Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Release: The Ivy League Rake...Bad Boys of Harvard Yard

Update #3: I feel like Barry Eisler with all these updates, but here's one for Amazon now where The Ivy League Rake can be found in digital or in print.

Update #2: Here's the link I promised. This is to the ravenous romance web site where the book is priced at 4.99. I think that's discounted from other retail web sites. But I will post Amazon links, too.

Update: Still don't have a link because of web site issues. I will post something as soon as I get it.

"The Ivy League Rake" is the first book in the Bad Boy Billionaire series I've been working on for Ravenous Romance. As a series, the concept is focused on full length stand alone books with different characters. The book after this is "The Wall Street Shark," and I'm working on "The Vegas Shark" right now. It's been a challenge to take the traditional romantic concept of "rakehell" and apply it to a modern gay romance. Those who have known or dated these bad boy rakes will know what I'm talking about.

The part of the "rakehell" concept I find most interesting is how we always want to change them and turn them into the perfect men. In reality most of us know that's never going to happen, and yet we still try time and again. But in fiction, where anything can happen, sometimes there are happy endings.

Here's the plot description:

Elroy Donahue, the spoiled heir to a billion dollar ice cream fortune, must get a degree from Harvard in order to gain control of the family fortune. Thankfully, what he lacks in academic skills he makes up for in looks, personality, and a deep seated desire to get what he wants no matter how he has to do it.
Then humble Kyle Sparrow comes along and changes everything. Kyle’s an excellent student, he’s grateful to be at Harvard on an academic scholarship, and he’s never been promiscuous. When Elroy discovers Kyle is his new roommate, he immediately begins to figure out ways to seduce him.

But Kyle isn’t like the other guys Elroy has known in the past. He wants love; he craves emotion. For the first time in his life, Elroy is not only rejected, he’s forced to examine his careless lifestyle and take responsibility for his actions. The harder he tries to do the right thing the more he fails.

Will Elroy’s thoughtless attitude discourage Kyle? Or will Kyle turn out to be the only man on the planet who can transform this billionaire bad boy into the man he knew he could always be?

The book will be released today sometime, but I'm not sure exactly when. And when I get links I'll update this post. But "The Ivy League Rake" will be on Amazon and all other retail web sites where e-books are sold as soon as possible. As a sidenote, after publishing four e-books on my own, I now understand why it's sometimes difficult to get a set time for an e-book launch. Some web sites take longer than others, and you're never really sure.

Here's a short excerpt that won't be published anywhere for free other than here. It shows how they develop a mutual sense of humor as they build their sometimes tumultuous relationship.

Kyle agreed to go shopping as long as they went to discount department stores where clothes didn’t cost a fortune. This passed Elroy by. If someone had offered to buy him new clothes he would have gone to the most expensive designer boutiques in Boston. When they walked into the discount store Kyle had chosen, Elroy looked around and rubbed his jaw. He’d never even been to a place like this. The people all seemed so downtrodden and dreary it depressed him. The lights were harsh, the floors scuffed, and the people who worked there wore name tags. For Elroy, these were stores people passed on their way to the good stores.
It turned out to be an education for Elroy. When he saw that most of the clothing wasn’t all that different from what he usually shopped for in more trendy shops, he went to work selecting simple classic things for Kyle. And when he glanced at the price tag for a pair of beige chinos and saw they were only twenty-five dollars, he scratched his head and said, “I just paid two hundred bucks for a pair of pants just like this in Boston.”
He wound up getting Kyle a few basic outfits he could wear anyplace without looking unusual, including a warm black pea coat and a few mock turtleneck sweaters. He would have bought him a few suits and ties and some formal wear but Kyle refused. He said he had no intention of going anywhere formal in the immediate future and when he did need something formal he would buy it himself. “I’m here to study and learn, not to run around trying to keep up with the most important social circles in Harvard,” was how he’d put it. So Elroy found solid colored polo shirts, faded jeans, and chinos without pleats. He didn’t mention this to Kyle, but he liked the way the chinos hugged his ass. They made Elroy want to bang him even more. Along with the outfits he bought for Kyle, he wound up buying six pairs of pants for himself because he couldn’t resist the prices.
While they were in the fitting room trying pants on, he offered to share a fitting booth with Kyle and help him change his pants. Kyle smiled and declined. But Elroy did have a little fun to Kyle’s chagrin. He couldn’t resist the temptation. Kyle had finished trying on pants and he was waiting for Elroy outside the fitting room. While he waited, in a store filled with other people browsing through racks, Elroy walked out of the dressing room wearing nothing but a pair of tight red boxer briefs in front of everyone. The underpants were so tight his junk resembled a sack of walnuts. Kyle’s back faced the fitting room entrance. Elroy walked up behind him in nothing but the red underwear, tapped him on the shoulder, and asked, “How do these look? Are they too tight?”
A woman pushing a baby stroller took one look at Elroy’s junk, turned around fast, and walked in the other direction.
Two young guys in hoodies stopped and gaped for a moment.
One woman in her sixties giggled.  
An older man with gray hair took one look at Elroy in the red underwear and licked his lips.
Another older guy carrying a man-purse tripped over his own feet and knocked over a necktie display.
Kyle turned and stared at him for a moment. With a deadpan expression, he looked Elroy up and down and said, “They make your penis look small.”
Elroy sent him a smile and said, “I knew there was hope for you.”

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