Sunday, September 15, 2019

How To Reject Someone On a Dating App; New Documentary About Gay Life In 1940s Mid-West; Ryan Field Books

How To Reject Someone On a Dating App

I find these things fascinating, mostly because I know nothing about dating apps. This one will give you 4 polite ways to reject someone, if you're not so inclined to hook up with them.

Resist going into reasons as to why you’re not interested in someone, as it may come across like you’re criticizing them. You’re not interested, so leave it at that.

Maybe it's me, but saying you're not interested in someone sounds a little harsh, too. I guess there's nothing easy about rejection. 

Here's the link where you can read all of them. 

New Documentary About Gay Life In 1940s Mid-West

This is fascinating because we don't have much at all when it comes to gay culture or gay history. I can't wait to see this documentary. 

In 1996, Story dropped by an estate sale in St. Louis, where he purchased two reels of 8 mm film he found in the home’s attic. The photographer and creative director, then 27, was intrigued by the canister containing the reels, which bore the label “a gay party.” Given the age of the film, he wondered, would “gay” mean “homosexual” or simply “merry”?

I would imagine gay means 'merry.' I'm actually finishing up a new book now that's set in 1940 and I use the word gay several times in reference to having fun. I've also written a few other books set in that time period and it's not easy to find words that actually work because many of the words we use today were not used back then with regard to LGBTQ people. And I will rarely ever use the word 'homosexual.' I despise that word. 

In any event, you can read this one, here. It's a very good read. 

The documentary is titled, Gay Home Movie, and you can check that out, here. It's the main web site for the documentary and it's worth the click just to see the samples. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Gay NY Politician Wants Conversion Therapy Legal; Gay ChemSex In Europe and HIV Numbers; Ryan Field Books

Gay N.Y. Politician Wants Conversion Therapy Legal

Cory Johnson of the NYC Council wants gay conversion therapy to be legal. But there’s a reason why, and you have to read the entire article to understand.

“I don’t want to be someone who is giving in to these right-wing groups,” Johnson said of his political chess move. “But the Supreme Court has become conservative; the Second Circuit, which oversees New York, has become more conservative.”

Here’s the link. Law can be complicated sometimes.

Gay ChemSex In Europe and HIV Numbers

We don’t hear much about chemsex (PnP) but it’s out there and it’s happening all the time. If this article is accurate, this could be dangerous.

A surge in "chemsex" parties, where people spend days getting high on drugs and having sex with scores of partners, is re-fueling epidemics of HIV among gay men in European towns and cities, doctors say.

Here’s more. There are more details and they claim this is becoming a huge challenge. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Over 40 Years Later Saturday Night Live Adds Gay Asian Comic; How Lady Gaga Wants To Change the World; Ryan Field Books

Over 40 Years Later Saturday Night Live Adds Gay Asian Comic

Bowen Yang was recently added to SNL, and I'm thrilled for him. I think it's wonderful and even though I'm not familiar with his work, good for him. However, I am not going to send praise or thanks to SNL for hiring a Gay Asian comic, especially since SNL has been notoriously homophobic over the years. This is from the Boston Globe in March 2018.

In an interview with the Daily Beast last week, openly gay comedian James Adomian accused “Saturday Night Live” of homophobia. “It would be nice if they put a gay man on camera on that show,” Adomian said. He auditioned unsuccessfully for “SNL” 13 years ago.

If you do a simple search, there's more along the lines of this article. 

When I saw this story trending on Twitter, and everyone was praising SNL for hiring an Asian man for the first time, my first thought was what took them so long. My second thought was why are all these people coming from places of privilege so excited and why aren't they calling SNL out for waiting so long. I saw one straight women Tweet..."Yippe." And I will never understand that kind of straight white privilege. Never.   

Here's a link to the Boston Globe Story. 

How Lady Gaga Wants To Change the World

I totally agree with Lady Gaga on this one. In fact, I have made this theme about gender revolve around many of my most recent gay romance novels. I did it with Kendle's Fire, and it seemed to resonate with quite a few people. I've done it with other books, and I'm going to continue to do it because I think it's the future, and I think it's the right thing to do.

Here's what Lady Gaga had to say...

“I would like all gender identities to know very clearly that they are included, and never exploited, ever.
I want that little boy at home that might like to be called a girl to say, “Mommy, I want to wear Dynasty. It’s a Glam Attack.” And then Mommy goes, “Oh, my son wants to be called a girl, and he wants the Glam Attack.” And then she goes and she gets it for him. And he uses it. And then there’s a bond.
Here's the link for this one.  I love the whole concept. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Lambda Award Winning Book I Was In: Best Gay Erotica 2009; Police Chief Apologizes for Anal Sex Comments; Ryan Field Books

The Lambda Award Winning Book I was In: Best Gay Erotica 2009

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since Best Gay Erotica 2009 came out, but I wanted to do an update post about it. It's not for money or promotion. I was paid a flat fee to be part of the book ($25 plus 2 free copies) and I have never seen, nor will I ever see, any royalties from that book. In fact, I don't think anyone will ever see royalties. That's how book publishing works sometimes. In the same respect, I was thrilled to be part of the book, and I was just as thrilled when I found out I had a short story in a Lambda Award winning book. For me that's rare because I never submit anything to awards. I have a rule: I'm only in competition with myself.

With that said, I've been in so many anthologies since I was in college I truly do not remember most of them. But I do remember this story well because it seemed to resonate with so many people, and I never thought that would happen. It just thought it was a quirky little story that I had fun writing.

This is from a previous post I did...

Down The Basement by [Field, Ryan]The story was first published in an anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, which got some great reviews. and then it was selected for BEST GAY EROTICA 2009 anthology by Richard Labonte. And the BGE 2009 anthology went on to win a Lambda award this year in the best gay erotica category.

Recently, I decided to retire the story for good and have it published, for the last time ever, with as an e-book. I made a few changes to the original story, so it's not exactly the same as the one published in the first two print books. I added more dimension to the main character and one supporting character, and I added a happy ending that expresses hope and promise for the future of these two characters.

When I wrote that post I had no idea that the publisher LoveYouDivine would go out of business. So that wasn't the last time the story was published. After LYD closed for good I released Down the Basement with my own indie press, Ryan Field Books. And that will be the last time it will ever be published by anyone, ever again. 

Here's a link to Best Gay Erotica 2009

And here's one for Down the Basement.  It's gender bending, it's gender neutral, and when I wrote it I had no idea that all these things would become so relevant in 2019. There's also a sequel to the story, here, titled, Down the Basement II Santa Saturday. 

Police Chief Apologizes for Anal Sex Comments

This is interesting because it touches on the subject of the police arresting gay men for having sex in public bathrooms. But that's not the only thing it's about. 

Yesterday, Girt issued yet another apology, saying he probably shouldn’t have brought up gay cruising or anal sex.
“Yesterday, I made statements on CHML that were offensive to the 2SLGBTQ+ community. These comments were made as I attempted to illustrate a point about legislative change,” Girt said in a statement.
You can check it out, here. It also gets into the terribly poor police response that went down when white supremacists protested a Pride event in June. There's a disturbing video. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

LGBT Adult Seniors Fear Discrimination; The Homophobic and Questionable Content On Tik Tok; Ryan Field Books

LGBT Adult Seniors Fear Discrimination

When I first saw this trending I was amazed at how many people didn't fully grasp the entire point. They seemed to believe that just because nursing homes, family, caregivers, or assisted living facilities treat older gay people equally that's the end of the discussion. This goes deeper than just being treated equally. And I've seen how it works, first hand, with several older adult seniors I've known. The fear of growing older for LGBT people encompasses many factors, and many times older LGBT people are actually forced to go back into the closet.

Look at it this way, an older gay man who lived his entire life in a gay friendly place like New Hope, PA, is suddenly forced into a heteronormative assisted living facility that's run by Quakers. He's treated well there, but that's mainly because he won't even mention the fact that he's gay. He's suddenly forced into living with mostly straight older people who don't have a clue about what it's like to be gay, and know nothing about gay culture. That is a valid fear, and it's no way for senior gay people to live.

This article goes even deeper.

LGBT adults are also nervous about how they might be treated in a long-term care setting. More than 60 percent surveyed said they think they might be refused or receive limited care, and they also fear they would be in danger of neglect, abuse, or verbal or physical harassment. Most are uneasy about acceptance and think that entering long-term care might force them to hide or deny their LGBT identity. 

These are all valid fears, and they can happen to anyone who's LGBT. 

You can read the rest here. We need to start doing something about this. 

The Homophobic and Questionable Content On Tik Tok

For those who don't know, Tik Tok is a new social media app geared toward teenagers that's focused on videos. I downloaded it a few months ago and yesterday I took some time and watched a few. I was surprised at the homophobic comments I saw in more than one video. 

And here's a piece that goes into more detail about the questionable content on Tik Tok, and this one is about kids. 

Hundreds of sexually explicit comments have been found on videos posted by children as young as nine.

And this...

TikTok says that child protection is an "industry wide-challenge" and that promoting a "safe and positive app environment" remains the company's top priority.

You can read the details, here. I hope the people running Tik Tok are paying attention to all this. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

New York's September 11th Remembrance Day; Valentine's Day First Same Sex Marriages In Northern Ireland; Milo Yiannopoulos Claims He's Broke; Ryan Field Books

New York's September 11th Remembrance Day

I think it's wonderful that people are not forgetting what happened on September 11, 2001. It was a terrible day, and many of us still remember it well. And for those of us who don't remember it, this sparks conversation about it, which leads to learning.

The new law, signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday, allows for a brief moment of silence in public schools in New York every 9/11 to memorialize the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Here's a link to more.  I actually wish we did more, like making 9/11 a national holiday of remembrance. I think something along the lines of this magnitude warrants that kind of respect. 

And here's another link to previous posts I've done on September 11th. I think they date back to 2009, when I started this web site. I can't believe I'm still doing it. I've seen more bloggers come and go than I can even count.  

Valentine's Day First Same Sex Marriages In Northern Ireland

I think many of us in the US take it for granted that we've won legalized same sex marriage. But that clearly isn't the case in other parts of the world. It's still happening and it's still very new for LGBTQ people living in other countries.

Marriage for same-sex couples will begin in Northern Ireland on Valentine’s Day 2020, if all goes according to plan.

Here's the link. There's a much more detailed explanation regarding why it's taking so long.

Milo Yiannopoulos Claims He's Broke

I've seen this trending on social media all week so far, and I figured I'd share and comment below. I'm sure everyone knows who Milo is, and if you don't it's a quick simple search.

 “I spent years growing and developing and investing in my fan base, and they just took it away in a flash. It’s nice to have a little private chat [on Telegram] with my gold star homies but I can’t make a career out of a handful of people like that. I can’t put food on the table this way…. It’s not a good use of my time to be here. 

He's talking about social media platforms where he once had a large following. Apparently, he was de-platformed by all the big social media outlets and he's lost followers and money as a result. Now he's been forced to use the smallest social media venues in an attempt to remain relevant. 

You can read it all, here. 

Although I've never been a fan of Milo's, and I never cared for his approach to anything, I have to admit that this is scary in a broad sense. Social media is a huge part of life nowadays, and they know it, and they hold all the control. We've never actually seen the likes of this kind of censorship here in the US before. Think about the magnitude of that alone. That's not a good thing for anyone, and I sincerely wish everyone would try to understand this. We are heading toward very dangerous times if this continues. Authors and readers know how serious this is thanks to Amazon reviews.

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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