Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Why Do Authors Write Erotic Romance? Billy Porter As A Leading Man; Ryan Field Books

Why Do Authors Write Erotic Romance?

Because it's fun.

Sorry. That's really the bottom line for me.

It's fun, it's discreet, it's entertaining, and you can still create the same stories as other writers. The biggest difference is that erotic romance writers get another layer to use when developing their stories and characters. And frankly, I don't think anyone can dispute the fact that sex is a major part of life.

So we don't care if you judge us. You know who you are. We don't care if we don't win awards. We don't care if you make jokes. We don't care if you wear crocs and white socks. We don't care if you don't like sex in books and if you aren't much fun at parties. We are still going to write about sex.

There are plenty of wonderful people out there who do like sex, and there's absolutely not wrong with that.

Billy Porter As A Leading Man

This one is an interview with Billy Porter where he speaks about what it's like to be a leading man, and his success. I like Billy Porter for many reasons, and this excellent interview is one of them.

Yes. It’s very clinical. The acting comes in trying to make it look natural and sexy. To me, I had been waiting my whole life to be given that kind of material. My. Whole. Life. You know, they exercise every muscle I have. I read these scripts and I just weep. I’m like thank you Lord. Thank you.

Here's a link to more. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tab Hunter Confidential; Colton Haynes Shares Heartbreaking Photos of Himself; Ryan Field Books

Tab Hunter Confidential

I've posted about this documentary before, but I was talking about it with someone on Twitter and he raved about it so much I thought I'd re-post for those who might not have seen it. 

The story of matinee idol Tab Hunter from teenage stable boy to closeted Hollywood star of the 1950s.

You can check it out on IMDb. I can't recommend it enough it's so good. It shows was life was like for a gay actor in the middle of the last century, and in many ways I think it's still the same for some closeted gay actors. 

Colton Haynes Shares Heartbreaking Photos of Himself

When actor, Colton Haynes, came out of the closet as gay a few years ago he inspired so many people. I hope he knows that. I saw his posts on Insta and they truly were heartbreaking. He's such a sweet little soul, and brave too.  

Haynes has had issues with substance abuse and he's been open and honest about them. I think he's still inspiring people with his struggles and his honesty.  

“I’m posting these photos to let y’all in on my truth,” he says. “I’m so grateful to be where I am now ( a year after these photos were taken) but man these times were dark. I’m a human being with flaws just like you. If ur in the middle of the dark times…I promise you it doesn’t have to last forever.”

You can read the rest here.  I'm a little shocked some of the comments are so harsh, but it's the Internet and there are more than a few vituperative people leaving comments. 

 How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Anti-Gay Church and Sexually Exploiting Teen Boy; Church Kicks Gay Couple Out and Sends Nasty Letter; Ryan Field Books

Anti-Gay Church and Sexually Exploiting Teen Boy

These stories are always disturbing, and unfortunately they continue to happen.  There's always a pattern. I just wish we could stop it before it happens.

A former youth minister at an evangelical church that condemns the LGBT community faces charges he sexually exploited a teenage boy.

You can read more, here. 

Church Kicks Gay Couple Out and Sends Nasty Letter

Here's more in church news. 

When Gracewood’s pastor Barry Baker found out about their relationship a few months ago, he told the couple to leave the church and not come back. Now, months later, Pastor Baker has sent a nasty letter to Trollinger continuing to slam her “unbiblical” lesbian relationship, and Trollinger isn’t having it.

Here's a link to more. You can read the letter there, too. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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'The Mile High Club' Straight Erotic Fiction by Ryan Field; Can Gay Guys Make Friends While In A Relationship; Ryan Field Books

'The Mile High Club' Straight Erotic Fiction by Ryan Field

I forget about these books, and they get buried sometimes. This is a short story that was in several different anthologies back in the 2000s with publishers like Cleis Press and Alyson Publications. (I never sign exclusives.) And now it's a short stand alone in digital only. When I first started submitting fiction to publishers I didn't only focus on gay fiction. I submitted to anyone who put out a call for submissions, which usually included straight erotica. And frankly, I enjoyed writing it. Bert and Betty are two of my favorite characters.
So this one's not gay fiction, it's straight mainstream erotica. But it's still hot.

The Mile High Club by [Field, Ryan]

Bert and Betty, happily married and looking to add some romantic spice to their lives, conceive a harmless little game of passion--a bold and exciting improvisation that requires an airplane, some acting talent and a great deal of imagination. And Betty is always able to conjure up something creative. But there are rules to the game that must be followed: they have to pretend they are total strangers the minute they enter the airport, they have to invent completely different lives, and they both have to be open and willing to the element of danger their little game invokes. And on this particular flight to Nebraska, the danger involves two good looking young men in the next aisle who want to play the game, too. Betty is always willing to try anything naughty, but she's not so sure about Bert. He tends to be more conservative about some things and he's not fond of surprises. So she decides to capture the moment, crossing the line and plunging into an erotic adventure she never expected, without bothering to tell him. But it turns out that she is actually the one who is left with her mouth hanging open in the end.
Can Gay Guys Make Friends While In a Relationship
Of course you can make friends if you're in a can make gay or straight friends. Life doesn't end just because you're in a relationship. Even though it's typical for gay couples to be more friendly with other gay couples than with single people, there are no set rules.
A New York City guy with a boyfriend hit up Reddit recently to ask about making gay friends while being in a relationship, explaining that he has his “party crew” but also wants homo company for more low-key hangouts. “You know, dinners, movies, games, shopping. Casual things,” he wrote.
Here's the rest. The comments are fascinating and some offer a lot more insight.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Reviews for Gay Movie "Regarding Billy"; Why Gay Guys Have Paid For Sex; Ryan Field Gay Romance Books

Reviews for Gay Movie "Regarding Billy"

We watched Regarding Billy on Amazon streaming last night and I thought it was a nice movie. I think that's partly because I'd rather watch a film with gay content than one without, and I liked the characters. It was a little overly dramatic, and there wasn't any sex at all, but the story moved forward and I couldn't find anything that seriously bothered me. The tropes are classic and likable. So I would recommend it to anyone. It's not like we get that much gay content out there from Hollywood and I think most people who like gay romances will like this.

With that said, I checked out the reviews on IMDb and most people seem to agree with me. There are a few snarky reviews, but that's to be expected because there are more than a few snarky people running loose on the Internet.

You can read all the reviews, here. 

Why Gay Guys Have Paid For Sex

I've never had to pay for sex in my life, however, I don't judge. I don't see anything wrong with sex workers and if I could decide it would all be legal. I think there's a need for certain things in this world, especially in a society that criminalizes and passes judgment on sex in a general sense. There's usually so much shame involved with all sex in a broad sense the people who really like sex never speak up aloud. You'll never hear someone say, "There wasn't enough sex in that romance novel," but you will hear the sex haters say, "Too much sex, I hate sex in books." Frankly, I have no patience for them. We only hear from the same old tired frigid voices who don't like sex (or who don't know how to do it right). In fact, those who don't like sex never shut up about it. If you don't like sex, that's fine. But don't spoil everyone else's fun.

With that said, I think this article is refreshing. Apparently, there are multiple reasons why gay guys pay for sex.

“Started out as a time-saver — demanding career and I couldn’t hang out a bar hoping I’d find my type. Then I found out when I’m paying I can call the action. So with escorts, I can quickly find my type and get a specific kink handled by a professional. Win-win.”

Here's the rest. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Awkward Side of Gay Sex; Elizabeth Smart’s Dad Comes Out as Gay; Ryan Field Books

The Awkward Side of Gay Sex

Here’s some information about a new You Tube TV series about gay couples. I'm starting to like these You Tube shows a lot more than Netflix. In fact, I find it difficult to relate to any of the gay content on Netflix. It doesn't seem authentic. Even the gay content on Amazon streaming is better than Netflix. 

Their real-life relationship closely mirrors that of their characters, James and Cameron, in the new season of their web seriesKissing Walls. The season just landed on YouTube and OpenTV.

Here’s the link.  I'll definitely be watching this one. 

Elizabeth Smart’s Dad Comes Out as Gay

This is interesting because kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart made headlines back in 2002, and her dad was a Mormon. I think it shows how no one can ever predict who or who isn't in the closet. 

Ed Smart says he and his wife, Lois, are divorcing and he will no longer live a lie, insinuating he contemplated suicide while he kept his secret ... "Living with the pain and guilt I have for so many years, not willing to accept the truth about my orientation has at times brought me to the point where I question whether life was still worth living."

There’s a lot more detail, here. It sounds like he’s had enough religion. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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