Friday, December 9, 2016

If Xavier Dolan's A Bottom ; The Show That Fired John Barrowman For Being Gay; "Hamilton" Fans Getting Their Pockets Picked

If Xavier Dolan's A Bottom

I always find it interesting when people think that gay men are either tops or bottoms...and that it's so simple to define. In some cases it is, and I even do that in my books a lot...because I'm writing fiction/fantasy/escapism. But in most cases in real life, it's not that simple.

Your film ‘Tom at the Farm,’ to me, feels like it’s about a bottom. Even the way it’s shot is this dance between a submissive protagonist and a domineering top.

It is a dance. I don’t have a problem with putting myself in a submissive position. [Pause.] Are you trying to make me confess? Are you trying to make me come out as a bottom here?

You can check that out here

 Stepbrothers In the Attic by Ryan Field

The Show That Fired John Barrowman For Being Gay

I like Barrowman, and I like how he handles himself on social media. I also like that he tells the truth about what it's like to be openly gay in Hollywood.

Remember the soap opera Central Park West? It was sort of a thing in the mid-’90s.

Well, producers apparently fired John Barrowman from the show after learning he was gay and unwilling to stay in the closet.

It goes into more detail here

"Hamilton" Fans Getting Their Pockets Picked

Evidently, the people who are going to see the highly successful Broadway show, Hamilton, are getting a huge surprise they didn't count on.

The home of “Hamilton,” the Richard Rogers Theater in New York City, is not just “the room where it happened” — the stage for Broadway’s most successful show and hottest ticket — but for the past six months its stage door has been a crime scene. 

The NYPD tells the New York Daily News a pickpocket has lifted the wallets of unsuspecting theatergoers at least a half-dozen times since May. Following each performance of the musical, a large throng typically gathers outside the stage door to greet the actors, take selfies and get autographs — a crowd that this thief has been infiltrating for personal profit without once getting caught. 

You can check that out, here. They've posted a photo of the woman they believe is committing the crimes. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

LGBTQ People and Mental Health Issues; Russell Tovey and the Femme Controversy; The Vatican On Gay Priests

LGBTQ People and Mental Health Issues

Here's an interesting piece that explores whether or not LGBTQ people deal with more mental health issues than straight people.

A sweeping new study by the National Alliance on Mental Illness indicates that people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender are three times as likely to suffer from certain mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

I think there's definitely something to this. We grow up repressing so many emotions that straight people take for granted there has to be some repercussion.

But, we're strong, too. You can read the rest here. 

 Stepbrothers In the Attic by Ryan Field

Russell Tovey and the Femme Controversy

I must have missed this one totally. I don't remember it happening, but I could be wrong. 

Last year, the actor ruffled feathers by saying he was grateful for all the childhood bullying that cured him of being “really effeminate.”

He recently made this comment...

Things come out the way you don’t intend them to. It was a very upsetting time for me. … I learned from it and I’ve grown from it. … I’ve found you’ve just got to be true to yourself, be a good person and the work should speak for itself.”

You can read the rest here.

The comments are mixed. Evidently, a lot of people saw this. This is a tricky one because, of course, there's nothing wrong with effeminate or straight. The problem is what society expects ALL men to be. And frankly, I think that's changing for ALL and straight.

The Vatican On Gay Priests

Don't laugh (or cry) too hard when you read this one.

For the record, The Vatican still doesn’t think those of us with “deep-seated homosexual tendencies” or people who “support the so-called ‘gay culture'” should be priests.

A new statement reiterates the ban on gay priests that’s been in place since 2005, stating that those who “practice homosexuality” will not be welcomed into the priesthood.

There's a quote from the Vatican that goes into more detail. You can check that out here.

I think we should tell them it's already too late to enforce this one.   I've already posted about the two gay priests I once knew, here.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Male Full Frontal Nudity Movie "The Overnight," Steve Grand Admits Some Mistakes, Landlord Gets Caught Having Gay Sex

Male Full Frontal Nudity Movie "The Overnight"

Last night I caught a film on Netflix called The Overnight. And without even realizing it, I was shocked to see a few scenes with male full frontal nudity.

It's a good movie, too. And the full frontal nudity is actually part of the storyline. It's not just there for the sake of nudity. In other words, without giving out spoilers, you need to see the full frontal to believe it.

The storyline reminded me of a modern day, loosely translated, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. It's listed as a comedy, and there are a few scenes where you'll laugh in spite of yourself.

You can read more about it here at IMDb, and check out the cast. 

And, there are homoerotic moments, without any sappy gay stereotypes at all. This time Hollywood got it right.

I think most people would like it.

 Stepbrothers In the Attic by Ryan Field

Steve Grand Admits Some Mistakes

I love Steve Grand, and I love everything he does, so in order to remain objective I'm just linking to this one...with only a few short comments.

Sometimes I definitely had dark moments where I wondered, “Would I have been better off if I just worked in a cubicle or something?”

Audience members – almost all male – answered the question for the 26 year old by shouting ‘No! No!’
Grand went on to say: ‘I was making such a big mess out there! Of course when you are learning stuff you make a lot of mistakes and I made a lot of mistakes – said a lot of stupid sh*t.’
I don't think he made a mess. I don't think he's lost any fans either. In fact, I think we need to support him even more now.
Landlord Gets Caught Having Gay Sex
A landlord who rented out an apartment to a straight couple was caught having sex in that apartment, while the straight couple was away, by their motion detection cameras. 
Because it serves as a security system, Pierce received an alarm on his phone, saying the Nest system had detected noise in the apartment.
When he went to check the video feed, he saw his landlord and another man having sex on the married couple’s bed.

The Smoking Gun, whom Pierce supplied with the explicit six-minute clip, say the video shows the men ‘removing their pants immediately upon entering the room and then climbing atop the bed.’

The rest is here. This gets even worse when they describe what happened after the sloppy oral and anal sex and it was time to clean up the mess. There's a screen shot of the video at both links above.

This is another reason why I love, and I have, surveillance cameras.  


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tom Ford On Straight Men Bottoming; Pulse Nightclub Memorial Derails; YouTuber Tyler Oakley Takes Home 6 Million In 2016

Tom Ford On Straight Men Bottoming

Please keep in mind that I don't come up with these things. I only link to them.

I think it would help them understand women, It’s such a vulnerable position to be in, and it’s such a passive position to be in. And there’s such an invasion, in a way, that even if it’s consensual, it’s just very personal. And I think there’s a psyche that happens because of it that makes you understand and appreciate what women go through their whole life, because it’s not just sexual, it’s a complete setup of the way the world works, that one sex has the ability to literally—and is expected to and is wanted to—but also there’s an invasion. And I think that that’s something most men do not understand at all.”

You can check that one out here. Again, I'm only linking to it. Frankly, I don't think men understanding women, or women understanding men for that matter, has anything to do with sex.

Pulse Nightclub Memorial Derails

I posted about a possible memorial being created at Pulse nightclub, but there's been a new turn of events.

The owner of Pulse says she can’t bring herself to sell the nightclub she founded in memory of her brother.

Barbara Poma revealed the news during a conference outside the club while clutching her husband’s hand.

“This decision truly came just from my heart and my passion for Pulse, and everything it’s meant to me and my family for the last 12 years since its inception,” Poma said. “So I think the struggle was you know, letting it go, and it’s just something I could not come to grips with.”

You can check it out here. It goes into more detail about the financial matters involved.

YouTuber Tyler Oakley Takes Home 6 Million In 2016

For those of you who aren't fond of YouTubers, this will either make you think twice, or make your skin crawl a little.

And nestled amongst this motley crew of YouTubers for the first time is LGBT activist Tyler Oakley. The cool $6 mil Oakely made in the past year earned him the number five spot on the list, next to fellow first timer Colleen Ballinger, a.k.a. Miranda Sings, star of Netflix’s Haters Back Off. That $6 million payday come not just from ads on YouTube and product integration, but from sales of the bespectacled 27-year-old’s book of personal essays, Binge, not to mention his recent deal with Ellen DeGeneres’s production company.

Here's more. 

 Stepbrothers In the Attic by Ryan Field

Monday, December 5, 2016

Madonna's Still At It; "Michael's" Manager Gets 32K For Boyle's Homophobic Rants; Oakland Space Was Genderqueer Oasis Before Fire

Madonna's Still At It

Madonna made her claim to fame with some of the most controversial antics of the 1980s. She continued that into the 1990s with books and relationships. And now she's at it again, in the beginning of her twilight years, with politics.

Unflattering images of Trump were projected behind her, such as one with his mouth as a urinal and one where his nose grows to the proportions of Pinocchio’s after telling a particularly big whopper – like, say, claiming millions of people voted illegally with no evidence to back it up.

I'm not knocking Madonna, so please don't misinterpret me. I like her and I look forward to what she's going to do next. She did this all for charity, which is excellent.

Frankly, I can't wait to see what she does next.  

You can read the rest here.  

"Michaels" Manager Gets 32K For Boyle's Homophobic Rants

I support this one 100%. I think this is more about the general statement than the money that was collected. People were repulsed by the woman who went on a homophobic rant at a Michaels'  store, and they are sending a message to all homophobics. They aren't going to take it anymore.

 “On the night before Thanksgiving, I witnessed a white woman engage in a 30 minute racist rant against the employees at a Chicago Michaels store,” Grady explains. “I am starting this gofundme because I’d like to do something to try to make it up to the employee who was the main target of this racist attack.”

Grady only started with a goal of $400, but wound up raising $32K. 

I'm sorry the manager had to go through that kind of experience, but I'm glad someone started the crowdfunding page and I'm glad people supported it.

You can check this out here.  

Oakland Space Was Genderqueer Oasis Before Fire

I'm sure you've all heard about the devastating fire in Oakland, CA that killed at least 31 innocent people this past weekend. It was absolutely horrific for the victims and their loved ones. But I didn't know this...

Spaces like this are the only way we have any sort of viable arts scene where anyone is making any money. There is virtually [no other] option for a thriving performance space in this city without occupying these spaces. [They also] offer the most support of trans and genderqueer folks. That’s a large part of what last night should have been about, what it started out about. That group of people is totally sidelined in the dominant nightlife culture of a gentrifying Oakland.

My heart literally does break for them. First and foremost for the loss of life, but also partly for the loss of what that space symbolized to so many artists. 

We had a place like that right here in New Hope for many years. I used to go there often. Unfortunately, in the 90s, a greedy real estate developer came along and turned the whole place into offices and retail. It really was a shame, too. New Hope hasn't been the same artist town since. Many of our artists went to places like Key West, FL. Some of the best artists on the east coast created work there. It was called Union Camp, an old underwear manufacturing building. Now it's called "Union Square," and they have trendy little shops and offices that pay very high rent. And, you pay for parking. I don't go there very often nowadays. 

In any event, you can read more here.

 Stepbrothers In the Attic by Ryan Field

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Bionic Penis Guy Update; A Horrific Penis Story; When Jamie Oliver Burned His Penis; Stepbrothers In the Attic by Ryan Field

The Bionic Penis Guy Update

I didn't plan to follow up with this story, but I saw it somewhere and figured it had an interesting turn of events.

A guy named Mohammed Abad was in a serious accident, he had his genitals ripped off, and he was given what they refer to as a "bionic" penis. Evidently, ever since he went public he's been getting a lot of messages from women. 

“They’ve heard about my bionic penis and they want to try it out. They are all very intrigued and think I can make love for hours.

“It’s not that I don’t want to and I get offers, but I have been so busy with work. I work 14-hour shifts every day and by the time I get home I’m just too tired for sex.”

It's taken three year to make Mohammed's penis from a skin graft taken from his arm. 

You can read more here, where they get into more facts and details

A Horrific Penis Story

This is the kind of story where I don't even like to write a detailed headline, let alone comment.  I'm just linking with this one.

A male prostitute castrated and murdered a Bronx john who refused to pay him, according to police.

Cops say the victim, 68, was found lying in the bathtub of his Concourse Village apartment around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, and pronounced dead at the scene.

Jerry Pagan, his 32-year-old paramour, was arrested and confessed he had inflicted the grisly wound with a knife after a violent argument erupted over the older man’s unpaid debt, according to authorities.

You can check out the rest here. Trust me, it gets much worse than this. 

When Jamie Oliver Burned His Penis

On a much lighter note, here's a story about male celebrities cooking naked and not always getting the best results.

As celebrity chef Jamie Oliver revealed on The Graham Norton Show Friday, he regrettably charred his meat while trying to impress his wife. "I was cooking naked at home while preparing a whole sea bass, and I had a new fan-assisted oven. And when I opened the door a jet of hot steam attacked my manhood. It was a weird thing in life—the worst and best time in my life," Oliver said. "Worst because the pain was so bad, but best because my private parts expanded!"

You can read more here. If you ask me, this is just one more reason to order out and not cook.

Stepbrothers In the Attic by Ryan Field

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Amsterdam's New AIDS Monument; The World's Second Largest Gay Hook Up App: Hornet; Anti-LGBT North Carolina Law and Monetary Losses

Amsterdam's New AIDS Monument

Here's something that's worth focusing on for a change.

Just in time for World AIDS Day on 1 December, the city’s mayor, Eberhard van der Laan, unveiled the seven meter tall sculpture called ‘Living by Numbers’.

Designed by openly gay French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel, the AIDSmonument resembles an abacus which counts ‘down the moment that AIDS has left our world for good’.

You can see it here, and read more.

The World's Second Largest Gay Hook Up App: Hornet

I didn't know this, and I actually never even heard of Hornet. But according to this article, Hornet considers itself the world's second largest gay hook up app. We're talking about big money here.

Dating app Hornet has announced that it has raised $8million (€7.6million) in its first round of institutional investment funding. The money comes from venture capital fund Ventech China.

The app, which was founded in 2011, says that it has over 15 million total and 3 million monthly active users and claims to be ‘the world’s second largest gay social network’.

China-based social network Blued, which raised £18.9million from DCM Ventures in November 2014, claims to have 27million registered users and is thought to be the biggest gay dating network in the world.

You can read more about this here. One of these days I'm going to check one of these places out myself just out of curiosity. While I have no need for an app like this, whenever I post something about one I feel so dumb.

Anti-LGBT North Carolina Law and Monetary Losses

Evidently, the controversial law in North Carolina that's been considered Anti-LGBT from the start has allegedly caused a $400 million loss since March.

Newly obtained emails from the North Carolina Commerce Department points to the anti-LGBTI laws in Charlotte as the reason for a back off from investment in North Carolina.

The emails outline a plan to move the proposed 700 job venture by CoStar from Charlotte in North Carolina to Richmond in Virginia.

Jeff Edge, a Charlotte Chamber of Commerce official, wrote an email that cites CoStar was ‘broadsided with their pushback over the HB2 issue in Charlotte.’

Here's the rest. The $400 million number comes from The Business Insider.

Maybe they'll wake up and think twice about this law now. It usually takes money...or a loss of get some of these politicians to "evolve."



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