Friday, July 21, 2017

Should You Shave Your Man Bush? John Barrowman In a TARDIS Dress; Is Coming Out At Work Good or Bad For Your Career?

Should You Shave Your Man Bush?

I think this one all depends on the individual. I either run or hike six mornings a week all year long, plus I work out with weights, and I prefer to manscape my entire body. However, not everyone does.

Do you shave or wax your private areas? How much do you know about your ‘bush’?

In this new YouTube video, the guys from AsapSCIENCE will answer some of the most intimate questions you have about your body hair — specifically, your pubes.

Going back in time, we the human race used to carry thick body hair all over, and only lost them after the last ice age some 70,000 to 120,000 years ago. 

John Barrowman In A TARDIS Dress

It's all about the message with this one, not the dress.

John Barrowman has used a Q&A session at the San Diego Comic Con to defend BBC producers casting a female Doctor Who.

True to his flamboyant nature, he spun onto the stage screaming, ‘I am the transgender Tardis’

You can check that out here. I don't follow Doctor Who, but I love Barrowman, and I like what he had to say. There's a photo, too.

Is Coming Out At Work Good Or Bad For Your Career?

I don't know the answer to this one. However, I do think it's interesting that this web site pubbed two articles about being openly gay at work, with two different messages.

The first piece titled, "Being Authentic Has Transformed My Career. It can do the same for you," sounds great at a glance. But then right below that I saw a second piece that's titled, "1 In 3 LGBTs Harassed or Bullied At Work."

The first one says this: 

Being part of Deloitte’s LGBTI network has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career so far.

It has enabled me to be involved in something that I care deeply about, grow my network and develop my professional skills.

The second one says this:

One in three LGBT people are harassed or bullied at work.

And only half are out at work, says a new study by the Trades Union Conference (TUC) released today.

With over 5,000 respondents the TUC says this makes the report one of the most comprehensive studies of what it’s like to be LGBT at work in the UK.

I should also mention the first article that makes everything sound so rosy is sponsored. The second one is a real study.

You can check them both out at the links above. I think it all depends on where you work and what you do. The first article screams of elitism, and the second one sounds like reality.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Woman Impersonated A Man To Have Sex; Overweight Bankrupt Gambler Transforms His Body;More On Ben Affleck's Comments About Playing A Gay Character

Woman Impersonated A Man To Have Sex

The original story to all this dates back to 2015, but I don't remember it at all. Evidently, a woman named Gayle Newland pretended to be a man and tricked her female friend into having sex with her...and, Newland will serve six and a half years in prison for it.

Newland created a fake online profile for a man she named Kye Fortune, a male persona she created when she was 13 years old. She hid behind the Kye Fortune identity while she communicated with girls in online chat rooms and eventually created profiles for Fortune on MySpace and Facebook.

The victim, whose name has been withheld for legal reasons, testified that she struck up an online relationship with Fortune on Facebook unaware that she was being catfished. 

Here's the rest. It gets even more peculiar.

Overweight Bankrupt Gambler Transforms His Body

I love stories like this. It shows strength of character and tenacity.

Fisher was “broke, big, and isolated,” he tells the New York Post. “People dream of what I had accomplished, and I lost control.”

That’s when one of his gambler friends made an outrageously cinematic proposition: He was bet $500,000 that he couldn’t lose all the excess weight and cut his body fat to 10% in six months. (Um, who the hell are these people?) 

More here. There are photos and the results are truly amazing.

More On Ben Affleck's Comments About Playing A Gay Character

I'm not going to comment on this one again. Everyone else seems to be doing such a good job at it. And from what I know to be true, Ben Affleck may or may not have even made these comments. So far, this is all hearsay. 

 Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood is mightily unimpressed by Ben Affleck’s recently revealed claim that kissing a man was his “greatest acting challenge.”

Wood, who’s been openly bisexual since 2011, suggested the Gone Girl star should “try getting raped in a scene,” tweeting, “Grow up, Ben.”

Kevin Smith, who directed Affleck in Chasing Amy, recently claimed the actor said: “A man kissing another man is the greatest acting challenge an actor can ever face.”

You can read more here. She's not backing down on this one, and she's been facing her own backlash over it.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Theresa May Has "Evolved" On Gay Marriage; Gay For Pay Solo Porn Ruined His Life; Kevin Smith Apologizes to Ben Affleck

Theresa May Has "Evolved" On Gay Marriage

This is always a tough one for me. When Hillary Clinton said she "evolved" on gay marriage I cringed a little. And now Theresa May is basically saying the same thing, and I'm cringing again. It's not that I don't understand people changing and evolving. It happens to me, too. However, I want an apology along with these, "I've evolved," statements. I think it's only fair to apologize to the large group of people to whom you've been doing the unthinkable injustice all these years by NOT supporting gay marriage.

In any event, I won't be holding my breath for any apologies any time soon. We all know it doesn't work that way.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has defied her allies in the DUP by saying she supports marriage equality in Northern Ireland.

Conservative leader May had to do a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party after failing to win an outright majority in June’s UK election. But the DUP opposes abortion and LGBTI equality and has blocked attempts to allow same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

Here's the rest. I'm also not too thrilled with the way they lump abortion in with gay marriage. Gay marriage is a celebration and a beginning, not a termination.

Gay For Pay Solo Porn Ruined His Life

This is kind of sad because Michael Hoffman obviously didn't know what he was doing...and he still doesn't know what he's doing. Instead of owning his past, he's knocking it and putting himself down for doing what millions of other guys do on a daily basis nowadays. The only difference between him and these other guys is that he did it in public.

But it turns out that while he claimed he made over $10,000 with those videos, his future has not turned out quite as positive as he’d hoped.

‘My decision four years ago to start making videos has really fucked me up,’ he said on Twitter.

‘I lose girl after girl, can’t land a relationship, can’t land a job.

There's more here. I don't think his life is ruined or that he should feel shame. I just think he needs to look in a different direction and move forward in that direction.

Kevin Smith Apologizes to Ben Affleck

Here's a follow up to the story I linked to yesterday about a few comments Ben Affleck allegedly made when he was younger and just starting out. Evidently, Kevin Smith, the guy who claims Affleck made these comments, has received a good deal of backlash since the story broke.

Director Kevin Smith is doing damage control.

The Dogma director posted a video to Facebook trying to explain comments he made over the weekend. He also apologized to actors Ben Affleck and Evan Rachel Wood for the misunderstanding he inadvertently caused.

‘I feel fucking so stupid,’ Smith said in the video. ‘This is the problem with having a big fat mouth like mine, but honestly, I didn’t think I was doing anything bad.’

You can read the rest here. I was sarcastic in my post, but I don't think anyone holds anything against Ben Affleck for things he said in the 90s...or rather, if he said them. I know I don't. In that respect I think we've all evolved since included.

And I give Smith all the credit in the world for apologizing. We never got that from ANY politician.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ben Affleck Felt Like A Serious Actor After Kissing A Dude, And I Felt the Same Way After Kissing A Straight Guy; Steamy Gay "Riverdale" Scene; Classic Gay Movie "Shelter" On Here TV

Ben Affleck Felt Like A Serious Actor After Kissing A Dude, And I Felt the Same Way After Kissing A Straight Guy 

I've never seen this movie...Chasing Amy. But it does make sense to me that heterosexual Ben Affleck would feel like a "serious actor" after kissing a guy for the first time. I felt like a "serious gay" after I kissed my first straight dude who actually looked a lot like Ben Affleck. It's plausible.

According to Smith, Affleck said, ‘A man kissing another man is the greatest acting challenge an actor can ever face.’ Upon completion of the kissing scene, Smith recounted that Affleck stated, ‘Now, I’m a serious actor.’

Once again, I have to agree with good old Ben. Kissing a straight guy was one of the greatest challenges I ever faced, too. It took some talent. And, when it was over, I said to myself, "I am a serious gay."

Here's the rest. You have to love the way Hollywood still treats gay men. But you also have to remember this was the 1990s and there wasn't much gay content anywhere. As they say in the article, lesbians were just happy to see themselves in ANY movie at all. Obviously, we still have a long way to go.

Steamy Gay Riverdale Scene

Tony and I have an agreement. I won't make him watch anything on TV that he hates, and he won't make me watch those boring science channel, "How It's Made." It works out just fine, especially because we only watch about 2 hours of TV a day, and I don't care how hammers are made.

With that said, I've never seen Riverdale. And that's only because Tony can't even stand watching the first 15 minutes. But this does look interesting, to me.

There is no excerpt with this one. It's just a link to the video.

Classic Gay Movie "Shelter" On Here TV

I've actually never seen Shelter, the movie, either. I've heard about it. I've read about it. I've read discussion groups where it was the main topic. But somehow I've managed to miss it. Well, this might change soon...

Shelter is one of those movies you can watch dozens of times and never get tired of. It stars Trevor Wright (The Social Network) and Brad Rowe (National Treasure: Book of Secrets) as Zach and Shaun, two friends who reunite after childhood and find comfort in surfing and eachother. As their bond blossoms, their friendship grows into a summer romance that changes their lives forever. 

Here's the rest.  The things I've heard about Shelter have only been excellent. In fact, many consider it a gay classic. I've even seen people argue about how much they love Shelter. So this is exciting, and I'll be posting more about it in the future.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Out Magazine's Questionable Political Opinion Piece; Male Prostitution In Manchester; Men Get Better With Age; Is There An Age Limit To Enjoy Grindr?

Out Magazine's Questionable Political Opinion Piece

I've been a registered Democrat all my life. And I probably always will be. But I've learned in life that you can't always define people by their political party affiliation, especially not in small town politics. Here in New Hope, PA, a small, upscale, diverse, art colony with a large LGBT+ population, we have a Republican mayor who has always supported everything related to LGBT+ issues and equality. This mayor doesn't have an ounce of discrimination in his entire body. I also have many gay friends whom I love and respect who are Republicans. They are liberal on social issues and conservative on fiscal issues. Most of whom are terrified to even admit that in public.

With that said, I wanted to share a different opinion with my readers today. Unfortunately, I don't think it does anything at all to promote peace, love, equality, or positive change. Everything about it is negative and divisive.

Similarly, if a real-life friend—someone who knows my plight, my accomplishments, and my oppressions—decides to trumpet in my face the alleged glories of the Republican party, I simply have to show them the hand and the door. Friendship over.

Here's the rest.  I feel very sorry for this person. I truly do. And the people who commented on this article seem to agree with me.

Male Prostitution In Manchester

I don't like to judge things like this, and I do understand that everyone has unique circumstances. Jobs are not easy to get these days, and young people are struggling to survive. However, I don't like to dance around certain topics either by using careful PC words and phrases that sound better. By definition the word prostitution means selling your body for money. With that said, I'm also for legalized prostitution.

Over the past decade or so, the city of Manchester has seen a huge uptick in the number of men, both gay and straight, selling their bodies for money, the Manchester Evening News reports.

“We are seeing young men who, ten years ago, would never have come into contact with the sex trade as even an option,” Fergal McCullough, who works for The Men’s Room, a non-profit that offers support to male sex workers via engagement, outreach, and advocacy support, says. 

You can read the rest here. It's a very interesting article in many ways.

Men Get Better With Age

I've always thought men get better with age. I follow this one guy on social media who I won't name, but he's an open-minded straight guy with some reality TV fame who has a nice fan base. And it's nice to watch him age, and to watch him get even better with age.

In any event, this article talks about men aging, finding lovers, and hook up apps.

We asked you, our readers, what your thoughts were on the matter. Let’s check out what some of you had to say about it:

“I just hit 45,” one reader said. “I got rid of Grindr years ago because it was too full of men under 30, bitchy queens and really awful treatment of men with HIV.”  

Here's the rest. I've never been to Grindr so I can't comment. But I do appreciate the guys I know who are getting a lot better with age.

Is There An Age Limit To Enjoy Grindr?

I could have posted about that Teen Vogue anal sex article again, but frankly I'm sick to death of IT, Teen Vogue the magazine, and everything related to THAT article. In fact, I'm getting sick of all magazines lately. In the quest for clickbait, it seems to be getting more absurd as each day passes.

In any event, this Grindr article is a lot more interesting than Teen Vogue.

“Different apps have different audiences depending on location,” another guy writes. “Grindr is for the 25 and below crowd. Scruff is mostly for everyone. Growlr has a higher percentage of older gay guys.”

“If you’re only willing to talk to guys who are under 25 then you won’t fit in anywhere,” a third person says. “That seems to be the case for 90% of the old guys on Grindr.”  

There's more here. I could be wrong, but it doesn't sound as though everyone's having a blast on Grindr.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

YouTuber Laci Green Goes After Trans Rights Activist; Writing Tip: Tools of Characterization "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"; The Huge Cost of Atlanta's Rainbow Crosswalks

YouTuber Laci Green Goes After Trans Rights Activist

This is something I've seen happen before, personally. I follow someone on social media who has somewhat of a public profile. In short, this person is a master of self promotion and public manipulation.

This person has always had strong political beliefs. And then, all of sudden, this person did a drastic turn around. During the most recent Presidential election this person did a complete about face.

This person stood to gain a lot more public attention by following one particular candidate, and probably even monetary gain. It wasn't about core beliefs, issues, or all the important "stuff" the rest of us care about. This person is in if for personal gain. It's all about business, not beliefs, for some.

And I think that could be what's happening with this YouTuber now....

Well-known YouTuber Laci Green once posted many feminist, sex-positive, and LGBTI-friendly videos. From educational content about being intersex, to transgender bathroom bills, to the harms of conversion therapy, Green was an important resource for many young LGBTI people. But as of late, she’s ‘taken the red pill.’

Green is reportedly in a relationship with ‘anti-Social Justice Warrior’ YouTuber Chris Ray Gun. Gun’s YouTube videos are known to mock feminism, LGBTI issues, and other hot-button sociopolitical topics.

In a recent two-part video series called ‘HOW MANY FREAKIN GENDERS,’ Green seems to change her perspective on the existence of more than two sexes. This thought process was later continued in a series of Tweets bashing Teen Vogue’s recent gender-neutral anal sex guide.

You can check out the rest here. I don't know why Laci Green has changed so much and I'm not speculating on her. I don't even follow her, so I would never do that. And in her defense the stupid anal sex article did spark a lot of emotions in people. But I do know there are other people out there who will do anything, say anything, and pretend to believe in anything if they think it's going to advance their own brand.

I'm just not sure how well this works out in the end, though.

Writing Tip: Tools of Characterization "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"

I don't post any writing advice anymore unless I find a good link. This is a good link. I usually see amateur authors and ambitious bloggers posting writing tips that are ALL wrong, and I pity the newbies who take them seriously.

I think this is helpful...

As in most drama, the characters of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? are defined by their actions. George spends most of his time trying and failing to get the upper-hand with Martha. These failures reflect the overall failure of his life. In the end, though, he is triumphant winning the battle of wills by "killing" the imaginary son.

You can read it in full, here. 

The Huge Cost of Atlanta's Rainbow Crosswalks

This is something I never thought about until now.

11Alive, an Atlanta-based news service, recently discovered the cost of these crosswalks: $196,000 (€170,920.80; £149,709.75). This money was from the city’s budget, which is funded by taxpayers.

‘To be clear, the crosswalk is actually made up of thermoplastic tiles, not paint. And while they did cost $196,000 to install, that cost actually makes up 0.3 of 1 percent of the city’s transportation budget. Plus, they’re expected to last for 10 years before any heavy maintenance is required,’ 11Alive stated.

Here's the rest. The news channel did ask residents of Atlanta what they thought about it, and whether or not it was worth the money. The replies have been mixed. Frankly, I think that if the government is going to waste huge sums of money on all kinds of other things, which is exactly what they do, I see nothing wrong with them wasting it on rainbow crosswalks. And the crosswalks do look nice,  

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos' Indie Pubbed Book "Dangerous"; Chechen Leader Calls Gay People Devils; Vogue Apologizes To Zayn Malik and Girlfriend For Calling Them Gender Fluid

Milo Yiannopoulos' Indie Pubbed Book "Dangerous"

Just for the record, I'm not part of Milo's PR team and I have no reason to inflate numbers. I don't even follow Milo, and I have no intention of buying his book. However, I do look at these things in a pragmatic way, not in a political way. And I want to see as many indie authors, whether they write fiction or non-fiction, succeed in publishing on their own.

With that said, I'm not so sure about this article.

In the United States, the book sold a mere 18,000 copies despite appearing at number one on Amazon’s nonfiction charts for a day. However, Yiannopolis and his PR team inflated this number, claiming the book sold 100,000 copies.

‘By now, you may have heard reports claiming we only sold 18,000 copies of Dangerous and that our 100,000 copies claim is exaggerated. I’m happy to report that this is fake news,’ Yiannopolis stated.

You can read the rest of that here. I'm not sure if it's fake news or not, but I do know it's slanted news and it's not objective...and I expect that. I think we're all used to that nowadays.

Now this article sounds more objective to me.

While the retail numbers for “Dangerous” might not blow anyone away, Publishers Weekly points out that the memoir was NPD BookScan’s third best-selling adult non-fiction release last week and sixth best-selling overall. It was also the top-selling book on Amazon immediately following its July 4 publication, but finished the week at No. 15 on the site’s new releases sales chart and failed to crack its top 100 best-seller list.

But “Dangerous” did manage to top USA Today’s non-fiction best-seller list.

From the way it sounds his book is selling and he's going to make money on it. And I find that fascinating because he wouldn't have been able to do this ten or twenty years ago. His fan base is supporting him and they are flipping the bird to the big publisher who dropped him. And whether you like Milo or not, whether you agree with him or not, this is a clear sign that publishing is still changing.

I'm not linking to his book because I'm not going to help promote him, but I have checked out the numbers on Amazon US and UK and they're not bad at all. All authors should be so lucky. It's kind of bittersweet because I'd rather see good fiction sell in numbers like this.

Chechen Leader Calls Gay People Devils

It doesn't seem to be getting any better in Chechnya.

Leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, again denied reports of gay people in the Russian republic, but said if there were any, they should all move to Canada.

He also said they’re ‘devils’ and ‘they are not people,’ according to Out Sports.

There's more here. As I see these things I will post more about them. Big publishing and the mainstream media don't seem to be covering these stories very well.

Vogue Apologizes To Zayn Malik and Girlfriend For Calling Them Gender Fluid

I haven't been following this one too closely. But I did learn a new word: "misgendering."

Poor Vogue. They clearly didn't see this one coming.

Vogue came under fire this week for misgendering Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid as gender fluid.

The iconic fashion brand called the couple champions of their ‘generation embracing gender fluidity.’

But the internet was not having any of it and now Vogue is backtracking.

Here's the rest. People who really are gender fluid spoke loudly and clearly. It's another good example of the power we all have nowadays, thanks to social media.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Big Thanks To German Readers; LGBT Web TV Series "EastSiders" and Kit Williamson; A Mom Burns A Copy of Teen Vogue With Anal Sex Article

Big Thanks To German Readers

The other day I was doing a search for something blog related and I came across one of my books on Amazon in Germany. I don't always see these things, and I wanted readers in Germany to know that I NEVER ever take them for granted.

The fact that I can reach readers all over the world is amazing enough to me, and when I read some of their reviews it's truly humbling.

So, here's a big thank you to my readers in Germany. I've worked with several publishers in Germany over the years and every single experience has been positive, especially Bruno Gmunder.

I also thank everyone who takes the time to write a review, too. I'm not going to link to anything specific because I don't want to single anyone out. Just know that I'm grateful.

LGBT Web TV Series "EastSiders" and Kit Williamson

I think I've posted about how I found the LGBT TV series, EastSiders. I liked it the minute I started watching it on Netflix. I like everything about it. So when I saw @PalmSpringsLife tweet about it tonight I figured I'd share this so other people can check the show out.

The Emmy-nominated LGBT web series EastSiders, from creator Kit Williamson (Mad Men) is expanding its partnership with Wolfe Releasing. Wolfe, which became worldwide distributor for the series in 2014, has come aboard as co-producer for the upcoming Season 3. The news comes ahead of EastSiders‘ third-season premiere Saturday at Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival.

Here's the rest. Evidently, they were filming at the Windmill Farm in Palm Springs, so I'm assuming there's going to be an episode set in Palm Springs.

You can also follow EastSiders here on Facebook. 

A Mom Burns A Copy of Teen Vogue With Anal Sex Article

I actually posted about this article in Teen Vogue last week, and I was a little surprised to read this next article I'm linking to. It doesn't seem to be going away and I've seen a lot of discussion about it.

My main problem with the article was that it didn't tell everything and they left out one fundamental fact about anal sex. I think facts are important. I thought it was misleading. Not horrible; just misleading.

But this person took it to a whole different extreme, and a lot of other parents did, too. Frankly, if I had kids I'd want to be the one to explain these things to them. And I think that's something a lot of parents are doing these days. Mine didn't explain these things to me, but times are different.

“I cannot believe what this Teen Vogue piece of trash has printed!” Elizabeth rants. “They are teaching children how to be safely sodomized! They are teaching kids how to have anal intercourse! We should not be teaching children, period, how to have sex.”

She then flips through the magazine, holding up the pages for viewers to see. 

Here's the rest. As I said, I think it's a flawed article because they didn't give the best advice to people who know nothing about anal sex. You can read about that in the link above to my previous post.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Gay Male Couples Ballroom Dancing; A Guy, A Rubber Exercise Ball, and A Dildo; A TV Show Where You Meet Your Troll

Gay Male Couples Ballroom Dancing

I get into this topic a lot in my next book, Said With Care. And I think that's because it's still such a taboo for so many to see two men dancing together...especially ballroom dancing. Even the TV show DWTS can't seem to get it right.

Well this gay couple doesn't seem to care, and they're good. It's almost exactly what I pictured my characters doing.

How better to enter the married chapter of your life than by kicking off your shoes and doing a not-so-impromptu dance-off set to the tune of Emeli Sande’s “Next To Me”? That’s how grooms Sean and Spencer did it at their wedding last fall. Video of the dance was posted online in October. It quickly went viral, receiving over 70,000 hits.

Here's the rest.  It's also still a taboo to see two straight men dancing together. Women can do it without thinking twice, but men are a different story.

A Guy, A Rubber Exercise Ball, and A Dildo

They are claiming this will knock your socks off. I doubt that, but it's not totally uninteresting either.

The 60-second clip is actually a “Best of” compilation video from the web series #DickinAround, in which a guy named Brian from Center City, PA goes around tossing a giant dildo against a variety of surfaces–police cars, windows, benches, buses, you name it. Sometimes he uses a shopping cart and/or an exercise ball to help catapult the dildo into the air.

More here. I'm sure it's all in the spirit of good fun.  The comments aren't bad either.

A TV Show Where You Meet Your Troll

I think almost everyone on the planet knows that online trolls can become an issue. A friend of mine was just telling me about how a guy she blocked a long time ago is still keeping track of her and still commenting about her. And she's done nothing to provoke him. I've experienced trolls more than once. So this new TV show about meeting trolls could be interesting.

Online trolls derive their power from anonymity, click-clacking away behind the cozy veneer of screen names like MaJeSticTurTle27 or MAGA4MAGA. So what would happen if they were suddenly exposed to the world? Can you imagine?!

Well MTV can, and did imagine. Now they’re announcing a new Catfish spinoff called Catfish: Trolls, to be hosted by LGBT activist Raymond Braun and Charlamagne Tha God, who we understand to be a human man. 

Yeah, this should be good. I don't think it will catch on like Catfish, but I'm sure there's an audience.

Here's the rest. The problem I've seen with the whole troll concept is that some people will call someone a troll just for telling the truth. The definition of troll tends to vary. If someone even slightly disagrees with some people they call them a troll. I once saw a very delicate gay male, m/m romance author, go berserk over someone who had commented honestly on his blog post. I didn't think it was a troll comment. But this m/m romance author called in all his back up via a facebook status, and they attacked that so-called "troll" in the most hateful ways I have ever seen. And all this so-called "Troll" was doing was telling the truth. It wasn't the most happy truth...but it was the truth. I stay out of it all.

A good example would be if I said the headline to this article I'm linking to right now is lame, lacks intelligence, and looks as if an amateur wrote it, I could be called a troll for saying that. Even though I concentrated in Journalism in college as an English major, and I spent two semesters learning how to write tight, condensed headlines, some amateur would call me a troll for just being honest. Of course I'm only speaking hypothetically.

So it should be interesting to see how they handle this, and how they define a troll. I'm also wondering about the anonymity part. Are they going to be doxxing people, too?  I really hope not.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

FREE Gay Fiction Excerpt "Said With Care"; Will Young's Grindr Account Was Deleted; Gay Sex Within the Vatican

Will Young's Grindr Account Was Deleted

I suppose this is both good and bad. Good because at least Grindr is checking for fake profiles. Bad because they flubbed this one up big time.

Pop star Will Young, perhaps best known for his stint on Strictly Come Dancing, decided he wanted to share his Grindr experiences with the world.

Basically, he’s been having a hard time dating guys.

Previously, the Pop Idol winner went an entire two years without having sex, which led him to try dating apps.

So he did what everyone else does. He got himself a Grindr account and posted a real pic. Only everyone thought it was a fake pic, flagged him, and Grindr deleted his account.

There's more here.  I can understand this. I see "Parody" accounts all the time on Twitter and sometimes I'm not sure if they're real or not. And on social media in these modern times you are now guilty until proven innocent. Not the other way around.

Gay Sex Within the Vatican

If I hadn't been so shocked to accidentally find out that two gay guys we once knew, who were supposedly good friends of ours, were Catholic priests living double lives, this might make me wonder. But when you've been deceived, personally, by two guys you think are your good friends (for years) and they turn out to be a high profile Catholic bishop and monsignor, very little makes you wonder after that.

This just in: The Vatican has purportedly become a hotbed for homosexual activity since Pope Francis came along. At least according to one “top” Vatican official.

According to the National Catholic Register, a very reliable senior member of the Curia claims that the extent of gay shenanigans happening inside the Vatican under Pope Francis’ watch has “never been worse.” 

Here's the rest. I'm not commenting on this particular story at all. I'm only linking and passing along my own personal experience.

FREE Gay Fiction Excerpt Said With Care

For the past year or so I've only released PG rated gay romances with Ryan Field Press. Publishers only want erotic romance from me...highly explicit erotic gay romance. And I wanted to change it a little for readers and for myself. I love writing erotic gay romance. I always have. But I wanted to give my readers some new books that didn't have explicit sex scenes because I think readers want both, and no publisher would let me do that.

So I did it myself with my own press. I'm not slamming publishers for this either. They need to publish what they think is going to sell more books, which is understandable. Small presses seem to be shuttering all the time these days. And I need to indie publish what I think is best for my readers and my career. I fully intend to write more erotic gay romance in the future, and more PG rated gay romance books without explicit sex. And I hope to continue working with publishers who want my erotic gay romance novels. But change is nice, too.

With that said, here's an excerpt from my latest WIP titled, Said With Care. It's a PG rated gay romance with a few twists on the formula. I haven't even finalized the blurb yet, but I wanted to share a little excerpt right now. So please keep in mind this is all subject to change.

When Corbin Hadley returns to his family home for the holidays with the young woman he's planning to marry, he still identifies as straight. The fact that he was seeing a guy at school named Bruce was only a temporary phase, or so he thinks. Although he embraces his decisions willingly, he soon discovers his perfect heteronormative family has been keeping a few secrets from him all his life, especially his mom. And when the young woman Corbin is planning to marry accidentally discovers he's been keeping Bruce a secret from her, Corbin is forced to deal with a few realities he never thought he would have to address.

Said With Care Excerpt:

Corbin Hadley had unfinished business that could not be avoided. He was heading home for the Christmas holidays and he wanted to be out of the dorms by noon. He'd already packed his books, laptop, and most of his clothes and put them in the trunk of his girlfriend's car the night before so he'd have a few extra minutes that morning to deal with an important issue.
After he showered, he put on a pair of beige slacks, a white shirt with a button down collar, brown oxfords, and gray plaid sport jacket. He threw the rest of his essential belongings into a brown satchel and glanced around to make sure he hadn't left anything important behind. His girlfriend was picking him up out front in an hour and he didn't want to keep her waiting. It's not that she would have minded waiting. It's that he didn't want her to ask too many questions about why she had to wait.
This was a Thursday morning, damp and cold and desolate. It was the kind of morning that would have been perfect for a funeral. The halls in his dorm were nearly empty and he heard the sound of his own footsteps as he headed upstairs to the third floor. Almost everyone on campus had already left for the holidays and the strangers he passed didn't even look in his direction. He had a feeling those few students left had been the vegan protesters who'd marched on campus yesterday carrying solidarity signs for equal vegan rights.
As far as he knew, no one on campus was forcing anyone to eat red meat. Last he'd heard they were protesting because red meat frightened them and they wanted their own safe space to eat so they wouldn't be exposed to the horrors of red meat. He was glad he didn't know any of them. He'd worked hard to get into Villanova University and he barely had enough time for anything that didn't involve maintaining his grades so he wouldn't lose his scholarship. He also preferred being anonymous that morning, walking through the halls with students who knew nothing about him and knew nothing about why he was still on campus. He didn't have to be as careful as he would have been if the halls had been filled with people he knew.
When he reached the third floor, he headed to the fourth door on the right as he'd been doing all semester. He didn't knock and stand there waiting for someone to answer. He simply pulled a key attached to a red string out of his pocket and slipped it into the lock. He entered slowly and noticed the shades were still down. The only light came from inside the bathroom and he found it difficult to see anything other than an unmade twin bed and a pile of discarded clothes in the middle of the room.
He crossed to a wall with a built-in desk and set the key with the red string on top of a messy stack of books. As he turned to leave, a deep voice from the bathroom said, "Is that you, Corbin? Don't leave yet. I'll be right out."
He took a deep breath and exhaled. His face tightened and he said, "I don't have much time. I should go. I'm only returning the key. I left it on your books."
A tall, lean young man in his early twenties stepped out of the bathroom and stared in his direction. His dark hair was still wet and he only had a short towel wrapped around his lower waist. His chest muscles were shiny and the fuzzy dark hair on his legs was still pressed flat to his skin. "I just want to see you one more time, is all. It's Christmas. And we still have unfinished business. At least give me that."
Corbin looked down at his shoes. He didn't want to look directly at him. "Bruce, we've been through this before. I even wrote you a long letter. We both knew this day was coming and I think we need to be practical about it. As for that unfinished business, I'm not sure it's wise to go through with it as planned. We can't go on this way."
Bruce walked over to where he was standing and reached out to hold his hand. "Well, excuse me if it's not as simple for me as it is for you. I didn't think it would be this hard. You didn't have to return the key. You can keep it just in case."
Corbin didn't think it would be this hard either. He felt a sting in his eye and he took another deep breath. When he inhaled Bruce's scent he knew he'd used that spicy smelling body wash he always used when he showered. The scent of the body wash mixed with Bruce's natural scent was so distinct he turned his head to the side a little and started breathing through his mouth. He didn't want Bruce to know this was one of the hardest things he'd ever done in life so far. "We agreed that when the semester ended we'd stop all this. You know my position and I've been honest and up front with you. You also know I have a girlfriend now and we're planning to get engaged. You know that I'm not gay."
Bruce took another step forward and he let the towel around his waist fall. "I know that's what you tell yourself, and that's what you've been telling yourself for years. I also know you better than you think I do."
Corbin tried to step back but Bruce pulled him closer and put his arms around him. As he pressed his palms to Bruce's wet chest he said, "Let me go. I have to leave now. Don't make this more complicated than it has to be. This isn't easy for me either."
"Then don't go," Bruce said. He pulled him closer and held him even tighter. "Stay here with me and we'll figure something out. I don't want to lose you. I love you, and I know you love me."
It was too hard to resist. Corbin put his arms around his shoulders and rested his head against his chest. Just one more time; it couldn't hurt. "Don't say things like that. It's wrong. You never really had me in the first place. Whatever this was between us we both knew it would end. If anything, it's gone on for too long and I blame myself for that."
Bruce rubbed his back and said, "Are you sure about that? Are you that certain that you're willing to give up on us just like that?"
"This was a mistake," Corbin said. "I knew I shouldn't have come today. It's my fault."
"Why did you come?"
"I wanted to see you one last time, too. No, I had to see you one last time."
* * * *
About an hour later, Corbin climbed out of Bruce's unkempt bed and scrambled for his clothes. He'd left most of them near the front door and he had no idea what he’d done with his underwear. "I'm going to be so late now. She's probably out front waiting for me right now wondering what's wrong. What did you do with my underpants?"
Bruce sat up in bed and ran his fingers through his hair. His hair had dried naturally by then and had more waves than usual. While he reached down and removed the condom he'd just used on Corbin, he smiled and said, "Stop worrying so much. You'll be okay. It's not against the law to be a few minutes late. Your little princess will survive."
Corbin sent him a look and frowned at his misplaced sarcasm. He didn’t have time to worry about his underwear, so pulled up his pants and tucked his white shirt in so fast he left part of it sticking out of the front and didn't even realize it. He'd never known a day in his life when he hadn't worried, and he'd never once been sure he'd be okay. As he reached for his shoes and socks, he sat on a desk chair and said, "I really have to go now. Please don't make this difficult."
Bruce climbed out of bed and smiled. He lifted both arms up high and said, "I'm not going to say a word. I don't want to freak you out any more than you already are. I'm just glad you came here this morning and I got a chance to give you a Christmas present you'll remember."
In spite of himself, Corbin shook his head and laughed. They shared a brand of passion only the best lovers ever experience in life. The fact that they were such opposites in bed made them even more compatible. "Don't be so smug about it. I should have more self-control. I should be able to say no to you. I should be able to at least keep track of where I left my underwear in a guy's dorm. This is my problem in life. And why are you being so quiet right now? I've never seen you at a loss for words."
Bruce shrugged. He was standing in the middle of the room naked and watching every move Corbin made. "What can I say to you right now? Calm down? The last time I told you to calm down you threw a book at me. Good thing I ducked. I learned my lesson and I'm careful now."
Corbin flung him a sharp look. "If you keep it up I'll throw another book and this time I won't miss."
Bruce walked over to where he was sitting. "I just don't want to say anything that's going to freak you out any more than you already are. There are no hidden meanings. I don't want you leaving on bad terms. I love you too much for that. And you promised me that we'd do that one thing together. That's all I'm asking, and then we never have to see each other again. Just think about it."
Corbin stood up and looked into his eyes. He rested his palms and his chest and said, "I don't want to leave on bad terms either, but I really do have to leave now. I'll think about the other thing. I'm not sure right now. My gut tells me not to do it."
"I know it's complicated," Bruce said. "I've never made things difficult for you before and I'm not going to do that now. I understand." Then he grabbed him by the waist, kissed him goodbye one last time, and patted him on the buttocks.
As he turned to leave, Corbin threw his satchel over his shoulder and headed for the door. He reached for the handle and asked, "We're good, right?"
Bruce nodded. "We're good. When will I see you again? When will you let me know about our plans to do that one little thing I want to do?"
"I don't know. I have to think about it. I'll text you. You know I think it's best we don't see each other again…for both of us."
"I disagree, and I know you don't mean that. Besides, I just want to finish what we started and after that if you never want to see me again, that's fine."
Corbin hesitated for a moment. He'd promised to do something with Bruce on New Year’s Eve and now he was regretting it. All he wanted to do at that moment was run back and fall into his arms again. No other human being on the planet knew him as well as Bruce. "I'll text you and we'll talk about it. Is that okay for right now?"
"If that's what it takes, I'll wait," Bruce said. He spoke evenly, without any emotion, as if he knew something Corbin didn't know and he wasn't ready to reveal it yet.
Then they exchanged a quick smile and Corbin left his room without looking back. He was glad Bruce hadn't been too emotional because it only would have made things more difficult for both of them. At that moment, he wasn't sure about anything other than the fact that he had to rush downstairs to meet the girl he was planning to marry. He didn't have time to think about what he'd just done in a guy's dorm, or what he was about to do. Even if there had been time, he wasn't ready to deal with any of those emotions. He'd kept them so deeply hidden all his life he'd learned how to function through discipline and self-control. He was so good at hiding who he was no one who knew him would ever have guessed he'd just climbed out of another man's bed, and that the same man had just spent the last hour on top of him.
When he reached the front entrance he found Angela waiting with the motor of her brand new BMW running. It had begun to drizzle and the cold, damp mist felt good against his warm face. He was glad it was raining now; it felt right. He climbed inside, kissed her on the cheek, and said, "I'm sorry I'm late. I'm an idiot. I overslept this morning."
She sent him a glance and smiled. "I can see that. You look as if you just climbed out of bed."
She laughed. "Your hair's all over the place, your shirt is hanging out of your pants, and you smell as if you covered yourself in cheap cologne."
He stared out the windshield and started tucking his shirt into his pants. He had trouble looking into her eyes. "It's a new body wash I tried. I won't use it again if you don't like it." He smelled like Bruce, as if he'd just climbed out of Bruce's bed, which made his heart beat a little faster.
He lowered the visor to fix his messy brown hair in the mirror and Angela said, "It's not bad. I don't hate it. It's just different and I’m not used to it. You hardly ever wear cologne at all."
"I left it in my dorm," he said. "I probably won't use it again for a while." Even though he knew it was impossible for her to guess that he'd just had sex with Bruce, he still felt so paranoid his stomach ached a little. It wasn't a pain. It was more of a dull, pulsing ache in the pit of his gut.
She slipped the car into gear and smiled. "Did you return everything to your friend this morning?"
"Did I what?" He was still trying to get his hair back into place. Bruce had tugged and pulled on it so much it was sticking up in the back.
"You said you couldn't leave before noon today because you had to return a few things to a friend of yours." She laughed, as though she found his absent-mindedness amusing.
He'd almost forgotten that was the excuse he'd used for not leaving earlier so he could say goodbye to Bruce. All of a sudden he felt warm. "Oh, yes. I did return everything."
She headed toward the main road and said, "Great. One less thing to worry about. I'm sure that's a relief."
He glanced out the window and looked up at the dark gray sky. "Yes it is." The ache in his gut began to subside and he started to compartmentalize what he'd just done with Bruce in the back of his mind. He dismissed spreading his legs and letting Bruce climb on top of him. He forgot about the things he'd done to Bruce. He was so used to separating his two different lives when he was with Angela he didn't even have to force himself anymore.

Kendle's Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance 

 Not All Gay Books Have Sex

In Their Prime by Ryan Field


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What Does Barely Legal Mean?; James Franco's Doing Gay Stuff Again; Queer Millenials Are asked Stupid Questions

What Does Barely Legal Mean?

The other day on the Internet I saw a photo of a guy in real life who is almost 40 years old holding hands with a young woman who just turned 19. The implication was obvious, that they were romantically involved. I'm NOT judging it, but it did take me aback. I don't think I would have been so taken aback if it had been a 25 year old and a 45 year old. It's the barely legal part that really made me wonder. I really am curious about what motivates a middle aged man (or woman) to be attracted to someone who is barely legal.

And you'd think that because I write erotic gay romance I'd be more open to these things, and that they wouldn't make me wonder. But the truth is that I have never written anything with barely legal characters and I never intend to do that. First, the publishing industry does, and always has, frowned on barely legal content. Second, I have this belief that if I wouldn't do it in my own personal life, I'm not going to make a character do it. And this has nothing to do with ageism. I couldn't care less if a 60 year old dates a 30 year old. For me, it's just the barely legal thing that makes me wonder.

With that said, here's an interesting article I found about why barely legal porn is so dangerous.

Men often try to excuse their desire for barely-consenting-age women under the guise of human nature—namely, our innate instinct to reproduce. The issue with that argument is that a woman’s childbearing ability doesn’t peak until between the ages of 22-26, so the reproduction case doesn’t really stand when it comes to lusting after teens. Another theory for why men desire too-young girls is the anxiety of aging. An older man may feel uncomfortable or inadequate with themselves—specifically their sexual performance—and are able to feel superior in situations with someone with less life experience (teenagers are significantly more impressionable than even twentysomethings). This desire to have authority and control over molding another human being that you’re having sex with is toxic, to say the least.

Here's the rest of the article.  

James Franco's Doing Gay Stuff Again

Evidently, there's something about gay content that James Franco just can't resist. And the truth is that I usually like what Franco does...I "get" it, sometimes when other people don't "get" it. I wonder about him, too.

A new HBO show called The Deuce will explore the rise of that Times Square, and with it the history of New York City’s ’70s porn scene — gay and straight. And who wouldn’t want to watch that? Well Rudy Guiliani probably won’t be live-Tweeting the premiere.

Add to the mix a stellar production team — The Wire’s David Simon and George Pelecanos, as well as a pilot and finale directed by Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones regular Michelle MacLaren — and we’re already setting our DVRs. 

James Franco will be starring, producing, and directing in the series. Of course I'll be watching it. The topic alone intrigues me. I missed all this. I've only heard about what NYC was like during the 70s with respect to gay culture. And I've heard some wild stories first hand from older gay men who experienced it. In fact, I have older gay friends who won't even go near Times Square now because they think it's too much like Disney World.

Here's the rest. 

Queer Millennials Are Asked Stupid Questions

Before I get into this post I'd like to mention that I'm not that put off by the word "queer" anymore. I used to be put off by it, but I've changed a lot in the last ten years. And I think that's because I've learned that the word "queer" is more about how people identify. I get that. I don't happen to identify as "queer," but I understand why other people do. And from now on whenever I'm referring to people who identify as "queer" I'm going to use that word proudly.

I get into this stupid question thing a little in my next book, Said With Care. People think nothing of asking gay people stupid questions that are either none of their business, or don't make much sense. Most of the questions are insulting and promote gay stereotypes. I used to know a woman writer who would e-mail me questions about gay men and gay culture all the time, which I'm sure she was using for her own m/m romance books. Unfortunately, her fiction always took on the tone of a gay documentary...boring. I didn't mind at first, but eventually I started to feel as if I was her own personal gay lab rat and I backed away from the friendship totally.

But all gay people get these questions.

 What’s the one question you’re most tired of hearing? That’s what a reporter at The Tab asked several queer millennials. And the responses range from downright stupid (“Can I have some fashion advice?”) to borderline offensive (“Don’t you just ever feel like a bit of c*ck?”).

20-year-old Sam, who identifies as gay, says “Straight guys always say to me ‘Would you f*ck me?’ I reply ‘Like no, not really, cos you’re f*cking straight.’”

Other questions he gets a lot: “Can I have your fashion advice?” “Tone it down a bit?” and “Can you be my gay best friend?” 

The rest is here. It's interesting. There's obviously a long way to go before we break down the gay stereotypes that other minorities have managed to make taboo in public conversation. In other words, there are certain questions you would never ask a person of African American descent. And the same rule should apply to anyone who falls under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.

Kendle's Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance 

 Not All Gay Books Have Sex

In Their Prime by Ryan Field