Saturday, April 22, 2017

Leave Richard Simmons Alone; Coming Out At 53; Two College Swimmers Coming Out

Leave Richard Simmons Alone

This is so many kinds of wrong. Richard Simmons returned from a short stay in a hospital and the press surrounded him until he was forced to walk into his own home with his head covered.

That's wrong. Give the man some privacy. He just got out of the hospital.

With photographers waiting outside his home Thursday, Simmons returned, but kept a blanket over his head to shield himself from the cameras. In addition, police officers were present to keep the crowd at bay.

I just wish he'd flipped them the bird.

You can read the rest here.

Coming Out At 53

You know how I'm always talking about how we have no idea how many gay men are out there? Well here's more proof. Those of you who think you know it all about gay men, this is another example of how diverse gay men can be. And this story isn't even that unusual. Right now, as I post this, there are many more gay men who still haven't come out of the closet and you don't even know they are gay.

“He came out after being married and also having two children, although a lot younger than me, he’s 36. He was the first person I came out to. We haven’t had an affair or any such [thing], but he knows how I feel about him.

“After a while of chatting to him about how I felt and the fact that now I must talk to my wife and be truly open as to how I feel, I finally did it, talked to me wife, children and close family and friends.” 

You can read the rest here. It's a great story and it talks about reactions. Trust me on this, only another gay man will ever know what this is like. You can't even begin to imagine.

Two College Swimmers Coming Out

Here's another coming out story. It's about how two college swimmers helped each other come out.

Axel Reed and Josh Velasquez have a lot in common. They’re both 21. They both grew up in conservative households in Southern California. They both swim on their college swim teams. Oh, and they’re both gay. 

You can check that out here.

In Their Prime by Ryan Field


Friday, April 21, 2017

"13 Reasons Why" Backlash; Lesbian Rocker Leaves Social Media Because of Bullies; LGBT Activist Police Officer Killed In Paris Attack

"13 Reasons Why" Backlash

When I first posted about the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, I only mentioned the inconsistencies I noticed in character development. I also wrote that post from a non-heteronormative POV, while concentrating on the gay content. But since then I've finished watching the series and my first two thoughts were not things I had to think about too long. And no one else influenced my opinions. One, if I had a young adult in high school I wouldn't let them watch it. Two, the characters and the dialogue didn't resonate with respect to the way RL young adults react and process. These weren't my only opinions, but right now I'm only linking to other people who've gone into more detail about all this.

Here's one reaction from a high school student, Jaclyn Grimm, from a high school web site.

In 13 Reasons Why, I don’t see a daring and powerful teen drama. It’s just a tired attempt at discussing a difficult topic. It’s clear the creators see suicide only for its shock value, and I worry for the teens like me who will watch the show.

You can read the rest here. There are more reactions on this web site. And if you do a simple search for backlash 13 Reasons Why, you'll find a lot more. Here's one where they banned the show.

Lesbian Rocker Leaves Social Media Because of Bullies

Speaking of sensitive topics, this one shows what can happen daily on social media these days. Twitter is probably one of the most dangerous places.

For Christian rock musician Vicky Beeching, antigay harassment is nothing new. She’s experienced it off and on since coming out publicly in 2014. But a recent viral meme featuring Beeching’s face has the artist and advocate taking a break from social media.

Here's the rest. I wish she'd stick around, but I also understand there's only so much a person can take. Evidently, she reached that point and I can't blame her. I have zero tolerance on Twitter now. My tweets are not up for discussion. If you question me once in an aggressive way, you get blocked. Plain and simple.

LGBT Activist Police Officer Killed In Paris Attack

One of the police officers killed in the recent Paris attack was not only openly gay, but also an activist.

“He was a simple man who loved his job, and he was really committed to the L.G.B.T. cause,” said Mikaël Bucheron, president of Flag, a French association for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender police officers. “He joined the association a few years ago, and he protested with us when there was the homosexual propaganda ban at the Sochi Olympic Games,” Mr. Bucheron said.

Here's the rest. You can check out his photos, too. The comment thread is all over the place.

May he RIP.


In Their Prime by Ryan Field


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Release Day: In Their Prime by Ryan Field; Hunky Jesus In San Francisco; RuPaul On the Purpose of Drag

Release Day: In Their Prime by Ryan Field

Here's my newest release, In Their Prime. This is a gay romance that covers the lives of two young men who meet and fall in love in graduate school. The story follows them from their early 20s right up to their late 30s. It's not an erotic romance, but it is a romance. I would consider it PG-rated, without any explicit sex scenes at all. I just didn't think this book called for sex scenes. In this case, I think explicit sex scenes would have made the book too long and drawn out. As it stands, it's a 90,000 word full length novel, and I had to cut it down from 150,000 words.

So here's the blurb, and I've posted the cover and the links below. I'll post more links as they go live.

In Their Prime, a 90,000 word gay romance novel, follows the lives and loves of two talented gay men who meet at the storied Iowa Writers' Workshop in their early 20's. They start out as accidental roommates and passionate lovers, and move through the beginning of their lives as haplessly as everyone else. Ethan is the ambitious, aggressive writer whose only goal is to write trashy fiction that he can sell to the masses, while Travis spends his time working on gay literary novels that give him prestige, but little money and fame. And when both men clash, the heartache is almost too much to handle. 

Over the course of two decades they both choose different paths, but their bond is never broken. It takes years to realize what they've won and lost, and they finally reach a point where they both have to face reality in ways neither of them expected. As some of their brightest dreams are realized, and some are painfully lost, will they ever find a way to come together? Or will they continue to ignore the only thing that's kept them going all this time?

In Their Prime by Ryan Field


Hunky Jesus In San Francisco

I hope no one is offended by this. I think it's meant to be taken lightly. But if you are offended, join the crowd. Everyone seems to be getting offended about something these days. So you're not alone. I don't take things like this seriously, and I'm not by any means an atheist. I like to think Jesus has a sense of humor, too. And if he doesn't, we're probably all in a lot of trouble. 

With that said...

For the 38th year in a row, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence preached to a crowd of more than a thousand people on Easter Sunday in Golden Gate Park. This year’s celebration included plenty of hotties and holy water, plus sexy male bunnies, colorful Easter ladies, and a not-so-PG exorcism on a Donald Trump doppelgänger.

RuPaul On the Purpose of Drag

Speaking of taking things lightly, it looks as if RuPaul nailed this one. It's about as plain and simple as it can get. 

 “Drag has always served a purpose. The purpose is to remind people to not take themselves too seriously. We mock identity. A lot of people get angry… Identity is not to be taken seriously. We show people we’re shape shifters. We are God in drag. That’s our role — is to remind people of that.”

Again, pay attention to this, because if you're taking yourself too seriously you might want to rethink that for your own sake. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ricky Martin In His Underpants; Olivia de Havilland Comments On Feud; LA Pride Trump Haters Scare Advertisers Away

Ricky Martin In His Underpants

Ricky Martin recently did a parody of the infamous Tom Cruise Risky Business underwear scene, and he didn't do a bad job at all.

On Spike’s Thursday night episode of Lip Sync Battle, you can watch Ricky Martin, dressed in an overly floppy dress shirt and a pair of boxer-briefs, channel Tom Cruise channeling Bob Seger, and then, presumably, change the channel.

You can see that here. Of course, as far as I'm concerned, no one will ever top Tom Cruise in that scene, but Martin was well rehearsed.

Olivia de Havilland Comments On Feud 

For those who might not know, there's a series out right now on TV's FX channel called Feud that's all about the bitter relationship between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Olivia de Havilland who is 100 years old now was there, and she's still around to talk about it. However, when she was asked to comment about the feud between Crawford and Davis, she shut them down fast. And she did it with style.

“I have received your email with its two questions,” De Havilland replied. “I would like to reply first to the second of these, which inquires of me the accuracy of a current television series entitled Feud, which concerns Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and their supposed animosity toward each other. Having not seen the show, I cannot make a valid comment about it. However, in principle, I am opposed to any representation of personages who are no longer alive to judge the accuracy of any incident depicted as involving themselves.”

De Havilland added, “As to the 1963 Oscar ceremony, which took place over half a century ago, I regret to say that I have no memory of it whatsoever and therefore cannot vouch for its accuracy.” 

You can read the rest here. Frankly, that's always been my opinion about these types of films. And unless either Davis or Crawford return from the grave to comment in person, I'm just going to think of Feud as yet another Ryan Murphy camp film with an embellished story line. It's good camp. But camp is camp.

LA Pride Trump Haters Scare Advertisers Away

Full disclosure: even though I have been openly gay most of my life, and I've worked as a gay writer and blogger to help advance gay rights for a long time, I have never been to a Pride event and I have no idea what they are like. So if you're straight and you're just as curious as I am about all this, you're not alone. Millions of gay men just like me who work and pay taxes and contribute to their communities have never been to Pride events either. I only mention this because I don't think enough people know this fact. And I think it's time they do know. If for no other reason than to show how diverse the gay community really is.

With that said, this article discusses how more than a few advertisers have backed away from LA Pride, allegedly, because of the hate for Donald Trump.

In March, local LGBTQ activists succeeded in making official changes to this year’s L.A. Pride lineup. Instead of a celebratory parade — the norm at major Pride festivals — there will be a march against the Trump administration’s threats to LGBTQ rights, to immigrants, to people of color, to the environment — you name it.

That tension — plus the absence of gogo boys and general gaiety — is enough for advertisers to flee, reports FourTwoNine

You can read more here. Even though I've never been to a Pride event, I've always been led to believe that one of its main goals is to celebrate gay culture, and all of the more positive aspects of the gay community. But more than that, it's supposed to be fun. I hope they aren't ruining that with all this hate for Trump. I really don't know, and it should be interesting to see how this all turns out a few years from now. All I do know is that as a gay man who will not be silenced, I don't identify with the people I'm seeing in the photo with this article, and, I never will.



Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trans Girl's Penis Breaks and She Sues; The Buried Penis Syndrome; More On Buried Penis Syndrome

Trans Girl's Penis Breaks and She Sues

This one is really out there. A transgender hooker was hired by some guy's wife. The wife hired this hooker for her husband's 60th birthday celebration. Because who doesn't do that?

Unfortunately, the 60 year old guy had a heart attack while having sex with the trans hooker, and the trans hooker's penis got stuck inside him and it broke. You can figure that one out in detail.

She said she called Miguel’s wife, Sylvia, who called the police and the ambulance. Jennifer was left mortified when “all the units in Miami” burst into the room, saying she only just managed to cover up with a sheet.

She said doctors managed to prise the pair apart but added “my penis was fractured.”

She had come on to the show to sue Sylvia for $US20,000 ($26,000).

There's more here. I can't even begin to speculate on this one.

The Buried Penis Syndrome

This one is from an interesting web site I've never seen before. It's about guys who have this unusual issue with their penises.

"While not harmful, a 'buried penis' can be uncomfortable. As you have noted, the appearance of a buried penis can look like a turtle hiding its head in the buried shaft skin. One can be born with this condition with detachment of skin from the underlying penile shaft. Gaining weight will make it worse. Certain positions such as leaning over during biking can further bury the penis. One surgery, known among urologists as a 'wacker tacker,' can fix this condition. However, if it is just a buried penis, it is perfectly fine to live the rest of your life this way without surgery. But if it bothers you, go see your local urologist." 

You can read more here.

More On Buried Penis Syndrome

Of course I had to google Buried Penis Syndrome. I didn't know it existed. And I actually found a lot of information with just a simple search. This one is from WebMD.

A “hidden” or “buried” penis refers to a penile shaft that is buried below the surface of the penile skin and also to a partially or totally obscured penis. There are numerous causes of a hidden or a buried penis including congenital, obesity, aging with an overlying fold of abdominal fat and skin, a shortage of penile skin from chronic inflammation, or an overly aggressive circumcision.

Here's the rest. There is a procedure that can correct this in most cases.


Monday, April 17, 2017

Gay Men and Their Sugar Daddies App; A Texas Town's Creepy Hazing Scandal;

Gay Men and Their Sugar Daddies App

I have seen younger gay men with older gay men all my life. The situation is almost always the same. The older guy has money and he's not opposed to "keeping" the younger one. I also know there are a lot of extenuating circumstances in these relationships, and in many cases these relationships work out well because there's an understanding with both partners. The wealthy older one often nurtures the younger one, and offers the younger one opportunities he never would have had with a guy his own age. And most of these couples genuinely care for each other. The ones I've known go the distance. Although money is a factor, it's not always only about money.

And it's also another way to show that ageism isn't always a "thing" in gay culture.

We are an exclusive Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby meeting service created for gay members who are seeking a new partner for a Gay Sugar Daddy Relationship. Maybe you are a successful and at the top (not bottom) of the game as a Gay Sugar Daddy, or maybe you are just an attractive and ambitious man (Gay bottom) who enjoy the finer aspects of life and want to meet a successful mentor (Gay top), this is the right place for you. It’s easy and simple for gay casual encounters, gay dating, gay chat, or a gay hookup to find your own gay love, all you need to do is just a swipe away. 

You can check this out here. Of course with all hook up apps there are drawbacks like catfishing. And the few comments are really negative about the entire concept, which leads me to believe some of the comments were left by a older gay guys who don't have any money. The one thing you rarely see is a poor older gay man with a hot younger guy. But I can tell you for certain, in general, finding a gay couple with a huge age difference is not hard to do.

A Texas Town's Creepy Hazing Scandal

We hear about these jock hazing scandals in schools all the time, but this one is really creepy. Cross your legs creepy.

According to the complaint filed by Texas Ranger Joel Kite, the three and an unnamed juvenile attacked a 15-year-old in February at a home near La Vernia, sodomizing him with a flashlight. The youth cried out and struggled, but he was overpowered and couldn’t stop the assault, the complaint alleges.

And it only devolves from there. You can read the rest here.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

PrEP Diaries; Scary Easter Bunny Photos; High School Wrestler Tackles Homophobia

PrEP Diaries

Here's more from someone who is actually taking PrEP.

Such a statement makes sense for the 35-year-old author from Seattle. Peterson is about to release The PrEP Diaries, a comically engrossing memoir exploring his experiences with sex, hooking up, love, and–you guessed it—that revolutionary little blue pill called PrEP.

You can check this out here.  

Scary Easter Bunny Photos

I see these things pop up every Easter, and I still can't help looking at them.

Little do they know, the Easter Bunny may seem friendly for leaving behind a sugary trail of marshmallows, jelly beans, and Cadbury Eggs, but in actuality he’s a deeply sinister animal.

You can check them out here.  

High School Wrestler On Homophobia

I love the way times have changed with respect to things like this. 

Some of that “stuff” included him. Earlier this school year, Liam came out to a few friends. Word quickly spread around school. It didn’t take long for his teammates to catch wind of the rumors and begin talking amongst themselves, though none of them addressed him directly about it.

“I figured it was time to come out to them and talk to them about it,” he says. 

You can check that out here. I recently read a scathing blog post by a female author who slammed gay men. She also "splained" to them, because she was offended. Poor little dear. She should pay more attention to what it's really like for gay men who deal with coming out and read articles like this. She doesn't have a clue.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Luke Evans On Coming Out; Chechen Leaders Threaten Journalists Reporting On Gay Concentration Camps; Butter Boy Lube Ad Banned In Chicago

Luke Evans On Coming Out

With so many in Hollywood still in the closet, terrified that if they come out their careers will be ruined, I find this story remarkable, and spot on.

Luke Evans believes his sexuality has never held him back in his career.

The Beauty and the Beast star said since coming out 15 years ago hasn’t negatively affected his career.

And that’s the way things should be, according to Evans.

You can check this out here. There's a lot more. I actually do think it all comes down to talent.

Chechen Leaders Threaten Journalists Reporting On Gay Concentration Camps

Here's more about the situation on Chechnya...according to this source.

 Chechen authorities have threatened journalists reporting on the news of concentration camps for gay men.

The Russian publication that broke the news, Novaya Gazeta, believes its employees are now under threat.

In a statement, they wrote: ‘We have serious concerns for the safety of our employees.’

Here's the rest. I'd like to know why we aren't hearing more about this from the mainstream media. At least something.

Butter Boy Lube Ad Banned In Chicago

Here's one about a lube called Butter Boy that's being advertised on the TV show RuPaul's Drag Race. I've never heard of it and I don't watch much RuPaul's Drag Race.

 The owner of the lubricant brand says a commercial is currently airing during Rupaul’s Drag Race in New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego and throughout Canada has been banned from airing on cable TV in Chicago.

The spot features sexy ginger stud Seth Fornea showing viewers how to properly use a butter churn.

There's more here. I haven't seen it so I can't comment. But from what I gather the intention behind the commercial was to make it like one of those heteronormative Super Bowl ads and keep it as PG rated as possible. The problem with that is people still think anything gay related is for adults only.


Friday, April 14, 2017

57 Year Old Gay Man Only Wants Young Straight Guys; Ellen's 20 Year Old Coming Out Interview; Jiggling Beefcake Magic Mike Live

57 Year Old Gay Man Only Wants Young Straight Guys

Here's a story about a 57 year old gay man in the UK who is only interested in young men. And he prefers straight guys.

“I always longed for a faithful, lifelong partner,” he writes in a new advice-seeking post published by the Guardian.

There’s just one teensy, tiny problem.

“I’m only attracted to young men, roughly 18-35,” the man says. And, he adds, since “younger men get older … how could there be any future in it?”

You can read the rest here. What's really scary about this is that he looks a lot older than 57. More like 77. And don't tell me you weren't thinking the same thing, too. I'm only saying it aloud.

Ellen's 20 Year Old Coming Out Interview

I'll never forget what a big deal is was when Ellen Degeneres came out on her TV show. We were watching the night it aired and I remember thinking, "this is huge." We had just started out in life. It was a very different world back then.

Ellen followed up the episode with an April 14, 1997 Time cover story with those three famous words — “Yep, I’m gay” — for the world to see.

Some sponsors, like J.C. Penny, announced afterwards they’d pull their ads from her sitcom. They couldn’t support a show with an openly gay lead character. 

You can read the rest here. I always find it a little sad that a lot of the older gay men I knew back then didn't live to see the changes.

Jiggling Beefcake Magic Mike Live

I have no idea what people see in the Magic Mike movies. I've tried, but I just don't get it. God knows, I'm no prude either.

Channing Tatum recently popped by “Magic Mike Live” to find the latest batch of jiggly beefcake to mesmerize Las Vegas tourists.

Judging by his handpicked selections, he really seems to know what he’s doing, too. 

You can check this out here. As you would expect, there are photos of men without their shirts. It's just too exciting for words.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chechnya and Concentration Camp For Gays; Hollywood Fail With Gays: Kelly Osbourne On Female Celebs Pretending To Be Gay; Vatican Appoints Gay Rights Activist; In Their Prime by Ryan Field

Chechnya and Concentration Camp For Gays

I've seen a lot of information going around about this alleged concentration camp for gays in Chechnya. So I did a simple search and found this on Snopes.

When we asked Amnesty International if they could confirm the existence of the concentration camps they responded that it’s preferable, based on what we know, to refer to them as secret detention sites. “We should always be careful about using the language of ‘concentration camps,'” AI spokesperson Alexander Artemyev said.
Artemyev also noted that not all the detainees have been men suspected of being gay:

Although not even Snopes is perfect, they tend to be one of the more reliable sources online. You can check this out here. As of right now there are still conflicting reports, but it definitely sounds as if something shifty is going on. I highly suggest reading this in full.

Hollywood Fail With Gays: Kelly Osbourne On Female Celebs Pretending To Be Gay

According to Kelly Osbourne, there are female celebrities pretending to be gay. I honestly don't know much about it, but I do have a comment at the end for Ms. Osbourne.

‘There’s this whole generation of young Hollywood girls who can’t find love where they think it’s supposed to be, and then they come out being gay and two weeks later they have a boyfriend. It drives me nuts!’ the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and talk show host Sharon Osbourne tells PrideSource.

She adds: ‘I’m like, I know you. I’ve known you pretty much since before you used to shit outside of a diaper. You are not gay! But I think outing somebody in that way is just as bad as outing somebody who has not come out of the closet. It’s one of those things I have to keep to myself… and it drives me fucking crazy!’

You can read the rest here. She's not naming anyone. But if this is true, I disagree with Osbourne. If they aren't gay, and they are only pretending to be gay, I say out their asses and name their names. Because outing someone for being straight and privileged and calling their lies is by NO means as bad as outing someone who has not come out of the closet yet. The two are not even remotely related.

Hollywood fail with gays, once again.

Vatican Appoints Gay Rights Activist

It's hard to tell where the Catholic Church stands on gays these days because I see so many conflicting stories all the time. The Pope says one thing, and then says another. But I guess this is a start...

The Vatican has appointed a pro-LGBTI Jesuit preacher to consult on their PR.

Father James Martin is the author of Building A Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity.
The editor-at-large of America magazine, the New Yorker has used his voice to call for an inclusive Catholic Church.

The rest is here. Evidently, Fr. Martin has more than a few critics within the Church. There's a tweet to prove this, and Fr. Martin doesn't waste a moment going after another priest on Twitter who questions his authenticity and his motives.

Cover Reveal: In Their Prime

In Their Prime is my newest release with Ryan Field Press. It's a longer novel, about 90K words, and it's not an erotic romance this time. There are no explicit sex scenes...but it is still a romance. I'll post a lot more about it soon.

Here's a cover reveal...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Very First Dick Pic; Perez Hilton On Dick Pics; Dude Attaches Dick Pic To Resume

The Very First Dick Pic

Here's a little history about the dick pic, and how it got started.

Ah, the dick pic. What better way to express your interest for someone than by sending them an ill-lit, poorly angled photograph of your genitalia? So, we decided to trace back the origins of the earliest dick pic and find out how it came to be

You can check that out here. There are videos and captions you'll find interesting. It's totally SFW and you won't be offended.

Perez Hilton On Dick Pics

I don't know how I missed this one over the years while posting about dick pics, but I found it and that's all that matters. It was actually fairly simple to find, too. I did a simple search for dick pics and sure enough good old Perez Hilton popped up on the first page.

I'm only linking. No excerpts or comments from me.

 Here you go.

Dude Attaches Dick Pic To Resume 

Here's a novel approach to job hunting. And free speech.

Last Friday, Texas Workforce Solutions in Dallas received an application from a man who attached a photo of his penis along with his resume.

There's no word yet on whether or not it was done by mistake, but according to The Huffington Post, he was charged with "obscene display or distribution" either way, after the employee who received it contacted the police.

You can read the rest here. It happened a while ago, but the point is simple: don't do this.

New Release


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Heteronormative TV: 13 Reasons Why; Orange Is the New Black Season 5; Alan Cumming's "Club Cumming" in NYC

Heteronormative TV: 13 Reasons Why

There's a new series on Netflix that everyone's been talking about called 13 Reasons Why. Even though there are some gay characters, it's tricky because this is strictly heteronormative TV. The gay characters aren't consistent and they tend to be stereotypical at best. At least that's what it is right now. I'm on episode #6. It might change as the series progresses. I have seen that happen with gay content. But there's nothing wrong with heteronormative TV. I love watching it and examining the lives of straight people just as much as they enjoy watching and examining gay people.

I like the show. It's an old trope with a new twist. I don't mind the fact that the Asian American girl was adopted and she has two gay dads...or that she's a lesbian who can't seem to come to terms with her sexuality even though she has two gay dads. Coming out is not simple for anyone...even if you have two gay dads. I don't mind that the kid who is editor of the paper is the only gay far...and that he could pass for a younger version of Milo Yiannopoulos. Some stereotypes are accurate and I don't find them offensive. And, as I said, maybe this will change with more episodes. I have a feeling another character will be gay, but they're creating suspense with him because he's not a stereotype. More important, with heteronormative TV (or films) being gay and not fitting into the stereotypes is still, indeed, shocking.

I'm not going to give out any spoilers because a lot of people haven't finished watching the show. But I am going to share a few links with some of the responses the show has received so far. So they might have spoilers and you've been warned. I think it all depends on what you consider a spoiler.

This is from Out Magazine, about the actor who plays the gay high school kid...

 “I only wanted straight roles — just to prove some false masculinity. But when this came I was like, I get this kid, and he needs to be seen.”

Then he goes on to make a point of mentioning this, and why he got married so quickly...

They wed on November 12, four days after Trump’s election. “I felt so scared for the first time in a long time about our safety,” he says. 

I don't understand that line about being scared and rushing into marriage, but then I guess everyone's different. In the same respect, I still worry. There are a lot of people out there who would be way too happy to take our rights away.

Here's another link to SFGATE that examines why 13 Reasons Why actually does work, in spite of its "gimmickry." It talks about the inconsistencies, and there are plenty, which is exactly what we do while we're watching the show.

Potentially more significant inconsistencies are found in the constructions of major characters, especially Hannah. At times, she is self-possessed and indifferent at best to the behavior of the popular kids. At other times, though, relatively minor misperceived slights seem to send her into an emotional tailspin. No doubt, teenagers embody a constant whirl of conflicting emotions, but the script pushes the bounds of credibility here and there. Fortunately, Langford is able to spackle over the gaps with a stunning performance.

I sometimes wonder if shows like this get praise simply because of the subject matter. In other words, because the show tackles such a serious subject in such an unusual way, are we all willing to overlook the issues with the characters and the plot? That's what I've been complaints either.

In any event, in spite of all this I'm enjoying it. I'm just not sure this is how kids in high school would actually act or react under these same circumstances in real life.

Orange Is the New Black Season 5

Now here's a TV show on Netflix where I can never find one single flaw. I really can't, no matter how hard I try.

Netflix is not-so-gently teasing everyone by posting the first full minute of Orange Is the New Black‘s upcoming season 5 premiere.

You can check that out here 

Alan Cumming's "Club Cumming" In NYC

Here's one about Alan Cumming's club in NYC that's called "Club Cumming." I know this isn't serious news, but I like knowing what's going on. I like the overall message, too.

After briefly closing in August, the popular East Village spot Eastern Bloc will undergo a head-to-toe revamp only to reemerge as “Club Cumming,” with actor Alan Cumming and party promoter Daniel Nardicio coming onboard alongside owners Darren Dryden and Ben Maisani.

You can read more about that here. I like the part about how he wants this to be a home for everyone, without judgment. I think we need more of that.

 New Release


I don't understand that line at all, but I guess everyone's different. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Gay Concentration Camp In Chechnya; Jared Kushner's Liberal Brother; Addicted To Male Escorts; Online Author Drama

Gay Concentration Camp In Chechnya

You know how I'm always harping about gay issues being global issues? Well this is something we all need to pay attention to. I don't know all the details, but the sources I've linked to below sound real. I always reserve room for doubt, given all the fake news there is lately.

Reports emerged from international sources over the weekend that Chechnya – formally known as the Chechen Republic – has reportedly begun arresting, detaining, torturing and potentially murdering gay men. According to Novaya Gazeta, Chechnya is detaining gay men “in connection with their non-traditional sexual orientation, or suspicion of such.”

They added, “At the moment, we received information about the arrest of more than a hundred men. Novaya Gazeta has already known the names of three victims, but our sources claim that the victims much more.”

You can read more about this here. It gets a lot worse. 

I also saw a link at Queerty. They might not be perfect, but they don't usually post fake news. 

I couldn't find any links to mainstream news outlets yet, but that doesn't surprise me. We always come last when it comes to mainstream news. And local news is worse. They can't wait to exploit the local gay weatherman and his gay husband and their adopted kids, but they won't post about this alleged gay concentration camp news. 

Jared Kushner's Liberal Brother

I don't always like the way everything is broken down between liberal and conservative these days. What about bipartisan moderates? And what about free-thinking libertarians?  

In any event, this is kind of interesting.

Josh is the younger brother of Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner, and a lifelong Democrat. He’s also the co-founder of Oscar Health, a multi-billion dollar start-up aimed at helping millennials acquire health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, which Donald Trump wants more than anything to abolish.

“It is no secret that liberal values have guided my life,” Josh, who has always considered Trump’s foray into politics nothing more than an ego-trip, continues, “and that I have supported political leaders that share similar values. Just as Jared is my family, I feel similarly responsible to everyone at my companies.”

You can read more here. We don't all agree on politics in my family, and I'm sure you don't in yours.

Addicted To Male Escorts

Here's the story of a 25 year old guy who is worried he might be addicted to male escorts.

“I had sex with two escorts in three days,” he writes, “and now I’m worried I’m getting hooked on them.”

The anonymous man, a computer programmer, says he’s never had a boyfriend and doesn’t find himself sexually interested in people at the office: “Everyone is geeky and they’re wrapped up in their work rather than wanting to go out.”  

There's more here. I think it could be a problem, financially and emotionally. He claims he's now using credit cards and he doesn't have the funds to support this habit.

Online Author Drama

I rarely post my opinion about things like this, but I wanted to say something short, plain, and simple. I recently saw more online drama with an author and I felt bad for the people who got sucked into his/her drama.

For one thing, most authors don't engage in online drama. They don't have the time and they don't have the inclination. They prefer to focus on their books and their readers.  

For another thing, the authors who do engage in online drama are usually creating a situation on purpose to get attention that will help sell their books. They are ambitious fakes. That's all they care about: selling books and getting attention. It's a clever little trick I've seen more than once. And, I've seen a lot of shady authors in my time.

When you see them use words like "hater," that's usually a passive aggressive tactic meant to throw you off track, because it's hard to argue with someone who wants you to think they've been a victim.

If they start posting about sunshine, pink unicorns, and how much they love life right after they've created the drama, that's a huge red flag. People who do that have it all planned out in advance so that good trusting people will continue to follow them.   

Finally, it almost always backfires in the end. 

So beware of authors who do this, especially the ones who double up and create twice the drama with another shifty author. Sometimes they come in pairs, and sometimes they even have street teams. It's not worth the time or the effort. You're better than that. And, blocking is not a difficult thing to do.

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