Thursday, September 21, 2017

Married Gay Couple Owns Fake Alt-Right News Site; Guy Who Looks Exactly Like Michael Jackson; Human Ken Doll On Changing His Looks

Married Gay Couple Owns Fake Alt-Right News Site

I know absolutely nothing about this one, so I'm only linking. Unless the serious news comes from a reputable source like the BBC or Reuters, I don't pay attention to it. Evidently, I'm in the minority.

Now they’re creating “news” out of whole cloth via their alt-right fake news site Your News Wire.

Their site has become the go-to rightwing conspiracy theory site and according to the Hollywood Reporter, they’re starting to rival Breitbart. Andrew Breitbart, the founder of the notorious so-called alt-right website now run by former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, was also gay.
You can check the rest out here. It goes into a lot more detail. I've seen their web sit, Your News Wire, and it has seen me. LMAO! 

Guy Who Looks Exactly Like Michael Jackson

Normally I wouldn't post about something like this. But it's so true, and so uncanny, I couldn't resist.

Twitter user Lourdes shared a photo of a man in a car, writing, “Y’all my man is so cute, look at the selfie he just sent me.”
The photo was retweeted 2,400 times, was liked nearly 9,000 times, and received 3,000 comments from people who just couldn’t even with how much this mystery man looks like Michael Jackson.
Here's the link. He really does look exactly like Michael Jackson. 
Human Ken Doll On Changing His Looks
I see a lot of people moan and groan whenever they see anything on social media about the human Ken doll guy. But like him or not, as far as I know, he's not sitting at home in a stained easy chair, eating pizza and donuts, judging other people. 
Here's what he might do in the future...
“One day when I’m older I may have a sex change and became a Barbie. I will do what Caitlyn Jenner did. When I reach my late 50s, I would rather be a sexy old lady than a saggy old man.”
You can check the rest out here, with photos...and of course there are comments. 
Ryan Field Books
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Intern For President Kennedy Speaks Out Now; Will Young On Strictly Come Dancing's Same Sex Partner Rule; Another Twitter Attack On Melania Trump

Intern For President Kennedy Speaks Out Now

I don't think this piece of news is going to come as a shock to anyone, but I find it interesting because the Kennedy administration, and everything connected to it, is still being portrayed as this perfect, storybook romance by the media (and of course Hollywood). It's even worse now because there are several generations who don't even know the truth. Which I'm sure is how it was all planned: rewrite history, again.

In any event, here's another story about President Kennedy and a young woman who worked as his intern.

She was a wide-eyed White House intern just four days into the job when she found herself standing alone next to the most powerful man in the world — in the most intimate room within 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

The rest is here. It's one of those annoying sites with ads, but it's still an interesting story. And I'll bet anything there are still people who will read this story and they will still shame the woman, not Kennedy.

Will Young On Strictly Come Dancing's Same Sex Partner Rule

I didn't know this, but evidently there's a rule on Strictly Come Dancing that suggests openly gay contestants should dance with same sex partners. I actually get into this topic in my most recent novel, Said With Care, and in this case I can't disagree with Young. I do think we should see more same sex couples dancing together, openly, but I don't think it should be forced on anyone. I don't want anyone telling me which gender I should dance with.

And I think actually I would find it more insulting if someone was like, ‘You’ve got to dance with a man because you’re gay.’ It’s the same as acting. It’s like, no, I don’t.’”

Here's the rest. I can't blame the guy for being honest.

Another Twitter Attack On Melania Trump

I don't like to be mean when it comes to things like this, but I find a lot of what's happening these days disingenuous at best. And the truth is that Melania Trump is married to one of the most controversial Presidents in modern history, and she's the person who is the most closely associated with him. When she speaks, she's naturally going to be scrutinized. It stands to reason.

Every FLOTUS before Melania got this treatment, and they had to deal with it, too. Some of the things I saw written about Michele Obama were despicable. And no one got it worse than Hillary Clinton when she was First Lady, at least as far as I can remember. The poor woman was a punching bag for the mainstream media in the 90s.

As you may recall, online bullying is, er, um, was supposed to be Melania’s cause as First Lady. At least, that’s what she said back in January shortly after the inauguration. The plan seemed to have ended before she moved into White House in June, but perhaps she’s revisiting it now? Who the hell knows?

You can check this out here, with screen shots of the vituperative tweets.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Laughs, Luck and Lucy" by Jess Oppenheimer; Mario Lopez Assaulted In Locker Room; "13 Reasons Why:" Actor Brandon Flynn Comes Out

Laughs, Luck and Lucy by Jess Oppenheimer

This is the first book I've ever read that went into more detail about the success of the TV show, I Love Lucy. I'd always been under the impression that Desi Arnaz did it all behind the scenes and Lucille Ball was the performing genius. And then I read this book by Jess Oppenheimer, and I found a much greater insight.

Oppenheimer was the head writer, and producer, of I Love Lucy, and without him I'm not sure it would have been the success it became. He's received very little credit for this, and for what little credit he did get he had to fight Desi Arnaz (and Arnaz's ego) to the finish. It was written in Oppenheimer's contract that he would be the producer, and he would get credit for this. He gives examples of this in the book,with photos of the actual contract. But according to Oppenheimer, when Lucille Ball decided to boost Desi's fragile ego, she asked Oppenheimer if he'd let Desi be the Executive Producer. Of course Oppenheimer had worked hard on this show and he wasn't an idiot. No spoilers.

This truly is the untold story of what happened behind the scenes of I Love Lucy, and Oppenheimer tells his version in a clever, delightful way. It's not trashy or dishy. He was grateful and thrilled to be a part of it all. And he never once diminishes or takes credit away from Lucille Ball or Desi Arnaz. He praises Ball and Arnaz throughout the book, while at the same time letting us all know that he did his part to make this series one of the most brilliant works in TV history. You'll learn a lot of technical secrets, and a few behind the scenes secrets as well.

Overall, you won't be disappointed, and I think that's mainly because Oppenheimer was a true writer who knew how to tell a damn good story.

Side note: I don't give stars or grades to other authors here on this blog. A review is a review. We're not not children anymore and this isn't a report card.

You can check out the Amazon page, here. 

Mario Lopez Assaulted In Locker Room

This story is kind of sketchy, so it's hard to comment. Besides, half the people reading this won't even know who he is.

Mario Lopez was reportedly assaulted by an uppity gym bunny while going about his rigorous exercise regimen on Friday at Planet Hollywood Spa by Mandara in Las Vegas.
No word on what exactly angered this gym bunny, but it was serious enough that he smashed Lopez’s smartphone.
The rest is here, with some good pics and a few snarky comments.

13 Reasons Why: Actor Brandon Flynn Comes Out

I've been saying all along that we'll be hearing more and more coming out stories. I think it's reached a point where it's not shocking anymore, and people don't even care. Which is a good thing for all of us. But what's really fantastic and different about this coming out story is that Flynn is making his own plea for legalized marriage in Australia. I liked him before, but I like him a lot more now.

You may recognize actor Brandon Flynn from Netflix’s recent hit 13 Reasons Why, in which he plays the roguish Justin Foley.
The actor just came out in a heartfelt Instagram post, which does double duty as a plea for marriage equality in Australia.
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Monday, September 18, 2017

E-Book Pirates Are Still In Full Force; Impossible To Stop E-Book Pirates; Older Wealthy People Steal E-books

E-Book Pirates Are Still In Full Force

I haven't posted anything about e-book pirates in a long time...years. Here's a post I did in 2010 that got over 62 comments, many of which still amaze me. Some people believe that because they own the print book they deserve a free e-book. I did (and still do) encourage all opinions and I didn't want to censor anyone, but I did have to take down a few comments there weren't civil.

Here's part of one comment...

However, 90% of the books I have downloaded I already owned in paperback or hardback form. The other 10% I bought after I read the book. I carry my computer everywhere and I hate to have to take my favorite books along as well. It's so much easier to have a copy on my computer. I'd go completely e-book, but I still prefer the sensory experience of holding a book over the electronic way. 

I'm not linking to anything this time, but I'll post a few short excerpts I've read on comment threads recently. The last thing I want to do is link and help promote this kind of illegal activity. I know there are various opinions about this, but I'm not talking about opinions right now.

And it is illegal activity. 

But some don't seem to care...

i was looking for a way to pirate ebooks. The best wiuld be read them on kindle app for ios, but i don't know if it is possible, so it would be also nice to download them as pdf/epub and read them on ibooks or orher apps. Which site should i use to find them easily for free?

People gave him links to pirate sites, and here are a few of the replies...

Awesome, dude. You're the best. FREE e-books. 

Hey man, that's easier than I thought.

Holy shit I love you! 

I have no idea how this will turn out, because some believe that pirating e-books is a form of book sharing. If you buy a print book, and then loan it out to 10 of your friends, that's not considered illegal.

Impossible To Stop E-book Pirates

Here's a piece about e-book piracy that dates back a year, but it's still very relevant today.

However, it made no difference at all, as the book and ebook pirates got to work very quickly without Google’s help.
Almost every book I have published has been pirated, BitTorrented, copied or offered under another author’s name.
You can check that out here. 

Older Wealthy People Steal E-books

This is about a study done that found older, wealthy people tend to steal e-books more than anyone.

The truth is that, while the average citizen likely can't speak eloquently about the economic laws at work for digital goods, they certainly can understand them intuitively. And this can be shown with piracy statistics for eBooks, which a recent study shows that eBook pirates tend to be both older and relatively affluent.

This one is a fairly new article. You can read the full findings, here. 

And, to clarify, by "older" they mean people in their 30s and 40s. That seems to be the highest age group stealing e-books, not people older than that.

Said With Care

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Gay DILF Talks About Ageism; Should He Say He's Disabled On Grindr?; Houston Church Shuns Jewish Lesbian From Helping Hurricane Victims

A Gay DILF Talks About Ageism

Here's an interview with a gay man in his 50s who answers questions about ageism and growing older. It's a fascinating first hand account of gay culture you don't see very often.

The first time I was called a “daddy” I was 37—he was 27. I explained to him that I was only ten years old than him, and then I realized it was more a state of mind than actual age issue. 

There's a lot more here.  It's especially interesting when you reach the part about how rude younger gay men can be. I've seen these things happen myself. But it's usually a certain type of younger gay man, not most.

Should He Say He's Disabled On Grindr?

Here's a story about a cute guy with a disability, and he wants to know when he should talk about his disability on hook up apps.

Since that conversation, I have thought a lot about how I approach, and talk about, my disability when dating online. It is difficult because I feel like either way, that word – DISABLED – is so loaded. The moment people see it, I fear they already have this image of what it looks like in their head. It would be great if we lived in a world where I didn’t even have to tell people about it.

Here's the rest of the piece. So far about 5 people have left comments.

Houston Church Shuns Jewish Lesbian From Helping Hurricane Victims

Every time I see one of these articles I shake my head. All she wanted to do was help people.

A Texas woman who volunteered at a local church to help families in need following Hurricane Harvey was ‘fired’ after church officials found out she was Jewish and a lesbian.

There's more here, with a photo. This brave woman left a long explanation on social media, with her thoughts and her side of the story. But more than that, there's a happy ending, too, which she also posted on social media in a follow up.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Big Brother House Guest News: Zach Rance On Instagram; Braden Bacha's Online Start Up "Hip World Art"; The Nun With the Chainsaw

Big Brother House Guest News: Zach Rance On Instagram

Even though I don't follow Big Brother as much as I used to, I'm still a fan of the game itself, and I do follow a few of the former house guests.

Zach Rance is one of them. I forget which season he was part of, but he's all over social media now, and I see him mostly on Instagram.

I enjoy his Instagram stories and his posts. He's doing real estate in Florida now, his kid brother is always by his side, and it's funny to watch the interaction. The kid adores him and looks up to him, and Zach's the kind of older brother we all wish we'd had.

He looks as if he's doing well in real estate, too. He has some great listings, and he shows them with a little bit of an edge that makes selling real estate look a lot less boring.

You can check him out here on Instagram.

Braden Bacha's Online Start Up "Hip World Art" 

Braden Bacha was also a house guest on Big Brother a few years ago, and I started following him on social media by accident. I didn't know it was Bacha at first because he uses a nick name for this particular account. All I knew was I'd seen him post smart comments on status updates for a mutual friend on Facebook, and I finally asked if I could send him a friend request. He said yes, and it took me a while to figure out it was Bacha.

The other day Bacha shared a link to a new web site he's calling, Hip World Art. He's doing this in collaboration with artist, Ani Orris. Most of you know that I owned an art gallery in New Hope for 10 years where I repped over 100 artists, and my second passion in this life is art. I prefer cutting edge modern to quiet landscapes. I like abstract art that mingles with pop culture...because I love pop culture. And I found a lot of things I liked on Bacha's new web site.

You can check this out here. Right now there's merchandise you can purchase, from shirts to bags, and each one is a work of art in its own right. I'm sure there's a lot more coming. The prices aren't bad either, and the web site itself is simple to navigate. I already ordered one of the shirts and I'll post a selfie to my blog profile when I get it.

The Nun With the Chainsaw

I don't know why people are so shocked to see a nun using a chainsaw. I guess they aren't familiar with nuns. The nuns I knew in Catholic school growing up could be very resourceful. They did what they had to do with very little help (and money) from anyone. So I'm not shocked by this in the least.

“The road was blocked; we couldn’t get through,” the sister tells CNN. “And I saw somebody spin in the mud and almost go into a wall, going off the road. So, there was a need, I had the means–so I wanted to help out.”

You can read the rest here, with a photo. 

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Harvard Says No To Chelsea Manning; California Recognizing Third Gender; More Will AND Grace; Tennessee Town On Banning Drag Shows

Harvard Says No To Chelsea Manning

I like to remain objective with these things. It's not my job to weigh in on topics like this, and frankly I don't want to.

Following pressure and criticism, Harvard University rescinded its invitation for Chelsea Manning to be a visiting fellow in the upcoming year.
While Manning will still be able to visit the school for a day, she will no longer receive the title of visiting fellow. This title is given to those ‘who spend more than a few hours at the School,’ Douglas Elmendorf, Dean of Harvard Kennedy School, wrote in a blog post.

Here's the rest.

California Recognizing Third Gender

Here's another reason why I'm glad I decided to become a part time resident of California.

California might become the first US state to widely and legally recognize a third, nonbinary gender.
The state’s legislature passed Senate Bill 179, or the Gender Recognition Act, on Thursday (14 September). Should the legislation pass, it will add ‘nonbinary’ as an alternative gender option on various legal documents, including birth certificates, licenses, and IDs.

Here's more. They are claiming this should make things a lot easier for trans people, and gender non-conforming people.

More Will AND Grace

They drank milkshakes. The entire cast. Will, Grace, and the rest of them.

That's all you need to know

Here's the rest.

Plan on a lot more pushy, annoying promotional pieces all about...Will AND Grace.

Tennessee Town On Banning Drag Shows

This is not something I thought I would ever see. Drag always seemed so harmless to me. I know some of the drag performers can get raunchy, but that's a very small part of drag culture and I never considered it "adult entertainment." Or for that matter, anything that would offend me. So much for free speech in this little town.

When you’re in a tiny town in Tennessee, there isn’t much of a drag or gay scene.

But in Portland, the City Board of Alderman has voted unanimously to ban it entirely from the town as soon as next week.
This ordinance would ban ‘adult content’ from being housed in commercial districts.
You can check that out here.   It's kind of sad when you see some places going backward instead of forward. There is a support rally planned and they are trying to fight this.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mobster On Tom Cruise's Sexuality; Sexy Male Hula Hooper Goes Viral; Ted Cruz and Masturbation

Mobster On Tom Cruise's Sexuality

First, this is coming from a con artist and a "mobster." Think about that for a minute, a con artist and a "mobster." Who on this earth can you trust more than con artist or a "mobster?"

Second, I don't think anyone really cares anymore if Cruise is straight or gay at this point. I'm not being glib about that. Tom Cruise is from a generation where if you were gay and you came out you suffered the consequences.

But it's being talked about anyway.

Fratto claims Cruise was enamored with Fratto’s criminal past — and he also appeared criminally straight, even to a professional con artist.
“Despite what rumors you’ve heard, I can vouch from firsthand experience that Tom Cruise is not a homosexual,” Fratto admits.
Here's the rest.

Sexy Male Hula Hooper Goes Viral

Now here's something even more interesting than whether or not Tom Cruise is gay. It's about a hula hooper who posted something on social media and it's gone viral.

All that matters is that a hula-hooper has captured the attention of the fast-scrolling public for just a flicker of a moment, and all the context you could possible need (in this case virtually none) can be found in the hypnotic pendulum swing of this hooping virtuoso.

There are photos, here. 

Ted Cruz and Masturbation

It's not every day you get two Cruise/Cruz's in the news...Ted and Tom.

I have to admit I don't fully understand this one. I saw it trending on Twitter the other day and I didn't bother to read more about it. I don't really care what Ted Cruz or anyone else does in private, but I must be in the minority. People just won't let this story die.

From what I gather, Cruz allegedly "liked" a bisexual porn tweet earlier this week, and then blamed it on a staffer. After that,  he allegedly got caught up in an awkward exchange during an interview with CNN's Dana Bash.

She pointed to an incident in 2007 when he was solicitor general of Texas and argued in favor of a law that banned the sale of sex toys claiming that Americans didn’t have a legal right to masturbation.
His exact words at the time were: “There is no substantive-due-process right to stimulate one’s genitals for non-medical purposes unrelated to procreation or outside of an interpersonal relationship.”
You can read the rest here. I think it all comes down to Cruz telling us it's okay to get off now, but I'm not totally sure.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

THE DEUCE, James Franco, and Male Full Frontal Nudity; How Nico Tortorella Identifies, Ah-gain; The Benham Brothers: Unhinged Rant

The Deuce, James Franco, and Male Full Frontal Nudity

There's a new HBO series out titled, The Deuce, starring James Franco. I watched the pilot last night and I noticed there's male full frontal nudity. It's not your average male full frontal nudity, though. This full frontal moves fast, and there are erections. This full frontal works with the story. It's not just some cliche guy dressing or undressing for the sake of getting naked and showing off. Of course James Franco didn't do a full frontal scene with his erection...yet...but you never know.

From what I gather, the premise behind the show is the rise of legalized porn in New York during the 1970s. Most people today don't realize that until the 1990s Times Square was not the family friendly place it is today. It was rough, especially near the Port Authority. 

The Deuce is an American drama television series set in and around Times Square, New York. Created and written by author and former police reporter David Simon and his frequent collaborator George Pelecanos, the series pilot began shooting in October 2015. It was picked up to series in January 2016.It is broadcast by the premium cable network HBO in the United States. The first season consists of eight episodes. HBO made the pilot available through its video on demand services and affiliate portals on August 25, 2017.The series officially premiered on September 10, 2017.

There's more here. The show itself is actually very good, and Franco nails his part as the lead. In fact, Franco may have outdone himself this time, that's how good it is. He may get an award for this one. And, I'm told the way they portray Manhattan in the 1970s is about as accurate as it gets. All I know is the time flew by, I like the characters, and I'm watching the entire series now.

How Nico Tortorella Identifies, Ah-gain

I'm trying have patience with this guy. I'm sure he's a nice guy. But frankly, after watching all those annoying promotions for the TV show Younger (a show I will never, ever watch) during Everybody Loves Raymond commercial breaks, and reading about how Nico does or does not identify time and again, I'm getting a little the point where I honestly don't care anymore how he identifies.

In any event, here's the latest.

“I’m not in an open relationship so I can go out and just fuck whoever I want,” he says. “For me, it’s more about the ability to emotionally connect with people outside of my primary partner.”
Steve Ward, the CEO of Matchmakers, appears absolutely befuddled about all this polyamory business happening right under all of our noses.
You can check that out here.   I'm from the school of thought that says not everything needs to be discussed this openly in public. But that's just me.

The Benham Brothers: Unhinged Rant

Here's another story about those two Christian Benham brothers who have made a name for themselves through anti-gay rhetoric. I would imagine they're making money, too.

This is the latest. Once again, they take it upon themselves to actually speak for God...

“As a nation,” they continue, “if you would have told us back then, in 2001, that in 2017 we would be completely redefining what gender means, what marriage means, what sexuality means … I would’ve–I would’ve said, ‘there’s no way that would happen in this country!’”

The rest is here. There's a photo of them, and in spite of their wholesome Christian lifestyle they don't look as though they are aging well at all.

Said With Care

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

RIP Edie Windsor "The Mother of Marriage Equality"; His Nose Job Caused A Permanent Erection; Fashion Week: Sexy Runway Daddy

RIP Edie Windsor "The Mother of Marriage Equality"

I've followed, and posted about, the fight for same sex marriage since the day I started this web site. And I truly believe that Edie Windsor was a modern day hero.

The Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013 after Windsor sued the federal government for denying her an exemption from federal estate taxes following the death of her first wife, Thea Spyer. Windsor, who paid $363,053 in taxes, said in her case that the law unconstitutionally treated same-sex spouses differently from opposite sex spouses.

It feels like the end of an era, and I'm actually at a loss for words right now. There's more here.


His Nose Job Caused A Permanent Erection

This one confuses me a little. I'm a firm believer in plastic surgery. I actually had a rhinoplasty and it was one of the easiest things I ever did. They didn't even give me general anesthesia. I had a local and I was awake through the entire procedure. I didn't feel a thing either. They didn't even keep me in the hospital. I went home the same day. And the only side effect I had was that I could breath a whole lot better afterward.

Evidently, this guy had a totally different experience...

It was supposed to be a routine nose-job; instead, the procedure led one man to have a woefully long-lasting erection.
Neven Ciganovic was filming for a Channel 4 documentary about the ins-and-outs of cosmetic surgery. After the nose job, he wound up with priapism — a side effect that left the 45-year-old Croatian with an erection that wouldn’t subside.
You can check this one out here.

Fashion Week: Sexy Runway Daddy

I've been seeing a lot of stories like this lately, and I'm glad. I like to see the focus balanced a little more, and not so focused on youth all the time.

Another New York Fashion week has come and (nearly) gone, and with it, all the typical youth&beauty sex appeal one would expect in the spotlight of a fashion epicenter.

There's more here. You can see a photo of the sexy runway daddy.

There are other photos. This year seems as though there's a lot more gender bending going on, and I find that refreshing, too. The rules for men have always been so strict it's almost as if men are forced to wear uniforms to prove their masculinity. (This is something I get into a lot in my book, Kendle's below. My main character actually goes the limit questioning these rules and regulations about fashion and the way men are supposed to look.)

I've also seen a few things on social media about fashion week and I've shared them. But beware, a lot of people don't get the concept of these shows or the idea behind fashion week, and they will leave more than a few vituperative opinions that will leave you shaking your head...especially if they think that what they've always believed to be true about men's fashion and masculinity is being threatened with something new and abstract. They take all this so literally.

Said With Care

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