Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Regular Bud: A Story that Still Surprises Me

When I wrote A Regular Bud as a digital short e-book, I never expected it to do what it has been doing ever since it was released.

It's been on more bestseller lists than I can name, because I don't usually keep track of these things...nor do I have google alerts set up. It's been on one web site's bestseller list since it was released. And now it's back on the publisher's bestseller list at number one. When I wrote it, I thought I was writing a little short story that would sell a few copies and I could add it to my list of publishing credits.

It constantly surprises me, mainly because I'm not sure what I did to make it resonate with readers. I've had more e-mails from this book than from anything else I've written. I'm half tempted to write a sequel, but then I have a feeling the sequel wouldn't go over as well at the original. I've been there before. Sequels don't always resonate the same way the original did.

You can check it out here at the publisher's web site. Or it can be found at almost all web sites where digital books are sold.


lauradeth said...

I really loved this story and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so.

What made me love it so much was the type of fetish

I see plenty of books out there in the fetish genre but I don't see a lot of short simple stories with 'light' fetishes.

You should write more! :)

ryan field said...

Thanks for commenting. I really don't always know what's going to work. And I agree, the lighter, simple fetishes relate to more people...I think.

Barb said...

Just bought this from amazon and read it. It was cute, although it would be nice to know more about what happens after....

I know what you mean about sequels, though. Sometimes they just can't be quite as good as the 1st story. Kind of like leftovers...

ryan field said...

I'm thinking about it. I actually wrote and had published another story with a similar title...Another Regular Bud. But the characters are different. At the time, I thought I'd start "A Regular Bud" series with different characters and storyline. But I wound up getting busy with other things I couldn't postpone.

I might go back and revisit these guys this year.