Friday, November 9, 2012

Cover Preview: Billionaire Ivy League Rake & A Sign From Heaven Above

(Update: I said earlier in this post that "A Sign from Heaven Above" will be on Amazon in the lender's program, but after I talked it over with someone we decided it's better to not get stuck in the three month contract that limits us only to Amazon. So the book will still be priced at .99 everywhere, but it won't be part of the lender's program on Amazon this time so I can release it in other markets right away. I hate to do that because I love the lender's program, but I don't like being locked into anything for that length of time. Amazon makes the rules; I don't. And it's not fair to web sites like either. So that's where it stands now. It's already up on Smashwords and will be on Kobo, and I'll post more as soon as it's up on other web sites.)

I'm posting both of these covers for two upcoming releases because of the way the timing worked out. I never really know when books from publishers are going to be released until about a week before it happens, which is why I don't get into midnight launches and I don't make a huge deal out of new releases like other authors.

I'm not J.K Rowling and families are not lining up in bookstores at midnight for my books.  And I've always found that less is more when it comes to talking about book releases in my genre, especially because erotic romance (or anything gay oriented that's not even erotic) tends to be so discreet for so many of my readers. But I do like to put the information out there in case anyone is interested in finding out more.

The first cover is a self-published short story, "A Sign From Heaven Above," that will be prices as a .99 cent e-books and I will do the lending program for three months. I find that it works, even though Amazon locks me into it for those three months and I can't distribute anywhere else. After that period, I'll release it everywhere I can, including which is my personal favorite site as a reader. And it will remain at .99 for at least the next six months. I've already posted about it here, so you can check this link out for more information where there's a blurb and tag lines. I had a few cover issues with this book. The first two covers had to be changed because the models that were used were also used in two other fairly well known places. One had the model used on the GRL web site, and the other had a model that was used on a book for an author I know. I didn't want to release a book that way, so this is actually the third (and final) cover choice and I've checked everywhere to see if it's been done before and I couldn't find a thing.

The next cover, "The Ivy League Rake," is part of an ongoing series I'm writing for that's focused on bad boy billionaires. "Rakes" are the guys that everyone loves to hate, and at the same time no one can seem to get enough of, in real life or in romance novels. I've known more than a few in my lifetime so far. In fact, sometimes I think I attract them on a sub-conscious level I've never been aware of. Put me in a room with 99 great guys and one bad boy, and the bad boy will always find me.

One of the things I've always been fascinated about with "rakes" is that everyone wants to change them. Of course in real life we all know THAT'S not possible. Trust me, I know from experience. But in romance where anything is possible and we always want that happy ending, I think I delivered what readers want this time. It's all about the fantasy, and not just the erotic fantasy. The emotional fantasy of conquering a "rake" is sometimes even more intense than the sex.

I will post as each book is released, with purchase links. I don't have set dates for either book and there's a reason for that. Ravenous never tells me until the day the books are released, which is fine with me. It's worked so far and I still have plenty of time to talk about it. And with my own self-pubbed books, I never know exactly when Amazon is going to put the book up for sale after it's been uploaded to the site. There's a waiting period and I don't like to say anything until I personally see the book up on Amazon, with no errors, and ready to go. I usually buy it myself just to be sure the formatting is okay and everything is the way it's supposed to be. As a side note, that's one big difference between self-publishing and publishing with a publisher: I don't have to worry with publishers. I know they will do their jobs and the books will be fine. With self-publishing the worry never ends until I actually see how the book looks in digital format on my own e-readers.

In any event, here's the sell copy for "The Ivy League Rake." I don't think I've posted about this one before at all.

Elroy Donahue, the spoiled heir to a billion dollar ice cream fortune, must get a degree from Harvard in order to gain control of the family fortune. Thankfully, what he lacks in academic skills he makes up for in looks, personality, and a deep seated desire to get what he wants no matter how he has to do it.

Then humble Kyle Sparrow comes along and changes everything. Kyle’s an excellent student, he’s grateful to be at Harvard on an academic scholarship, and he’s never been promiscuous. When Elroy discovers Kyle is his new roommate, he immediately begins to figure out ways to seduce him.

But Kyle isn’t like the other guys Elroy has known in the past. He wants love; he craves emotion. For the first time in his life, Elroy is not only rejected, he’s forced to examine his careless lifestyle and take responsibility for his actions. The harder he tries to do the right thing the more he fails.

Will Elroy’s thoughtless attitude discourage Kyle? Or will Kyle turn out to be the only man on the planet who can transform this billionaire bad boy into the man he knew he could always be?

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