facts as I've read them so far. However, I can't help but think this sounds a lot to me like more straight people coming from places of privilege splaining what it's like to be gay. I'm not even sure if it's a real gay romance, you know, a gay romance with a happy ending where just once the gay characters live happily ever after.

I'll follow up soon. They're calling this a gay "classic."

Frankly, from what I've read so far, this one makes James Franco look like a gay hero to me.

Church of England and Gay Clergy

I don't know about anyone else out there, but I find this article pretty sad. That gay clergy have to live this way...still. Where's the outrage? Where are the protests?

The Church of England is considering plans to ignore the sex lives of gay clergy.

Current rules state gay members must be celibate or change jobs.

The House of Bishops are considering today proposals to overhaul the system to become something like ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, so gay people would not be directly asked about their private lives.

There's more here. And just why aren't we screaming about this? We all know that being gay is not just about sex.

Transgender Kids Join Girl Guides

In more positive LGBT news, at least this is happening. I'd also like to add that when I post about these things I don't think in terms of only gays in the US, I think in global terms that includes all LGBT people under the umbrella.

Transgender children as well as transgender women in the UK are finally allowed to join the Girl Guides.
Since its formation in 1910, the Girl Guide Association has strictly been a single-sex organisation.

However, moving with the times, the organisation has recently added new guidelines, opening its doors to new members who were ‘assigned male at birth’ but ‘self-identify’ as female.

There's more here. Of course not everyone is thrilled about it, but that's going to take some time just as it always has in the past when it comes to anything LGBT.

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Writer: Amanda M. Thrasher; Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds: Bright Lights; The Shunning of Gay People

Writer: Amanda M. Thrasher

When I reached 1 million hits on this blog, I thought I would stop and move on to something else. At least that was the plan. Evidently, I'm not ready to stop yet, because I reached 1 million a while ago and I'm still here. I'm just a little different than I was when I first started blogging.

With so many smaller presses (that at one time promised everyone the world and everyone believed it) shuttering these days, it's nice to find something that's inspiring for a change. It's even nicer to find something that's professional in every sense of the word. And positive. I think that we all need to reinvent ourselves at certain times in our lives and our careers so that we can move forward to explore more possibilities.

With that said, I discovered something different. Something that's not laced with petty controversy or negativity you find so often in the less professional, smaller genres on the fringes. And it's a nice change.

Here's an excerpt from Amanda M. Thrasher's latest blog post...

Writer’s All Have A Thing, What’s Yours?

Like most writers, authors, I’ve been writing for years. But when I sit down to write a new piece, though I’ve evolved slightly over the years, my primary process has never changed. It’s kinda like my personal thing, my way of doing it, that kicks off the project and keeps me motivated and excited throughout the entire thing. It’s possible other writers use the same method, I don’t know, but it works for me.

You can check out the rest here. If you're interested in something more professional than you've been seeing lately, you won't be disappointed. And you won't be tortured with politics either. This is about writing and publishing.

Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds: Bright Lights

Here's a link to IMDb for the HBO documentary, Bright Lights, that's focused on Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

We watched it on Saturday night and it's one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time. It not only discusses their professional lives, but also the special relationship Fisher and Reynolds shared as mother and daughter. There are several amusing facts about Todd Fisher, too.

An intimate portrait of Hollywood royalty featuring Debbie Reynolds, Todd Fisher, and Carrie Fisher. 

You can check it out here. I'm not sure if they're streaming it anywhere online, but if you subscribe to HBO it's definitely worth watching.

The Shunning of Gay People

One of the most rewarding things nowadays is to see so many gay people coming out without shame. It's happening everywhere, and I've posted statistics about that. However, it's not all as simple as it used to be. We're learning that not all gay people are the same, and that they don't fit into the same proverbial boxes that used to contain nothing but Will and Grace characters. In many cases, they are rebelling, especially with younger professional gay men.

I'm linking to an article now that's not very objective, however, it shows just how large the divide is becoming in the gay community. I'm really not sure why this is happening, and I think it's too soon for any studies to be out. But I think it's going to be interesting to see how all this plays out in the future.

“I’ve had more Christian Republicans accept me for being gay than I’ve had left-wing people accept me for being a gay conservative,” 32-year-old Tylor laments in the video. “They say that they’re for women, gays, people of color. But what they’re really for is women, gays, people of color who vote Democrat.”

He adds that some people have gone so far as to “scream and call you racist, sexist, homophobic, bigot, transphobic.

I wasn't too thrilled with either of the candidates in the last general election. So when I write posts like this I look at these things as objectively as possible and I can't help wondering about what's going to happen to gay culture if this divide continues? And I don't think there's any way of knowing right now because I would imagine the majority of gay people who lean more toward the conservative side aren't willing to admit it aloud for fear of being shamed and shunned by the more vocal, liberal gay community. But I could be wrong about that. I follow one openly gay professional who is a libertarian, and even though I can't figure him out sometimes, I do find him interesting. I would bet he's not the only gay libertarian.

At first I used to think that a lot of the gay conservatives were only doing it to get attention, or to promote themselves for hits or money. It didn't make sense. All my life I grew up knowing that gay men can only be liberal Democrats. If you're gay, it's the unspoken law. Evidently, that's not true anymore and we have no way of knowing just how divided things are at this time. The only thing I know is that I'm not about to shun or shame anyone because they believe something different than I believe.

You can read more here.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gay Couple Valentine's Ad; Melbourne Driver Stabbed Gay Brother; Tom Daley's Snapchat Sex With Fan

Gay Couple Valentine's Ad

Lush Cosmetics is running Valentine's Day ads with gay couples. From the way it sounds, they're getting positive feedback.

Alessandro Commisso from Lush said: ‘By purchasing the Love Soap they have given us their trust (and their pounds) to fund grassroots charities and continue to support LGBT rights as human rights.’

You can read more here, with a photo of a gay couple in a bathtub and some tweets. There are links to the Lush web site, too.

Melbourne Driver Stabbed Gay Brother

This is a rough one to read.

The driver who tore through a Melbourne street killing pedestrians yesterday (20 January) had just stabbed his brother because he is gay.

That’s the new claim by his mother.

Dimitrious (James) ‘Jimmy’ Gargasoulas, 26, killed four people. And he injured at least 20 more in busy Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia.

There's more here. According to this article, he was fighting with his brother over his brother's sexuality before he went on the rampage.

Tom Daley's Snapchat Sex With Fan

Here's another story of someone with a public profile who got caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar...and one lucky fan.

Tom Daley has revealed that he had an online explicit encounter session with a fan at a time when he and fiancé Dustin Lance Black were taking a seven-month break from one another.

The revelations came in an interview with The Sun after Snapchat video emerged of Tom stripping for the 23-year-old fan.

It was apparently filmed shortly after the Olympic medal-winning diver’s engagement to the Oscar-winning screenwriter and director.

There's more here. They claim this revelation has only made their relationship stronger, and that this will never, ever happen again. Daley does make a few good, honest points about what it's like nowadays living in the age of technology and cyber-sex.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

How "Crazies" Comment On News; Ableist Language; Son Finds His Own Dad On Daddyhunt; Does Gay Penis Size Matter?

How "Crazies" Comment On News

This is an interesting introduction sort of piece that talks about a new design over at Queerty, and also gets into those mean, evil gay people who comment on the Internet. Then the article lists 9 different types of what they consider something along the lines of this: "One-Track-Mind Crazies." Just to be clear, I'm being sarcastic.

This includes the homophobic nuts who apparently receive alerts when certain topics appear on our site, just so they can come here and call us names before scurrying away like cockroaches. If you’ve come to this post to write a comment about something that someone told you appears in the Bible, this is you. Go away.

Notice the ableist language when referring to people with mental illness as "Crazies," and "nuts."

You can read them all here. All 9 of them, where there's even more ableist language.

Here's more about ableist language.

Ableist language is any word or phrase that devalues people who have physical or mental disabilities. Its appearance often stems not from any intentional desire to offend, but from our innate sense of what it means to be normal. Our individual worldviews start with ourselves; that is, our definition of normal is that which I am.

Of course I could be wrong. This is only a suggestion. If publications like Queerty paid more attention to objectivity they might attract different comments.

Son Finds His Own Dad On Daddyhunt

This all came about because this guy claims that Apple's hide app feature didn't function properly.

A single father going through a divorce has had to learn this the hard way, after being inadvertently outed to his son after he discovered Scruff and DaddyHunt in his father’s app download history.

Taking to discussion website Reddit, the user named Thrwwyniner (T) revealed all about his ordeal in a now-deleted message. ‘This was not the way I wanted my kids to learn about his dad’s newfound sexuality,’ he said. ‘I feel like I’m going to puke.’

You can read the rest here. The original comment has been deleted, but the discussion is still up.

Does Gay Penis Size Matter?

Speaking of Reddit questions, this one is interesting.

Gay men in relationships, how does the difference in penis size affect your relationship?

It starts out by assuming there are so many gays out there who are insecure about their penis sizes, then mentions how straight guys feel insecure about their penis sizes.

Someone, of course, made a joke.

But most of the answers are honest and interesting and they don't take the question lightly. One person commented that if you're in a long term relationship, eventually none of this will even matter. But I don't think this one is SFW.

You can check that out here.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sundance 2017: Best LGBT Films; Mark Zuckerberg Sues Hundreds of Hawaiians; 10 More Will and Grace Years and Years Later; Trans People On Trump

Sundance 2017: Best LGBT Films

Here's a link to The Advocate with a list of recent LGBT films. 

Mark Zuckerberg Sues Hundreds of Hawaiians

Here's what Facebook's good old Mark Zuckerberg has been up to lately.

Back in 2014, Mark Zuckerberg paid close to $100 million for 700 acres of beachfront property on the island of Kauai.

Now the Facebook billionaire is suing a few hundred Hawaiians who still have legal ownership claims to parts of his vacation estate through their ancestors, as was first reported by the Honolulu Star Advertiser

You can read more about that here. According to this, last year good old Zuckerberg built a huge know, made out of block their views of the ocean. Evidently, Trump isn't the only one big on wall building.

10 More Will and Grace Years and Years Later

According to all reports, this breaking news seems as if it's going to happen after all.

Well, it’s official: As of Wednesday, NBC has ordered ten new episodes of Will & Grace that will reunite series stars Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, and Megan Mullally. As Entertainment Weekly reports, they’ll each be airing during their 2017-2018 TV season.

You can read the rest here. The comments are mixed. I know it comes as a surprise to many of you that not all gay men loved this show. And we have our reasons. One person commented with this...

  • rod815 I never watched it, they totally made it for straight audiences implicating a woman in a gay man’s life, with the question always looming…”Maybe he’ll turn straight”
Trans People On Trump

Now that the election is over many who fall under the umbrella of LGBT are planning in advance for certain things...that may or may not happen. It really is too soon to know, but it is understandable. I've heard from friends in Key West that a lot of younger gay men are rushing to get married for fear marriage might be taken away from them. And this article talks about how trans people are eager to get their legal documentation done before Trump takes office.

“In my experience, belonging to a marginalized group [like the trans community] forces you into this unnatural state where you are always prepared for the absolute worst thing to happen,” he tells Queerty. “But you’re also keeping just enough hope alive within yourself to get out of bed each day and face an America where you might get harassed, assaulted, or even killed for who you are.”

There's a full interview here. Whether you're for Trump or against him, this is a valid concern for anyone living under the LGBT umbrella because no one knows what to expect now. We prepare for the worst because we're so used to living that way. 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Photos of Pulse Attack; More On Wife Of Orlando Killer; Gay Teen and Deportation...Because Sweden Doesn't Think He's Gay

New Photos of Pulse Attack

New photos of the Pulse massacre were just released. There are over 400 altogether that show more details of this horrible tragedy. The photos of the back of the building are chilling.

Mateen’s stand-off with authorities came to an end after they rammed the back wall of the building and made holes big enough for officers to enter. At this point, Mateen came out and was gunned down.

The One Orlando Fund, set up to help survivors and the families of victims since the tragedy, has raised just short of $30million.

You can check several of them out here.

More On Wife of Orlando Killer

Here's another follow up that talks about why the wife of the Orlando killer, Noor Salman, was arrested.

The arrested wife of the Orlando shooter knew ahead of time about her husband’s deadly plan, prosecutors said today in federal court.

Noor Salman, 30, was taken into custody by the FBI on Monday (16 January) and has been charged with with providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization and obstruction of justice, the BBC reports.

‘She knew he was going to conduct the attack,’ federal prosecutor Roger Handberg said in court.

You can check this out here, and there's a photo of the husband and wife.

Gay Teen and Deportation...Because Sweden Doesn't Think He's Gay

This one is a little confusing. There's a gay teen in Sweden who might be forced to go back to Nigeria because Sweden doesn't believe he's gay. How did they come to this conclusion? They claim it's because he didn't talk about feelings in enough detail. From the way it sounds, a good deal of the confusion resulted through interpretation...and a bad interpreter.

I see ridiculous stories on Twitter all the time that claim to be "riveting," but this one really is about as riveting as it gets...

After two and a half years, Kaodimuo fled back to Nigeria, together with his boyfriend.

A neighbor back home caught the couple having sex and alerted others, quickly gathering a mob.
They beat Kaodimuo’s boyfriend; unable to flee, the young man died.

Kaodiumo fled and spent a few nights on the street, until a relative gave him money to buy a passport and a plane ticket to Sweden.

You can read more here, and there's a photo of him. I hope there's a follow up to this one.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chelsea Manning Pardon; Young Catholic Priest's Grindr Addiction; Video About Circuit Queens

Chelsea Manning Pardon

For as long as I can remember, when Presidents leave office they pardon people, and this topic has been making news all week with President Obama.

Various outlets are reporting that Chelsea Manning’s sentence has just been commuted by President Obama.

The former Army intelligence officer was incarcerated in 2010 after stealing roughly 700,000 military dossiers and diplomatic cables and turning them over to Wikileaks.

The rest is here. There is a quote from Manning, and it sounds honest, and she's had a rough time dealing with her gender dysphoria while incarcerated.

Young Catholic Priest's Grindr Addiction

Even though it won't come as a shock to anyone that priests can be gay, this kind of news continues to happen in the church. But this story does have a twist.

A young priest in training hooked up with an older guy on Grindr...

It’s unclear whether the men were planning on having sexual relations, or just staying up late giggling and talking about boys, but at some point in the evening the man says he awoke to find Byrne performing unwanted sex acts on him. Afterwards, the victim contacted Archbishop Diarmuid Martin about Byrne.

“I believe this young man is not suitable for priesthood,” he tells the paper, adding that he worries the young cleric, who recently took a vow of celibacy, “may do this (sexual assault) again in the future.”

You can read the rest here. To be honest, after finding out that I was close friends with two very high powered bishops in the Catholic church after years of listening to them lie about who they were, nothing shocks me anymore. I'm going to have to rewrite that story because I can't find where I placed it on the blog. I'd link to it if I could. It's a true story of how I was duped by two Catholic bishops pretending to be an older gay couple who were living double lives right here in New Hope. In fact, they duped the entire community, and got away with it.

Video About Circuit Queens

This is kind of a nasty video and not something I would ever take seriously. In fact, I thought it would never end. It's some guy I never heard of joking around about circuit queens not eating and having good bodies. And it's confusing to me because I always thought the term circuit queen was a reference to older guys. I did a search and didn't come up with much else. In fact, and older post of mine about circuit queens showed up on google.

In any event, they are referring to "circuit queens" in the video.

The epic four-and-a-half minute faux-torch song — complete with heavily AutoTuned lead vocals, increasingly filthy lyrics, and plaintive piano arpeggios calling to mind baleful performance artists stridently waving streamers — is an instant classic to our ears, and the video more than does it justice.

I'm not a circuit queen and I haven't had bread (or carbs) in years. I work out every morning. I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone. And I don't take tons of selfies because I'm a writer, not a celebrity. I just like being in shape and feeling good. If someone doesn't care about those things, that's fine, too. Good for them. I couldn't care less. But I'm not going to judge or shame them or make unfunny jokes about them either.

You can check this one out here. The comments vary. I'm just not a big fan of looks shaming anyone.

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