Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pregnant Man Erotica; Madonna's Canada Gym Brand Tanks; Explicit Gay Content On Church Computer

Pregnant Man Erotica

In one of my Virgin Billionaire books ( I can't remember which one off hand) I wrote a dream scene where the characters Luis and Jase are going through options about having children of their own and Luis winds up having a dream that he's pregnant and he gives birth to their child. But let me make this clear...very my book it's a *dream and it's meant to be playful...parody. If you've read my books you know that I don't always take myself too seriously. It's not meant to be taken seriously and it's not a fetish in the book. I had no idea anyone was actually doing pregnant man erotica or that it was even a fetish.

I didn't think anything could top Carly Fiorina's little song ditty to Ted Cruz this week, but here you are...

Pregnant man erotica, commonly referred to as “MPREG,” is just one of the genres fetish site Film911 specializes in. The company was launched three years ago after its founder, a man by the name of Jay, says he couldn’t find any satisfying MPREG porn on the internet.

The rest of the article is here. Enjoy :) 

Madonna's Canada Gym Brand Tanks

I knew Madonna would pretty much do anything for a buck, but I didn't know about this. Evidently, she has some kind of gym franchise named Hard Candy in Canada and her image and all things Madonna are all over the place. They've got disco balls and over-sized Madonna pics everywhere. The tourists just love it. But according to this article, it's not working out too well for serious business.

“Madonna was fabulous,” he tells Torontoist.

Not fabulous enough, however, to make people pay $100 a month plus a $69 “administrative fee,” or $28 for a day pass, to hang out at her gym. Schlemm says dwindling memberships, a lack of support from the franchise and the fact that people couldn’t seem to wrap their heads around the concept of a Madonna-themed fitness center have all played into his decision to rebrand.

Here's the rest. There's a photo, too. I think the guy who is re-branding is doing the best possible thing he can do for the business. The tourists alone would freak me out.

Explicit Gay Content on Church Computer

When I post about these articles, I like to stick to the basics. They can be tricky at best.

A guy named Andrew McGarva was doing tech work on a computer in a church in Scotland where he worked as an organist, and he found gay porn on the computer. It was allegedly "hardcore" gay porn that belonged to a fellow church member, and McGarva was allegedly told to keep it quiet by church officials or else lose his job.

This all happened in 2007, and then...

In 2011, McGarva, still miffed about being told to mind his own business, reported the porn to the Church of Scotland’s Safeguarding Service. This time, police were informed, but no further action was taken over the allegations. Afterwards, McGarva claims he was punished for speaking out. Not only did church officials treat him more coldly, but they stopped allowing him to conduct private organ lessons in the church. Then in 2014, he was let go from his job as organist. Now, he’s suing.

You can read more here, along with Judge Lucy Wiseman's statement. It's interesting, if you follow these legal things.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Team Foxcatcher and Gay Back Story; Nick Jonas and North Carolina; Family Dollar and Lesbian Customer

Team Foxcatcher and Gay Back Story

In November of 2014 I posted a lot about a film titled, Foxcatcher. You can read that all here. In fact, until right now, I'd forgotten about how strongly I disliked this film. I'm not getting into all that now, but I do want to mention a new Netflix documentary titled, Team Foxcatcher, that's streaming this Friday night and I'm curious to see how they handle the gay back story...or not. And I'm not the only one who felt strongly about this movie and the way it was handled.

The film never looks properly at rumours of John du Pont being gay. It does imply that Mark and John may have had a homosexual relationship, but that’s so ridiculous that it’s almost laughable.

The film is very misleading in this portrayal. Mark was not gay and barely had any sort of relationship with du Pont. However, Dave Metlzer does write in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that “The belief is that there was a homosexual relationship with Du Pont and a wrestler, but not Mark.”

The film therefore covers up what could have been an interesting narrative with a wholly unbelievable story about Mark Schultz.

In any event, I'm not getting into this one any deeper than the information I'm presenting right now. However, I am curious to see how this Netflix documentary handles the back story.

Team Foxcatcher, streaming Friday, uses interviews, news clips and home video to look at the years leading up to Schultz's death, and how du Pont spiraled from a well-meaning benefactor to a convicted murderer. But unlike the 2014 Oscar-nominated drama, which starred Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum, Dave's brother and fellow wrestling champion, Mark Schultz, doesn't appear.

You can read the rest of that here, and there's another in-depth account of how the original movie, Foxcatcher, mixed fact with fiction.

The main reason I'm so curious about this story is that I live in New Hope, Bucks County, PA, and that's not far from where all this took place back in the 90s. I remember following it in local news at the time it was happening.

Nick Jonas and North Carolina

While Steve Grand followed through with his recent commitment to the Gay Men's Chorus in North Carolina, which I thought was wonderful for him to do...Nick Jonas is at it again. And this time Jonas showing off his proverbial "guns" in what appears to be an effort to boycott a new law that allegedly discriminates against gays in North Carolina...I don't know much about the law so I can't comment on that.

It should come as little surprise that Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato aren’t down with North Carolina’s ugly HB2 law, and now the two singers have become the latest in a string of artists to cancel appearances in the state.

You can read the rest here

You can check out the Steve Grand Tweet here. I hope it works. I'm never sure how to link to Twitter. 

Family Dollar and Lesbian Customer

I've seen this story about how a lesbian customer was allegedly discriminated against at a Family Dollar chain store, and frankly it surprised me. About a month ago I was out of town and I saw a Family Dollar store and I stopped in to get a few batteries I needed. I normally never go to Family Dollar because we don't have them around here. And the male cashier who worked at the Family Dollar store where I stopped was not only gay, he was hot and very, very flirty. So flirty he made me smile.

In any event, here's what's happening with the lesbian story.

Yesterday, we reported that a woman named Melissa Langford, 34, alleges she was subject to a load of homophobic comments and denied service by a foul-mouthed Family Dollar cashier; a confrontation that was caught on video.

Family Dollar now says it’s investigating the incident.

You can read more here. I can't comment on this alleged incident, however, I can tell you that I got really great batteries at the Family Dollar I went to, and I could have gotten date out of it, too, and maybe a little more, from the hot young cashier that took care of me.

But I digress, again.


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Monday, April 25, 2016

Polishing A Penis; The Detachable Penis; Teased For Tiny Penis

Polishing A Penis In Seattle

There's a new statue in Seattle of a nude male they call Adam, and it's actually a very nice statue. It's in front of a building owned by an influential guy in Seattle named Martin Selig. There's one like it in New York. But there's one problem. You can polish the penis in New York, but they won't let you polish the penis in Seattle.

But here in Seattle, we're supposed to take seriously, from a respectful distance, this Botero™ Adam whose most interesting feature is a flat-nosed, pestle-shaped, cone-ish penis that we can't even polish?

You can read the rest here.  

There's also telephone exchange with Martin Selig. To be honest, I think I'm with Selig on this one. Leave the penis alone. It's art.

 The Detachable Penis

This article is about a magnificent statue that has been constantly vandalized. Someone keeps stealing the penis, so they came up with a plan to stop it.

From now on, Heracles will wear his own anatomy only during special park ceremonies. Afterwards, he will be once again dis-membered, says Phelippot.

"It's not the perfect solution because obviously men would prefer that part of their anatomy to be permanent,” she told The Local, “but… we think a detachable penis is for the best.” 

I can't help but wonder if these people have ever heard of floodlights and surveillance cameras.

Teased For Tiny Penis

This is on the peculiar side of the news. There's an ISIS "fanboy" who posted naked online selfies and people went after him for his little dick.

A MAN accused of being an Islamic State 'fanboy' has been ridiculed online for his "tiny wiener" after the naked selfies he took in a bid to impress women have surfaced on social media.

Here's the rest, with a photo that's been censored. 

Guys Passing As Straight; Sexy Stuff and Game Of Thrones; More Donald Trump

Guys Passing As Straight

Here's one of those meme posts where guys talk about passing as straight. It's pretty much self-explanatory, and it breaks some of the a way...or maybe not.  

Here's one quote:

As a gay male I get a mini adrenaline rush when people don't believe that I'm gay. 

You can check out the rest here.

You'll want to check out the comments with this one, trust me on that.

 Sexy Stuff and Game of Thrones

I haven't seen Game of Thrones at all, so this is all news to me. I may see it a binge.

This article is about sexy predictions for this season. 

Well, here we are again, at that time of year when every patriotic American becomes an HBO subscriber so we can all watch Game of Thrones episodes together. We’ve spent the last few weeks peeking through our fingers at spoilers and then forcing ourselves to look away before we can get to the end of any speculation, so we approach Season 6 tonight with a pristine and unsullied mind.

You can read more here

More Donald Trump

Here's more news about Donald Trump from the gay presses that I wouldn't have expected to see a few months ago. And as always I'm blogging about it in a neutral, objective way. The last thing I ever want to be is that know it all author with the big mouth who tells everyone what they should or should not believe. I see one author on Twitter all the time...a mainstream woman romance author...and I just want to ask her who died and left her in charge of us all.

In any event, this article talks about five things that make Trump more agreeable to some voters.

Here's one:

Trump’s most recent foray into reason came on one of the heated topics today: transgender access to bathrooms. Trump took dead aim at North Carolina’s sweeping bill protecting delicate bladders and hit a bullseye. “People go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate,” said Trump. “There has been so little trouble.”

The rest are here. They're interesting, especially if you're an undecided voter this time, which I know many of you are.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Gay Log Cabin and Trump; Gay Woman Lost Her Music Career; Vintage Men In Loin Cloths

Gay Log Cabin and Trump

For those who might not know, the Log Cabin is a political organization for LGBT people that supports Republicans. It's been around for a long time. I remember an attorney friend of mine was having fundraisers for Log Cabin events back in the 90s in Philadelphia and in New Hope.  

In any event, here's what they think of Trump.

‘He will be the most gay-friendly Republican nominee for president ever,’ said Gregory Angelo said, president of the group.

In a separate blog post, however, he questions Trump’s stance on gay marriage, which has been unclear over the course of his presidential campaign.

Angelo writes: ‘All over the place – that’s the only way to describe Donald Trump’s stance on marriage equality.’

You can read the rest here.

Gay Woman Lost Her Music Career

If you've ever wondered why celebrities and people who depend on mainstream audiences (even writers and literary agents) don't come out, here's a good reason. It's about what happened to Vicky Beeching after she came out.

Beeching grew up in Kent, England. Raised by a strongly religious family, she began writing songs for her church when just 13.

She enjoyed a successful recording career as a writer and singer of Christian-themed rock and pop, and relocated to the US in her 20s, where she routinely performed in front of thousands in mega-churches across the country.

Then, in 2014, she made the decision to come out. Her announcement sent shock waves through the US Christian community and she received condemning messages from scores of people who had previously been fans of her music.

Here the rest. 

She lost her career and her friends because she came out. It's a reality only gay people can understand. 

Vintage Men In Loin Clothes

I love these vintage art photos. I think a lot has to do with the photographer, however, I even like the bad ones...because they're vintage.

Loin cloths. What’s not to love about them? Not only are they sporty and fun and leave little to the imagination, but they’re super practical, keeping a guy both cool and comfortable on hot summer days. If you ask us, there needs to be a movement to bring back the loin cloth. Who’s on board?

You can check them all out here. I think it's SFW. 

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Gay Films Pre-Stonewall; Gay Celebrity Friends Who Never Had Sex; John Waters' Birthday

Gay Films Pre-Stonewall

I think most gay people of all ages know that films with gay characters existed pre-Stonewall, so it's not coming to most of us as a shock. However, the list of films pre-Stonewall is interesting.

Many of the medium’s finest directors are represented with screenings during the series.  From well-known titles such Vincente Minnelli’s adaptation of the now-quaint play Tea and Sympathy, John Huston’s melodrama Reflections in a Golden Eye starring Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando, Andy Warhol’s erotic My Hustler (pictured above) and Ingmar Bergman’s influential Persona to less-available works like Jose Rodriguez-Soltero’s avant-garde Lupe VĂ©lez biopic Lupe and Andrew Meyer’s moving An Early Clue to the New Direction.

You can read the rest here. 

And there are more that are not listed.

Gay Celebrity Friends Who Never Had Sex

I don't know why it's so hard for people to believe that gay friends, especially celebrities, never had sex. Seriously? Do straight people have sex with all of their friends? That's just insane.

In any event, we still have a great deal to prove.

After Lambert posted this picture of Lambert and Smith partying together in NYC, the rumor mill went into overdrive. When asked by Ryan Seacrest if they were a couple, he replied: “No… no… We bumped into each other at a club in New York a couple weeks ago and had few drinks with our friends … He’s really, really cool. He’s actually really down to earth and he’s got a great sense of humor.” Why does everyone have to make assumptions because it’s two gay guys? The vibe does not always have to be sexual.

It figures that question would be asked by Ryan Seacrest, the guy who gave us all the Kardashians.

You can read more here

John Waters' Birthday

John Waters celebrated his 70th birthday this week and there hasn't been a place on social media where it hasn't been posted to death. I have never been a huge fan of his work, but I'm a fan of what he's accomplished. Everything peculiar, outrageous, and creepy that he ever did gave LGBT people of a certain generation gay content that they weren't getting anywhere else. It was something when no one else was doing anything.

John Waters is celebrating a milestone birthday today. The influential filmmaker and beloved raconteur, who was proclaimed “the Pope of Trash” by no less than William S. Burroughs, is turning 70! Where does the time go?

I want to make if clear I'm not slamming Walters. My only point with his work was that I never could identify with his characters or the content.  And once again, that only shows that gay men are far more diverse than anyone ever thought they were.

You can read more here about John Waters. As I said, I do respect what he's done. Now if we can only get more diverse gay content out there that other gay men can identify with. We had Looking, but not for long.



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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Gay Teen In Boot Camp; Donald Trump On N.C. Bathroom Law; Christians Go Berserk Over Ugly Outdoor Urinal

Gay Teen In Boot Camp

There's a new book out titled, The Pink Marine: One Boy’s Journey Through Boot Camp to Manhood, that talks about a 17 year old gay man who signed up for the military in 1979 as a "lark." And this article to which I'm linking has an interview with the author, Greg Cope White. He sounds like a very interesting man, and I'm thinking this might be just the kind of non-fiction book I've been looking for.

White chronicles his boot camp experience and how it fundamentally changed him. Currently a host on the Cooking Channel’s Unique Sweets, (“I served my country for six years, and now serve up pie on television”), White has spent the last thirty years working in Hollywood as a writer and producer, which explains a foreword written by his former boss Norman Lear, and book jacket blurbs from the likes of David Hyde Pierce, Margaret Cho and Jane Lynch.  In a post-“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” world, decades after he finished serving, White is still profoundly impacted by those six weeks, and credits them with making him not only a better man, but a better gay man. 

You can check that out here. 

 Rancho Mirage

Donald Trump On N.C. Bathroom Law

There's been a great deal of discussion about the North Carolina bathroom law, and you can find that anywhere on the web if you don't know about it. I think most of my readers do know by now what it's all about. So I'm focused on how Trump recently commented on the law.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Thursday that transgender people should be able to use whichever bathroom they choose, voicing opposition to part of a far-reaching North Carolina law that critics says is discriminatory.

You can read the rest here. Ted Cruz, AKA "Lyin'" Ted, of course, responded by stating that Trump is pandering to the PC crowd with this one.

The Arrangement

Christians Go Berserk Over Ugly Outdoor Urinal

There's a Christian group in San Francisco called San Francisco Chinese Christian Union that is not happy about an outdoor urinal in a San Francisco park. So this alleged anti-gay group is suing SF.

The SFCCU, which has previously been described as an “anti-LGBT hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is suing the city to remove Dolores Park’s pissoir.

What is a “pissoir,” you ask?

It’s essentially a hole in the ground. You’ve got to love the French.

You can read the rest here, where there's a photo. To be honest, I think this pissoir is about as ugly as anything I've ever seen. You know, we've lived in a private home for almost 15 years, but prior to that we owned a condo in a very strict condo community that had some serious rules. You couldn't even put out a Christmas decoration unless you had permission. They wanted everything to remain pristine. Frankly, I found that refreshing, because I didn't want anyone putting out something ugly in the community where I lived. So this isn't about body shaming for me. It's strictly about esthetics. This pissoir thing is bone ugly.