Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Facts...and a Huge One About Gay Guys

Below is a list of interesting Thanksgiving facts from National Geographic. And I'd like to share a fact about gay men and Thanksgiving some may or may not know. The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is a big night at the bars and clubs. So if you're single and you didn't know that, it might be a good idea to pull yourself together, put on that new tight shirt you've been saving, and get out there that night. I don't know why this is, and I never took the time to ask. But I have a feeling that gay guys need that fix at the gay bar the night before Thanksgiving to get them through all that family drama the following day.

A lot of guys are travelling, on their way to visit family, and you'll meet gay men from all over. It's not the regular crowd you see all the matter where you live. And that's a good thing. Of course many of them are cheating on their partners/lovers. I don't know why this is but the night before Thanksgiving seems to make gay guys of all ages extremely horny. But that's another story and another post about the time I met a guy in Wilmington, DE the night before Thanksgiving.

Later this week I'll post about a Lesbian Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Facts

Thanksgiving Dinner: Recipe for Food Coma?

Key to any Thanksgiving Day menu are a fat turkey and cranberry sauce.

An estimated 248 million turkeys will be raised for slaughter in the U.S. during 2011, up 2 percent from 2010's total, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Last year's birds were worth about U.S. $4.37 billion.

About 46 million turkeys ended up on U.S. dinner tables last Thanksgiving—or about 736 million pounds (334 million kilograms) of turkey meat, according to estimates from the National Turkey Federation. (See the Green Guide's suggestions for having a greener—and more grateful—Thanksgiving.)

Minnesota is the United States' top turkey-producing state, followed by North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Virginia, and Indiana.

You can read more at the link above.

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